Obama and the Nobel Prize of Peace -Why

On Friday the October 9 of 2009 the Nobel Prize Committee in Oslo has announced to award this year’s Nobel Price of Peace to the alleged President of the United States of America – Barack Hussein Obama. European Media is overwhelmed about this. Well guess what who wonders. But there are a lot of thoughts to put into this decisions and a lot of question to be raised before we all get, just like the European press, way too excited. 

Ok the decisions of the Nobel Prize Committee the past few years have always given us, at best, subject to shake our head and ask why. Let’s face it they issued a few years back the Nobel price of Literature to a woman in Austria by the name of Elfride Jelinek who’s greatest success it is to produce on-stage theater pieces and books where the whole time naked people run around performing orgiastic sexual acts live on stage and call this nonsense art. 

Why did this man, BHO, who claims to be our President and still fails to fulfill the Law by presenting a legal Birth certificate, become one of the most prestigious prices in the World only 9 month after actually entering office and without any success whatsoever? What did he deserve this title with? Oslo claims that it is because of his will to make a change, to show a new and friendly face of America to the world. But so did Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton, JFK, or Peanut butter Jimmy Carter and all of them had nothing better to do than weakening our Country one way or the other. All of them were liberals, all of them were heartbreakers and showman rather than Presidents and all of them seemed to have had nothing to do with making our country strong.

What has the alleged president done so far in reality? 

He has apologized to our Enemies, and I am not talking about enemies we have chosen to have. I am talking about enemies who are determined to destroy us no matter how often we gave them the Olive branch and invited them to talk. Why – simply out of hatred against Christians, Jews and all the other people living in a free world. 

He is weakening our Country by selling out our Gold reserves, bail outs, and in that way  financially ruin our economy to make people believe the only way to survive is the communistic socialism.

He has shown that he is the worst racist there is by obviously supporting blacks only. No matter what they do or not, no matter if they are right or wrong as long as it is black it is good. And discriminates white people as much as he can and by appointing Sonya Sotomayer, who is a declared man hater, feminist and socialist a federal judge against the will of the people he has shown what he thinks of the people voting for him. 

He has showing disrespect to 86% of the American People by doing everything his minority lobbyist want, such as legalizing abortion, homosexuality and more through law knowing the majority of the country denies it. 

No other President has divided the country as much as he did in only nine month. 

He is going to destroy the best healthcare system in the world by forcing a Federal controlled healthcare system on us knowing that 90% of the American people oppose.  

He is determined to “indoctrinate” (a word used by socialistic and totalitarian communistic and fascistic systems) our children in school in socialism

And there I could go on and on and on but I am not here to write a book just now, that might come later.

Bottom Line:

He rules like a Communistic dictator according to his own free will no matter if “We the people” like it or not, blaming all his inabilities to his predecessor George W. Bush. So just like the European Governments rule over the citizens rather than for the citizens.

In order to understand what is going on you have to understand the political landscape in Europe. To keep it short it works like this: In Europe citizens do not vote direct representatives.

  • Citizens vote for Political parties. In every country exists more than two different parties with different agendas If one gains more than 51% of the votes this parties gets to stand the chancellor and the Ministers. Qualification is not required they are all Partisan soldiers. As of now this party rules and makes their party affiliated program law. Should people oppose a law – so bad so sad. Promises are going to be broken or the parameters changed all to the willpower of the party. Opposition is shut down and citizens have no more influence other than wait for the next election.
  •  If the winning Party does not make more than 50% of the Votes, meaning the people are not satisfied with their performance, the strongest Parties gets to build a government and they handpick an allied party out of several competitive parties who gives them the majority of the house and supports all their interests and the program for the next 4 years. And the minister seats will be determined before the government starts working. Again no matter if the citizens agree or not or not. No matter of the qualification of the minister. Austria for example has a defense minister who refused to be drafted and make his 6 month of military duty because he can not comply with his conscious to bear arms. Now that guy is not the boss over 50 000 active and 350,000 militia Soldiers.  And the rest is just like before. 

And in both cases: If people start protesting on the streets the Politicians will state: “Well we have to perform more education towards the citizens” What is the diplomatic version of: “We don’t give a dam what you people say we will indoctrinate you on our program one way or the other”. – Does that sound familiar – YES Obama’s famous words. 

Dream land of Obama, or better said that’s what Obama is performing since the first day he conquered Office. But what has that to do with Obama and the Noble Price of peace. Like I said this short description of the European Political Landscape was necessary to know why they chose him to be the next peace price carrier. 

I have two words for you – Blackmail and bribery.  

Oslo is the capitol of Norway who is one of the founding countries of the EFTA (European free Trade Association). Norway is not part of the European Union but it has its eye on them and is economically tied to the EU. Norway also always held close relations to the Russians and though it is a kingdom the socialist party is extremely strong in that country and just like any other institution the Nobel Prize committee is connected with the Government of Norway. And there is the connection to the rest of the European Socialist. 

Let us take a look at the facts: Europe is very well aware of the fact that HBO’s Healthcare Bill is a failure and most likely will not be accepted by the American People. Europe however is more than interested in the United States becoming such a healthcare plan. Most likely in preparation for two reasons a) a World healthcare system to repair their own broke down system and b) to avoid explanation to their own European citizens why their Public healthcare plan, who was the role model for Obama’s nonsense, is such a failure. Citizens in Europe know that the Public healthcare system is a broken card house but also know that they are so deep involved in that Healthcare system that, there is no way getting out again without destroying the entire economy. 

Another reason and that goes hand in hand with the previous one is Obama’s citizenship and presidency. This fact is also very well known in Europe, and trust me would President Bush or Presidential Candidate Senator McCain as conservatives have denied their Birth certificate the European Press would be all over them calling them liars and cheaters at best. But Obama is a socialist so the European press is silent BUT – and that is the clue.

Though I truly and with all my power assist and support the effort to either see Obama’s certificate or have him impeached I doubt that this will happen. He is already way to deep into the government and has his czars are all over the government placed. And the longer it will takes to get the court appointment for a lawsuit the more it will be impossible to impeach BHO. Another factor is, and that is the reason why BHO is determined to push as many laws through as possible, that all laws he already pushed through and passed legislation would be worthless, because BHO’s signature would be worthless. Removing him would therefore be devastating for our country. And the Europeans know that as well. Do not underestimate the European military and civilian Intelligence services. By giving him the Nobel Price of Peace it will be absolutely and 100% impossible for us to have BHO removed from Office.

Just consider we would be the first country in World’s history that removes by impeachment a President who is a carrier of the Nobel Price of Peace. The damage for our reputation will be destroyed for the next 100 years.

That is why I called the prize for Obama earlier Blackmail and Bribery.

Blackmail as diplomatic backdoor blackmail to strengthen Obama’s back against the willpower of the American people and keep him in Socialistic line.

And bribery to assure that he stands in line and will not give in to freedom loving American citizens. Though BHO announced he will donate the money (or that is what he says – I bet my bottom Dollar that either an African social project supporting his Birth country, or any Black institution in America will become the money), the whole payment is a down payment for Obama to keep him on the European leash of Socialism. 

And that brings me to the final Question I would like to ask my readers. I am not a lawyer but I always was under the impression it is 100% Illegal for an elected official in the United States of America to gain, win or earn any other income than the provided Salary of the Government? May one please answer – Is BHO allowed to receive the price money of 1.4 Million Dollars from a foreign Country during his ongoing presidency?


Thank you for reading and I am open for discussions now.


3 responses

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  2. BHO said he is giving the money to charity from the Nobel Prize.

    Nicely done, Tom, I only hope this country wakes up and can get into office in 2010 representatives who will LISTEN to their constituencies, abide by the Constitution, and reverse all legislation that is either unconstitutional or detrimental to the economic well-being of our once-great nation.

  3. Hello

    Well why you didn’t think of things they may make him to deserve it ! the problem that you originally don’t accept the idea that Obama wins it, so basically you are not coming up with something new but your opinion ! he is the first American president who tries to open up with Arabs and distinguish between Islam as a religion and Islamic bad guys ! there are things you just don’t wan to accept ! I see that he deserves it 100% although he has not done enough yet! but he has been doing ! America is a picture of evil to others now ! but with Obama .. It has been changing ! you can never active these changes by your words ! hope you got it ! thanks

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