Socialists and the Muslim Terrorist – Method, Conspiracy or just coincidence?

Since about 2 ½ weeks I am thinking about writing a new blog and no I have not become all over Sutton lazy of some sort. Truth is that the past weeks, the past month so many things have happened I don’t even know anymore where to get started in the first place. So many topics I want to address so many issues I want to discuss and what really scares me is that I see all of them connected in some ways. Or should I say the course of the events is more than suspicious. I am not really a fan of conspiracy theories but now I like think behind all those events is a method and I don’t like what I see.

Besides that I am not just writing to entertain the world but rather have my posts researched.

There we have the healthcare bill, we have the abortion mandate, we have the terrorist attack on Fort Hood (TX), we have the UN council declaration on the Goldstone report, the private police force in Montana and a lot more and all those, obviously and on the first glance seem to have nothing to do with each other. And that is what makes is so suspicious. The best way of a successful diversion is to have many occurrences, obviously not connected with each other but methodically positioned to keep the mind of the public occupied and so cover up the truth.

The eye opening events have been last week’s news report about the Goldstone Ruling in the UN Council, the devastating terror attack in Fort Hood committed by a sleeper, and the following behavior of President Obama.

Politics is a dirty business, a business full of diversion, lying and cheating and what you see is defiantly not what happens in reality behind closed doors. There are things said on the one side to the press to keep the public in line and at the very same time opposite actions taken on the other side. And the democrats are world champions in the business of diversion. Most of them are lawyers after all.

  1.  Earlier this year in Hardin (Mt) a private police force appeared on the streets wearing uniform and acting as local Police department and even wearing a police sign on the side doors of their Mercedes Vehicle.  After citizens raising their voice in concern some local politicians appeared on the news calming down citizens with phony explanations and promises ordering the private security company to remove the police insignia. Followed by sideswiped accusations between the parties. Now the case is silent, nothing has been heard there was no follow up on that issue, back to normal. There is still no decision made as off that alleged prison they are supposed to take over and do they have a contract or not and with whom. – Silence.
  2. The on and off issue of healthcare, the town hall meetings and the continuing propaganda of the Obama/Pelosicare is well known. According to Rasmussen from today (2009/10/08) only 39% of the Americans approve of the Healthcare bill and 52% reject the very same and yet Obama pushed it through last night with a close vote.
  • The entire time during the town hall meetings Obama and Pelosi made no secret that they are determined to get what they want and that they are not shy to use threat and pressure on the own party members as well as on the opposition. There are proven and reported reports about citizens getting visitors at night terrifying the family including a heavy handicapped man.
  • There is Pelosi and her grassroots who call the opposition “Un – American” and domestic terrorists because they are exercising their constitutional right to protest as wells freedom of speech. Pretty much the conservative opposition is doing exact the same as the democrats during the Bush administration. But when back than this was the constitutional rights of the democrats, now they are calling it un-constitutional, Un–American and the protesters domestic terrorists.
  • Downsizing and slandering Fox News as oppositional TV station and trying to hinder this news media in their coverage by attempting to silence them through law. Knowing this is unconstitutional the current government does not care at all. All the want is to silence FOX and if they can’t do it they mistreat them wherever they can.
  • And in order to get at least the close vote he had to call into order and back to the roots all the representatives of the democrats. According to the Washington Post was that more than just a motivational speech – but more a pretty clear threat talks to make sure they stay in line. Just to make sure on Saturday he gives in front of the press a motivational speech for the public to see.
  • And there have been a lot more actions taken. Way too many to count here.

Bottom line the democrats act perfectly in accordance with the totalitarian systems of the youngest history. Blaming, denigrating and slandering followed by artificial criminalization is usually the first step to silence the opposition. Hitler has done that, Mussolini, Stalin and all the other perfect organized Socialists have done so. And Obama is mastering it. First step is to criminalizing the opposition to have a proper case to lock them up, send them to indoctrination and if that does not work have the very same disappear. Just to make sure the rest of the citizens get so scared that they rather shut up than doing something.

  1. Last night the first step to public funded socialized Medicare has been set and Obama got his will by a close vote of 220 to 215 votes.
  2. Last Week the United Nations has declared, on behalf of the proposal of the Arab nations to accept the so called “Goldstone – Report” and has accepted this vote by 114 for and 18 against (The United States, Israel, Germany and 15 others voted against it) this acceptance.

What is the “Goldstone – Report”? Justice Richard Goldstone is a South African Judge and a member of the Geneva-Based Humans Rights council. General Assembly President Ali Abdussalam Treki demanded on behalf of the Arab Nation a Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict — there was great support for the text.  (See Press Release GA/10883). At a Headquarters press conference, Mr. Treki said that the Assembly’s adoption of the resolution was significant, as it highlighted the Assembly’s role in addressing human rights, peace and security.  All, without exception, had condemned human rights violations and insisted on the conduct of proper investigations — even those countries that had abstained from the vote or had objected to the text. By the text, the Assembly endorsed the report of the Geneva-based Human Rights Council on its twelfth special session, held on 15 and 16 October, which supported recommendations of the Fact Finding Mission on the 27 December 2008 to 18 January 2009 Gaza conflict.  The Mission had been led by South African Justice Richard Goldstone, and its 576-page report -– known as the Goldstone Report — concluded that Israel and Hamas had committed possible war crimes.

Now first of all since when does the United Nation give in on demands of terrorists like the Hamas against the will of the United States? And second of all what war crimes has Israel committed other than defending itself? There is only one war criminal in this area and that is called Terrorist no matter if they call themselves Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Quaida or whatever.

Here are some facts for you:

  • It is the Hamas/Hezbollah/Al Quaida that sneaks covered as civilians into Israeli territory and blows up innocent woman and children
  • It is the very same that shots with rocket missiles into Israeli civilian areas while hiding themselves behind their own woman and children just to make sure: Should Israel strike back and accidently kill civilian collateral damage the Arab Terrorist show up on TV and cry and scream in Hollywood style acting like they are now the victims blaming Israel. And the world is silent in fear of Terror attacks. So who is the war criminal does the Genève convention not prohibit using civilians as cover to avoid casualties?
  • Hamas/Hezbollah and other terror organization commit attacks on Israel and then hide among refugees extreme close to UN Stations.
  • In 2006 Hamas and Hezbollah stationed Missiles extreme close to a UN Observer post shooting permanent against Israel and after Israel fired back with an Airstrike destroying the threat and of course the UN Post leaving 4 dead UN soldiers (1 Canadian, 1 Austrian, 1 Finland and 1 Chinese) behind the world blamed Israel instead of them terrorists. Of course the 4 unarmed and dead UN officers are a tragedy but what choice did Israel have in order to protect its own citizens? And the UN knew all along back than that Hamas is using their post as cover and did nothing against it. And here too I could go on and on.
  • After Israel retreated from south Lebanon and Gaza, pressured by the UN, Hamas and Hezbollah did not see this as sign of peace and moved on with negotiations – NO they called it a victory over the world, felt invigorated and called for the total destruction of the Israel and the U.S. increasing the Terror attacks on Israeli civilians.

So what war crimes does Israel commit? All it does is defending its own country and Citizens.

So here is my question again – since when does the UN dare to release resolutions without the consent of the United States? Like is said before – Politics is a dirty business and nothing is as it looks like.

Here are some more facts:

  • We know Obama bowed his head before the Arab Nation
  • We know he apologized for our existence
  • He has made clear on several occasions that yet officially he supports Israel behind closed doors he puts all the pressure on Israel he can to support his Muslim brethren.
  • We know Obama is a Muslim he has admitted that before
  • We know he is a Marxist/Socialist trying to destroy all freedom in the United States

It does not take rocket science how that works. Here is my educated guess right out of my own experience. While officially, for the press and the Christian public, Obama has the U.S. Ambassador to the UN reject the Goldman report, his administration made some shady deals with the UN to push that resolution through and I would love to know what kind of deals Obama made with the UN. Let’s face it – no ally of the US or any other country that would like to stay in good relationship with us would have voted on that resolution supporting Terrorist groups such as the Hamas and Hezbollah, if not with Obama’s secret permission. And the U.S. rejection was a cosmetic one.

Friday evening – less than a week after this slap in the face of our biggest friend Israel – the unimaginable happened. A native Born American, son of Palestinian emigrants, U.S. Army psychologist, well known for his strange behavior, well known for his support of the Jihad and well known to oppose of the war runs amok and kills 13 wounding another 38 before shot and arrested by an American Hero. This Terrorist has made his entire education on Tax Dollar in the Army, and now that he was supposed to do his duty he wanted to get discharged, preaching the Koran, acting strange, posting Terrorist messages on his daily blog and after yelling “Allah et Akbar” murdering 13 Americans and wounding 38.

And Obama is silent. Hours after the shooting he held a press conference shouting at his political party friends, laughing and joking before reading in stoic manor a pre-prepared statement from his teleprompter. While George W. Bush and his wife visited the scene comforting the families and victims, Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) was obviously fighting the tears missing words and trying to give comfort to the people and searching for some non existing sense, Obama was rushing to the Congress making sure his Health bill is being threatened through.

Up until today he has not visited the site, or mentioned the American Hero Sgt. Kimberley Munley who was badly wounded stopping that Terrorist. She should be given the Medal of Honor.

Shady comments and press conferences, all read from a teleprompter without any feelings, remorse or obvious sorrow for the victims is all he has to offer.

Every economist knows that the five pillars of the economy are the a) Car Industry, b) construction industry, c) banking industry and d) oil industry and last but not least e) the Healthcare. Those are the five industries now under Obama’s control to control the citizens. On Saturday he managed to threaten the congress long enough to pass the final draw of health care bill to get the final control over the country and the citizens. This is the begin of the end of the free world and leads me to another conclusion – the entire World wide economy crisis was actually a big conspiracy of the socialists all over the world. Master planned and perfectly executed. To this topic please look forward to my next blog post on Tuesday with the Title: The real reason for the economy crisis”


Conclusion:On the first sight all those events have no direct connection. But if you look closely through all the events this past year than you see that I sure have a point there. The smartest way to conquer a civilization is the diversion through non connected events to take away the eyesight and blind the citizens.



I am not really into conspiracy theories, and have no appreciation for those people always seeing secret societies ruling this word. There are no such societies – it all has method, master planned and with military precision executed.

We live in a set up to destroy the last remaining free country in the world, set up by the socialist and the Muslim who brag since centuries that they are out to conquer the world one way or the other. Well they could not do so with weapons but with the enemy, elected from the people, within. And their endurance paid off.

May God have mercy on America, my home that I love.



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  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    A great post – thanks for your very good comment. It makes me thinking about many open questions. I have found some anwers in your post.
    Greetings from Austria Michaela

  2. This is crazy, I forget how I even came across this page, but I don’t think it coincidental. We in america are being suppressed heavily. Our government chains us like hampsters in a cage and force feeds us chemicals to keep our minds empty of all that isn’t work related in their world of ownership! The time for rebellion is coming, I hope that somehow I can help people understand we must help the cause of good, we must stand up for the true thought of freedom and peace. This is a world God intended, the way of nature! A non altered non dictated natural world which people live at peace with the land! And now OWNERSHIP!, seeks to stamp itself on Israel! Hell no! I speak for every free spirit in america when I say DOWN WITH OUR GOVERNMENT! I cannot believe the lies and deceit I am waking up to…. THE FILTH THEY HAVE SPREAD HERE! I am just a civillian here and am not recognizable by many, but I will try to shine as bright as I can. If you have any tips that would help lead me down the right path… Please say so, I will continue looking for the right answers, Let me know how I can help!

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