Barack Obama and his connection to the Fort Hood shooter

I assume you all have read my last blog with the title: “Socialists and the Muslim Terrorist – Method, Conspiracy or just coincidence?” In this blog I stated a few facts that are at best suspicious because of the timeline in that the incidences occurred. But that timeline is continuing until today and I am afraid we have not seen the end of it. One way or another it proofs several points I have mentioned and opens a few more questions.

The final point in my blog was the shoot out in Fort Hood where Major Malik Hassan, using a Belgium FN 5.7 handgun also known as Cop Killer gun, shot and killed 13 American heroes dead and wounded 30 and Barak Obama’s conduct throughout the entire affair.


Let us remember: One day after the shooting  President Obama held a press conference where he laughed, cheered at his party friends giving grace to everybody present before addressing the incident reading the statements from a teleprompter immediately warning not to “jump into conclusions” at a time where the whole world already knew this was a terrorist strike. Even Joe Lieberman, a poster democrat, called the incident an act of terror ( from 2009/11/08).

Unlike former President George Bush (ret.) and Laura Bush, President Obama has not visited Fort Hood until the memorial service for the dead. Although throughout the entire memorial service he has never mentioned the word “Terrorism” and again has shown his real face while during the national anthem all soldiers paid their respect to the flag by saluting and all civilians putting their hands on the heart Barack Obama the commander in chief did NOT.


What’s wrong – what are we missing here? Why refuses the president to name things the way they are? Well how about this as an explanation: Major Malik Hassan the alleged shooter in Ft. Hood was part of the Obama administration and that is a fact. He has been an adviser concerning Muslim appointments to Homeland security:   (Watch Page 32)

So besides Obama’s obvious disrespect for American Values, American Heroes, the American Constitution and the great United States period maybe that explains why Obama is so eager to protect Maj. Hasan. We really have to ask ourself what are the real intensions of Barrack Hussein Obama who publicly declares himself a Muslim, bows his head before the Arab leaders weakens our great Friend Israel and bows his head almost to the ground before the communist leader in China.  

Now, we have not even recovered from the Ft. Hood shooting Obama shows already another insult to the American people. In his effort to please the humanitarian left wing radicals he has now decided to trial 9/11 Terrorists in a federal court in New York. Follow my next blog where I address this issue.

Thank you for reading this and please feel free to ask any questions. Should you be unable to open the links included please email me and I gladly will send you a copy of it.


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  2. What on earth made/makes those thirteen dead soldiers into “heroes”?

    I think it was William Lind whose observations concluded with the concept of ‘Fourth Generation Warfare’ and this major’s actions might be a first sample of 4GW being applied (coming home?) to the US.

    Having said that, I feel deeply for the families and victims … but sorry, they are not heroes. Not by any definition I’ve used all my life.

    1. Thank you for your comment of which I appreciate. Let me answer your questions please as of what makes the heros: The fact that those soldiers have signed on to defend their Country no matter of their personal believes and the People of the UNited States and all of our Allys against all Enemies all over the world. It makes them hereos because they are risking the greates and most valueable possession their lives, and risking to never see their families again for one reason only – to protect me, my son, you and all the other people in the free world and dont even know us. Those man and woman serve on places they dont want to be with pride, honor and dignety. And they manage to come home and/or in this case getting ready to deploy. Thats one of the many reasons they are Heros.

      But I do appreciate your comment and hope you will take the time and read my other posts as well. Please keep the comments coming. In the end that is called freedom of speach and I am always up to a good discussion.

  3. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    How can that happend what is happend and why? Why must 13 soldiers die? Why is it possible that a sleeper could worked in the administration staff from Obama? Why nobody hasn’t controlled this man? Maybe we would never get an answer, maybe in future, but not now.
    So these men who died are heroes!

  4. […] by juanhyde1955 on Nov.19, 2009, under Uncategorized The final point in my blog was the shoot out in Fort Hood where Major Malik Hassan, using a Belgium FN 5.7 handgun also known as Cop Killer gun, shot and killed 13 American heroes dead and wounded 30 and Barak Obama’s conduct throughout …More Here […]

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