Diversity and Misunderstood Political Correctness

Disgusted I heard the irresponsible arguments with whom Attorney General Holder defends his determination to trial the 9/11 Masterminds in NY. I read the great article by Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post on 11/20/2009 “Travesty in New York” ( http://is.gd/54dUk ).

The icing on the cake for me was when the defense attorneys for those sub humans announced that the defendants will speak in court for themselves, addressing the jury and all New Yorkers. So, while working on more than 3 posts at the same time and reading thousands of tweets, blog posts, and short messages circling the internet I started asking myself – does the world need another blog pounding on the same topic? My answer to myself was no – not right now.

After reading an article about “Diversity,” written by the wonderful and talented Ann Coulter, a woman I admire more than any other political columnist, (http://is.gd/54eB6 ) I finally found the inspiration I needed.

The theory of “Diversity” began in the late 1960’s as a Grassroots Movement based on the combination of black civil rights activism and woman’s rights activism. The first highlight was in the late 70’s when based on this theory and with lobbyism through civil right activist they pushed the “Discrimination Act” through. Later in 2002 Homosexuals were included and the “Hate Crime Bill” was announced; and yet this was really nothing new because the real basics of Diversity were already mentioned in the bill of rights:

Pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.

~Virginia declaration of Right~

~June 12, 1776~

But there is a problem with the modern day use of Diversity and the resulting Political correctness.

The Theory of Diversity has its law and rightful place in modern day society and as an international operating businessman I know very well the practical use of it.

But injudicious and overzealous laws including their sidekicks such as “Affirmative Action Laws”, “Quote regulations,” and others are subject to actually producing prejudice feelings, anger and hatred.

It is wrong when the rights for minorities are made at the price to abate the rights of those who disagree and build the majority, and take away the majorities’ rights of freedom to choose, freedom of speech, freedom to disagree, and on top of it, criminalize those who oppose or have their own opinion. Where then is the equality?

For Example: Questioning and opposing quote regulations and undeserved “redistributions to Ghetto and Gang neighborhoods would qualify me as a racist. (A blog post to this topic is coming soon).

This country was built by Christians and Christian Values, and yet Christianity is silenced through and by mainstream media under the cover of modern lifestyles and the government in order not to offend: homosexuals, atheists, or religions minorities, especially Muslims.

While on the same page radical Muslims spread their hatred against America and the American lifestyle under the safety of the Constitutional right of free speech.

This has gone way too far when The President of the United States (Obama) declares in a press conference, during a visit to a foreign country, “America is no longer a Christian Nation”.

There are good and bad people no matter if we’re talking about a race or a religion. There are modern liberal Imams and there are hate preachers.

God forbid if we want to investigate a hate preacher; immediately self-proclaimed humanitarians, civil rights activists, and other grassroots organizations will start screaming their lungs out talking about discrimination, racism, and religious profiling. And the accused just blow the same horn building their own defense based on racism before they are even indicted.

Political Correctness, a child of Diversity, is in fact just another phrase to take away freedom of speech and prohibit Americans to call things by their real names.

Maj. Hasan, the alleged Fort Hood shooter, was noticeable in his conduct, well known for his beliefs and his opposition to the American involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, and several of his colleagues had reported his strange behavior.

Malik Hasan

Why was he not investigated? Every other American, given a conduct like this would have been subject to at least a closer look by Homeland Security and/or FBI.

Was it because of the fear that self-proclaimed humanitarians, civil rights activists, Muslim activists, and other friends of Obama’s grassroots administration could accuse the investigators of racial and religious profiling?

The liberals have no problem castrating the rights of Conservative Americans who exercise their rights of free speech, but their speech has, is, and always will remain “untouchable”!

What is going to happen at the 9/11 trial? 

Are the attorney’s going to drag out the case? How are they picking the jury? Are they going to make sure that there are no members of the Jewish community on the jury in order to avoid possible prejudice? Or is the opposite true: “Terrorists” being given an audience so they can insult the Judeo-Christian ethic. In this case the appeals after conviction on prejudice grounds are practically imminent.

If a partial Muslim jury is demanded will the same rules and regulations apply to them?  For example, would they receive a thorough background check without the liberal media once again screaming, “This is racial profiling”?

These are reasonable questions, as Ann Coulter says, “At the End of the Day, Diversity Has Jumped the Shark”.  The basic premise of Diversity is accurate but the application of Diversity is inaccurate. 

This causes citizens to lose their religious, historical, ethical and moral inheritance.


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  2. Umm, Hasan was investigated, when Bush was stinking up the White House. Remember?
    And what in God’s name does diversity have to do with KSM’s trial, anyway? We need to show the world we are a nation of laws. Then we can string this putrid pile of dung up.

    1. Thanks for you comment, allow me to tell you something: First of all Bush was determained to protect America and did not stink more than this red covered Marxist and socialist who is determined to destroy American Values given to you and me by our founding fathers. Second I appreciate the insight you are sharing with me , however thanks for telling me things I knew already – truth is that under the great George Bush, Hasan was investigated. Thats true but I am sure as you are aware off that his conduct has become worst the past couple of years – after the Bush Investigation. While Obama has seen fit to enroll this individual as adviser on Homeland security council for appointments of Muslims. Thanks Mr. Obama we dont need enemies we have to from within. And what in Gods name has Diversity to do with the KSM trial – I am sorry I dont have the space here to explain the obvious to you. But if you are interested please feel free to contact me and I will gladly give you some deeper insight in thinigs who are clear for everybody.

  3. […] will be exactly two years, on November 28, 2009, since I published my blog “Diversity and Misunderstood political Correctness” and the topic has not yet lost a bit of accuracy still […]

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