Copenhagen & United Nations-World Government, Money Laundry and Redistribution Fraud Part 2

A lot of Blog Posts talk about the Copenhagen treaty as having a lot to do with building a World Healthcare and world government system. Well, those people are not so far off from the truth, but not the way they’re thinking of it… There is a method at work here.

  • On Friday October 9th 2009, the Peace Nobel Prize Committee announced to award Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize. – Everybody was asking why and what for. Even Obama was surprised.

    Back then I wrote a blog clearing up that this was a clear signal from the Europeans to President Obama reminding him of the Liberal Agenda (

  • Meanwhile Obama has pushed through with foul tricks his Health care agenda. 
  • For about 3 weeks European Countries have sent more or less direct signals to the United States as of what they expect from us in the Copenhagen Summit.
  • On November 6th the Copenhagen Environmental Summit had started.
  • On November 6th the UN announced already the amount of money needed for third world countries – a minimum of 10 Billion Dollars.
  • On November 7th President Obama had sent a clear Signal to Copenhagen by having his Czars in the EPA announce Greenhouse Gas as injurious for health. And though we would all agree on that, the question is why now and why so fast. The answer is simple and stated in the United States Federal Law – Now Obama can sign any treaty without consulting or getting approval from the House or Senate.

In Laymen terms, Obama can now, of his own free will; sign over American Tax dollars and American Industry.

Job Well done Obama Czars, this is one more example that proves that you know how to get around the will and well being of the American tax payer.

  • November 10th Obama receives the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • November 11th The European Union agrees on the verge of Copenhagen for an additional 15 Billion Dollars for the Third World Countries.

Dear Readers this is NOT THE WAY to a world government – the world government IS ALREADY HERE through the back door and I will prove that to you – Right here right now.

The UN is smart enough to know that a world government as dreamed of by Gene Roddenberry, a Science Fiction Author and founder of the show Star Trek, and convinced communist will always shipwreck on national interests. So the conclusion is to rule through a shadow government by influencing world economy and politics.

The flag of the United Federation of Planets was not by accident almost 1:1 taken from the UN Flag.

We have to take a closer look at the behind the scenes action and what institutions, organizations, and official meetings the UN uses to control their power influence. And this is determining the key players of the master plan to control the world.

Let’s get started at the beginning, the summits, because in order to determine the key players we need to know the control mechanism and meetings, and how the deals are made behind the scenes.

There are five major summits per year that the world looks at. Up until now the United States of America has always been known for its independency because every President so far was looking out for the U.S. interests first. This made it hard for the UN and the European Union to come through with their War driving Policy through the back door and their Socialist Agenda of redistributing the wealth in order to bind the 3rd world countries closer to them.


They use the two major summits (5 meetings per year) as political and diplomatic platforms to transport their ideals and will to the people. This is the only way to do that because a direct or official takeover would call for too much protest within the citizens of the individual countries.

G8 later G 20 Summit
(Group of 8/20)

 The G8 summit, founded in 1975 by France emerged out of the G6 (Group of 6) meaning the 8 richest countries in the world. Since the 2008 Washington Summit this group will be replaced by the G20. The G20 meets an annual 4 times per year.

The finance ministers, economy ministers, and environmental ministers meet to determine the economy of the world – How to regulate and organize the money transfers and the world economy, as well as the key interest rate of the World Bank. This is the leading factor which determines the key interest rate of the individual countries.

Always represented, giving big speeches, and making demands in the billions on the apron strings of every G meeting, is the UN.

This institution has meanwhile found their way into every aspect of life, no matter if it’s an individual problem of a country or if it is a problem concerning the international relationship. There is nothing the UN is not involved in.

And another group is always present – always in the tow line of the UN – always full of demands – representatives of the African continent. Those individuals are very interesting to look at and I will address them later.

Now that we have covered the current Environmental Summit and the upcoming G20 Summit here are the key players in both summits. In the final Blog part 4/4 I will connect the dots.

World Environmental Protection Summit or Climate Gate Summit

This summit takes place once a year. This year the summit is hosted by Copenhagen. I have covered this year’s summit in the parts 1 and 2 in this continues blog.

Now that we have covered the 5 major summits we are not to forget the permanent sessions of the UN councils. The next step in order to understand how the world Government works we need to take a closer look at the key players. Those we cover in the next Blog.

So stay tuned to see how we are already infiltrated and indoctrinated in the World Government.


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  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Frage: Brauchen wir überhaupt so oft einen Gipfel? Wie du bereits im ersten Teil treffend bemerkt hast, jeder Politiker reist mit Flugzeug, Limousine usw. an. Wäre es nicht sinnvoller hier ein Zeichen zu setzen und einen Beitrag zum Klimaschutz zu leisten. Ich denke ein Gipfel im Jahr tut es auch.
    Ich bin für die Unterstützung der Dritten Welt-Länder, keine Frage. Ich bin aber dagegen, wenn die Politiker dieser Länder dieses Geld für den Krieg einsetzen und dadurch ihre Bevölkerung in Armut stürzen. Das Geld ist für Kriegsmaterial vorhanden, jedoch nicht für den Wiederaufbau und nicht für die Bevölkerung. Wohin fließt das Geld, dass für diese Länder frei gemacht wird? In die Waffenindustrie zurück?
    Und was ist mit den asiatischen Ländern – sind die überhaupt vertreten?
    Ist es sinnvoll, dass die Bekleidungsindustrie im asiatischen Raum produzieren lässt?
    Das Thema Klimaschutz wird immer wieder Fragen aufwerfen, die dann diskutiert und erörtert werden. Politiker versprechen abgeben – danach wird sich keiner mehr darum kümmern. Es werden die Strafen bezahlt, da man über dem Emmissionsgehalt liegt, aber geändert wird nichts. So nach dem Motto – Uns betrifft es nicht, der Klimaschutz wird erst in einigen Jahrzehnten so wirklich schlagend und bis dahin tun wir einfach so weiter wie bisher.

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