Copenhagen & United Nations – World Government, Money Laundry and Redistribution Fraud – Part 4 (Conclusion)

And this is the Mastermind on the World Government project. Here you will read how the UN is using other countries through Diplomatic Channels, lies and secret kept operations and actions to produce war in order to concrete its own power.

Meet the Mastermind in the World Government Project:

United Nations Origination (UNO)

The UN is, on the outside a toothless tiger permanently bankrupt and seeing itself as a peace and human rights organization with a single headquarters in New York, but 2 headquarters in Europe. The reality is that the UN is a walking history of a war producing and corrupted institution pursuing the idea of being the world’s government.

Here are only a handful of examples of 64 years of peace fraud.

  • We teach our children that Korea was an American Police action but the truth is that Korea was a UN invasion gone badly. Lack of communication and a lack of strategy lead the UN into a disaster; then calling in as usual the United States for help. While our country took the heat the UN lifted itself up as the peace Negotiator while it made the U.S. look like a war loving country.
  • Vietnam – it was the UN complaints about the Russians getting too strong in Southeast Asia and the request of the UN to America to send Military instructors there to teach the South Vietnamese how defend themselves. That is what led to a 10 year American disaster.
  • Near East Region (Syria/Israel/and surrounding areas) – despite G.W. Bush’s comment of the axes of evil, Syria has complied with the UN and assisted America in the Operation Desert Storm also known as Gulf War 1. Syria has also been trying for 5 years to sign a peace treaty with Israel and end the conflict, but so far all attempts have been stopped or boycotted by the UN Lobbyists claiming that the peace treaty can only function when the entire region is involved instead of taking one problem at a time.

    The truth is the UN is not interested in any peace treaty ever. If so, in my opinion, the problem could be solved within 6 months. Any peace in the near east right now would be against the interest of the UN who needs those conflicts. Otherwise the existence and the costs for the UN would be questioned.

  • Iraq conflict – It was the UN Weapons inspector of German descent Hans Blix planting the idea of existing Weapons of mass destruction in our heads through constant complaining about how un-cooperative Saddam Hussein was, and how suspicious the tracks were. Together with Hussein’s permanent threats against the U.S. and Israel; Hans Blix’ conclusions lead the U.S. Intelligence to its interpretation of Satellite pictures, which finally lead to the Iraq war. As soon as the damage was done and the U.S. was at war the UN pulled back and spoke out against the War. They removed Hans Blix from Office and blamed the un-liked UN critic G.W. Bush for the outcome.

Those are only a few excerpts of how the UN works – and the same game goes on right now with Iran. The only difference now is that with Barrack Obama they have a socialist puppy dog the UN can manipulate as they please.

The UN is an institution driven by corruption and fraud in every aspect. And yet the United Nations is involved in every decision regarding political, financial, economical, environmental, and Foreign affairs.

Did you know the UN is not accountable to anyone? Who is controlling the financial conduct of the United Nations? Who is controlling what happens with the donations? Who is controlling what happens with the money governments pay if they don’t fulfill their CO2 limits (Yes this money is administered by the UN as well)? Who is controlling what happens with the money if we buy these so called CO2 tickets?

The answer is nobody because the UN is not required to report to anybody.

Those are the 4 main key players in order to run the world government. Now you might ask yourself, what is with the GUS (former Soviet Union), China and Australia? Australia is already involved in the UN and is correctly contemplated as part of the British Empire as well as Canada. They are oriented on what the British Empire is doing. China is just about to establish its place as a World Power, and is in the process of becoming a full participant in the UN. Not to forget that China is a Communist country and Russia is acting like a sleeping Bear which doubles the danger Russia presents. Russia knows that it holds a third of the ground resources in the world and this wealth allows them to interfere when it suits them. 


What has all of this got to do with Copenhagen? The question is the other way around – what has Copenhagen got to do with the environment?

Fact is that in the end the countries participating agree on two major issues. 

1)    How much CO2 emissions is every country allowed or how much of a percentage must we reduce?

This question does not really occur if we don’t want to lose employment. Fact is if we don’t fulfill the agreement we can buy our way free by paying a fine to the UN, or buying CO2 emissions tickets from third world countries. In that case I ask myself the following questions?

  • What happens with the fines paid to the UN? And don’t tell me that it is invested in Environmental projects – That is an insult to every thinking Americans intelligence.
  • If we buy tickets from poor countries – what country can afford to sell its tickets? Only a country that does not have any industry whatsoever. But 90% of the countries without a functioning industry are in the middle of some sort of a war and would buy weapons with that money.

2)    How much money are the countries pumping into the third world and what for?

The official statement is that with the money donated (right now 15 Billion Dollars by the European Union – well President Obama is not there yet), the UN will finance Environmental projects in third world countries.

OK, we all know now that 60% of the money disappears in “administrative” channels and from the remaining 40% the UN buys way over priced material from its affiliated partners. Those partners of course are also in countries where some sort of war dominates, and through the backdoor the war is financed. And not to forget that from the actual purchased material, 90% is being stolen by warlords and sold on the black-market to finance the ongoing Genocide.

The entire Copenhagen summit or any previous or following summit is a hoax and has only one purpose, to collect money the UN can use to finance the wars in the world with one hand and with the other hand act as the peace loving humanitarian so as to give itself a right to exist.

Because as long as the UN acts like a peace lover and humanitarian, and campaigns with its peace and health building actions, the citizens of the countries will not question the existence of the United Nations, and the UN can concrete its power as a world government.

And I have never heard of a country demanding the audition of the accounts of the UN without being slandered.

That is why we should stop Obama from spending any more money on and to the UN. No matter what treaty he signs in Copenhagen we should make it clear we are not willing to pay and participate.

And we should re-think what and where we spend our money on, and what projects we support. We have so many poor people in our own country that need our help, people who are without their wrongdoing in financial distress. We have family and loved ones of fallen soldiers in our country that need our help, children that need our support. Let us focus first there.

I do not say African countries don’t need our help, the children there are the real victims and it breaks my heart, but first those countries need to prove to us that they are willing to do their fair share including showing us how they plan to pay back their debt.

And the UN needs to open its accounts – we have a right to know what happens with our money because let’s be honest here – the money Obama gives to them is not his, It is our Tax Dollars.


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  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Wie den Medien heute zu entnehmen ist, wird von Barrack Obama erwartet, dass er Zugeständnisse macht, die er wahrscheinlich nicht halten kann. Zwei Hauptthemen: Hilfe für Afrika und Reduzierung der Emissionen durch USA und China. Da Bill Clinton schon einmal Zugeständnisse gemacht und das Kyoto-Abkommen unterschrieben hat, welches dann vom Senat nicht genehmigt wurde, wird sich Barrack Obama hüten, diesen Fehler zu wiederholen. China ist eine Sache für sich und wird man hier sicherlich hart verhandeln müssen. So die Medien am heutigen Tage.
    China wird von seinem voreingenommenen Standpunkt nicht abgehen und wenn ja, sicherlich wieder Lücken finden, um die gemachten Zusagen umgehen zu können.
    Australien und Kanada gehören zu England, Grönland zu Dänemark, also faktisch zu Europa – kein Thema.
    Russland ist – wie du richtig anmerkst – ein schlafender Bär und weis um seine politische Stellung in der Welt und wird wahrscheinlich ebenfalls nur wenig Zugeständnisse machen. Also was hat dieser Gipfel dann eigentlich für einen Sinn? Den Sinn, dass man den afrikanischen Ländern Geldmittel zukommen lässt, die sie nie zurück bezahlen brauchen? Zuwendung von Geldmittel ja, aber nur dann, wenn man sieht, welche Fortschritte der afrikanische Kontinent macht, in welche Ressourcen dieses Geld fließt, in den Ausbau der Industrie, Herabsetzung der Kriminalitätsrate, weil genügend Arbeitsplätze vorhanden und durch die Industrie gesichert, Ausbau des Bildungs- und Schulwesen usw usf. Erst dann und wenn nachweisbar sollten Geldmittel locker gemacht werden. Ich denke, dass 15 Bill. Dollar in der Vergangenheit nicht ausreichend waren für diese Länder, warum sollte dann weiteres Geld ausreichend sein. Soll man wirklich weiterhin gutes Geld dem schlechten nachwerfen? Ich denke nicht!
    Und warum hat die UN keine Finanzaufsicht? Warum kontrolliert hier niemand die Ein- und Ausgaben? Jede Firma hat doch einen Buchhalter, der die Finanzen zu kontrolliert. Hier hat das System einen Fehler und zwar einen gewaltigen Fehler!
    Und was mich mehr schockiert hat, warum wird von der UN ein Krieg angezettelt, den die USA für die UN zu Ende führt und wo die USA als Hauptakteur in der Welt nach außen hin präsentiert wird, wenn es aber nicht stimmt! Da brauche ich keine UN um ehrlich zu sein.
    Ich gehe mit dir konform, dass die Kinder nicht die leidtragenden sein sollen und man weiterhin Hilfsorganisationen wie der Caritas, Ärzte ohne Grenzen usw. Spenden soll, um das Leben dieser Kinder in den ärmeren Regionen zu erleichtern.

  2. Kathleen Moore, Montreal, Canada | Reply

    The Honourable Louis Saint-Laurent declares United Nations the basis of World Government
    L’Honorable Louis Saint-Laurent déclare les Nations Unies la base d’un gouvernement mondial.


    This video is bilingual (French and English), therefore separate language transcripts follow.

    Would you like to download a copy of this video?
    Follow this link, it’s free:

    Direct link:

    Folder it’s in:

    Cette vidéo est bilingue (français et anglais), donc la transcription suit dans les deux langues.

    Voulez-vous télécharger cette vidéo ? Suivez ce lien, c’est gratuit.

    Lien direct :

    Fichier qui la contient :

    / ENGLISH:

    Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 (Scherzo)

    The UN General Assembly, 10 January 1946.

    UN Security Council, 17 January 1946.

    1946: Future Prime Minister of Canada,
    the Honourable Louis Saint-Laurent,
    declares the UN the basis of
    world government.

    On the 1st of January 1946,
    Saint-Laurent, a Canadian Federal
    Minister, is made a Member of
    United Kingdom Privy Council.

    The Honourable Louis Stephen
    Saint-Laurent is 63 years of age.

    He is Minister of Justice, Attorney
    General & Secretary of State for
    External Affairs (Canada).

    He represented Canada at the
    Dumbarton Oaks and San Francisco
    Conferences that led to the founding
    of the United Nations.

    On 13 January 1946, the
    Honourable Louis Stephen
    Saint-Laurent addresses an opening
    session of the first General Assembly
    of the United Nations.

    This is a significant short extract
    from his address to the U.N. General



    We do not expect that the
    United Nations

    will immediately resolve all the very
    complex and very delicate problems

    that face the whole world. But we can
    try to make of the organisation

    an effective means that will engender
    essential international cooperation.

    We can attempt to lay the basis
    of the world government

    to which we must subscribe if
    we are effectively to rid the world

    of the blight of more and
    ever more horrible wars.


    And One-World Government


    * * * * * * * * * *


    La Neuvième symphonie de Beethoven (Scherzo)

    Assemblée Générale de l’ONU
    Le 10 janvier 1946

    Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU
    Le 17 janvier 1946

    1946 : le futur Premier Ministre du Canada
    L’Honorable Louis Saint-Laurent
    déclare que l’ONU est la base
    d’un gouvernement mondial.

    Le 1e janvier 1946, Saint-Laurent,
    Ministre Fédéral du Canada, est nommé
    Membre du Conseil Privé du Royaume Uni

    L’Honorable Louis Stephen
    Saint-Laurent a 63 ans.

    Il est Ministre de la Justice,
    Procureur Général et Secrétaire
    d’Etat pour les Affaires Externes

    Il representa le Canada lors des
    conférences de Dumbarton Oaks
    et de San Francisco qui menaient
    au fondation des Nations Unies.

    Le 13 janvier 1946, l’Honorable Louis
    Stephen Saint-Laurent livre un discours
    lors de l’initiation de l’Assemblée Générale
    des Nations Unies.

    En voici un petit extrait
    significatif de son discours lors
    d’une session de l’Assemblée
    générale de l’ONU.



    Nous ne nous attendons pas à ce que
    les Nations Unies

    résoudent immédiatement tous les
    problèmes si complexes et si délicats

    qui se posent au monde entier. Mais nous
    pouvons tenter de faire de l’organisation

    un moyen efficace qui engendrera la
    coopération internationale indispensable.

    Nous pouvons aussi tenter d’en faire
    la base du gouvernement mondial

    auquel il faudra souscrire si nous devons
    effectivement débarasser le monde

    du fléau de guerres
    de plus en plus horribles.


    et au Gouvernement Mondial


    Espace Canoë


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