Healthcare Bill – Success built on a Federal Crime

First and Foremost Democrats and Ethics is a Contradiction in itself – So the Democrats leading the Ethics commission is like making the Fox the Guard of the Henhouse.

Jim and John rob a bank. During the escape, John sees an innocent bystander and witness. In order not to be caught or identified John tells Jim the witness must die. He walks over and shoots the innocent witness in cold blood. Jim does not pull the trigger but he does nothing to prevent the murder – he is in silent agreement – committing the act of “Omission”. In the State of Texas and most other States in the U.S., as well as all over the civilized world, Jim is as guilty as John, just like he would have pulled the trigger himself.

Mike and Bill negotiate a contract. They don’t come to an agreement. Mike tells Bill, that he has managed to hold the business of Bill’s wife in his hands. Either Bill signs the contract or Mike will destroy his wife’s business and ruin the family.

The contract between Mike and Bill, made and signed on the grounds of threats towards a third person, would be inoperative because it is immoral and against public policy.

Those laws are not invented by me; those are given to us by the legislation – our Lawmakers in the Senate and House.

Do the cases above sound familiar? – Sure; that just happened in Nebraska with the Obama administration represented through Harry Reid and Senator Nelson (D-Nebraska) as well as with Joe Lieberman (I-Ct.).

Two days before Obama takes off to Copenhagen, he made an agreement with his partisan administration that he will not sign away American Tax Dollars easy when the healthcare bill goes through before Christmas. Up to here it is a simple Chicago-business deal.

Nelson knows about the position of the Citizens in his State. He is the missing link. The 60th vote the Left Wing Liberals need to pass the bill. And here is where it gets criminal.

The two uncertainties to consider here, still in opposition to Harry Reid, were Joe Lieberman (I-Ct.) and Senator Nelson (D-Nebr.). Lieberman was given negotiated concessions (what is common on deals like that) and Nelson was clearly threatened (

To get Nelson in line, members of the Obama administration under Harry Reid, approached him letting him officially know that if he does not sign off on the Healthcare Bill the administration will close out STRATCOM; the Strategic Command Center and jeopardize American Safety, the safety of U.S. Soldiers, and more than 10,000 direct employees and another 2,000 employees from contracting companies.

What a price to pay for a Christmas present for Obama.

The Democrats, the party who claims to be the party of the little man, would rather send more than 12,000 citizens into unemployment than re-think the Health care reform.

Immediately after the vote Senator Nelson felt the heat from his Colleagues and Citizens in his State. Urgently he announced yesterday in ineffectual comments about the bigger picture and that he “Did what needed to be done to “rescue” major employment in his State”.

Or bottom line he was a lousy Poker player when he thought Harry Reid would really close out 12,000 jobs to get his will.

Harry Reid announced today: “Any Senator who did not manage to get some pork in the health care bill is incompetent” (

Well, aren’t we glad we have you Harry?

So Reid is committing extortion that is for sure and commits a Federal crime here. This is not a theory but a proven fact. He has made those threats publically through the press so the proof is there.

Obama knows about that and does not prevent this. That makes him a clear accomplice and he is as guilty as Harry Reid in committing this crime.  

Where is the FBI? Where are the Prosecutors (I know that Politicians hold immunity)?

Where is the Ethics committee?

Oh I forgot the Democrats are the leaders in the Ethics committee – like I said at the beginning of this blog – Making the Fox the Guard of the Henhouse.

Shelly Roche stated it quite clear today in her Video Blog when she said, “This Bill is Unconstitutional, because Congress does not have the authority to enact this legislation. People of both parties recognize no limitations to their power”.

So here I ask four questions:

1)    How can the Health Care Bill be legal when the foundation is a Federal Crime – committed by those who are supposed to be upholding the Law?

2)    When the Laws in the United States apply to everybody? Why is it that nobody screams when politicians openly break the Laws and publically commit Crimes; Just like Harry Reid did with the Healthcare Bill?

3)    How can the Health Care Bill be Legal when it’s Unconstitutional?

4)    And last but not least – where are the Republicans and why are our Lawyers not seeing this?

Democrats and Ethics – a Contradiction in itself

Maybe one of my readers can explain that to me.


2 responses

  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Ein großartiger Beitrag.
    Ich glaube nicht, dass ich nur ansatzweise deine Fragen beantworten kann oder dass es irgend jemanden gibt, der diese Fragen beantworten kann.
    Ich dachte es gibt in den USA einen Bundesgerichtshof, der die Gesetze, die gemacht und beschlossen werden, überprüft. Zumindest gibt es in Österreich den Verwaltungs- und Verfassungsgerichtshof, der schon mehr als ein Mal ein Gesetz gekippt hat, weil verfassungswidrig. Auch in diesem Fall, würde ich sagen, ist die Gesundheitsreform verfassungswidrig, weil sie nicht aus freien Stücken von allen Abgeordneten beschlossen wurde, sondern unter – nennen wir es einmal – Druck (Erpressung klingt verdächtig nach Strafgesetzbuch) zustande gekommen ist. Also wäre der Bundesgerichtshof aufgefordert, diese Gesundheitsreform zu prüfen und zu kippen, weil eben verfassungswidrig. Und dann müsste eben noch einmal neu die Gesundheitsreform ausverhandelt werden.
    Ich denke, dass hier auch die Bevölkerung und vor allem die Meiden aufgerufen wären zu reagieren. Gerade Medien können einiges bewirken und es kann nicht sein, dass man zig tausend Arbeitsplätze in Kauf nimmt, nur um eine Gesundheitsreform durchzuboxen. Wenn sich BarryO so weit herab lässt, würde er seine Glaubwürdigkeit verlieren und nicht nur in Amerika, sondern auch in Europa.

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