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The Return of the BLACK PANTHER

After experiencing one year of President Obama’s Idea of “hope” and “change,” and disturbing news about his affiliation for radical racists, such us Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Prof. Robert Gates, and his unconditional protection of Muslim extremists I see a scary pattern developing here.

Obama has also shown publicly his admiration for socialism, of which the basic theory is totalitarian communism. Obama has on several occasions shown that he is willing to concrete his power by any means necessary. Starting with replacing all key positions with his czars, and showing admiration for words like “indoctrination”. I wrote several posts about the similarities between the Obama administration and the totalitarian systems.

One of his key persons Obama uses to give his agenda a legal coating is Attorney General Eric Holder.

For several months now there has been a rumor that Obama wants to have some sort of paramilitary group that is willing to keep the citizens in line, if necessary, with lethal force. Unfortunately for Obama he cannot use the official channels such as the FBI, NSA, and other official services for this agenda. When a private Security Force appeared in Hardin, Montana and acted as Sheriffs, the first question that came to mind was, Is Obama using this Company for his agenda of creating a private Gestapo Army? After too many protests Obama had to pull back and give some shallow speeches about “dry runs of cooperation with local Law enforcement”.

But it seems to be official that Obama has found his private Army. And it is worse than we thought.

On Tuesday January 19, I read some disturbing news on the Washington Times online site. According to the Times, key officials have dropped charges (last November) against two members of the Black Panther Party (Source – Washington Times:

What happened? Obviously two of the New Black Panthers had been videotaped with one carrying a weapon and both reportedly using racial epithets while dressed in paramilitary garb outside a Philadelphia polling place on Election Day 2008. Several citizens complained and felt threatened. Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli, had a strange habit of consulting key White House lawyers in person at exactly the times the key Black Panther decisions were being made.

Now that sure raises some Questions here. Is this the election of the future? You vote as Obama wants or the Black Panthers will pay you a visit?

The article from the Times mentioned above will prove to you that the Panthers hold strong ties to the Democratic Party, The official Obama White house, and multiple key officials.

The time line shown here by the Washington Times demonstrates how the Panther’s used their civilian connections, such as the NAACP, who also paid the legal fees to avoid charges. (Source – Washington Times:

Knowing Obama’s admiration for radical racists, his hatred for white people (he personally expressed in his book), and his dream of a totalitarian socialist country, in which he can rule the way he wants, the militant black Panther’s sure would be a perfect asset.

But who are the Black Panthers? This is for our younger readers who might not remember them or maybe only know the white washed version of the story, provided to them in public schools by a political correct government that is crawling through glass for the black civil rights groups instead of telling the truth.

During the early 60’s when the civil rights activism started to become a serious movement, two personalities emerged and became famous.

While Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was moving towards acceptance, equal rights, and opportunities, with equal responsibilities, his pursuance of these goals were done in a peaceful way. He rejected radicalism and violence, and viewed it as counterproductive. However, another man emerged, A radical Muslim convert called MalcolmX. His teachings were far from peaceful he preached racism, black supremacy and anti-Semitism (Source – Wikipedia:

His teachings were essential for the Black Panthers. Founded in 1966, the idea of the Panther was to observe and protect the black Neighborhoods from Police Brutality. But this idea was only an alibi idea. The truth is that the panther’s ideology was a mix of Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, Internationalism, and Black Nationalism.

So right down the Obama ideology.

The panthers were heavily armed, preferably with shotguns and handguns, wearing military style uniforms, parachute boots, and black barrettes.

 And instead of protecting their neighborhoods (which would have meant cracking down on crime within their own) or working together with the police, Panthers used every opportunity to get into a gunfight with police. That resulted in several dead police officers. Some of the dead Cops were even black, but that did not bother the Panthers as long as the shoot outs served their radical agenda. Their performance was that of a paramilitary group practicing guerilla tactics.

Their actions were entirely counterproductive to the movement of MLK who tried to find a peaceful solution to the racism in society.

In 1977 the Black Panther organization was dissolved, but it had been considered to be one of the most dangerous organizations in the United States by the FBI. Several of the members had to flee the country in order to avoid criminal justice charges, including kidnapping.

In 1989, a group calling itself the “New Black-Panther Party” was formed in Dallas, Texas. Ten years later the NBPP became home to the former Nation of Islam members when the chairmanship was taken by Khalid Abdul Muhammad.

The United States Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center considers the NBPP a “Hate Group”. Members of the original BP insist that this NBPP is illegitimate and strongly object to their existence.


Now with Obama in power and his publically shown admiration for those radicals, the NAACP, gaining more and more political power in the White House, the entire system reminds me of two major groupings in world’s history.

And though the idea is not a new one it’s pretty affective: the NAACP acts as the political representation and the civilian organization which provide the legal funds through black mail and extortion, and the Black Panthers act as the paramilitary group which spreads fear, frightens voters at the polls (see in PA), or act as hit men to shut down the opposition. 

That sure reminds me of Ireland with the Sinn Fein as the political arm and the IRA Army as the paramilitary grouping.

Or worse yet, the NAZI’s before they officially became the party of power in Germany.

While the NSDAP was the political arm officially elected, the SA operated as the paramilitary grouping to spread fear, frighten voters at the polls, and pay visits to persons of opposition. When Hitler had absolute power in Germany he no longer needed the SA anymore and that is when he gave all the agenda over the SS and the Gestapo.

Now, with the Marxist-Leninist and the Muslim militant Black Panthers, Obama finally has found his SA storm troopers; and supported by his racist supporters such as Reverend Wright, Al Sharpton, and all the others, and with his personal left wing Czars set in the right positions he can start doing what he does best: Acting as a dictator.

What will keep him from doing so? And what happens when he has absolute power? Who will take over the Agenda of the Black Panther/SA? Who will be Obama’s official SS/Gestapo?

And who is going to stop him now?

Politicians of both sides are way too terrified to question any actions of the Panthers for fear of them playing the proverbial “race card,” as usual. This may allow them to even get away with domestic Terrorism.

And the Democrats have the tenacity to accuse Scott Brown of having radical ties because he was supported by an unarmed and peaceful tea party movement (Source – Fox News

May God have mercy on our great America, the home of the free; Time to stop Obama now before it is too late.


Marriage Punishment Tax – How the Godless Liberals are going to destroy the family

Marriage/Wedding day – a Holy Sacrament given to us by God Almighty in Heaven and Jesus Christ our Savior:

Millions of young girls play wedding with their Barbie dolls and millions plan their wedding day during their teenage years. Mothers save their wedding gowns hoping that their daughter will wear it, some of the gowns have been past down from mother to daughter for centuries. Fathers give their final advice to their sons in how to be a good husband.

Yes, even I have my dream as of how I want my wedding to be conducted.

And when finally the big day is here, and all seems to be so perfect, there is no greater happiness and joy in the air.

The man waiting in anticipation flanked by his best friend and on this day his best man. The family in fine arranged chairs, all in fine attire to honor the loving couple on this most beautiful day, the eyes of the brides groom wide open as she walks in, all in white, as beautiful as the Stars over Texas, escorted by her father, the guests of honor raise and Mendelssohn’s “A Midsummer night dream” tunes in. Flower arrangements smell like a spring breeze. Little children walk ahead of the bride and spread flowers on the floor seaming the walk of the bride. The Minister holds a ceremony and in the end when the words “I DO” are spoken he introduces for the first time “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. White doves fly toward heaven. A dream comes true for every woman, most men, and a moment driving tears in the eyes of mothers who become mother-in-law at this moment.

This is the happiest day in life for a loving couple.

Away from the romantic side: The Wedding industry is a multi Billion Dollar industry and thousands of members of the professional wedding guild is depending on it.

Godless liberals and their political excrescent the Democrats are very well known for being hateful to everything that is traditional, and honorable. But now they are going too far because now they are attacking the smallest cell of a functioning society – the family – in order to promote the immoral lifestyle of Gay couples, Feminists, and people who live in so called “Wild Relationships” to avoid commitment in order to keep the opportunity of have changing sexual partners.



In his new Healthcare bill it will be certain that in order to finance this nonsense you have to attack the one group in the country that holds the majority. And one way to finance this bill is: the Marriage punishment Tax.

Yes my dear readers – MARRIAGE PUNISHMENT Tax.

In his new Healthcare bull, Obama plans on a more than 60% higher coverage for Married Couples. Couples just living together pay more than 60% less (

But what is Obama thinking?

As of here I can only give you a personal guess, because in my mind there is no sense whatsoever in taxing people who live an honorable, committed life in the Spirit of God.

Three groups of Citizens are going to benefit from this Tax:

  • Single moms and dads with single incomes to support their family – this is the one group of beneficiaries I would agree need additional support. But that support could be given in a different way, for example by issuing a cut on the healthcare cost.

However, sooner or later most singles find a new partner and fall in love again. Now, thanks to Obama those couples will think twice before getting married, giving children a traditional family, and making a commitment to do the right thing, because living together will be a lot cheaper.

Now, don’t the Democrats know what they are doing to the family, the children, and the family values? Is it really worth it to promote the two other minority groups at the expense of the destruction of Marriage?

However, sooner or later most singles find a new partner and fall in love again. Now, thanks to Obama those couples will think twice before getting married, giving children a traditional family, and making a commitment to do the right thing, because living together will be a lot cheaper.

Now, don’t the Democrats know what they are doing to the family, the children, and the family values? Is it really worth it to promote the two other minority groups at the expense of the destruction of Marriage?

And is it really worth it to play “Pay back times” on all the conservative healthcare opposing Citizens who strongly believe in moral family values just because the same people oppose the Health care bill and Abortion?

  • The second group is the feminists. Feminists have been lobbying for decades as the opposition to family values. But feminists are also, next to teenagers the largest group of Abortionists.

And since we reject Abortion and will continue to do so, and Obama is forced one way or the other to take it out of the public funded healthcare, this Marriage tax is on the one end Obama’s payback to the conservatives for losing the Abortion debate and on the other hand a small token from Obama to the feminists, at least, giving them something back.

Bottom line is, since they have to pay for their own Abortion now, Christians, living a moral and traditional lifestyle are punished by higher taxation on the healthcare bill. In that way the feminist can save some money to pay for their Abortion.

  • And last but not least – Gay’s.  One might stand for Gay rights as he/she feels fit. Some oppose, and some propose. I am not going into this discussion as of now, but fact of the matter is that 86% of the Americans reject Gay marriage.

Even the super liberal States like California have voted on an Election Ballot with 86% against Gay Marriages. That makes the Gay’s the third major Group of people “just living together” and a huge beneficiary of Obama’s new Healthcare bill taxation.

Like I said – this is not about gay rights – this is payback time to the 86% of Americans who voted against it.

Do lifestyle minorities really think that punishing the majority of the country will close the gap and produce understanding and acceptance? I doubt it. As a matter of fact the opposite is going to happen – this will backfire and breed resentment. Let’s face it, we the majority will not take this punishment lightly.

Now Obama and his no-good Liberal Czars know for a fact that this won’t change any time soon, but it is still punishment for doing the right thing – getting married and building a traditional family for our future and our children.

Bottom Line is, Obama needs to give something to his ACORN people, to hold them in line for his re-election in 2012, and if that means attacking traditional family values and destroying the traditional family that for Obama is a small price to pay. But for America a huge devastation on everything we the majority, we the people, believe in.

So kiss your dreams of a marriage goodbye, because thanks to Obama every American will think twice before being financially punished by doing the right thing, and sooner or later we will have European conditions where the majority of the households are single households.

MARK MY WORDS – The European Socialist Agenda is in full affect thanks to Obama; and now that he has attacked marriage, in my opinion, the next will be underage drinking and lowering the age of consensual sex, just to make sure our teenagers don’t have anymore limitations and can sleep around – just like the example set to them by the liberals.


But they won’t change my mind – Marriage is a holy sacrament given to me by God Almighty in Heaven and Jesus Christ my Savior.

The day these Immoral and Unethical morons of Liberals are out of office will be a Holiday for America and maybe instead of MLK day we should install a “Free of Obama and his Liberal Bunch Day”.

Democrats and Blacks – A Partnership of Convenience

Racism is wrong and I oppose any form of it, but that goes both ways.

I know many Black Americans who have already turned on Obama and his administration. But those are Americans who work hard for a living and disagree just like me with what is going on. The interesting part is that those Black Americans opposing are slandered by their own people. Today they are heroes for the black community, but as soon as they criticize the community organizers and self proclaimed civil rights activists they are given “names” and vilified.

Democrats and the current Obama administration are measuring with two sets of standards, one for them (everything is allowed) and one for the rest of America.

This is what Democrats really think about the Blacks – how they really feel about them.

John F. Kennedy refused to support the “Discrimination Act” in the early 60’s proposed by the Republicans until he ran for Presidency and needed their support. Right away he was all fired up about Civil Rights.

Bill Clinton won his Presidential election primarily with the help from minorities and because he had the blacks on his side. Even worse, after his final term he opened up an office in New York’s Harlem district (the Black Community) on Tax Dollars, where still nobody really knows what he’s doing there; but in his words he’s there to increase the value of the Black Community.

Ted “I am a walking handbook for law review and criminal justice” Kennedy acted as the advocate for minorities his entire career. The exploitation of minorities is a much better description – His agenda was always a self-serving one – Keeping the focus off of his own family’s lethal behavior. The truth is the Kennedy’s are a family of Elite thinkers. If you are not an Ivy Leaguer, Millionaire or belong to an affluent family you would not come anywhere near those individuals. Not that any person of sense would want to.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and all of the other self-proclaimed and self-righteous humanitarians claim that all they care about is the poor and the minorities.

Now, what have all those self-righteous Democrats have in common?

They are hypocrites to an extent. Because this is what they really think about the Blacks – (from Ann Coulters Colum):

The recently released book Game Change reports that Sen. Harry Reid said America would vote for Barack Obama because he was a “light-skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

The book also says Bill Clinton called Sen. Ted Kennedy to ask for his endorsement of Hillary over Obama, saying of Obama: “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.” (

But where is the outrage? Where are the protests? Where are Reverend Wright, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson?  Why aren’t the Democrats screaming out in outrage?

Where are the riots on the street, destroying half a city and private property, just to use afterwards “Racism” as a defense weapon to avoid prosecution and retaliation for all the damage? (See the Rodney King case)

Where is “No Drama Obama” calling this “Stupid” just as he did with the Cambridge police officer for doing nothing but his job according to the rules and regulations?

Nowhere – and I tell you why:


Just imagine if a Conservative would have made the same remarks – the streets would be a battlefield, Al Sharpton would be on TV and nowhere else, we would never hear the end of it, the Democrats would demand that the conservative step down, and BarryO would be furious.

It is a win- win situation for the both of them, Democrats and Black Civil Rights Activists.

  • The Democrats know that the only Hispanics supporting them are the immigration activists because as soon as the immigrant is naturalized, the majority of them vote Conservative (because they have to work hard to prosper). The Atheists and other minorities don’t make up enough of the numbers to win any election so without the blacks the democrats would not win a flowerpot.

So the Democrats act as Humanitarians, make major financial promises to the black Ghetto Communities (educated and working Black Americans move away from there as fast as they can), promising all the freebees and hope to gain their vote.

  • And the black Civil Rights Activists know very well that sooner or later the conservative Leaders will have to appeal to the demands of their voters and stop financial giveaways, special treatment, affirmative action’s, quote regulations, discrimination of whites, and their right to free speech and other racism, hatred, and anger producing nonsense.

Bottom Line is – the relationship between the Democrats and the Black Civil Rights Activists is that of a “partnership of convenience”.

Obama himself is silent because he needs Harry Reid. Without Reid and Pelosi there is no Healthcare Bill.

And the blacks Civil Rights activists, Obama’s Shamrock of Racism”, need Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to push the healthcare bill through in order to get a Rolls Royce of Medical Treatment without paying extra insurance. Let’s be honest those are the largest recipients.

Harry Reid needs to go – right now and not when the Healthcare Bill is signed and the country is financially destroyed, and with him Obama and his entire racist Czars.

© by Tom Lehner

Al Qaeda and the Battle of the thousand Orange-peels

November 5, 2009 – Major Nidal Malik Hassan, from Fort Hood Texas yells: Allah et Akbar and starts a shooting rampage, killing 13 and wounding 30.

November 17, 2009 – AirTrans Flight 297 from Atlanta to Houston – A Major disturbance with Muslims causes the flight a 3 hour delay. The reports of the incident are rather contradictory than exact. While officials and Airline representatives talk about a minor incident Tedd Petruna of Texas claims to be an eye witness and talks about 11 Muslims spreading out the entire Airplane in a perfect military-strategic manner causing this incident on purpose (From National Terror Alert: Though officials and the Airline have tried to downsize the incident and even claimed that Mr. Petruna was not on the plane, his knowledge of the Cell phone incident and the spoken words between that Flight Attendant and the Muslim suspect show insider knowledge. Canadian Free Press investigated this incident and rightfully asked the questions if this was a Terror attack or a “Dry Run” (

December 25, 2009 – Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23 the Baby face “Underwear Bomber” from Nigeria boards Northwest Flight 253 to Detroit and tries to blow up the Airplane with 298 passengers aboard. Now, after reviewing hundreds of Blogs and the latest news I have doubts that this was intended to really work. As a matter of fact I am more and more convinced that the Underwear-Bomber was a calculated failed plan by Al Qaida. Umar probably did believe he could blow up the Airplane and was 100% sure he would succeed; but could Al Qaida have used him as a “Crash Test Dummy?” I will explain that in a few minutes.

Northwest Flight 253

January 8, 2010 – Air Trans Flight 39 from Atlanta to San Francisco, Muhammad Abu Tahir, 46, of Virginia who refused to follow instructions from the Flight attendants and locked himself in the bathroom caused NORAD to deploy two F-16 fighters and bring down the Airplane in Colorado Springs. The suspect is being Held in El Paso County Jail (From AP:

OK, I am sure I am not the only one with geographical knowledge so why is the suspect, who committed a federal crime, being held 644 miles away in a county jail?

And those are the incidents that we know of. What do all of those incidents have in common?

Anwar al-Awlaki – Anwar al-Awlaki is a Muslim lecturer, spiritual leader, and former Virginia imam who has been accused of being a senior talent recruiter and motivator for Al Qaeda and all of its franchises, and linked to various Terrorists. He was the Imam for the Virginia area and is now hiding somewhere in Yemen. U.S. Officials in late 2009 said Awlaki had recently been promoted to the rank of regional commander within Al-Qaeda. Wikipedia ( ) claims that he has a facebook page, but I was unable to find it, however he does have his own Blog, powered by WordPress (, U.S. officials call him the ”Bin Laden of the Internet”.

Anwar al-Awlaki

All of those incidents, all of those suspects are linked to the Yemenite Hate preacher Awlaki. And that brings me back to the “Underwear-Christmas-Bomber”. I am 100% certain that this baby face strongly believed he would succeed, become a martyr, and have fun with the 72 virgins. But did Al Qaeda really intend for him to succeed, or was he just used as a crash test dummy just to test the waters?

  • How alert is the United States?
  • How determined are Americans to fight?
  • How does the United States deal, under Obama, and in the Post-Bush-era with terrorists?
  • And last but not least the most important questions: How does the new President react to those kinds of threats?
  • Does President Obama react like a Commander in Chief or does he follow his announced course of snuggling with the enemy, not to jump to conclusions, and performing political correctness?

Well, Obama did not disappoint them, his actions and conduct so far is a disgrace to the word Commander in Chief. The responses have been that of sorry excuses, apologies, Muslim friendliness, and the very well known, “No Drama Obama” approach.

Space Defense or the Battle of thousand Orange-peels

Have you ever heard of the “Space Defense and the battle of the thousand Orange-peels”? No, well most people have never heard of it so allow me a short travel back in time to the old days of the Cold War (

During the time of the cold War Europe was divided into Western Europe (NATO) and Eastern Europe (WAPA); So far so good, now here comes a new one.

Two tiny little countries, together the size of an eighth of the State of Texas (or a pin needle on a map) were a major disruption to tactics; Austria and Switzerland. Both had everlasting Neutrality, and Austria was driving a wedge between NATO and WAPA. In case of a conflict surrounding Austria in the west was completely out of the question – though both countries measured the size of an eight of Texas – It would have taken way too long to perform a surprise attack on the WAPA. But the geographical location, with major interstates crossing Austria in all directions (leftover from the Germans in WW2) and the Danube River going from the west straight into the WAPA east made Austria a tactical treasure.

Cold War Europe

Austria - A wedge between NATO and WAPA

Back then in the early 60’s General Emil Spannocchi, supreme commander of the Austrian defense Forces was aware of those facts ( Also knowing that Austria is according to its Neutrality, not allowed to join any side, and on top of that knowing that the Austrian defense Force is unable to defend itself in a regular war against neither NATO nor WAPA, he adopted an old Native American Warfare trick – the “Room Defense Strategy,” and “Battle of the thousand Orange-peels”. He based the entire Strategy on Roadblocks of the major Interstates, destructions of the same, a mobile Infantry, and the use of the JakB (Jagdkommando Battalion), an equivalent to the U.S. Navy Seals. JakB’s are single rangers; operating behind enemy lines; performing “Hit and Run” actions.

Emil Spannocchi, former General Austrian Defense Forces

The idea was simple: Defending Austria as long as possible, an estimated 3 to 5 days and then retreat into the mountains performing organized Partisan warfare by attacking the enemy and hiding back in the mountains, and so de-moralizing the enemy. In the mountains (the European Alps) Austrian Defense Forces could use the advantage of invisibility from aerial reconnaissance, the knowledge of hideout places, and the knowledge of their own home mountains like no one else. Supported through “Goldhaube”, the largest Air space surveillance system in Europe, several storages deep in the Salzburg Mountains and Nuclear Bomb resistant.

NATO answered this knowledge by pointing 35 Cruise Missiles at that tiny little country, just in case WAPA overran Austria and WAPA did the same in reverse. After WAPA broke apart, the CM’s were removed.

The same tactics were later successfully used in the 70’s by the Vietnamese against the United States, the Pakistani and Mujahedin against the Russians in Afghanistan, and now in Iraq against the Americans. 

The Cold War between the United States and Russia is over – but the Cold War with the Muslim Terrorists has just begun. And they are using these tactics: In Iraq, in Afghanistan and all over the world.

So going back to the Airline incidents we have two possibilities left here:

1)    All of those incidents are Dry runs: Tests to scout America’s reaction and readiness to defend its own country and how we deal with Terrorists in the Post-Bush era? 

2)    Or it is just like the Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakira says: Al Qaeda is just trying to spread fear and we have nothing to worry about (, I don’t think so.

You decide. All I can say is think about it and make up your own mind – and you tell me.

The truth is that they are both possibilities. I just think that the second possibility is a dangerous one because it goes right down the line of “Let’s not jump to any conclusions – No Drama Obama”.

As far as I am concerned, and this is my personal opinion, I would rather start profiling and go by the rule of:

“Better safe than sorry”

You tell me.

© By Tom Lehner

Obama, Reid, Pelosi ~ or How to Railroad the American Public

The Healthcare debate has been moved behind closed doors. Now that is really nothing new, because Citizens and voters are already protesting, and every single day online sign-ups appear to support the opening of the debate to the public.

What is behind all of this? Broken promises by Obama and his dictatorial Czar Government to railroad the public?

When confronted with the fact that Obama promised a transparent debate on the Healthcare issue Nancy Pelosi reacted like this (Quote):

“The president made many promises during the election time.”

What does that mean? Election Time is over, and now that Obama is the housekeeper of the White house he can do as he pleases? Or does that show the overestimation of Pelosi’s own capabilities?

No absolutely not. Do not make the mistake of underestimating that woman. Nancy Pelosi and with her Harry Reid are many things (Greedy for power, Arrogant, narcissistic, cold hearted, bullying and many more things), but definitely not stupid.

After losing 5 Democratic leaders in the past two month (4 leading Democrats retiring, 1 changing Party) Obama, Reid and Pelosi are aware of the following facts:

– The Faith of the American People in the Obama “Hope and Change Show” is lost

– Obama’s approval ratings are going down on a daily basis and have reached a record low.

– Obama promised during the election that the Healthcare debate will be held publicly but the rejection of his idea of Healthcare is too strong.

– The 2010 Election will be a disaster for both Democrats and Republicans and the so called Independents who’s emergence at the moment is unpredictable in what they are doing (

– The majority of Americans however reject free Healthcare for Illegal criminals and Public funded Abortion and the Socialist Public Healthcare as a whole.

– Both Leaders in the election for T. Kennedy’s seat in Mass. Are declared Obama Care opposition. As a matter of Fact Scott Brown (R-Mass.) the current leader in the Polls has vowed to kill ObamaCare (

And those are only excerpts of the problems for the Democrats. So what to do?

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid know that if they don’t push the Bill through before February or March it is called Game over. The 4 Democrats will not further continue to support the Bill in order not to trash their successors election, the house and Senate Representatives will concentrate on their election, and the people will show their power in the very same way by voting out everybody that has worked for the bill.

Last but not least the majority in the house and Senate will be lost. That leaves Pelosi and Reid without any memorable monument.

I am certain that Obama was not too happy about Pelosi’s election remarks and Pelosi herself was rather carried away when she made that comment. But the damage is there – so what to do?

The only way for the Democrats to get their will and still add the Abortion and Healthcare for Illegal’s to the bill is to do what they are doing now.

Like I said – Pelosi is many things, but not stupid. She knew right away that this statement was a mistake, and I am certain that Obama gave her some real nice words about it as well so immediately she reconsidered and did what all politicians do – going to the “Political Bag of Tricks,” when she declared in a Press conference ( that she will give the Public “An Ample amount of Time (72 hours) to read through the bill”.

She knows that this monstrosity of 2000+ pages and an additional 900 something pages of amendments will not be readable for the public within 72 hours nor give the public time to air their grievances or protest. I am a quick reader but even I needed about a week and a half to read the whole Bill.

So the only remaining solution for Obama, Reid, and Pelosi is to do what the Democrats always do – producing a huge damage and financial disaster for the country and then retire.

It is all a political calculation. After recognizing that the 2010 midterm Election is going to be lost, Democrats can easily lean back and watch the Republicans and Independents struggle with the costs.

The Democrats know that the healthcare bill is not financeable without raising Taxes, but once they are de-elected in 2010 they can blame the Tax increase on the Republicans.  

And the Republicans have a huge problem:

– If the Republicans kill the Healthcare bill after the 2010 elections they have to explain to 21 Million people why they have taken Healthcare away from them. Democrats know that this won’t be happening since this would be political suicide for the Republicans.

– And if the Republicans keep up with that nonsense they have to increase taxes to finance Healthcare – Here Obama can lean back and blame the tax increase on the Republicans and have a good start for his Re-Election, hence making it hard for any counter candidate to prevail.

While Democrats, have a free ride to the 2012 Presidential election.

– By opening the Bill 72 hours for review they can say that Obama kept his promise to the public and did not lie.

– Having the Bill Obama can say he has kept his promise to the Lazy, the illegal’s, and baby murders with public Socialist Healthcare

– And on top of all that they can blame the Tax increase on the Conservatives, though everybody knows that the Democrats produced it. But let’s face it – Voters don’t see the bigger picture they see the money in their pocket at the moment – and the Democratic PR Show is back on the road twisting the truth.

Business as usual for the Democrats, I have to admit and have to give credit to the Democrats, this entire thing is a tactical masterpiece. Either way we, the conservatives, have to deal with the damage and find a way out of the disaster.

Help Starts @ Home ~ No One Should Be Cold Or Hungry

Everybody knows I hate Federal stealing also called “Redestribution”. I am a firm believer of the old days where families, friends and neighbors helped eachother out within the community. This is the way it should be and not Robin Hood Taxes and Redistribution.

That is why I am double proud to support this cause:

People in your community are cold and hungry. You might not see them on the streets in your community but they are there. Or you may live in a community where it’s more than obvious (Hello, Seattle, Los Angeles, Detroit…). Maggie Keenan (@MaggieKeenan –twitter) and Lisa Manyon (@WriteOnCreative –twitter) are no strangers to giving. They’re challenging you to do the same. So, donate a blanket or food to someone who needs it. Perhaps someone you see on the street or contact your local giving agencies. There are Community Partnership Act programs across the country, homeless shelters and food banks, too. Or, if you cannot donate an item, donate your time to a local soup kitchen. Let’s make a difference. Let’s put any judgments aside & give unconditionally.

The Help Starts @ Home movement was inspired by the social media craze of women posting their bra color to support breast cancer. Maggie & Lisa support breast cancer too BUT they’re taking this a step further and challenging you and your family to take action and make a difference. After all, we don’t really see the public officials doing much.

Help really does start at home and no one should be cold or hungry. Post this to your Facebook wall, pass it on to friends, add it to your blog, send it to your newsletter subscribers & when you’ve taken action, post this in your status on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or whatever social media platform you choose.

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Help Starts @ Home ~ No One Should Be Cold Or Hungry ~ I volunteered in soup kitchen today

Help Starts @ Home ~ No One Should Be Cold Or Hungry ~I volunteered in a homeless shelter today

Help Starts @ Home ~ No One Should Be Cold Or Hungry ~ I volunteered at a Food Bank today

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First there is the word, it says in the bible. The word is that I am not here to scare you off nor am I one of them persons living of conspiracy theories. I point out similarities and I will leave it up to the readers to make up their own mind. I might be right, or I might be wrong – you tell me. But if I can make a few citizens to think about things that are going on right now, I have succeeded. Please make up your own mind after reading.

Let’s get started:

Blacks or at least a great portion of it, in this country think that they have the patent and exclusive rights on the word “racism”. Of course they need this because if they don’t hit everybody and anybody constantly with wining and use the word racism as close-combat weapon to blackmail the government and extort whatever they can get and don’t deserve, nothing else is left and they would have to participate and work and perform just like any other American.

Why is it the Al Sharpton’s extortionist club never speaks up when innocent hard working black Americans get discriminated on behalf of the constant protesting black mailing extortionists in the Ghettos? Why is it that Ghetto Blacks, imprisoned blacks and so called civil rights leaders insult hard working Black Americans as White N**** and Uncle Tom because in their mind this honorable black citizen is a traitor in the black cause (whatever that means) and dares to work for a white man’s America?

What is “the Black cause” anyway? I thought the idea of the past 75 years of affirmative action was to integrate black Americans? How much support does one need? Every, of course legal, emigrant understands the principals of “Hard work to prosper” within a couple of years and does not need 75 years of special treatment.

According to the dictionary the word racism is colorblind and has not an exclusive right on anybody. Whites can be racist and Blacks as well. Racism is wrong in both ways. But in this country Blacks are allowed to be racist and whites are not even allowed to have an opinion. I am sure that once this is published I will be called a racist – but I am not. I know hard working Americans of all skin colors and I judge a man/woman not on his skin but on his actions and how this person lives. I am just having an opinion.

Barak Hussein Obama’s administration has proven that they are not only the worst socialist but also the worst racists.

Has anybody lately taken a closer look at the action the current President Barak Hussein Obama has set? Since Barry O has entered the office in January I have closely followed his actions and was really stunned and sometimes I am shocked. Whenever I read the Declaration of Independence, the first three words I read are: “We the people….”, but when I look at the actions the current President and his wild bunch of Administration are setting than I cannot come around to see a lot of similarities to totalitarian systems. A lot of his performance and announcements as well as a lot of his actions remember me strongly at the Nazi’s in Germany as well as the Soviet Union, the current communistic China or North Korea and other likeminded.

Is this just the democrats who finally see a chance to legalize all laws the majority of Gods fearing honorable and Christian conservative Americans have not allowed them to do in the past, or is this just the actions of a narcissist; a socialist/Marxist/Backdoor communist and his close group of Followers finally seeing an opportunity to make legal what they can no matter if the people of America want that or not. But then I have to ask myself why? They know very well that nothing can happen to them. Why, well that is very easy to be explained.

Let’s say we vote Obama and his wild bunch out of the office there will be two choices left:

a)     Black American will call it racism, and all flip-flop politicians of both parties are so scared of the black mailing use of words that they will think twice to do so. So called civil rights activist groups such as the NAACP or Al Sharpton and his blackmailing extortionists will make sure they scream so loud that all politicians of all parties rather put their tale between their legs than doing the right thing such as representing the citizens who voted for them – yes my dear Politicians – you are not the sovereign of the country – the sovereign of the Unites States is the Citizens and Legal Residents – the Taxpayers who pay for your wasted salary.

b)     Democrats will do across the country the same as the Texas Democrats did in 2002 – go into Exile and cry like babies because the bad conservative Americans do just not understand them. Only question is where do they run and hide this time? Maybe Canada, but then on the other hand that would not be a great loss for this country if those socialists disappear.

I will not even address the worst case scenario when white radical morons get involved because I pray that never happens. This would definitely drive our great country into the darkest times ever.

Even well educated black Americans such as Hon. James David Manning, PhD already oppose the Obama administration warning that – quote – he can push white people only so far until they will have enough. I go a step further and reject this racial remark on race but keep that thought in mind and go a step further when I say he can only push the majority of the Christian Patriotic Americans so far until they will strike back.

And these are the reasons why Obama and his Democrats can do right now whatever they want and however they are pleased. But what is it that they do that reminds me on totalitarian racist systems? 

Allow me to give you a few examples and than make up your own mind – and no Mr. and Mrs. Obama administration I am not a domestic terrorist but a thinking citizen, a concerned citizen and a citizen with an opinion just as the constitution of this great country allows me to be. I have the right to have an opinion and I have the right to state my opinion.

Please let us not forget Obama’s favorite line he likes to open every speech with:

“Let me make this clear.”

Here are a few examples:

       I.            Special Abortion Funds – In January Obama entered the office. One of his first actions was to release over 150 Million Dollars to support Abortion clinics in and out of the United States with the majority (80%) of the money going to Africa. Knowing and very well aware of the 86% of the Americans oppose Abortion.

In A democracy the majority rules through vote, that is the basic idea of the very same invented more than 2000 years ago by the Greeks. Making this move was a slap in the face of all Christian Americans telling them he does not care about their will and wishes. All that matters for Obama is what he wants and that now he is in power and he can do as he feels like. He made a promise to the pro choice supporter and he had to keep his promise in order to secure their support for his re-election if necessary on the back of the majority of the country. This is not the behavior of a man committed to democracy but rather of a despot in a totalitarian system that knows he can do what he wants.

    II.            Special funds to laid off Construction Worker accept white male – In spring he had his treasury secretary to be announced that he will release special funds to support construction worker who had to been laid off work – except white American male.

This is clear Racism – just imagine a white president would have stood up and said he releases money for laid off construction workers except black males? It does not take much imagination to hear Al Sharpton and his blackmailing extortionists hauling to the moon and back. But Barry O can be publically racist and gets away with it.

 III.            Tea Parties – When the first tea parties came up to oppose Obamas Healthcare Plan and tax Ideas he called them “Domestic Terrorists”

Only in totalitarian systems like the Third Reich in the years between 1932 and 1945 as well as the Soviet Union and today’s China, North Korea, Iran and other similar organized alibi-democracies is the opposition using their right to speak called domestic Terrorists or subversive elements. Those terms are usually used to shut down the opposition.

  IV.            Sonia Sotomayer – the rather questionable judge, Obama called into office. Sotomayer was and is very well known for her racist and feminist remarks such as “her wish to castrate all white alpha males”. She is clearly Pro-Choice, supports abortion, hates man, and will definitely not be unprejudiced. Over 90% of all Americans oppose Sotomayer as Federal Supreme court judge.

I do not even know where to start here because this is again a clear case of racism and totalitarian behavior. Racism because just imagine a white President or a white Supreme Court judge would have dared to say he wants to castrate all black and Hispanic alpha male. Not only would the civil rights leaders have screamed like hell, no he/she would be out of any question for public calling. Totalitarian because, again, after getting counter wind from his citizens, Obama stood up giving his favorite line “let me make this clear” and, oh miracle, after first the majority of the Representatives’ opposed her, now she is confirmed with overwhelming votes. How does that work?

Well, simply through Blackmail. Our system is officially built on a 2 chamber system and unofficial on a “committee system”. Senators and Representatives hold next to their seat in their chamber a seat in a committee that deter mains and administered all aspects of governmental reigning. So all Obama needs to do is making sure the representatives know that if they do not vote as he wishes (even against the will of the people) he will block them on important other issues such as: Financial funding for the States, Money for our troops (yes, Obama would rather have our troops die than give up on his socialist battle group), or many other important issues the committee’s need to take care off.

Sotomayer is now another cantle in the Big Puzzle of Obama’s attempt to concrete his Power for good.

     V.            Producing of a Artificial social class conflict – “They have not learned anything from the past Year” Obama complained less than a month ago talking about the Top Managers of Private Businesses and their ratifications. However, those businesses are private property and the CEO’s are only responsible to their stock holders. And if they waste their money and take out inappropriate pay than it is up to the Stock holders to say stop not to the Government. I know that Obama and his socialists would like to gain control over the entire Economy and control private business but that’s not the way it works in a free world. Yes Power and Economy needs control but not through the government calling the shots. But then on the other hand the Government and its representatives, especially a socialist President, are very well accountable for the use of public property. So how come that Michelle Obama and her mother can use Air Force One to fly shopping from Paris to London with the entire Secret Service, a shut down London downtown and all that on costs of the Tax Payer? And not to forget Nancy Pelosi – who demands an Air Force owned 747 to travel between California and Washington D.C. even on private business. So why it is so bad for private businesses to fly with self financed Private jets and good for a socialist as Pelosi to use a Tax Dollar and citizen (Taxpayer) financed 747 for private purposes?

Since President Obama is acting like such a good socialist than he should walk ahead with good example. On one Hand he claims to be a man of the people watching out for their money as well as the poor and needy and on the other hand he is wasting tax Dollar for the entertainment of his wife and mother in law. Now I am not a Lawyer but last time I checked nor his wife or his mother in law are eligible to use a tax Dollar financed public property. But then as common in any totalitarian system (remember the Soviet Union) what is good for the people is of course not good for the leader and while the people are kept down, their money been abducted through tax and they been kept in a low income middle class the President and his Family and comrades live like kings and waste illegally the money of the people.

  VI.            Turning in and reporting Citizens who oppose Obama, his question of Citizenship and Healthcare – Last Week I was stunned and shocked when I read and listened to the news. The President had no shame to appear in Public TV and call upon all likeminded socialists and other Democrats to turn in and report everybody opposing Sotomayer, Obama’s politics, his questionable Citizenship and the H.R. 3200 Bill with name, phone number and Email address to the white house. And he has the tenacity to do that on the Tax Payer financed White house website. Knowing that this website is primarily financed by good hard working taxpaying citizens – so therefore in the majority by hard working Americans and legal residents and not by Ghetto blacks and Illegal Aliens.

I was born and raised in Austria/Europe and the Nazi history is all present there. Of course in school I learned all about that and how it got started. When I heard the news and read about it immediately I was reminded on my school time and what I learned about the Nazi’s. Ladies and Gentlemen, please sit back and remember how the Nazi’s got started – exactly the same way. Neighbors, friends, citizens were called upon to turn in and report opposition to the totalitarian government to make sure the Gestapo has an easy task to take care of them. Well we don’t have a Gestapo but we have the NSA and the FBI. And the job of the NSA and the FBI is it to protect America from subversive Elements within the country.

Now who deter mains who are subversive elements and a domestic terrorist? Right the government and in this case Obama and his socialist pack of backdoor communists.

You say that is impossible in the modern life America? Please think twice and watch the movie “the Wave”, based on a true story. Or look to China, North Korea, Iran, and the former Soviet Union (and Putin and his former KGB Buddies still do the very same up to today – just a little more sophisticated) where citizens get special treatment and advantages for turning in so called “Domestic Terrorists” or “Subversive Elements”. So basically for turning in and reporting the opposition.

VII.  H.R. 3200 Bill – the majority of the citizens oppose that Bill. But the chances that this Bill will pass the house and Senate are big. Primarily the same way as Obama pushed Sotomayr through hearing this H.R. 3200 Bill will pass legislation. Simply through Blackmail of the Representatives. The president has already, as usual, made clear that if Representatives do not pass the Bill as he wishes he will block them in other committee issues who are necessary. He even publicly said that if this Bill does not pass he will block the Military household, knowing that our troops will starve out all over the world where they defend our freedom and give the greatest sacrifice possible – their lives. He is willing to makes our sons, daughters, husbands and friends vulnerable to the bones.

As I already mentioned in IV and VII only in a totalitarian system a leader of a government can publically and officially blackmail elected Officials to vote exclusive for his will. What I am asking myself than is – what is the house and the senate still good for since Representatives cannot do their job anymore and represent their sovereign, the United States People and have to live of the good will of a president.VIII.    Third Term – I was really stunned when I heard about that. We all know and have the right examples on totalitarian socialist systems like Chile, China, Korea, Syria, Cuba and many other socialist controlled countries where newly elected Presidents, up for a change, immediately changed the constitution assuring themselves a at least third term and if possible as many terms as they want. Obama just walks down the same Ile. Maybe inspired by the Socialist book Hugo Chavez gave to him, he wants to set the Constitution of our founding father out of order and have it changed to assure himself a third term. Now this system of maximum two terms has been given to us by the founding fathers to avoid a totalitarian President who cannot be removed from Office and to avoid that the President can concrete all of his Laws.

Even Vladimir Putin was smarter than Obama. At least Putin did not try to change the Constitution of the GUS but installed his personal puppet Dimitry Medvedev as President and installed himself as Prime minister who holds the actual power knowing that after the next election or no later than the following he can be elected new for another two terms. But Barry O is not all that smart; he wants that third term immediately. If that does not sound familiar to modern day socialist and totalitarian countries like Chile, Cuba, Syria and here I could go on and on. I would not be surprised if he starts out to make efforts to decide who is going to follow him in office. The proper basics he has already set in motion as you can see in the next paragraph with the number IX.

  IX.            Press Control – When I heard about that, my first thought was really that I find myself in the middle of a standup comedy until I researched and found out that this is true. Right there I was stunned and scared at the same time. Immediately I found myself reminded on the Nazis, The Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain, or modern day socialist and totalitarian systems. What is the point here? Every president and any elected official do have his favorite Media he or she likes to talk to, that is normal. When I talk to the press of course I prefer a press that is favorable to me rather than a press that is opposing me. That’s nothing new and that is absolutely alright to do so and if Barry O prefers liberal media than good for him.

However his attempt to silence oppositional Media, Internet websites or talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reiley or Ann Coulter and so many others by law is a clear movement of a totalitarian despot that is determined to prohibit opposition by law.

Everybody knows that in every country exist 4 strongholds of Power in every country:

  • Government – makes the laws
  • Police/Domestic Intelligence Forces – Enforces the law and protects on the inside of the country
  • Military – defends the country against enemies from the outside and under certain circumstances in cases of Martial law also assists the police in the inside of the country.
  • And the Media

What does the Media has to do with it? As a matter of fact the freedom of the Press guaranties that the government cannot do whatever they want. It is some sort of a watch-dog against Governmental arbitrariness.

This was known already by the founding fathers and is established in the U.S. Constitution and there it talks clearly about the “Freedom of the press” and not the freedom of the Obama favorable press. Not only trying but actually controlling the media is usually the proper tool of totalitarian Systems. Who controls the media, controls the information and therefore controls what the citizens know or better are allowed to know. Europeans today do the very same, they use the alleged free press to get out their propaganda, miss information and if that does not work (there are some independent Medias) using the government friendly media to share confusing information. So confusing those citizens stop listening. European socialist countries such as Italy, France, Germany Austria and all the others even go so far that they run a Government owned TV Station and hold them artificial monopolized to provide willing the propaganda of the government.

Obama’s attempts to prohibit Socialist opposing media and silencing them self is showing at best how much of a Narcissist he is but at worst Obama’s real face – those of a despot and totalitarian leader. And right now he already starts or at least is trying to silence his greatest opponents. Now you may think about Bill O’Reilley, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh and many more whatever you want. Thinking and having an opinion is not only your constitutional right but also your duty as citizen. But no matter what you think about those members of the press they are accredited, respected and honorable members of their profession and it is their legal right to say whatever they want, how they feel like and when they feel like any issue. I did not hear the Democrats complain when the Media brought President Nixon to fall. How much Obama and his pack of Socialists are already controlling the Media you can see in the next paragraphs X and XI.

     X.            Press Ignores Pelosi Nazi Comparison – Only two representatives of free media, FoxNews and NewsMax, followed by several online media were reporting and talking about Democratic House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reference to a swastika when she claimed that hecklers at a Pro-Obamacare town hall meeting wearing swastika. But when Rush Limbaugh compared the democrats with the Nazi’s and the Healthcare logo to the swastika, the Democrats mobilized their sheep media right away screaming like hell breaks loose.

That shows clearly how much Obama and his back door communists already control the media assuring themselves the right propaganda as they feel like. What proofs my case I have stated in number IX.

  XI.            Pelosi prohibiting Democrats to talk to Republicans – As Rep. Tom Price of Georgia already mentioned (See Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi prohibited other Democrats to work on the H.R. 3200 Bill bi-partisan. Even threaten other party members of the Health conference that:”If you talk with Republicans about this issue, you will be shed out of the room”

Now one may tell me in what democracy is it possible that the President and his close members of faithful followers exclude members of the political opposition to push a Bill through that is rejected by the majority of the Citizens. That is impossible by all real democracies and as a matter of fact also illegal in the United States. But Obama, Pelosi and all the other socialists have no shame to do just that and act completely totalitarian.

 XII.  Transferring Terrorist from Guantanamo Bay to American soil – The President’s agenda was it, during his election run, to close out Guantanamo Bay branding the alleged treatment of Terrorist as inhuman. Now let me make this clear the President is the Commander in Chief and responsible for the safety of the citizens and legal residents and not for the safety of our enemies and Terrorist. He also is responsible to the will of the people of America and definitely not the will of the self proclaimed humanitarians in Europe. Obama has made an effort to become the support of Congress to release money to transfer known Terrorists to American soil for trial. Knowing that this brings three major dangers to the people of America. 1) is the possibility that one or more of them Terrorists escape and takes revenge on American people; 2) other Terrorists enter the country in an attempt to free their brethren and perform new Terror attacks on America and last but not least 3) Terrorist enter the country to perform Terror attacks on our soil to put pressure on the courts and blackmail their brethren free by producing fear among the citizens. Either way, doing so the President jeopardizes the safety and security of the American People, or what do you thinks why those self proclaimed humanitarians and double-moralists in Europe reject the harboring of Gitmo inmates. The democrats know that as well and rejected Obama’s plan. After being rejected by the majority of Congress and House of both parties and even by the majority of his own party the president gave a press conference as followed: “Let me make this clear, I want that happen and it will happen”. Well he might not have used the exact words but that was exactly what he said using his own words.

Only in a totalitarian government the President can give such a speech. That shows exactly what Obama really thinks about democracy and the will of people – absolutely nothing. In his narcissistic mind he is the ruler of the country and his will is law. That has nothing to do with democracy but definitely with totalitarian leadership. Even President Bush, you might think of him how you feel pleased, has never attempted to perform an act or make a law without support of the Congress or against the will of the people. And he never blackmailed any member of congress of house to vote to his will. As a matter of fact President Bush, no matter how you stand towards him, has always tried to work things out bi-partisan. Well Bush was a real democratic man and patriot to America while Obama is a nothing but a self-loved narcissist.

 XIII.    Harvard Police Case – Investigating a crime is the Police job. If suspects and other involved people act irrational, yell and yes even insult personally the investigating Police officer and yet his family, reprehending that individual, no matter what skin color the suspect has, is common practice by all police forces throughout the country, yet throughout the world. This action is to secure the situation, calm down the involved people and assure the proper investigation.  You should think a Harvard professor, claiming to belong to the intellectual elite of the country and the world knows that and if he feels wrongful treated he would have better ways to complain and make his case, to be an example to his students. Not in this case, this black professor immediately saw his chance to make a racial case out of it, maybe inspired by Rodney King – a well known criminal with a rap sheet as long as the Mississippi River – and yell at the cops. This black opportunist called the cop names, insulted his family and then cried like a baby claiming racism. Cuffing him and restraining him was opportune and in the best interest for the safety of the suspect and the police officer and to assure a proper investigation.

Though Barry O did not have all the information and obviously did not know about proper police work, though he should as lawyer, used that situation right away to accuse the police of racism and break a support to the suspect. Now everybody is entitled to his opinion. But as president you should be impartial without prejudice and not automatically scream in the same direction as those racist, blackmailing and opportunistic self proclaimed civil rights leaders. When Obama took office in January he promised, yes he swore he will be a president of all Americans and will not give blacks a preference but will be fair to all races. But exactly the opposite he is. Since he took office he has shown America and the world that he s clearly determined to support blacks, illegal aliens, feminists and other domestic minorities and therefore 16% of the country and on the same side discriminate all the other races, groups and individuals. That makes him exactly one thing – a clear racist. His actions, the past 7 month, show clearly who really rules the white house – feminists and black activists determined to separate the county.

 XIV.   New Heaven Case – This country is been built on the fact that the success is based on hard work, innovation, and the will to succeed. 20 non-black firefighters, including one minority Hispanic, have taken it upon themselves to take extra classes they paid out of their own personal pocket and so almost jeopardize their family finances. All to succeed. But if you think those twenty got awarded their effort than think twice because as it was to expect the black community immediately complained and demanded the not-deserved promotion based exclusive on affirmative action and quote regulation rights. And Sotomayr had nothing better to do than giving the blacks right and sending the message out that in this country hard work and effort does not count no more as long as you do have the right – BLACK – skin color.

You should think that the president, who promised to be a president of all Americans, would stand up and condemn the ruling as racist. Just as he immediately stood up for a black Harvard professor without knowing the facts and sending a message that not skin color, affirmative action and quote regulation count but hard work and effort and the best should have the promotion. Think twice because the President has show how much of a racist he is and how much he supports the racist Judge Sotomayr (who has already announced that she “Wants to castrate all white alpha males”) and that he is determined to open the gap between blacks and whites even more. And how much is determined not to be a fair and impartial president for all Americans no matter of the race but a racist President exclusive for the Blacks, their blackmailing civil rights leaders under Al Sharpton, and the illegal Mexicans.

I am working on this article since Saturday and yesterday it came to my attention that I am obviously not the only one already comparing Obama to a totalitarian leader and to the Nazi’s but the great Rush Limbaugh has done that already himself. That makes me very proud since I know I am not the only one that see’s all the similarities.

When I started this article/blog I was determined to make a short article to make people think and have some grounds to make up their own mind. But being me of course the idea of a short article turned out to become approximately 5,200 words and 7 and a half pages. Once I got started I could not stop anymore. It is amazing how much the president has shown of his real face in only 7 month of active office. Normally a president is smart enough to wait at least for his second term to show his real face.

It’s time to get this President out of the office – I have never experienced a President opening such a gap within his own citizens in such a short period of time, producing so much racism and showing so clearly his socialist/Marxist/Leninist face. This man entered office claiming to bring change for the better and brought destruction, anger and mistrust and is determined to transfer the free America into a socialist back door communism.

I hope this Article was helpful and has given you some thoughts to think about.

Obama Approval Index Month-by-Month

The Presidential Approval index from January 2, 2010, it appears to be that America is finally waking up and see’s what kind of dazzler Obama really is.

The following is taken direct from the Rasmussen report.

© by


The president’s Approval Index ratings fell three points in December following two-point declines in both October and November.

Looking back, the president’s honeymoon ended quickly before his ratings stabilized from March through May. They tumbled in June and July as the health care debate began before stabilizing again over the summer. Public attitudes towards the health care legislation have hardened in recent months, with most voters opposed to the work being done in Congress.

The number who Strongly Disapprove of the president’s performance inched up a point to 41% in December. The number who Strongly Approved fell two more points to 26%. That leads to a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15, a new low for Obama.

2009 Strongly
Jan 43 20 23 62 34
Feb 39 25 14 59 39
Mar 37 30 7 57 42
Apr 35 31 4 55 44
May 35 29 6 57 42
Jun 34 32 2 54 45
Jul 30 37 -7 50 49
Aug 30 39 -9 49 50
Sep 31 39 -8 49 51
Oct 29 39 -10 48 51
Nov 28 40 -12 48 52
Dec 26 41 -15 46 53

Other measures of the president’s performance can be found on the Obama by the Numbers page.

Rasmussen Reports also tracks consumer and investor confidence on a daily basis and support for health care reform on a weekly basis. Currently, Republicans have a modest lead on the Generic Congressional Ballot

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