Al Qaeda and the Battle of the thousand Orange-peels

November 5, 2009 – Major Nidal Malik Hassan, from Fort Hood Texas yells: Allah et Akbar and starts a shooting rampage, killing 13 and wounding 30.

November 17, 2009 – AirTrans Flight 297 from Atlanta to Houston – A Major disturbance with Muslims causes the flight a 3 hour delay. The reports of the incident are rather contradictory than exact. While officials and Airline representatives talk about a minor incident Tedd Petruna of Texas claims to be an eye witness and talks about 11 Muslims spreading out the entire Airplane in a perfect military-strategic manner causing this incident on purpose (From National Terror Alert: Though officials and the Airline have tried to downsize the incident and even claimed that Mr. Petruna was not on the plane, his knowledge of the Cell phone incident and the spoken words between that Flight Attendant and the Muslim suspect show insider knowledge. Canadian Free Press investigated this incident and rightfully asked the questions if this was a Terror attack or a “Dry Run” (

December 25, 2009 – Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23 the Baby face “Underwear Bomber” from Nigeria boards Northwest Flight 253 to Detroit and tries to blow up the Airplane with 298 passengers aboard. Now, after reviewing hundreds of Blogs and the latest news I have doubts that this was intended to really work. As a matter of fact I am more and more convinced that the Underwear-Bomber was a calculated failed plan by Al Qaida. Umar probably did believe he could blow up the Airplane and was 100% sure he would succeed; but could Al Qaida have used him as a “Crash Test Dummy?” I will explain that in a few minutes.

Northwest Flight 253

January 8, 2010 – Air Trans Flight 39 from Atlanta to San Francisco, Muhammad Abu Tahir, 46, of Virginia who refused to follow instructions from the Flight attendants and locked himself in the bathroom caused NORAD to deploy two F-16 fighters and bring down the Airplane in Colorado Springs. The suspect is being Held in El Paso County Jail (From AP:

OK, I am sure I am not the only one with geographical knowledge so why is the suspect, who committed a federal crime, being held 644 miles away in a county jail?

And those are the incidents that we know of. What do all of those incidents have in common?

Anwar al-Awlaki – Anwar al-Awlaki is a Muslim lecturer, spiritual leader, and former Virginia imam who has been accused of being a senior talent recruiter and motivator for Al Qaeda and all of its franchises, and linked to various Terrorists. He was the Imam for the Virginia area and is now hiding somewhere in Yemen. U.S. Officials in late 2009 said Awlaki had recently been promoted to the rank of regional commander within Al-Qaeda. Wikipedia ( ) claims that he has a facebook page, but I was unable to find it, however he does have his own Blog, powered by WordPress (, U.S. officials call him the ”Bin Laden of the Internet”.

Anwar al-Awlaki

All of those incidents, all of those suspects are linked to the Yemenite Hate preacher Awlaki. And that brings me back to the “Underwear-Christmas-Bomber”. I am 100% certain that this baby face strongly believed he would succeed, become a martyr, and have fun with the 72 virgins. But did Al Qaeda really intend for him to succeed, or was he just used as a crash test dummy just to test the waters?

  • How alert is the United States?
  • How determined are Americans to fight?
  • How does the United States deal, under Obama, and in the Post-Bush-era with terrorists?
  • And last but not least the most important questions: How does the new President react to those kinds of threats?
  • Does President Obama react like a Commander in Chief or does he follow his announced course of snuggling with the enemy, not to jump to conclusions, and performing political correctness?

Well, Obama did not disappoint them, his actions and conduct so far is a disgrace to the word Commander in Chief. The responses have been that of sorry excuses, apologies, Muslim friendliness, and the very well known, “No Drama Obama” approach.

Space Defense or the Battle of thousand Orange-peels

Have you ever heard of the “Space Defense and the battle of the thousand Orange-peels”? No, well most people have never heard of it so allow me a short travel back in time to the old days of the Cold War (

During the time of the cold War Europe was divided into Western Europe (NATO) and Eastern Europe (WAPA); So far so good, now here comes a new one.

Two tiny little countries, together the size of an eighth of the State of Texas (or a pin needle on a map) were a major disruption to tactics; Austria and Switzerland. Both had everlasting Neutrality, and Austria was driving a wedge between NATO and WAPA. In case of a conflict surrounding Austria in the west was completely out of the question – though both countries measured the size of an eight of Texas – It would have taken way too long to perform a surprise attack on the WAPA. But the geographical location, with major interstates crossing Austria in all directions (leftover from the Germans in WW2) and the Danube River going from the west straight into the WAPA east made Austria a tactical treasure.

Cold War Europe

Austria - A wedge between NATO and WAPA

Back then in the early 60’s General Emil Spannocchi, supreme commander of the Austrian defense Forces was aware of those facts ( Also knowing that Austria is according to its Neutrality, not allowed to join any side, and on top of that knowing that the Austrian defense Force is unable to defend itself in a regular war against neither NATO nor WAPA, he adopted an old Native American Warfare trick – the “Room Defense Strategy,” and “Battle of the thousand Orange-peels”. He based the entire Strategy on Roadblocks of the major Interstates, destructions of the same, a mobile Infantry, and the use of the JakB (Jagdkommando Battalion), an equivalent to the U.S. Navy Seals. JakB’s are single rangers; operating behind enemy lines; performing “Hit and Run” actions.

Emil Spannocchi, former General Austrian Defense Forces

The idea was simple: Defending Austria as long as possible, an estimated 3 to 5 days and then retreat into the mountains performing organized Partisan warfare by attacking the enemy and hiding back in the mountains, and so de-moralizing the enemy. In the mountains (the European Alps) Austrian Defense Forces could use the advantage of invisibility from aerial reconnaissance, the knowledge of hideout places, and the knowledge of their own home mountains like no one else. Supported through “Goldhaube”, the largest Air space surveillance system in Europe, several storages deep in the Salzburg Mountains and Nuclear Bomb resistant.

NATO answered this knowledge by pointing 35 Cruise Missiles at that tiny little country, just in case WAPA overran Austria and WAPA did the same in reverse. After WAPA broke apart, the CM’s were removed.

The same tactics were later successfully used in the 70’s by the Vietnamese against the United States, the Pakistani and Mujahedin against the Russians in Afghanistan, and now in Iraq against the Americans. 

The Cold War between the United States and Russia is over – but the Cold War with the Muslim Terrorists has just begun. And they are using these tactics: In Iraq, in Afghanistan and all over the world.

So going back to the Airline incidents we have two possibilities left here:

1)    All of those incidents are Dry runs: Tests to scout America’s reaction and readiness to defend its own country and how we deal with Terrorists in the Post-Bush era? 

2)    Or it is just like the Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakira says: Al Qaeda is just trying to spread fear and we have nothing to worry about (, I don’t think so.

You decide. All I can say is think about it and make up your own mind – and you tell me.

The truth is that they are both possibilities. I just think that the second possibility is a dangerous one because it goes right down the line of “Let’s not jump to any conclusions – No Drama Obama”.

As far as I am concerned, and this is my personal opinion, I would rather start profiling and go by the rule of:

“Better safe than sorry”

You tell me.

© By Tom Lehner


5 responses

  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Möglich wäre es schon, dass Al Qaida nur Panik verbreiten möchte, möglich wäre aber auch, dass Al Qaida abklären möchte, wie weit der Kuschelkurs des Präsidenten geht. Möglich wäre aber auch, dass man tatsächlich Anschläge plant und durchführen möchte. Möglich wäre bei Al Qaida alles! Fakt ist, dass aus Guantanamo Häftlinge entlassen wurden, die jetzt Al Qaida angehören. Fakt ist, dass Guantanamo von einem Präsidenten mit Kuschelkurs geschlossen wurde. Fakt ist, dass dieser Präsident einen Friedensnobelpreis bekommen hat. Fakt ist, dass er damit nicht den eigenen Frieden im Land damit herstellen kann und offensichtlich auch im Moment nicht in der Lage ist. Und Fakt ist, dass wir kleines Österreich zwar immerwährend neutral sind, uns jedoch gegen Anfeindungen und Sanktionen nicht wirklich wehren können und so oder so einen Spielball darstellen.

  2. Nope no racism here.
    What a joke that the Far Right Wing is night racist.
    That IS the definition of ANY Far Right Wing movement.
    They teach that to in Freshman poli sci classes.
    Of course those who do not go to college do not know that
    … and do not recognize the obvious … as they are manipulated by those who do know how they are manipulating the dolts for votes.

  3. M? Resembled w re? It know that Al Qaeda only spread panic chte m?, M? Like w? Re, however, that Al Qaeda abkl • ren m chte? How far the cuddle of course Pr? President goes. M? Resembled w re? But also that one tats? Chlich conn? Been planned and performing? Lead chte m?. M? Resembled w re? Of Al Qaeda all! The fact is that were released from Guantanamo H? Ftlinge, now Al Qaeda trainee? Ren. The fact is that Guantanamo has been closed by a Pr? President with cozies. The fact is that the Pr? President a Nobel Peace Prize received. The fact that so he can not make their own peace in the country so well and obviously at the moment is not in the situation. And the fact is that we small? Austria although immerw? While neutral, but to defend ourselves against hostile action and sanctions can not really k? And represent one way or the game ball.

  4. This weblog is simply excellent, I assumed I do know a whole lot, but I’m so mistaken, like the prior saying the much more you already know, the additional you locate out how little you know. Thanks for the info.

  5. […] i wyszkolenia austriackich komandosów.) – Polityka bezpieczeństwa państw neutralnych – Al Qaeda and the Battle of the thousand Orange-peels – Austrian Armed Forces – Raumverteidigung (niem. obrona przestrzenna) – Gen. Emil Spannocchi […]

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