The Return of the BLACK PANTHER

After experiencing one year of President Obama’s Idea of “hope” and “change,” and disturbing news about his affiliation for radical racists, such us Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Prof. Robert Gates, and his unconditional protection of Muslim extremists I see a scary pattern developing here.

Obama has also shown publicly his admiration for socialism, of which the basic theory is totalitarian communism. Obama has on several occasions shown that he is willing to concrete his power by any means necessary. Starting with replacing all key positions with his czars, and showing admiration for words like “indoctrination”. I wrote several posts about the similarities between the Obama administration and the totalitarian systems.

One of his key persons Obama uses to give his agenda a legal coating is Attorney General Eric Holder.

For several months now there has been a rumor that Obama wants to have some sort of paramilitary group that is willing to keep the citizens in line, if necessary, with lethal force. Unfortunately for Obama he cannot use the official channels such as the FBI, NSA, and other official services for this agenda. When a private Security Force appeared in Hardin, Montana and acted as Sheriffs, the first question that came to mind was, Is Obama using this Company for his agenda of creating a private Gestapo Army? After too many protests Obama had to pull back and give some shallow speeches about “dry runs of cooperation with local Law enforcement”.

But it seems to be official that Obama has found his private Army. And it is worse than we thought.

On Tuesday January 19, I read some disturbing news on the Washington Times online site. According to the Times, key officials have dropped charges (last November) against two members of the Black Panther Party (Source – Washington Times:

What happened? Obviously two of the New Black Panthers had been videotaped with one carrying a weapon and both reportedly using racial epithets while dressed in paramilitary garb outside a Philadelphia polling place on Election Day 2008. Several citizens complained and felt threatened. Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli, had a strange habit of consulting key White House lawyers in person at exactly the times the key Black Panther decisions were being made.

Now that sure raises some Questions here. Is this the election of the future? You vote as Obama wants or the Black Panthers will pay you a visit?

The article from the Times mentioned above will prove to you that the Panthers hold strong ties to the Democratic Party, The official Obama White house, and multiple key officials.

The time line shown here by the Washington Times demonstrates how the Panther’s used their civilian connections, such as the NAACP, who also paid the legal fees to avoid charges. (Source – Washington Times:

Knowing Obama’s admiration for radical racists, his hatred for white people (he personally expressed in his book), and his dream of a totalitarian socialist country, in which he can rule the way he wants, the militant black Panther’s sure would be a perfect asset.

But who are the Black Panthers? This is for our younger readers who might not remember them or maybe only know the white washed version of the story, provided to them in public schools by a political correct government that is crawling through glass for the black civil rights groups instead of telling the truth.

During the early 60’s when the civil rights activism started to become a serious movement, two personalities emerged and became famous.

While Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was moving towards acceptance, equal rights, and opportunities, with equal responsibilities, his pursuance of these goals were done in a peaceful way. He rejected radicalism and violence, and viewed it as counterproductive. However, another man emerged, A radical Muslim convert called MalcolmX. His teachings were far from peaceful he preached racism, black supremacy and anti-Semitism (Source – Wikipedia:

His teachings were essential for the Black Panthers. Founded in 1966, the idea of the Panther was to observe and protect the black Neighborhoods from Police Brutality. But this idea was only an alibi idea. The truth is that the panther’s ideology was a mix of Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, Internationalism, and Black Nationalism.

So right down the Obama ideology.

The panthers were heavily armed, preferably with shotguns and handguns, wearing military style uniforms, parachute boots, and black barrettes.

 And instead of protecting their neighborhoods (which would have meant cracking down on crime within their own) or working together with the police, Panthers used every opportunity to get into a gunfight with police. That resulted in several dead police officers. Some of the dead Cops were even black, but that did not bother the Panthers as long as the shoot outs served their radical agenda. Their performance was that of a paramilitary group practicing guerilla tactics.

Their actions were entirely counterproductive to the movement of MLK who tried to find a peaceful solution to the racism in society.

In 1977 the Black Panther organization was dissolved, but it had been considered to be one of the most dangerous organizations in the United States by the FBI. Several of the members had to flee the country in order to avoid criminal justice charges, including kidnapping.

In 1989, a group calling itself the “New Black-Panther Party” was formed in Dallas, Texas. Ten years later the NBPP became home to the former Nation of Islam members when the chairmanship was taken by Khalid Abdul Muhammad.

The United States Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center considers the NBPP a “Hate Group”. Members of the original BP insist that this NBPP is illegitimate and strongly object to their existence.


Now with Obama in power and his publically shown admiration for those radicals, the NAACP, gaining more and more political power in the White House, the entire system reminds me of two major groupings in world’s history.

And though the idea is not a new one it’s pretty affective: the NAACP acts as the political representation and the civilian organization which provide the legal funds through black mail and extortion, and the Black Panthers act as the paramilitary group which spreads fear, frightens voters at the polls (see in PA), or act as hit men to shut down the opposition. 

That sure reminds me of Ireland with the Sinn Fein as the political arm and the IRA Army as the paramilitary grouping.

Or worse yet, the NAZI’s before they officially became the party of power in Germany.

While the NSDAP was the political arm officially elected, the SA operated as the paramilitary grouping to spread fear, frighten voters at the polls, and pay visits to persons of opposition. When Hitler had absolute power in Germany he no longer needed the SA anymore and that is when he gave all the agenda over the SS and the Gestapo.

Now, with the Marxist-Leninist and the Muslim militant Black Panthers, Obama finally has found his SA storm troopers; and supported by his racist supporters such as Reverend Wright, Al Sharpton, and all the others, and with his personal left wing Czars set in the right positions he can start doing what he does best: Acting as a dictator.

What will keep him from doing so? And what happens when he has absolute power? Who will take over the Agenda of the Black Panther/SA? Who will be Obama’s official SS/Gestapo?

And who is going to stop him now?

Politicians of both sides are way too terrified to question any actions of the Panthers for fear of them playing the proverbial “race card,” as usual. This may allow them to even get away with domestic Terrorism.

And the Democrats have the tenacity to accuse Scott Brown of having radical ties because he was supported by an unarmed and peaceful tea party movement (Source – Fox News

May God have mercy on our great America, the home of the free; Time to stop Obama now before it is too late.


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  1. praisecreator | Reply

    A very insightful assessment.

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  3. Ronald Reagan was the right’s darling, always because he excelled at racial thuggery.

    Within hours of the assassination of social activist Martin Luther King in 1968, Ronald Reagan blamed the victim–cleverly parsing–for King’s non-violent, civil disobedience:

    “[This was the sort of] great tragedy that began when we bean compromising with law and order, and people started choosing which laws they’d break.”

    Virtually identical words came from Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina: “We are now witnessing the whirlwind sowed years ago when some preachers and teachers began telling people that each man could be his own judge in his own case.” This was how the right dog-whistled in the 60s: they especially hated MLK. Reagan was always against an MLK Jr. Day, he only signed a bill for which Congress had veto-proof numbers.

    Both men rode racist coat-tails to the halls of power.

    He also brought Crack to America’s inner cities via the CIA and Oliver North.

    He started his Presidential campaign in Philadelphia Mississippi speaking of “states rights” the same place where the three civil rights workers were murdered.He was racist to the bone!

  4. The Black Panthers didn’t shoot back until the FBI and CIA through COINTELPRO started killing them .J.Edgar Hoover called Dr. King “…a notorious liar”.BTW, what do Dr. King and The President have in common? They’re both called the same names.Other than the obvious name, they were called Marxist, racist, Communist and Socialist.

  5. “During the early 60’s when the civil rights activism started to become a serious movement, two personalities emerged and became famous.

    While Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was moving towards acceptance, equal rights, and opportunities, with equal responsibilities, his pursuance of these goals were done in a peaceful way. He rejected radicalism and violence, and viewed it as counterproductive. However, another man emerged, A radical Muslim convert called MalcolmX. His teachings were far from peaceful he preached racism, black supremacy and anti-Semitism .”

    Dr.King WAS moving towards acceptance, he was already there,white racist wanted him dead and got their wish.

    Malcolm X WAS peaceful ! At the end of his book he said that he ate and drank from the same bowl as white Muslims.He also was not a member of the Nation of Islam at the time.BTW, Malcolm was for self defense not racism. Just ask yourself, who killed Dr.King ? It wasn’t the NAACP.

  6. One more point about Reagan. HE HELP FOUNDED AL QAEDA! He called them “Freedom Fighters”.BTW, it wasn’t Islam that blew up the World Trade Center ,it was al-Qaeda bigots trained by our CIA courtesy of Ronald Reagan.That’s what Rev.Wright (a Veteran who served in two branches of the Armed Forces and saved a President’s life) meant by his comment.

  7. I want to apologize. I didn’t realize how bad white people had it. Vote for someone other than Obama and the NBPP is gonna show up at your house????


  8. For someone who claims to be a Christian, why do you lie so much? You do know that lying is a sin.

    1. Or you just cant handle the truth

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