Midterm Election 2010 – Si vis pacem para bellum

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum – or “If you wish for peace prepare for War”
(Roman Military Writer Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus ~390 A.D.)

Thank you so much Emily for inspiring me to this blog.

On the verge of the 2010 Midterm elections a wraith seems to be going around among the conservative Tea Party movement and the GOP – the wraith of “Arrogance and Ignorance”.

And this is happening not only in Texas but all over the country.

Yesterday I read a post of my dear friend Emily, who was agitated over an interview the Talk show host Glen Beck held with the Gubernatorial Candidate for Texas Debra Medina. She is an uprising Candidate from Southwest Texas who emerged from the Tea party movement (Read here: http://is.gd/8dsai). In this interview Glen was just being himself and as usual doing what he does best: Slapping Medina and the Tea party movement in their face – or bottom line being a controversial jerk.

In my reply I said I feel for Debra but she had better get used to it because compared with what the Democrats will be pulling in the fall of 2010 this interview was nothing more than a beginning warm up, she answered me that (quote): She is not worried about the Dems here in Texas for 2 reasons: 1) They have yet to produce a decent candidate and 2) after the mess that they have created in Washington I don’t think Texans will look twice at them.  Besides, Texas has and always will be a predominantly Republican state.

Well, you are partially wrong Emily and that mistake is weaving itself like red yarn through the entire Country. First of all Texas has not always been a predominantly Republican State. The truth of the matter is Texas was a Democrat State until the 1980’s (Source: Texas Politics University of Texas: http://is.gd/8dwan), but Texas later was re-conquered by the Republicans, and Rick Perry concreted that power through re-districting in 2003.

The Democrats are not beaten yet – they’re just regrouping

There is a huge danger here with over confident thinking and I have warned about that all along in a previous Blog Post under the title: “Open Letter to the GOP – A wake up call” (Read here: http://wp.me/pF1Ot-2b).

After taking the vast majority away from the Democrats by electing Scott Brown to the Senate, the Republican Party is running around the country feeling like a winner, acting like a peacock, having their heads in the clouds, celebrating Scott Brown’s victory as their own (though this is not the victory of the party but rather the victory of the Tea Party movement) and overlooking the danger that is coming from behind. In one of my next Blogs under the title “Is Obama out of touch with reality” I will prove to you that the Democrats have never been more dangerous than now.

This was not the GOP’s victory – this was the Victory of the Tea Party movement.

The actions the democrats are performing right now are Military tactics 1:1 called reinforcing and regrouping. And the GOP and conservatives just don’t seem to see it.

After Brown’s election Obama and his grassroots Democrats definitely acknowledged the fact that the 2010 Midterm elections will not be an easy task for them. Obama’s Hope and Change policy failed and the trust of the people and the poll numbers are decreasing. The signs are all there and obvious, but why is nobody capable of seeing them?

  • Obama immediately changed his course from “Lone-ranger-Ruler” to “Please work with me together” – giving voters the impression he is willing to work bipartisan on all issues. This way he can take the position as a victim of Republican stubbornness during the election and blindfold the voters with his eloquent appearance.

~~ The Perfect Oscar certified Media show ~~

  • Right after his State of the Union speech Obama went media-affective one on one with the Republicans accusing them of digging into the partisan ship on healthcare rather than working with him – truth is, it was the Democrats that refused to work Bi-partisan, and except for 2 – yes only two – Republican Senators all stayed quiet.
  • Pelosi became the role of the hardliner making several media-affective comments that she is willing to move on with the healthcare no matter what, even against the new course of Obama.
  • Harry Reid changed his mind on an hourly basis, depending on what Media he was talking to. One time ready to work bi partisan the next moment playing hardliner – Getting ready to take the stand that suits him best.
  • With Pat Kennedy announcing his retirement February 11, 2010 the 14th Democrat is backing out of the current administration. Why would they back out just now when they have a chance to rule the country? Pretty simple – Reinforcement. Obama needs to replace some of the faces of his current administration in order to stay in Power. He needs new and unencumbered faces. Everybody right now would just be associated with the past failures.

All of those things are nothing but diversions. When an army needs to re-group and re-enforce, the standard system is to remove the troops from the battlefield to safety, have a few specialists attacking the enemy, keeping his mind and his force occupied and then reinforce the main troops with manpower, arms, and ammunition.

And this is what the Democrats are doing right now. All their appearances on TV, their contradictory Statements, and them changing their minds are nothing but a diversionary tactic to occupy the opposition, the movement, and the voter’s, period. And in the meanwhile Obama performs and occupies the media with his “Nice-Guy from the neighborhood Obama show” knowing that this worked during his Presidential campaign and it might work again now.

But that is not what bothers me, what really bothers me is what is behind the scenes. The Democrats will not sit down and just wait to see what happens. No – they are charging right now, they are getting dossiers on every candidate, background checks, every word that has ever been spoken, and every move that has ever been made.

Manpower, Arms and Ammunition

The democratic machine is working right now – ready to strike as of April until November. And in my opinion this will be the bloodiest Midterm election in History. The Democrats won’t just sit back waiting to be attacked they will strike first throwing dirt wherever they can.

And I said it before and I say it again – when it comes to playing the media the Democrats are way ahead of us. The Democrats have learned that America is a country that loves two things

1)    A good Drama show

2)    The underdog – and as soon as Obama can position the Democratic Party as the victims of Republican Grass root stubbornness he WILL take the position of the Underdog in this Midterm election.

Always remember Sun-Tzu’s “The Art of War”:

It is not the Giant on the battlefield that worries me – but the troops hiding behind the Giant

So if Debra Medina thinks Glen Beck was tough on her: Here is some good advice for her from my military time:

Preparation is half the war.
Prepare for the worst and be happy if you don’t need it

Prepare yourself for below-the-belt attacks because should you be victorious over Governor Perry in the primaries; Glenn’s interview was a walk in the park compared to what the Democrats will do to you.

And while Glen hung himself on one comment from YOU and attacked YOU – the Dems will go way beyond that – They will go after you, your children, your friends, and even your dog if you have one.

Your friend, supporter, fellow Texan, proud Member of the Tea Party movement and Reagan-Christian Republican

Tom Lehner


4 responses

  1. Well, thank you for giving me credit. However, my dear, you are partially wrong in the fact that you claim Texas was finally recognized as Republican state in the 1980’s. It was actually sooner than that with the election of Republican William P. Clements in 1978. He took office in 1979 and, although he was defeated in 1982, he was again re-elected in 1986, thus serving as the longest running governor to hold office (with the exception of Rick Perry). As far as Debra Medina goes, she’s running a phenomenal campaign and she answered Glenn Beck’s question..just not to “his” satisfaction. It’s funny because he wants to “write her off” for not taking a yes/no stance on a conspiracy theory and condemn her for saying that we should question our government (correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it our CONSTITUITIONAL duty to question and keep government in check?)…and this is coming from “Mr. Conspiracy Theory” himself, whose whole career and fortune has been made on questioning our government. His question had nothing to do with the campaign she is running and was purposely asked to throw her off guard and muddy her campaign for the benefit of Rick Perry. Glenn Beck is a hypocrite and a fraud, not to mention a supporter of Rick Perry. You see, Sarah Palin has officially endorsed Perry, so, if Perry loses the election then essentially Palin loses any support in Texas, not to mention her popularity plummets. Sarah Palin is also a FOX News contributor now..so, Beck, along with FOX News have shown their true colors and/or intentions by SLANDERING Perry’s opposition. FOX News is no better than those “other networks”..their all soulless, money grubbing, back biting bastards. Also, Beck supposedly supports Ron Paul (who essentially founded the TEA PARTY) but I don’t believe that’s the case because Debra Medina is Ron Paul’s protege’. Again, another Glenn Beck lie exposed. In closing, all TEA PARTY patriots need to stay diligent in their work by staying TRUE TO THE CONSTITUTION and watch out for the Palins, Becks and Gingrich-es because they are ALL BIG GOVERNMENT and their job is to infiltrate the TEA PARTY in order to crush it! Oh, and one more correction for you..Debra Medina is originally form Beeville, Texas, although she is operating out of Houston/Wharton..so, she’s actually from Southeast Texas, not Southwest. Anyway, thanks for the credit and you do have some great talking points.
    All my love,

    1. You are more than welcome, if one deserves the credit than you. Bottom line we are on the same page with different words and I just had another discussion about that with another person. As for the times set when and how Republicans requoncered Texas I take you word for it and apologize for not being all that precise and correct. Though you numbers pretty much (give or take a little) equal mine. Now what I was trying to say there was that yes, Texas is predominantly a Republican State and with all right belongs to the most conservative States period. I have just learned that, if one is too sure of what he has he is losing it. And let’s face it, who has thought Massachusetts could switch over from Dem to Rep.? As far as Medina goes, I assume you have seen that I support her and I am on her side period. Glen Beck is an opportunist par excellence; he dwindles where the power is. I did read the entire interview and you are right it was obvious from the first moment that he was looking for a one-point-only comment to write her off in order to promote Perry. And she just stepped fully in his trap. Absolutely it is our CONSTITUIONAL DUTY to questioning our government. As a matter of fact I read a quote once that said (and it stuck to my mind): a citizen follows his government – a good citizen loves his country and questions his government. Like I said of course his questions had nothing to do with election and program, that was not the intension, the intension was to throw her off guard and promote Perry. My dear FOX is a business and Perry is a recognized name, they have shown their true colors all along. Alone by giving Palin a talk show and still keep the question whether she runs again or not out in the open. You are right Palin – Perry – and Fox is a powerful connection and they have to protect their investment that’s all that is. I am not sure what Beck supports really. I think he is like Perry and the other entire blue collar, sitting right on top of the fence waiting from where the wind blows. I watched the first debate. And well not talking about Hutchinson, she was about as pale as Shamess the Celtic Warrior in WWE Monday Night Raw, but Perry sure never gave real answers, he came more across like a walking commercial for Texas. Oh well I took Medina’s own statement when she said she is from southwest Texas near the Houston Area. But I doubt that little fact really matters to me, what really matters to me that I hope she is going to defeat Perry and than she desperately needs some good spin doctors and people preparing her for the worst. Since the dems losing so many of their strongholds they might desperately going for Republican strong holds.
      Keep our fingers crossed and Medina in our prayers.

      All my love

  2. […] the victorious 2010 Election I wrote a blog called: “Midterm Election 2010 – Si vis pacem para bellum” in which I warned about this exact current […]

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