Barrack H. Obama – Leader or Traitor?

As a peace loving man I do basically oppose Nuclear Warfare just as I oppose Biological, Chemical and Electromagnetic Warfare. Those arms are, in my humble opinion, not really weapons of choice in a military conflict because the chances of widespread “Civilian Collateral Damage” are way too big.

But the thing is those weapons are there; And not only in the United States and Russia, but also in so called third world countries of where many are jealous of Americas freedom’s (at least as long as we had them, before Obama) and prosperity and have permanently threatened us.

Iran’s President Ahmedinejad has just this week given his first interview to RTL, a private German TV Station, and when the reporter (Antonia Rados) asked him if he would swear by Allah that he never will produce a Nuclear Bomb, Ahmedinejad refused to swear and escaped answering by using political doubletalk.

Another big major issue is that those weapons are not bound by size anymore. Today, almost every hobby scientist is capable of building a Weapon of Mass Destruction from the size of a Coca Cola can and that is all it takes to destroy half of the population of New York. There are hundreds of unemployed Scientists from third world countries or Terrorists who have been educated in European or U.S. Colleges who are capable of making a small nuke, bio weapon, or chemical warfare weapon that fits into a suitcase. Besides chemical and bio waste, additional parts can be ordered over the Internet or bought in a grocery store.

For over 8 years President Bush worked hard to make America a safe place. Critics tell us that his efforts failed and America today is not any safer than it was 10 years ago, but that is not true.

Since Barrack Obama was elected President, Terror Attacks on U.S. Soil have increased. While Obama and the left wing pundits are busy declaring his political opposition as “domestic terrorists” he takes the real Terrorists which are determined to destroy America off the National Security Documents. He also is granting them Miranda rights and declares Terror attacks as “Simple Crimes” in order not to insult his Muslim friends. 

Yes, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan has not been perfect, but at least the battles are over there and not on U.S. Soil.

President Bush has made every effort to protect America against our enemies foreign and domestic and if that meant leaving the path of snuggling up with Russia than so be it.

One thing you should know is that the Russian bear is a dangerous one. Right now he is friendly, but deep within him is his desire to again be the strongest force in the world and the world’s leader is stronger than ever. He never overcame the downfall of the USSR and he never overcame that he is not the most feared force in the world anymore.

Yes Sir Mr. President - more than you know

George W. Bush might have made his mistakes, but one thing was for sure; His major Priority was always the Military and the Economical Safety of the United States of America. He protected our rightful place and our American Culture as well as the Constitution of the United States all over the world, and did not give in one inch when one of those were endangered.


This week Barrack H. Obama has signed a Nuclear Arms treaty with Russia. Maybe he just wanted to earn his Nobel Peace Prize – At last.

Finally, the Russians have with President Obama a Puppy that they can force any treaty on just by paying lip service. Finally, there is an American President that cares more about his Public Relations in the Socialist world than in the safety of America.

They say a picture tells more than a thousand words.

In both pictures I see a very happy Russian President, Dimitri A. Medvedev, Russia, after 8 years of dealing with George W. Bush, an American Patriot, finally has in Barrack Obama a socialist puppy dog who signs away the safety of America in a treaty that only serves mother Russia (Do not be deceived, Russia is not our friend).

And I see a humble President Obama, who is pleased to obey the wishes of our greatest opponent over world power, and at the expense of the American People and their safety. 

That alone would not be such a big deal because paper is very thin, but there were two other announcements Barrack Obama made this week.  

1)    Right after signing this treaty Obama made a promise that the UNITED STATES OF AMERCA WILL NEVER USE ITS NECLEAR ARMS no matter if we are attacked by any weapon of mass destruction or not – we will not use our Nukes.

2)    Another announcement this week was that Obama banned “Islam jihad from National Security Strategy Document”.

North Korea, China, Iran, Cuba, and Chile, just to name a few, have declared the American people as “foes”. They already have Nuclear Weapons, Bio Weapons, and Chemical Weapons, or at least are in the process of building some. All of them are within reach of striking America – All of them are determined to destroy us.

And our elected “Commander In Chief” (what a contradiction in terms) announces to all of them and to all of the terrorist countries: You can hit us with all you got, conventional, biological, chemical, nuclear, or electromagnetic, and I promise we will not shoot back and we will not use our Nuclear Arsenal.

The Islamic Jihad is still the largest threat to American Safety, Radical Muslims (That is what they are) all over the world are more determined than ever to destroy us. And through Emigration they have installed bases all over the globe. They have more stations and command bases in Europe and the United States than in their own Muslim Home countries.

CAIR – Obama’s biggest supporter, and under FBI investigation (WND Newsletter from March 15, 2010: Justice Department confirms CAIR Terror Ties;, is financing and organizing Terror attacks right under our nose and Tax free (because they are registered as a nonprofit organization) – This is insanity!

So, Mr. President, why don’t you just paint a target over America to ensure that your America hating friends all over the world will have a much better aim at us?

Holy Cow

This is like a football coach announcing, we have a perfect secret tactic, but hey, no matter how bad the game goes we won’t use it.

Or a General in the field of honor calling his enemies and telling them: hey guys, we have the most superior firepower, but no matter what you hit us with we won’t use it.

What I want to know is:

What is this man thinking?

Why does he hate America so much?

Or is he simply so blind by his Socialist agenda that he does not see that following European Demands weakens our entire Nation?

 1)    He bows his head before our enemies.

2)    He declares America no longer a Christian Nation.

3)    He mocks our friends and ally’s all over the world almost on a daily base.

4)    He snubs our biggest ally the Great State of Israel.

5)    He weakens Israel’s sovereignty by strengthening the Muslim Terror Countries, even though some of them are not even registered countries (Palestine does not exist as an official country).

6)    He declares Muslim Jihad not to be a threat to the free nations of the world, but Radical Muslims have officially announced that their holy war is against us because they want to destroy us.

7)    And now he announces that America will not use its most powerful weapon, no matter what.

Again, this is not that I am so eager to use this weapon – NO. I think the world without Nukes would be a better world. But, I do believe in “Power through strength” and I do believe in “better safe than sorry”. And most definitely I will not announce to my enemies the refusal of using a weapon which invites them to use theirs, not fearing any consequences.

I WILL NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS – that is not what a military leader does, and Mr. President, whether we like it or not you ARE temporarily the leader of our Military.

So, when I ask in the headline: Barrack H. Obama – Leader or Traitor? I have made my mind up a long time ago. For me he is a Traitor and should be prosecuted.

But you feel free to make up your own mind and let me know. Feel free to post any comment.

And may God Almighty have Mercy and





6 responses

  1. Why were congressional hearings were held to determine whether Sen. John McCain was constitutionally eligible to be president as a “natural born citizen,” when no controlling legal authority ever sought to verify Obama’s claim to a Hawaiian birth. That is what I want to know.

    1. Well that question is pretty easy to be explained, while republicans have maybe a small handfull of black sheeps amongst them and normally nothing to hide, they therefor have no problem with a congressional hearing. Dems are a whole different story, Obama learned from the Kennedys that every scandal is best killed by sealing papers and hide behind legal actions at best and if that does not work run down the “victim trail” before even one starts asking questions. But we are working on that, he cant hide forever.

  2. You raise excellent and very valid points.
    I don’t know if Obama is a traitor in the respect that he wants the us to be subjugated and desires to throw the USA under the bus. But based on his ideology and actions, or lack of actions, I think he is a very weak leader — and consequently dangerous; as dangerous as his fellow Progressives who do not believe in defense and self-protection. They sadly and perilously do not get it.

    As we remember the 65th anniversary of the Holocaust, I agree with wise Benjamin Netanyahu who has stated that if we fail to act boldly it will be like the rise of Nazi Germany where people remained silent and failed to face the truth of what was happening.
    I fear that history may be repeating itself.

  3. First of all, can you try spell check.

    Second, if you’re going to write a blog stating your case for the President of the United States being a traitor, can you at least accurately state stuff.

    He never said he wouldn’t relatiate period. He said he would not retaliate with a Nuclear weapon against a non-nuclear powered country. I repeat, that he would not retaliate “with a nuclear strike” against a NON-NUCLEAR POWERED COUNTRY.

    Furthermore, he also stated that rogue countries like Iran and North Korea who had not signed the non-nuclear proliferation treaty, the U.S. was not taking a nuclear strike off the table. I repeat, WAS NOT TAKING A NUCLEAR STRIKE OFF THE TABLE AGAINGST IRAN AND NORTH KOREA.

    That is all. And did you know, that the same treaty that Obama signed is similar in nature to one Ronald Regan signed in the 1980’s with Russia, durign the HEIGHT OF THE COLD WAR!!!!

    1. First of all thank you for your suggestion on my spell checking, What would I do without you smartpants..second of all comparing Obama’s treaty with Reagans Treaty is a impertinence at best. Ronald Reagan negotiated from a position of strength, and Barack Obama did not. From Liberty Pundits:

  4. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Ob Obama Führer oder Verräter ist möge jeder selbst beurteilen bzw. selbst für sich entscheiden. Für mich ist er ein schwacher Führer, der zwar viele Versuche unternimmt, um im Gespräch zu bleiben, doch bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob diese Versuche in die richtige Richtung gehen. Ich denke, dass es nicht zielführend und sinnvoll ist, Russland und der restlichen Welt zuzusichern, keinen Gebrauch von Nuklearwaffen zu machen, sollte man selbst angegriffen werden – noch dazu wo man die best ausgebildesten Soldaten der Welt hat. Wenn Obama einen Vertrag mit Russland abschließt, dann muss er dies auch mit Iran, Irak, Korea (Süd und Nord) usw usf tun. Einen einzigen schlafenden Riesen zu besänftigen wird nicht ausreichen. Noch dazu wo Al Quaida schon seit längerem versucht an Nuklearwaffen zu kommen. Sobald es ihnen gelingt, wird Amerika dies auch als erstes Land mit voller Wucht zu spüren bekommen, da bin ich mir absolut sicher. Wir brauchen keine weiteren sinnlosen und leidbringenden Krieg, wir brauchen Frieden.
    Ich schließe mich der Meinung von Lori Rae an – die Geschichte wird sich wiederholen, wenn nicht endlich Vernunft einkehrt.

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