British Election – Can that happen in November 2010

May 7, 2010

The British Empire has had its election.

A lot might say England is far away. True – but what is important is the similarity in the partisan landscape. Just like in the United States England has a tradition of a 2-party system.

The Tories

The British Version of the U.S. Republicans – the conservative party ( For a long time the Tory’s were considered hardliners in their conservative beliefs. In 2009 the Tory’s became, with David Cameron, a new and young face with young leader who promised to lead the party in a new area of Conservative Humanity.

The Labour Party

The British version of the U.S. Democrats is a member of the EPS (European Socialists; Link: The Labour Party was, or better still is lead by Gordon Brown, who was the British Prime minister until yesterday. Ruling Great Britain the past 13 years under Socialist principles the Labour Party drove the empire into an economical disaster, and it is to be expected that in 2011 Great Britain will have a National Debt of more than 12% which is similar to today’s Greek disaster.

After the election on May 6, 2010 the British Empire is looking at a whole new ball game. For the first time in history the Empire has a third party elected and none of the traditional parties have gained the absolute majority (From Times online:

After 13 years of disastrous ruling, the Labour Party lost the majority and the Torries gained the same. Unfortunately they did not gain the absolute Majority leaving the Conservatives 20 seats short. The king makers are now the third party calling themselves the “Liberal Democrats” under the upcoming Shooting star Nick Clegg which is the stirrup holder for the new Prime minister.

This is new to the British, and for the first time in history the Empire faces a common movement in European Politics – called: Coalition Government

Open Letter to the GOP

And here is the similarity to the United States as it is today. In a previous blog, under the title “Open Letter to the GOP” ( ) I asked the question if so called Independent Candidates are an option. A lot of my friends disagreed with me, stating that at the end of the day Americans will chose the established party, though choosing young and upcoming shooting stars will represent the “conservative-back-to-the-roots” ideology, for safety.

However, many current representatives have left the established parties announcing they will run as independents in the upcoming midterm election.

The last one was the Florida Governor Charlie Crist who announced this week that he will run as an Independent Conservative hoping for the support of the Tea Party movement against the young GOP candidate and shooting star Marco Rubio.

A poll asked readers who they would likely vote for right now and 46.38% of the participants would vote for a separated Tea Party under Sarah Palin while at the same time only 30.46% would vote for a candidate from the established GOP (

Knowing this is not a public and representative Poll because is mostly read by conservative readers, it does show the direction the conservative voters are looking at, at the moment. And yet among conservatives it is trend setting and shows where most of the conservative voters stand.

So here is my question that I would like to ask my readers

Many Americans are fed up and have had enough of Obama’s totalitarian Socialist Style, and with many Conservatives using the current Anger among the Citizens as a leg up for running as independent candidates hoping for the support of the Tea Party Movement so:

Are we looking at the possibility of a three or more Party system?

Is our country ready to make coalitions?

Our system is built on direct elections where we vote for the candidates directly and not for the party – how will that work if there are more than two parties?

A lot of my friends waved off this idea, saying, “This will never happen in America,” but yet the British probably thought so as well. What do you say now?

Don’t forget to vote in November and may


2 responses

  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Gute Frage – ist Amerika bereit für eine dritte Partei – ist Amerika bereit für eine Koalition? Ja und nein. Ich denke im Moment ist das Land mehr als gespalten und nicht bereit für eine dritte Partei oder für eine Koalition. Vielleicht in der Zukunft, wenn man aus Fehlern gelernt hat. Doch Fehler werden immer und immer wieder gemacht und Europa zeigt, dass auch eine Koalition nicht immer funktioniert. Je mehr Parteien desto mehr Unstimmigkeiten, desto mehr Uneinigkeit und desto mehr Meinungen. In der Frage, was ist gut für das Land, was ist schlecht, wird es immer Meinungsverschiedenheiten geben und nicht immer ziehen die Parteien an einen Strang, zu oft stehen die eigenen Interessen des einzelnen im Vordergrund. Und genau das ist das Problem, und es zeigt, dass es auch in Amerika trotz zwei Lager nicht funktioniert. Und doch kann es sein, dass es in ein paar Jahren funktioniert, wenn ein Umdenken statt gefunden hat und nicht immer der eigene Wille, die eigene Profitgier und die eigenen Interessen im Vordergrund stehen. Wenn das alles hinten angestellt wird und alle an einen Strang ziehen, dann wird es in Amerika und in Europa und in der restlichen Welt funktionieren – noch ist die Zeit dafür noch nicht gekommen.

  2. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Das in England zur Zeit ein Umdenken geschieht und es eine dritte Partei gibt, zeigt dass das Volk – die Wähler es so wollen. Ob sich die Parteien zusammen raufen und das Land gut führen werden, wird sich zeigen. Ein Umdenken muss geschehen, die Verschuldung des Landes schreitet voran und ein zweites Griechenland kann Europa sich nicht leisten. Und da wird auch das Königshaus Federn lassen müssen!

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