Nashville Flood – Where is Obama and the Media

The biggest Racism is produced by the Liberal Democrat’s
And it’s called Affirmative Actions
(From a Facebook Friend)

What I am about to say here, sounds cynical and disrespectful to my southern brethren in Nashville, Tennessee. But the truth of the matter is that politics is just that: A CHESS GAME with moves that might have nothing to do with each other and yet it all makes sense when you look at the result.

When hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans (Louisiana) in 2005, liberal Democrats constantly complained and slandered the former President of the United States George W. Bush for not reacting sooner.

They slammed President Bush for his late response and lack of leadership, accusing him of being a racist and that he did not care because the majority of the New Orleans population was black. Democrats love to pull the race card when it suits them and use it while being the biggest racists themselves.

And yet G.W. Bush, though he might have made mistakes choosing the wrong person to deal with that disaster, he was permanently informed and did not hesitate to appear immediately in the public and express his sorrow for that disaster and show his support.

He was a “hands on” President of the People (Instead of a Community Organizer)

President Obama promised during his election campaign that he would do everything better. Hope and Change is what he promised, he wanted to be a President of “All” Americans.

America and the World have been hit with a large amount of man made disasters and natural disasters. Next to Terror attacks we’ve had Tornado’s which have left dozens of families homeless and many dead, we’ve had the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and we’ve had the Flood of a century in Nashville Tennessee.

But Obama’s actions speak a different language in all of those disasters. His actions are more those of an opportunist and racist. Everything he accused Bush of he has done himself, and while former President Bush might have chosen the wrong man he did the best to his ability for all Americans, while Obama shows clearly his disrespect for white people and his racist side.

We all remember Obama’s lack of interest in the Fort Hood massacre (other than protecting the Muslim perpetrator). Neither B.H. Obama nor his first Lady found it pleasurable to show their sorrows and sympathy for the victims and those left behind. When Obama finally spoke out on that Terror attack he cheered to his party friends instead of showing compassion.

With the Gulf Coast disaster and with 11 dead, Obama needed more than a week to respond and over two weeks until he finally decided to “fly” over the area. But hey, he did land and speak for a few minutes to the “white fishermen” who’s subsistence for years to come is now in jeopardy.

On May 1st of 2010 Nashville was hit with the worst flood in centuries. Over 30 Americans died there and the damage has been calculated at way over a Billion Dollars and counting.

And, guess what, no word from the President.

No word whatsoever from the “Mainstream” Media.CBS, FOX, MSNBC, you name it they are all silent.

No executive Order declaring Nashville a disaster Area.

No visit from the President or at least encouraging words.

No such thing as a public recognition of that disaster.

Absolutely nothing at all.

And even the Louisiana disaster was not worth a minute from our Man in the White House until he found out – The world media paid attention. 

While the whole world is watching Louisiana and the dying fish no major media has paid attention to Nashville and many ask why.

Well the reason is actually as simple as it is sick: White House controlled racial propaganda reasons.

It all has to do with 


Let us take a look at the differences to understand why Obama defends Socialism at a Missouri University or gives a public interview pulling the race card to rescue November midterm elections for his Democrat party rather than helping the victims in Tennessee.


Nashville – Davidson, TennesseePopulation: 596,462, 64% White non-Hispanic vs. 26.8% Blacks and 9.2% others races (Source: – a beautiful city in the deep south of the United States, known and recognized as the Country Music Capitol of the world. But this is where it ends for the World and especially for the European Media in the acknowledgment of Nashville. Europeans consider the Deep South a conservative area and therefore our dying conservative southerners are not really a reportable incident for the European media. For us Americans Nashville is well known as a center for southern history, southern hospitality, and friendliness.

Just imagine for one second this flood having taken place in New Orleans with all of those dead and all of that damage, Louisiana where the race quote is the exact the opposite.

New Orleans – LouisianaPopulation: 311,853, and here we have the total opposite to Nashville with 67.3% Blacks, 26.6% White non-Hispanic and 6.1% others. (Source: City-data-com: Also, the city’s recognition in the world is a different one. For us Americans, New Orleans is the home of the Saints, and the “Gate to the West”.

In Europe, New Orleans stands for fun, entertainment, parties, alcohol, and liberality. For European liberals and the socialist Media, New Orleans is a lot more interesting than the conservative hard working and mostly white Bible-Belt Nashville.

The majority of the New Orleans Blacks is poor and lower educated (at least that’s what they claimed to be when it came to the “race” complaints after Katrina), and primary recipients of Obama’s socialism and welfare Government. So for Obama those people are more important to him, in the outlook of the November election and his own re-election in 2012 because those are his supporters.

If the flood had hit New Orleans, killed over 30 people, and produced damage in the Billions this would have happened:

  • The Obama administration would have bent over backwards to help those people, of course not without Blaming the Bush Administration for the disaster in the first place.

 (Of course in Obama’s sick mind Bush is also responsible for the fall of Russia, the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of Troy and so on)

  • Obama would have visited the site immediately, with the entire Obama worshipping press in the towline.
  • Al Sharpton and all of the other black mailing extortionists and radical racist thugs would have screamed to get immediate funding for the “poor and proud Welfare recipients”, with Obama of course signing away Billions in help.

Louisiana Shore – The majority of the population there is hard working white fishermen who had lost almost everything during Katrina. Another disaster would be devastating for them and jeopardize their future. Obama could care less about those people.

When the Deepwater Horizon sunk, Obama was nowhere to be found. And while the whole world knew this would be the worst environmental catastrophe since the EXXON Valdez incident in 1989 Obama did absolutely nothing and relied fully on the reports of BP.

As a matter of fact, while Louisiana Fishermen were struggling and Nashville-Davidson citizens were dying, Obama felt comfortable enough to defend socialism in Michigan (Source: Wall Street Journal: and pull the race-card in a pre-election speech. Then he found out that the World press and especially the European Press was watching the Oil disaster closely.

The big PR Show of Obama the opportunist – and the takeover of another private Enterprise

Europeans and the European Media are extremely influenced by Environmental Interest groups and they are slaves to the United Nations. Pictures of “poor dying birds” circulated around the world while dying Tennesseans have been neglected.

In order to keep the “Obama-Messiah” and “Obama-Superstar” show going, and to impress the European Socialists he needed to act now and so he directed the media primarily to the Gulf of Mexico, away from Tennessee a place most Europeans couldn’t even find on a map. 

  • By his appearance and well placed comments Obama produced himself under the eyes of the world press as the big manager while he merely glosses over his incompetency and real agenda. Would Obama have taken immediate actions and assisted BP, like Bush would have done; the natural damage would have been cut in half.
  • By leaving BP all alone he can blame the entire Environmental disaster on them (though they have produced the disaster, the damage control could have been better if Obama would have helped) and so prepare the way to take over another private sector Business into Government Control – the Oil business.
  • And as icing on the cake he can turn, the mostly Obama opposing, white Fisherman in Louisiana into welfare needing citizens which will shut them down.
  • And in the world he looks like a president that cares.

And while Obama runs his sick Public relations fraud and socialist takeover of another major Business, the people in Tennessee die – or should I say honorable conservative Christian Citizens are “collateral damage” for Obama and his radical bunch.  

Tennessee is not on the spot of the World media and therefore not of tactical interest to Obama’s radical Socialist Agenda.

And the American media – well, the American media is all corrupted by Obama and follows like sheep in his direction, and Obama sure knew how to switch the focus towards his “Gulf-Management” and away from the hard working southerners.

Obama – promised hope and change – well, change we got

To a Socialist racist Country

But there are two things we southerners have learned throughout History

  • Never trust Washington and their promises, especially not now that Obama and his racist, Marxist, Socialists reign in a totalitarian way, doing anything to break the neck of the God fearing, moral, Christian and Conservative south. 

Though the flood disaster is legally subject to federal funding we know that Obama and his radicals will make sure that the money never comes in time. 

  • If we need help we have to take care of it on our own – and we are really proud of that

The federal government under B.H. Obama has not only ignored our disaster but on top of it purposely neglected us, but thanks to Billy Ray Cyrus, who was hosting a charity event and the following country superstars Jason Aldean, Brooks & Dunn, Luke Bryan, Miley Cyrus, Amy Grant, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes, Michael W. Smith, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood immediate help could be launched.


The real reason Obama has neglected Tennessee is actually pretty simple

Business, Public relations, Election preparation, and political opposition – it is as simple and sick as that.


8 responses

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  2. Tom,
    Great take on yet another Obama fiasco and the Progressive media double standard. Keep up the good work.

  3. Ditto what Lori said.

  4. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    In Europa hat man sich beim Bohrinsel-Unglück lange gefragt, wo er ist. Und von Nashville Tennesse wurde lange nichts in den Medien gebracht. Hier hat das Mediennetzwerk total versagt.
    Gut recherchiert, gut kommentiert – am besten hat mir dieser Satz gefallen “Of course in Obama’s sick mind Bush is also responsible for the fall of Russia, the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of Troy and so on”.

  5. very good take and unwound say accurate. One need only notice that the media either responds or ignores news based on Obama’s actions. the media are the propaganda lapdogs. While not a staunch fan of W Bush, the media was always ahead of him and directing his actions while clearly with this prez, it’s the other way around. He ‘tells’ the media what to report on.

  6. You racist pigs how dare you call yourselves americans
    you might as well go live in Iran with your twisted views
    good thing you’re not my neighbors and by the way BUSH is
    the reason for the economy being in the shape it’s in.

    1. Bush left the economy in a Conservative state, Obama left it in the shits.

  7. Another scary but true commentary. WTF he is doing the same thing every elected Official has done since memorial LIE His tail off Show me an honest one I’ll fart lightning bolts

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