The New York Mosque – Provoking America

When the World Stopped Turning: Tribute to 9/11
(Alan Jackson)

Do you remember where you have been on 9/11/2001?

I do, we probably all do and we’ll never forget that horrible day our country was viscously attacked by Muslim Terrorists, and 2976 Americans died and about 6000+ were injured in the worst possible way.

But if you think the attack is over – think twice. Now we are being attacked in more than one way, cowardly they are sneaking up from behind through our own politicians and our own Media.

  • Through direct Attacks by Muslim Terrorists who live among us as so called “sleepers” and attend Mosques in America lead by radical Imams who use our Constitutional Freedom of Religion to spread hatred against our own country.


  • Radical Organizations, such as CAIR, in disguise as non-profit organization and therefore not only tax funded, but also tax exempt (currently under Federal investigation for supporting Terrorism from Human Events:; From National Terror Alert: They appear as the Public relations department for the Radical Muslim Imams using every opportunity to also appear on well listened Medias so that they can accuse patriotic Americans as being bias, racists, and intolerable. Basically they are spitting in our face on a daily base.


  • Through our own Democrat politicians, lead by Barrack Hussein Obama, these Radical Organizations and Mosques are being protected under the banner of Diversity, New Relations, and Peace.  

As we speak, another one of those insults is taking place right now in New York City. Just three blocks away from Ground Zero, where so many brave Police officers, Firefighters, and innocent Americans lost their lives because of 19 Radical Muslim Terrorists, they are planning to build a Mosque.

In year 9 after the attacks, Muslim groups in America have never taken an official stand against Terrorism.  They have not shown any compassion for the victims of 9/11 or offered their assistance to demonstrate to Americans that they’ve distanced themselves from those vicious attacks and Radical Islam.

There is no such thing as a memorial or anything like that dedicated to the victims of 9/11 donated from any of the big talking Muslim Support groups in the United States.

As a matter of fact the opposite has taken place.

Muslim group’s immediately fled in the role as victims of alleged prejudice attacks from Americans, complaining about alleged hatred shoved in their face.

Radical Muslims all over the world reserve for themselves the right to threaten the lives of critics, protesters, tourists, and even burn American flags when being criticized.

But when Americans showed their anger and frustration after the attacks, Muslims automatically took the position of the misunderstood victims, though they are the aggressors.

And now they are spitting in our face again.

Regardless of our emotions or if they hurt our feelings those Radical Muslims plan on building a Mosque cloaked as a Muslim community center less than 3 Blocks away from Ground zero.

And they don’t care in the least if they desecrate the victims; offend those left behind, or disrespect the feelings of American Patriots. All they care about is getting their way in order to continue furthering their global “Take Over” agenda.

And the two worst parts are 

  1. The Grand Opening is planned for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 on September 11, 2011
  2. Our Government is supporting this provocation with $ 582,000 USD Tax Dollars (from WND:

Yes, we now are paying for a community center for our enemies.

I just wonder which one of these Obama is enjoying more.

The leading person in this scheme is the Imam of New York, Feisal Abdul Rauf. He is the Founder/CEO and Chairman of the “Cordoba Initiative”, who claims to be a bridge for American/Islam relations, but he has strong ties to CAIR and is not without controversy.

So he stated that: “The US and the West must acknowledge the harm they have done to Muslims before terrorism can end” (from Atlas Shrug:

And he has interesting ideas of closing the gap between Muslims, hurt American Patriots, those left behind, and the victims of 9/11: 

  1. Building a Mosque right in plain view of Ground Zero to remind us daily of who is responsible for almost 3000 dead Americans.

Here the Imam claims that not Muslims attacked New York but Terrorists did (From NY Daily).

It seems like the Imam has a selective memory and forgets on purpose that the Terrorists were Muslims, and that some even attended his community. I guess that is the Democrat way of thinking: “If we supersede it, it does not exist”. 

  1. Answering protests and concerns about the Mosque with insults to Americans, Christians, and victims.

Imam Rauf obviously thinks that calling the people opposing the Mosque tower (lead by Tea Party’s Mark Williams) bias, racists, and bigoted will help his case to build that blasphemous eye sore. (From NY Daily:

  1. Disrespecting and provoking Americans, and American Christians who conquered and built this country with their blood and dedication.

  1. Protecting radical hate preachers using “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Religion” from our very own Constitution against us as an excuse and a defense. 

This shows how little the Muslims in our own country think of us and what their idea of integration really means. But who will blame them? The fact is, no matter what they do, no matter how bad or disrespectful their actions are, our liberal Government is allowing their numbers to strengthen by protecting them, and the results will be devastating to the American Christian Majority.

The Muslims are invading our lives and trying to destroy our “Christian” heritage more and more every day. The incessant Diversity preaching and these so called “Peace Leaders” are trying to force us to retreat through intimidation.

We’ve already had to hide our own heritage by removing historical Southern Battle flags from the walls because the Blacks complain that it hurts their feelings, but radical Muslims are allowed to build a Mosque Tower right in plain view of Ground Zero – what a farce.


Do not let this happen to America, fight back, this is our country not theirs. New York is big, why does it have to be near Ground Zero?

Contact Mayor Bloomberg:

PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)
FAX (212) 788-8123

The 12-member Financial District Committee who unanimously approved this abomination: GO HERE, BE POLITE.

And Community Board 1 Members who gave them the authority to do so: GO HERE, BE POLITE. (Link hat tip Jetstream)

Go call your local Congress man or congress woman and protest, write letters, and make your voice heard.

New York might be far away from you but remember: Ground Zero stands for American pride and resolve, and if that’s not enough to remind you, please listen to this song:

Have you Forgotten?
(Darryl Worley)

May God Bless America and hold the victims of 9/11 dear in his loving arms


7 responses

  1. The 12 did vote for it but the more important meeting is tonight.


    You’re kidding right? There are LEGIONS who are against this madness. And of course leading the outraged are the ones who lost loved ones on 9/11.

    A facebook group already has 20,000 fighting it.

    Here’s a great link:

    So rest assured Tom; you are not the only savvy, informed, USA loving patriot out there.

    1. Thanks Lori for your kind words, I take it you like my blog LOL, I know about the FB site, i am a member of it.. The Questions “AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THAT THIS IS INSANELY LUDICROUS?” was more of a rethorical question because so far other than in NY Daily and Atlas shrug I dont seem to hear something about that

      I dont know about others but I wont stop fighting

      Thanks and God bless you Lori

  2. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Einfach unglaublich!!!!!!!
    Die Regierung genehmigt und fördert den Bau einer Moschee in unmittelbarer Nähe des Ground Zero! Entschuldige bitte, aber wie krank ist die Regierung!!!
    Ich habe die Bilder von 09/11 nicht vergessen und werde sie niemals vergessen! Die ganze Welt hat auf Amerika in diesen Stunden gesehen, viele Menschen haben gebetet und gehofft und in diesen Stunden waren sich fast alle (bewusst alle, da es doch viele gab, die diesen Anschlag gefeiert haben) einig, das hat Amerika nicht verdient, das hat niemand verdient. 3000 Menschen sterben unschuldig, weil es kranke und irre Menschen gibt, die so einen hinterhältigen gemeinen Anschlag planen und ausführen. Wer hat mit diesem sinnlosen Töten angefangen und in wessen Namen? Nicht die amerikanische Bevölkerung so viel ist sicher. Doch wer belohnt jetzt dieses Töten – und ich sehe das als Belohnung – und genehmigt eine Moschee in unmittelbarer Nähe – die amerikanische Regierung im Namen der amerikanischen Bevölkerung. Das ist eine Farce schlecht hin! Wen will man wohl hier für dumm verkaufen?
    Dagegen muss man etwas tun, sei es mit Protestbriefen, mit Demonstrationen, nein diese Moschee oder besser gesagt kulturelle Gemeindezentrum gehört da nicht hin und darf nicht gebaut werden, niemals! Wo anders vielleicht! Aber nicht in die Nähe von Ground Zero!!!!

  3. Du hast recht man muss dagegen was unternehmen und wir sind dran, im moment sind e protestbrife, anrufe beim Bloomberg, jam his phone lines, call Fox and CBS and start direct protests and shutting down the construction site, every day delay costs money and we can make it as expensive as possibel. That disrespect and insults as well as provocations happening everywhere, where the liberalas are in power, jsut look in Austria, the green party and the socialists know that nobody wants Muslim Mosques and yet against the will of the people they build them all over the place.

    All we can do is protesting, calling and make sure those jackasses are not going to be happy with their nonsense.

  4. Posting. Thank you!

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  6. God knows the very cry of humanity, were walks halal! I now too deaf to me!

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