Memorial Day 2010 – Obama’s disrespect to the America

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.”
(John Adams)

May 31, 2010 

..... Memorial Day ....

Originally called Decoration Day, this is a day of reflection and remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. We are all beneficiaries of those who have given their lives and those who fought and died to win the freedom and democracy that we Americans cherish so dearly.

The United States of America remembers their fallen Hero’s Past, Present, and Future.

But does the entire United States of America?

Absolutely not – our Commander in Chief, Barrack Hussein Obama has decided not to honor the Men and Women in Uniform that he’s supposed to command to defend our great Nation.

It is tradition that the President of the United States of America visits the Arlington Memorial and the Grave of the Unknown Soldier, including a Military Parade and putting down a floral wreath to honor the fallen American Hero’s.

President Obama has decided not to follow the tradition by visiting the Arlington Memorial Cemetery and the Grave of the Unknown fallen Soldier. He has decided to take a vacation to Chicago, IL and have a BBQ with his supporter Reverend Louis Farrakhan, current Leader of the Radical “Nation of Islam” (From

In my last Blog “The New York Mosque – Provoking America” ( I informed you that the City of New York plans and financially supports a Mosque less than three Blogs away from Ground Zero where Radical Muslims murdered more than 3000 innocent Americans.

The entire Media has ignored this fact. Even traditionally Conservative Medias such as Fox, WND, and other Christian Publications who claim to defend Christianity against Muslim Infiltration and Muslimization of America have looked the other way.

While two thirds of our brave and courageous Armed Forces are battling Muslim terrorists all over the world and our heroic Soldiers are giving their lives to defend the United States, their Commander in Chief is hosting the leader of the Radical Nation of Islam at a BBQ on the very same day he should actually be honoring our Soldiers.

The Nation of Islam

The Nation of Islam is a radical Terrorist supporting Organization founded in the 1930’s in Detroit, Michigan by Wallace D. Fard Mohammed (From Wikipedia: Their most famous Leaders were during the 1960’s Elijah Mohammed and Malcolm X, a well known Terrorist.

Their radical militant Arm is the Black Panthers. The very same Black Panthers, Obama is at the moment protecting from prosecution for intimidating Voters (From my Blog – “The return of the Black Panther”:

The majority of the NOI is, and always has been black Americans, and yet their hatred against Christians and Jews goes so far that they joined forces in 1961 with ANP (American Nazi Party). The picture below (from proves George Lincoln Rockwell, leader of the ANP, Elijah Mohammed and Malcolm X shared the same Stage promoting Socialism.

Louis Farrakhan has lead the Nation of Islam since 1978 and since then the Headquarter is in – GUESS WHERE – YES – Chicago, IL; Obama’s Hometown. A gathering in 2000 delivered a headcount of 20,000 plus. 

Rev. Louis Farrakhan

Born in 1933 as Louis Eugene Walcott, he is the current radical Leader of the Nation of Islam (From Wikipedia: He is an Obama supporter and close friend to the family.

In 1996 Mr. Farrakhan received the “Al-Gaddafi International Prize of Human Rights” founded by Libya’s Terrorist Leader Muhammar al-Gaddafi – the very same guy who is responsible for the death of hundreds of Americans all over the World including the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 (From Wikipedia: Though Gaddafi’s direct involvement has never been proven without beyond a shadow of a doubt, but in 2001 the convicted Terrorist was Libyan and nothing happens in Libya without Gaddafi’s approval.

Final Conclusion

And while the entire Unites States holds parades, sends cards, and honors the fallen American Hero’s – the City of New York, lead by the radical Democrat Mayor Bloomberg, is spitting in the face of the fallen Hero’s of 9/11 by financing a Mosque lead by a radical Muslim Imam, and Obama is disrespecting the American Hero’s of the Armed Forces by having a BBQ with a radical Muslim Leader (probably selling out America and discussing how he can hand over our great Nation to our Enemies before re-Election time 2012).

We have to wake up and stop this destruction of everything that the American People hold dear.

It is time to stop Obama before he destroys our entire Nation and we have to pledge Allegiance to Allah.

I pledge only one Allegiance – the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America

And the American Soldier


23 responses

  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Incredible – I can not believe it. At first the Mosque and now he doesn’t honored the fallen soldiers. Is this a president for all people under one nation? Definitly not.

  2. It’s another affront to our great nation and Veterans.

    I like what you’re written. I especially love how pithy your insights are. It’s a perfect length for busy, busy people.

    One thing: In your email tease you wrote there were only two presidents that have skipped Memorial Day celebrations. Did you mean at Arlington? If so, THREE presidents have missed visiting the Tomb: Reagan, Geo. H., and Geo. W. (Geo. W was in Normandy).

    God bless!

  3. Every day since Obama has taken office I’ve found myself saying, “I can’t believe it,” in response to something Obama has done or said. I cannot wait for this nightmare to be over.

  4. Clifford A. Wright | Reply

    This is not a President of the people, this is a President against the people. Sad thing is, it is the people that put this anti-American biggot in office. Something to consider.

  5. They call me “a teacher, a fomenter of violence.” I would say point blank, “That is a lie. I’m not for wanton violence, I’m for justice.” Malcom X 1965

    Your Blog is pure racism

    1. Sure all the Terrorists talk about peace when they find out they are pressured or their time comes to an end. Malcolm X was like Ghandi, the Black Panther only a boys choir and the Hamas and Hezbollah the boyscouts

      1. now you get it …

        dont think one way, just think the way its meant to be.

  6. Your blog post has some misinformation in it.

    First of all, Obama was not at Farrakhan’s house. He was across the street in a friend’s house. The blog post that you link to ultimately links to this account:,farrakhan-press-stand-off-053010.article

    It’s pretty clear that while Obama was inside his friend’s house, the press corp was across the street. When one reporter accidentally went near Farrakhan’s house, one of Farrakhan’s security guards went crazy. That’s about it.

    And that happened on Saturday night, not Memorial Day, when Obama met with military families in Chicago and gave a speech at Andrews Air Force Base.

    He’s not the first President to not go to Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day. I recall President Bush in Normandy on Memorial Day one year, and I read that his father never went to Arlington on Memorial Day.

    1. Thanks for your answer, now, to use the words of your Anti-American Hero Obama – let me make this clear I did not say Obama was at Farrakhans house I sad it was the other way around – besides that an old saying is: Show me your friends and I tell you who you are – Obama’s friends are radical Muslim Socialists adn Anti-American Communists – I REST MY CASE. Second the memorial for the fallen and unknown soldier is in Arlington VA and not on a Airforce base.

      And when you recall Bush – you yahoo – you should know that Bush missed only one and not for a private party like your Anti-American Traitor Obama – Bush was on official Presidential Business honoring the fallen on the 50th Aniversary of D-Day (just in case your liberal selective memory does not reach that far – that was when thousend of Americans gave their lifes to free the world from Hitler). And that is a major difference

      1. “let me make this clear I did not say Obama was at Farrakhans house I sad it was the other way around”

        What do you mean? Are you arguing that Farrakhan was at Obama’s house? Again, read the news article I linked to. Farrakhan was not part of the incident. Neither was Obama. The contact was between one of Farrakhan’s crazy security guards and a White House press corp member.

        And Obama did not miss Memorial Day for a “private party”. He spent *Saturday* at this “party”, if you want to call watching a hockey game that. He spent Memorial Day itself giving speeches and meeting with military families.

        Now I’ve tried to be respectful and politely point out factual problems with your blog post. In return, you call me a “yahoo” and accuse me of not knowing my history. I know all about WW2. I even went to visit Normandy to see the War Cemetery and Omaha Beach when I was in France in the summer of 2001.

        I’m done with your blog. Not because you disapprove of Obama, but because of your rudeness.

      2. I agree maybe I have been a little rude. I apologize – my momma taught me better manners than that. Sure. And since I am a conservative who, in opposite to you liberals, knows when he has to apologize and admit he was wrong.

        Something liberals will never learn – those make their failures 1st an insult to them followed by 2nd a crybaby action followed by 3rd political program.

        Now again I did read your link and frankly you really think believe one word an Obama-Propaganda-Print paper this is for me like listening to MSNBC (which gives me stomach ulcer).

        Why was I rude? Well you are acting like a faithful Obama- Man; your self-proclaimed Messiah can’t do any wrong and it is any way all Bushes fault. It was YOU that brought up Bushes visit to the Normandy if you remember so I can assume you have no clue why he was there.

        OK – I might have been wrong, you seem to know what was there. Good for you. But that is even worse if you have been there and then still, like a good Obama-man (or are you a woman? You don’t even have enough courtesy to introduce yourself) bring up Bushes Visit to the Normandy:

        So what do you call being at home on a private BBQ and on Sunday performing real quick a Propaganda Election-Speech on an Air Force base? I call it a private Party


        Bush has not been in French to dance Limbo with the French President but rather he was there to honor the fallen Hero’s (as you claim you have been there – you should know that)

        So let me see: Private BBQ (with a little election propaganda) VS. Presidential Business

        I guess the difference is obvious.

        Oh and one more thing: The fact that Farrakhan and all the other radical punks including CAIR and the New York Jerk of Imam are the prime contributor and supporters of Obama is undisputed.
        And if you are done with my Blog – I am really sorry. Most of MY followers agree with me or as the good Lord says (You know that is God something the liberals only know when they are about to lose election while in the meantime they do nothing but downsizing him), “If one door closes another one opens”. I am sad to might lose you as reader but then on the other hand you might want to tell you self-proclaimed messiah OsamaBama – 965 days left until the martyrdom to our great Nation is over and he is voted out of MY PROPERTY – the White House. Time is running up and he better has the phone number of workforce commission. But not to worry he can go on ObamaCare right?

  7. Really enjoy your take on things..I will be following you from now on..

    1. Thank you – I look forward to it.

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  9. I think black and white dies together USA.
    A war really no one wants.
    The rich are getting far rich secretly awhile in power.
    The people have to pay by law and the rich pay little and the poor pays awhile they cannot eat.
    I saw on the uk tv white soilders getting respect awhile the whole streets from every corner crys for weeks for each of them and on the black soilder the max about ten people giving respect who were black and no one on the street.
    He was fighting for Britain and USA war.
    Who wants new world order? But the greedy who cannot have enough, but preparing for their generations to stay the same with insurance.
    Muslim and Roman Orthodox Catholic empires had a history and each empires was greedy for it self and didn’t help each other. But this war is not new with South and North.

  10. Bush and Blair have oil secretly, I’m sure Obama has none.

  11. Blood comes by first choices.

  12. Obama has to be himself some times, he cannot be a fool walking seeing white all the time.
    Because he behaviour is program white to please and fight for his skin awhile whites on the run from him.
    But those who know that he is program white awhile black will support him because he looks like a fool.

  13. The thing is the KKK and NF are not so smart because they got a big mouth FOR ME ALONE, but white societies paint the world white as a friendly place for all, which is more dangerous if a man is sleeping and not awake, even out of his sleep.
    But they say it is equal when it is a lie, but only a few get to pass so it looks equal.

  14. You ought to call your site a al-Qaeda recruitment center. What Muslim want to help translate for Americans after reading your disgusting filth,bigotry, racism, hate and perversion. If anyone acts like Hitler , it’s you! When fascism comes to America it will hold the flag in one hand and the Bible in another.

  15. […] Memorial Day 2010 – Obama’s disrespect to the America June 2010 21 comments and 1 Like on, 5 […]

  16. I really wonder where you found that poem “The Soldier”

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