Gaza Flotilla – Israel‘s Right to Self-defense

There are hundreds of blogs, columns, and articles covering the details of the “Flotilla incident” from June 1, 2010. So I am not going there, but rather take a closer look at the surroundings and why the great State of Israel had no other choice in doing what they did. 

The Call of Abram

12:1 Now the Lord said to Abram, “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you. 2 And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. 3 I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

(Genesis 12:1 – 3)


If Israel would invent tomorrow a medication to cure AIDS and CANCER and give those meds for free to the world – the UN and Europe would still do nothing but insult and attack Israel.


Fact 1) Any provided humanitarian Goods intended for Gaza will be dropped off to the Government of Israel, a sovereign country, who checks the donations for weapons of any kind or weapon-grade material and then drops them off in Gaza.

The elected leadership of Palestine is alone responsible for the distribution of the Goods.

Fact 2) Israel offered several times to transfer the alleged Humanitarian Goods from those ships to Gaza, but that was refused and denied by the organizers of that flotilla under the leadership of a book author and some left wing liberal socialists from Germany.

The reason is pretty simple – to provoke Israel. The organizers wanted to make a statement, and the statement was simple: Israel has no right to defend itself and with our celebrity status we can do as we please because the left wing compromised Media will be on our side.

Fact 3) There is no such thing as a democratic elected Government of Gaza. Bottom line, there is no such thing as a recognized Country by the World community; therefore there can not be a Government. The Palestinian Authorities, better known as a Radical Terrorist Organization Fatah-Hamas have control over the Gaza strip (From Wikipedia: and those are recognized Terrorists.

Fact 4) The International Solidarity Movement is a group that along with the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, and the Israel Committee Against House Demolitions started the Free Gaza Movement. The Free Gaza Movement is who organize the flotillas to send supplies into Gaza.

U.S. State department has confirmed that the Flotilla itself is part of, and supported from the United Nations NGO Brand (From Fox News:  

Well, it turns out that at least two of these groups, the International Solidarity Movement and the Israel Committee against House Demolitions, receive funding through an American 501c3 tax exempt “charity.” (From

Fact 5) Israel has shown many signs throughout the past centuries about its willingness to Peace in that region. As Israel has said:

“If the Palestinians would put down there weapons there would be peace, but if Israel puts down there weapons there would be no more Israel”.

Those signs have permanently been torpedoed by the Palestine leadership as well as the European Union and the United Nations (From my Blog: Socialists and the Muslim Terrorists – Method Conspiracy or just coincidence?

The incident

You have to give the logistics of that entrapment credit. The entire military style coordination and planning was excellent and it left Israel with no choice whatsoever.

When Israel was forced to enter the flotilla of several Vessels, which were claiming to bring so called “Humanitarian Goods” to Gaza, the whole world lead by the hypocrites of the UN and Europe became furious.

All over the world Anti-Israel protesters came crawling out from under the rocks in order to use this incident as an excuse to once again display their hate for the nation of Israel.

What’s interesting is that the front line of the protesters is made up of Left wing politicians, Muslims, and Leftist radical Celebrities.

But also Pro-Israel protesters condemn the Military action, accusing the Israeli government of allowing the terrorists to entrap them. 

Military point of few

What other choice did Israel have?

Initial Situation

At the same time the flotilla left the harbor of Cyprus a vast number of unarmed civilian small boats filled the entire 12 Mile zone to “Welcome” the illegal parcel ships.

Territorial waters, as defined by the 1982 United Nations Convention of the “Law of the Sea” is a belt of coastal waters extending, at most, twelve Nautical Miles from the Baseline of a costal state. Or in other words everything within 12 miles of the shore belongs to the sovereign country (from Wikipedia:

Israel’s choices

That left Israel with only three choices 

1)    Israel sends the Navy inside the 12 Mile zone, chases the boats away, and waits for the Flotilla to stop them within the legal 12 mile boundaries.

For the media that would have made no difference. They would even increase the bashing on Israel alone for threatening the alleged Welcome Boats as attack of Unarmed Civilians.

2)    Israel stops the cargo ships in international waters to avoid an altercation with the small boats

Which lead to the current situation? And that was the right decision to make. Doing so Israel was able to transfer the altercation out of its own Territory, avoided an interference of Civilians and an unmanageable situation as well as civilian casualties.

We all know that Muslim Terrorists, when in rage, are almost unstoppable except with lethal force. The altercation on board those ships shows that perfectly. 

3)    Israel does absolutely nothing and allows the fleet to enter the shore and deliver the Cargo without checking it.

This would be counterproductive for all sides: The Media, the “Supporters of Gaza,” and the State of Israel.

a)    The Media would not honor this “sign of humanity” by Israel, but rather increase the pressure by questioning the official declared blockade, which was supported at this time by Egypt, period. Meanwhile, Egypt has withdrawn from the Blockade due to International pressure.

b)    For the Gaza Support group would this choice be a fatal one because any accusations against Israel would cease to exist and their entire artificially pushed PR show would have become worthless.

c)    For Israel this choice was no option at all. Not only would Israel lose face and practically question its own official Blockade, but also this would allow the flotilla to reach shore and deliver the Donations without a security check.

That means for Israel that there may, or may not be a 50/50 chance that weapons or Missile-Grade Material would be brought into the area which increases the chances of them being attacked again.

And Israel’s security concerns have been proven right. International Media, including Europeans, have confirmed that the vast majority of the Flotilla crews have ties to Terrorists organizations (From Intelligence and Terrorism Information center:; From Times Online:; NewsBusters report from CBS:

If any given country reserves the right to stop vessels in International Waters suspicious of Piracy to protect material goods on Cargo ships and to protect its economic Interests, why should Israel not have the right to do the same to protect its territorial safety?


If anybody takes a closer look at the situation they will see that Israel was left with no option besides entering the (by own definition) “Gaza Solidarity Fleet” at sea, otherwise the casualties would be unimaginably high. The Blockade is a Security necessity for the safety of Israel and a well recognized tool all over the world. A military tool also used by the United States in order to enforce safety and security as well as the political agenda.

Vice President Joe Bidden recognized Israel’s right to self-defense (From FoxNews: And while this one incident has not yet been cleared, the next provocation to Israel is already on its way – the next flotilla already announced.

An interesting WND Article from today asks the questions: “Is this flotilla battle signalizing the start of “Gog and Magog?” The council of Rabbis in Israel is convinced that his is the case and the beginning of the third final redemption (From WND:

For those not familiar with the Old Testament – The “Gog and Magog Prophesy” of Ezekiel talks about the rise of many Muslim Nations along with Russia, that go down to destroy the land of Israel (From (From

It is our duty, obligation and privilege as children of the Jewish Faith – And let me remind you that our Savior JESUS CHRIST was Jewish – to stand united with Israel.

The Muslim Infiltration of our Nation and the entire Western World has already begun. They know that alone with lethal Force they cannot prevail, so they use our own laws against us.

If we think the War between Israel and the Muslim World does not affect us just because it’s more than 6000 Miles away, we are fools.

The War is fought on two frontlines

One frontline is the direct military War against Israel.

But the other frontline is a far more dangerous one.  This one is fought in the Western World of Europe and the United States through Public relations where the Muslims act as Victims, use our Liberal Media as propaganda machinery, and so drive a wedge between Israel and the Christian World.

Gog and Magog is already in motion and we have to unite under the Cross and join forces with Israel in order to survive.

If not, is this the end of the World as we know it?


9 responses

  1. WONDERFUL and right on target insights.

  2. Terrorists are terrorists .. du you really think you´re right ? I dont want to know your “opinion” when that was Muslims instead of Isreal …

    Pure Ignorance of facts … you are not the superman you want to be

    1. Ramones,
      I’d like to respond real quickly to your comment –

      First of all: I don’t want to be Superman; Superman was a fictional character in gay stockings – I live in reality.

      Terrorists are Terrorists – hhmmm lets see YES I am right. What else would you call them: Boy scouts, choir Boys, or maybe misguided Activists?

      To your questions what my opinion would be if the shoe where on the other foot – that question is out of reality. Bottom line is that Muslims have tried since they exist to conquer the world:

      I don’t recall any Jewish terrorists but I do recall permanent threats and Terror attacks of Muslims if they don’t get their way they want or somebody dares to criticize them (a right those individuals reserve of course for themselves) , I do recall Jerusalem being the center of Jewish faith followed by Christian faith hundreds of years before those radicals even started to exist.

      I wonder what would happen if Jewish and Christians would build a settlement around Mekkah, than build a church there and call it their right to own the city…Oh of course your buddies would go ballistic and scream and holler and of course Terrorize the entire World “Defending their Muslim holy ground” but hey you people can build your Allah preaching crap all over the world and invade what you want right?

      So yes a TERRORIST IS A TERRORIST and there is no such thing as negotiating with this lowest existence of mankind.

      To use the words of a real Patriot: Hunt them down, smoke them out and bring them to Justice (though I prefer Texas Justice – there is always a tall tree nearby).

      1. fact is tclehner,

        i think you live in reality, your own reality where all Muslims are bad and all other good. i am no muslim, i am no afroamerican, i am not even an american, i am just a thinking invididual with my own opinium, who thinks life is the greatest gift of them all.

        Right Terrorists are Terrorists, Fact, but what makes a terrorist a terrorist ? right: Use of weapons to achieve their goals … right ? okay both sides uses weapons on the first strike, both are terrorists ? my opinium ? they are BOTH terrorists … Even Israel.

        Israel had long time ago no land ..

        by the way you dont even know my buddies, you think i am a liberal … the world is not even black and white .. just take a look on the (wild) grey side of the world.

        Dont preach your hate on all others than you are .. that´s tclehner is racism in the first place .. do you really want a third Worldwar ? do you know how it ends ? It ends with the end of human nature, with the big bang

    2. i love israel | Reply

      accept that israel is the land of GOD and who dare curse israel will be cursed by GOD i stand for israel no matter what the people said soooo repent all you will be perish

  3. praisecreator | Reply

    Very accurate… God Bless Israel and the Jewish people.

  4. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Wow my feedback about this sensitive topic wasn’t really much and it was for me very interesting to read this blog. My opinion is, that we and with we I mean all people around the world MUST STAND WITH ISRAEL! For comparison – I live in a small land in the middle of Europe. The neighbour of my land will have a part of my land. All other lands have made an agreement for peace with my land. Well, if my land would not give the part to the neighbour they will go in a war, an absurd war. And all other neighbours won’t help my land.
    And this is what we do since many years. We shows on Israel but we won’t help.
    I hope I understand this sensitiv topic right.

  5. Well, it’s like Jesus said, two will be for Me and two against me… I love Israel!

    1. I love Israel and support it too – thanks for your comment

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