How to Destroy Israel – Just Ask Obama

Every day I receive the headlines from newspapers and electronic Media Stations from all over the World. Mostly I cover of course Conservative U.S. Media.

But since I speak fluent German, of course I cover British, Austrian, and German News to see what those people report about us and if the coverage is fair. Which, I can tell you upfront, it is not. But that is a different story.

Today I was in total disbelief when I zapped through my email headlines.

In just a minute I will tell you why.

When Iran’s President Ahmedinejad on June 6, 2010 threatened to send an “Escort“ for the next Gaza support ships I was looking all through the Media for any reactions from either the United Nations or President Obama.

But that was a waste of time. There was no such thing as an exhortatory word from the United Nations.

There was no warning or threat to Ahmendinejad from President Obama to stay out of this in order not to escalate the Situation anymore.

We all know that for Ahmendinejad that radical Dictator and major Terrorist supporter, a clash between the Israeli Navy, acting in self-defense, and his Iranian Terror guards would be a dream comes true. He would finally have an excuse to attack our Jewish Brothers and Sisters in Israel.

Absolutely nothing happened – wait that is not right. Something did happen

The accusations against Israel continued, the Isolation and mocking of Israel continued, Iran’s threat has been widely spread and ignored, etc.

And on top of all this, instead of talking to our most faithful allies Israel, trying to de-escalate the Situation, President Barrack Hussein Obama held a meeting just this week in our White House with the Terror leader of Hamas guaranteeing him financial Aid of 400 Million Dollars for the Gaza Strip.

Yes it is true. Obama has spent in the first year of his presidency more money than President Bush in the entire eight years.

The United States is now more than 13 Trillion Dollars in debt and our Commander in chief is financing the very same Terrorists determined to destroy the United States, Christianity, and our allies Israel with 400 Million Dollars out of OUR Taxes.




So after my first disbelief and shock I sat down and opened Google. OK, you can think about Google as you please, but as a source of Information it is perfect. 

I entered the Word: Obama spends 400 Million to Gaza

And this is what I found:

To make it short, on the first 30 hits only the following regular media Stations wrote short Article: New York Times, NY Post, Washington Examiner, and Albuquerque Express, and of course Obama’s propaganda Station MSNBC, and the rest are more or Less Private Bloggers. 

What I did NOT find was: Fox, CBS, ABC, WND,,, or any other of the Conservative Medias.

Even official information sites such as,, or any other site covering the whereabouts of our government ignore this message in order to avoid a major storm of protest against this barefacedness of Obama.

While on the German Speaking side of Google all of the main Media stations cheer in happiness that the United States finally has a President that does not protect Israel, but finances the Terrorists with financial Aid (From Google: They call this a sign of change in politics and support to the poor oppressed Palestinians.

Pass on the Word and let everybody know what the Media Ignores, please join me and protest, call your congress man and Senator. I am not willing that Obama sends 400 Million of my tax Money to Terrorists. I also wrote the President directly today.


Not that Obama – radical Muslim loving America hating Anti-Christ thug – would listen, but just as long as he knows that his Presidential time is running out we achieve our goal.


12 responses

  1. you must be real frightened of muslims … you are so one way ignorance …. you are the real man, 300 years too late … we are not in wild west we live in and for the future, not the past as you want it. Do you think George W. was a great president ? than you live in your real cold world,

    touch the time, touch the future, learn of the past, dont live in it …

  2. Great column. A bit frightening but real.
    And the photos. Whoa —- they are VERY DARK.

    I’m emailing you a different kind of photo of the LUNATIC Ahmadinejad.
    It makes me laugh and helps me to keep this madness in its proper perspective.

    About Google, it’s merely a good STARTING place to BEGIN research.

  3. PS — Your comment from Ramones would carry more weight if his grammar and punctuation were at least remotely correct.

    Just shows there are a lot of people out there pontificating who never bothered to do their school homework assignments.
    We are surrounded by loud, barely educated people —who vote!
    Now that to me is what’s frightening.
    They walk among us…

  4. Lori, english is not my native language.

    you think you are educated ? and thats the only thing you can last on me ? oh thats poor.

    i am sorry i am not a professor, but if you are one, than i am very glad that i dont have your “education”


  5. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Well I think Israel is a very difficult topic. But I have told it on your first post, I wouldn’t be very amused, if it were my land, my country, my hometown. I’m on your side, Obama has not the right to give a guarantee for financial aid about 400 Millionen Dollars – wow what a sum. I think America has big financial problems and need the money very urgent self. And if Obama will help, so he should give the money to Isreal for defending her land, country and hometown. I think this would be a better decision.

    And I agree with Lori – the photos are very dark, but great!

    Ramones, what would you say, if it were your land, country and hometown? I’m not a rassist, I’m not a friend of George W. Bush or other presidents of the US, but I look me all sides and than I build me an opinion, and my opinion is, nobody has the right to attack other peoples home. We should learn from the past and the past shows us, that we can beware a war/disput, if we help eachother. And in this case, we should help Isreal and the people of Israel!

  6. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    And to your first comment, Ramones: Why is the author really frightening and ignorant, when he says the truth! Have you forgotten 9/11? Have you forgotten all the people, who must died? All was virgin! And it wasn’t America self to attack other peoples land, no – that were radical terrorist to began a war with America and the rest of the world, but especially America! And the same radical terrorist – not the same, but for me they are all the same -try to get a part of Israel with practice of death, fear and horror!
    And in the past – have you forgotten the second war? We should help us eachother and shouldn’t give terror a chance!
    And when Obama gives a guarantee about 400 Million Dollars he will doesn’t help Israel – he will help the wrong side!

  7. Thanks Tom, I just finished reading this to Carl he too is very upset about the Gov financing hamus. I thank God that I have you in my corner. Knowing you can read the foriegn languages and what the other countries say about us is very important to us. We want to know. Keep up the Good Work… Working for Our United States of America to keep us the people who are listening aware of our Status. We know we are a hated country and it Pains us Completely. NOT all the US Voters are loud and uneducated as I and my husband vote and we are very educated and are listening quietly. NOT LOUDLY!

  8. You are a racist!

  9. BTW, didn’t Ronald Reagan help finance al-Qaeda?

  10. The UN says Zionism is a form of Racism. Every Israeli is Zionist and therefore a racist. The Christians and Jews believe in a need for Armageddon and the Rapture. They will lie, cheat, steal, kill, defame and capitulate against humanity until they rule all of us with their 2-4,000 year old mythology and hoakie religions. Stay strong and fight the Christian and Zionist Jews at every turn. Ask yourself; would you kill a Muslim standing in front of your for these fake Jews or would you do the right thing and not kill? Every dollar you give to Israel is a dollar spent on death and killing of her neighbors.

  11. u are a fool.n a big one.why shld amadinajade b threatened.israel is gods greatest mistake.and about obama be happy he has not launched any war forviolence is no solution to a problem as it passes hatred from one generation to another.i think u are racist.what do u say about bush he is the worst of all american shut up and b happy for peace than promotin hatred hat brings money to a few people

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