Open Letter to Rep. John Boehner

Tom C. Lehner

Spofford; Texas
Proud Tea Party member, Reagan-Conservative Judeo-Christian American

~~ Don’t treat on me ~~


This open Letter has also been sent to Rep. John Boehner direct in his office as off this morning;

Honorable John Boehner,

I have to admit Sir, I am furious right now. WE THE PEOPLE represented by the Tea party have not fought so hard and so long to help Conservative Representatives to regain control of the House just to see that nothing really has changed.

D.C. is still nothing but `Politics as Usual´, deals and cuts. Please explain to me how we can have the majority in the House and yet that radical Anti-American Pundit Nancy Pelosi is still able to push a Law through that is rejected by the Majority of the American People – the DREAM ACT (or better be called NIGHTMARE – ACT) that allows criminal Illegal’s who break on a daily base at least 4 Federal Laws (Tax Fraud, Social Security fraud, Immigration Violations, Illegal Border Crossing) if not more and several State Laws. All of them subject for an American Citizen to go to jail for centuries.

I remind on the Lottery winner in CA who did not pay his tax and was convicted to 4 years of federal Prison while now Illegal Criminals become awarded the American Citizenship for the same.

If WE THE PEOPLE cannot count on our from US elected Conservative Senators, than WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO RECONSIDER our decision and you, Sir, be well advised to let your RINO colleges on the House know – the next election comes for sure and all those who betrayed us will pay the ultimate price for a politician – UNEMPLOYMENT and being de elected.


This letter will be publically posted on my Blog (1400 direct readers every day, plus those who read through promotion) and on top as open Letter on my facebook wall (940 direct friends reconnected with about 500,000 other conservative readers). This might not be of interest for you (who do not care about one man) but the next election will show.

And yes – GOP has regained the House because of us and our Facebook, Twitter and Blog network.

Thank you and Good Luck


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  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Wow, great written!!!!

    1. Thanks sweety, so this is me: 3AM AND PISSED LIKE HELL (3 Uhr frueh und stinksauer)

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