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Tunisia – The Ignored Danger to America

Riots in Tunisia

Riots in Tunisia

What really puzzled me the past few days was that not one of the major Media’s or Columnists seems to pay attention to the northern African Country of Tunisia.

Tunisia was past decades pretty much the Cancun for the Europeans, focusing on Tourists, primarily from Europe.

Predominantly a Muslim Country, Tunisia was very progressive and did not forcefully insist on radical Muslim rules such as Sharia Law. As a matter of fact Tunisia allowed the building of Hotel resorts, organized Hog and other Jungle Animal Hunting tours and used its breath taking access to the Mediterranean See to offer its shore for Tourism. True to the motto: “1001 night meets western civilization”.

But there has also always been a certain danger in this self declared Wonderland. If Tourists went too far into the southern part of the country, away from the primary Tourist sections, they exposed themselves to Kidnapping by the African Branch of Taliban and Al Qaida. And they were brutally active.

The system was simple: Stay away from Americans and target primarily Europeans. Since the majority of the Tourists are Europeans those Terrorists could be sure that the countries paid the ransom and so they financed their Terror attacks all over the world.

Oh and if you think they are not a threat just think of the past few caught Terrorists in American such as the “Underwear Christmas Bomber” – they all came from Africa.

The landscape as well as the lack of border patrols between the northern African Countries and as well as the fact that the majority of the local Law enforcement (if that’s what you want to call them) is highly corrupt and cooperates with the terrorists makes it easy for those to kidnap and disappear in the deserts between, the countries.

In most cases of kidnapping Muammar Al Gaddafi’s son Islam al Gaddafi, educated in Austria/Europe and connected with excellent ties to European Governments, acts as the local off-the- record negotiator and official point of contact to the “extremists” to buy kidnapped people free.

But the peace is over. This La-La-Fantasy of east meets west and we all go along show has come to an end.

On January 15th of 2011 the people in Tunisia revolted against the current Government and forced the President and his wife to flee for asylum to Saudi Arabia.

While the government and especially the, since 23 years reigning President Zine El Abidene Ben Ali (74) and his wife Leila Ben Ali, got richer and richer on the tremendous income from the Tourists the people of the country hardly ever got anything from the riches.

President Zine El Abidene Ben Ali (74) and his wife Leila Ben Ali

President Zine El Abidene Ben Ali (74) and his wife Leila Ben Ali

As a matter of fact the common populace was starving and lived in poverty with rising prices for food and gas and decreasing income.

Now there is a revolution in Tunis. Rumors have it that Leila Ben Ali and her Husband fled the country with 1.5 tons of Gold. The latest news was that the, on January 18th 2011 installed interims government where finally the previous forbidden opposition became three seats lasted exactly 2 hours when those three resigned.

But what does that has to do with us in the United States?

The most easy-to-be-influenced people as recruit for radical Muslims terrorist organizations are young people with low education, poor, unemployed and frustrated with the government and disappointed with the loss of “Muslim Moral Values”.

The promises of a better afterlife if they sacrifice their life in suicide Missions against the preferred Enemy Israel and America and the outlook that their family’s are forever financially supported by terrorist leaders makes the decision to join Al Qaida or the Taliban easy for them.

All it takes for the pied piper of Muslim recruiters is to promise a better future and put the blame first on the Europeans calling them Puppets of the Imperialistic Americans and call for the their destruction.


Most people when thinking of Africa see poor black African People with colorful cloth, wonderful Jungles and an amazing fauna, living mostly of charity from the West, and that since over 60 years.

But that is central Africa. Northern Africa is mostly Arabic descent.

And in the entire northern African region you have plenty of all of the necessary ingredients for future terrorists. You have Muslims, you have poverty and you have frustration and unemployment and the enemy right in plain few to blame.

Daniel Pipes of Washington Times calls it “Turmoil in Tunisia – Political upheaval could trigger revolution in other Islamic Countries” (Source – Washington Times:

Washington Times by the way is the only newspaper that at least mentions that threat.

While the United States is focusing on the Middle Eastern Countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and others to fight the war on Terror, this sleeping Lion is just about to arise and Terrors specialists in Europe warn for the longest time that the primary Terror threat has become Northern Africa.

Here is a map of that region. I added some numbers on the Countries who are lead by dictators and where the next Islamic revolution is to be expected. Below the picture I number down the countries and explain to you why.

Political Map of North Africa and the Middle East

Political Map of North Africa and the Middle East

1 – Tunisia: In December of 2010 a young unemployed man committed suicide through “self-immolation (by burning)” because of desperation. This self-immolation ignited outright wave of protest and lead finally in the current revolution and to the fall of President Zine el Abidene Ali.

2 – Algeria: The authoritarian President Bouteflika reigns since 1999. 2008 he pushed for a “reform” of the Constitution assuring himself life-long presidency. Violent demonstrations of the youth are continuous. The last Civil War with more than 150,000 dead is not long ago. Islamists are extreme radical and military rules with the most brutal methods.

Here as well people have committed Suicide through “self-immolation”.

President Bouteflika

President Bouteflika

3 – Mauretania: an Islamic Republic on the northwest shores of Africa right on the Atlantic with direct borders to Algeria, Mali, Senegal, and Morocco and sizes ¾ of Texas. Mauretania is officially a Presidential republic but since a Military coup in 2008 Mauretania is a military Dictatorship. The current President is “General Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz”. He was from 2008 to 2009 the Chairman of the High state Council (haut conseil d’etat) and won 2009 the Presidential Election. He has the military behind himself but the poverty and unemployment in this country is huge and Islamist infiltrating Mauretania sure becomes more radical on a daily base.

Just recent people have committed suicide in Mauretania through so called “self-immolation (by burning)” as protest against the government. This by the way becomes common practice in this region.

General Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz

General Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz

4 – Lybia: President Muammar al Gaddafi reins this country since over 40 years (since 1969). His trump card is an unbelievable amount of Oil and Gas. And though every once in a while he still feels the need to provoke his hosts, like his last visit in the United Nations in New York or his latest threat to Europe that Muslims will sooner or later conquer Europe, he is fawn over by European Countries, the United Nations and the current liberal U.S. Government under Obama. Not to forget his amazingly high restitution for the Lockerbie victims.

His successor will be his son Islam al Gaddafi who has been educated in Western Europe such as Switzerland and Austria.

With his Oil and Gas and the fact that Libyans are usually not really war-loving people he holds himself pretty good in power. Islam al Gaddafi runs a charity foundation to distribute wealth to the people. Some say that is a better money laundry for Terrorists because as I mentioned before through this charity he also passes on ransom money to the very same.

The real problem is the size of the country and the corrupt not-existing Border patrols to the desert in the south and south-west. This is Al Qaida country and the African Arm of them moves there pretty much unperceived and unmolested.

Muammar al Gaddafi

Muammar al Gaddafi

5 – Egypt: is the only previous member of the Arab alliance who first attacked Israel in 1967 (six-day-War) and later with Syria in the Yom Kippur attack in 1973 that turned from a member of the Soviet Union Alliance to alliance with the United States of America. Egypt is also the only previous member of the same Arab Alliance that made a peace treaty with Israel and accepted the same according to the law of nations.

Performing a constant balancing act between an open country using its historical sites and amazing history as tourist attractions and the more and more influential majority Muslim population President Mubarak’s position is rather shaky. The question about his successor is imminent and should he push his son through is the military his biggest opponent. Also radical Muslim groups attack more and more Tourists which makes this region easily combustible.

Opposition is oppressed, demonstrations are prohibited but the press is freer than in Tunisia.

Egypt made the headlines lately through the suicide bombing of the Coptic Christians on New Year’s Eve 2010/2011, which show quit the explosive cultural and religious situation there.

On Monday the 10th of January 2011 and man tried to self-immolate himself because of protest against the Parliament in Cairo. According to media a taxi driver doused the fire and the man was brought to the hospital.

President Mubarak

President Mubarak

6 – Morocco: Social tenseness is eminent. But the country is tight monitored. King Mohammed VI is in power since 1999. He is political and spiritual leader of the Country.  The major turmoil’s are in the West Sahara. The problem is the liberalization of the country. This brings major friction with the radical Muslims in this area.

King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI

7 – Jordan: The current situation in Jordan is at best absurd. 70% of the population are immigrated Palestinians. King Abdullah II and his wife Rania Al-Yassin are pro western and highly respected. But his balancing act between liberalization and fulfilling the needs of the radical Muslim Palestinians in this country brings tension and he faces a strong opposition. Other than the rest of the Arab countries Jordan does not have any natural resources on commodities. Its economy is depending on foreign aid, mostly from the United States. His thrown could be in jeopardy.

8 – Syria: Bashar al-Assad (45) did never want to go into politics. He wanted to become an Eye doctor and studies in Damascus and London. He speaks English and French. The son of Hafez al-Assad (President of Syria from 1970 – 2000) inherited the presidency.

It is a so called hereditary monarchy. Since 1963 the Baath Party is the strongest single force in this country. Attempts to reform the country have been stopped immediately. The party and the Military were worried to lose its influence. Opposition is oppressed and economy is central organized, media tight under control.

Poverty, corruption and unemployment are eminent. The government reacted to the latest turmoil’s with more social benefits. Syria is pretty calm at the moment; his agreement with the UN to allow foreign forces to cross their territory for liberating Kuwait was not really appreciated in the Arab World. Syria also wants to move forward on a peace negotiation with Israel which is not well liked in the Arab world as well. Right now Syria is isolated and depends on his bank system being the banker for Saudi Arabia and Iran. Radical Muslim forces are not happy with the liberal leadership of President Assad.

Bashar al-Assad (45)

Bashar al-Assad (45)

9 – Yemen: Al Qaida terrorists, Shiite Rebels, and separatists. President Saleh, in power since 1978, has a lot of pressure.

Ali Abdullah Saleh

Ali Abdullah Saleh

None of the above named governments are strong established and at best shaky. Should those countries fall into Islamic revolutions is this a disaster for the entire world. Combining this with the already radical Muslim countries in Central Africa such as Somalia and others and we will have a problem on our hand we cannot control.

AGAIN THE CHRISTMAS BOMBER/UNDERWEAR BOMBER WAS FROM THIS REGION – and the U.S. Government back than told us that this was a single incident and there is no imminent danger going out from Africa.

Radical Muslims, Al Qaida, and other terrorist groupings will control and regulate an inexhaustible amount of Gold, Oil and Diamonds the preferred currency of illegal weapons trafficker; I would say this makes Al Qaida the richest Terrorist organization on the planet.

Not to forget that they have a multi-million people recruiting pool of poor undereducated, and angry young man with a major hatred for the rich and prosperous United States and the European Union.

Now please tell me again why the White House, National Security council, mainstream Media, yet even the most respected Columnists like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbough and all the others ignore this present and scary danger?


This is not an African Problem, maybe at the moment but it WILL BE A PROBLEM FOR THE UNITED STATES AND THE ENTIRE WORLD.



Is Jared Lee Loughner the new Lee Harvey Oswald?

The entire past week I followed the coverage of the Tucson Massacre; this horrific despicable act of violence murdering 6 and injuring thirteen.

As to be expected tons of Blogs and columns appeared within days on the net and the media coverage – well at best it was ex parte and a disgrace.

Normally in an incident like this the primary focus of the media is on the dead victims. Especially since 9 year old Christina GREEN, a child born on 9/11/2001 was among those victims. But not in this case, the entire focus was on Rep. Gabrielle Gifford. Like all the other victims inclusive Honorable Judge Roll was practically not important. Only Fox news bothered to cover an interview with Christina’s mother.

Christina Green

Christian Green

Hon. Judge Roll

Hon. Judge Roll

Something bothered me the entire time. There were too many lose ends, to many previous actions and the unusual coverage that aroused my interest.

WHAT IF – this was not a coincidence but well planned. WHAT IF – J.L. Loughner was the 21st Century version of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Call it a crazy theory, call it fiction, call it an unproven nonsense – I call it:

Political assassinations are as old as mankind. All radical political leaders have used this tool to shut down opposition and either strengthen their own power or renew their evanescent popularity.

From outset of mankind over Julius Caesar, over Stalin, Fidel Castro to Adolf Hitler who mastered this despiteful tool of politics. He has his own party friend’s assonated in order to blame nascent opposition using propaganda means for the finger pointing before the bodies hit the ground.

Barry Rubin accurate related to as “The Tucson shooting, blood libels, and those who perpetrate them” In his Colum on Right Side News (

Blood Libel is a false accusation, that someone else has deliberately cause the shedding of blood, made in order to harm that person or people, advanced one’s own political and ideological agenda, and stir up hatred for them in a manner that might lead to shedding of their blood in revenge.

And this is exactly what happened here. And I will explain to you what made me come to that conclusion and why I think this was a purposely caused incident by the Democrats.

Because it does not matter what Gabrielle Gifford voted on or not – what mattered was that she was well liked in her community and she was the perfect sacrifice of a pawn for Obama’s reelection.

To the facts:

Obama’s entire presidency is filled with fraud, foul play, disgrace, ignorance, arrogance, racism, and radicalism.

The Tea Party movement became stronger on a daily base and definitely cause Obama the Midterm elections. His radical agenda was failing through and through and the call for more civil liberty among the people is unmistakable.

So am not going to count down again and again all his failures because you all know as good as I do about his disgraceful presidency.

I just want to remind you on one final fact (in the endless line of Unconstitutional actions Obama has set) and that is Al Sharpton’s abortive attempt to shut down Fox News and talk radio inclusive the most famous hosts Rush Limbough, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reiley and others. Knowing and ignoring that this is totally in violation of First Amendment.

This and many more incidences brought him to a point where only a miracle could prevent him from being a “One-Term” president and go into history as the worst president since Jimmy Carter.

Obama’s numbers were down the drain. His chances for reelection slim, even people in his own party turned against him looking for another candidate for 2012. Previous supporters, like Donald Trump publically announced their interest in running against him.

But like Myra Adams already stated in her Column “How Obama gets 270 in 2012” (Source – Pajama Media: never count out a Democrat just now.


A Kennedy miracle because just like the Kennedy’s used the tragic assassination of JFK to cover up every criminal offense, every crime, every misbehavior, every scandal presenting themselves as the misunderstood victims of Conservative prosecution.

When Obama announced that Robert Gibbs, David Axelrod, and Jim Messina leave the White House returning to Chicago preparing the 2012 Campaign I knew something will be happen. They needed to let him look like a Statesman again.


And just like ordered Tucson, Arizona happened.

Tucson, Arizona is Obama’s joker card to return like the proverbial RISE LIKE A PHONIX.

Let’s recapitulate the first hours of Tucson a little: 

  • Right after the shooting, not even the FBI could confirm who was the actual target, Gabrielle Gifford or Judge Rolls one of the most respected federal Judges appointed by former President G.W. Bush. Judge Rolls just 72 hours prior to this incident filed charges against Obamacare and the Retirement grab to finance that monstrosity.

But the Media already knew for sure, 15 minutes after the shooting that Jared Lee Loughner was a radical member of the tea party and started blaming Sarah Palin, Rush Limbough and all the other upright Conservative representatives of the Tea party. Blaming this incident on the alleged harsh and violent language (completely ignoring their own language towards conservative Christians).

  • Nobody talked about Christina Green, or Judge Rolls. The media immediately focused on Gabrielle Gifford and Obama, Pelosi and all the others did never call her Representative Gifford but used terms like “Gabi”. While Judge Rolls was never even mentioned.

Using a victim’s nickname is rhetorical tactic and usually used by law enforcement in kidnapping cases. This makes the victim part of the family or familiar and increases the compassion and sympathy. Using this tactic usually should prevent the kidnapper of harming the victim, but used in incidents like the Tucson Shooting, this tactics is used to take away the focus of the other victims and focus primarily on the “poor Democrat Victim of Tea Party Violence”.

  • In Law Enforcement it is common practice to hold information back, call for calming down and not accuse anybody before there is proven evidence on the table and the information cleared by the prosecution performing State or District Attorney. This is necessary to avoid the trial to be damaged before it even started and not to give the Defense any ideas on their tactics.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik did the exact opposite. While no law enforcement had any evidence whatsoever he already ran around announcing publically that Rush Limbough and Sarah Palin and their violent language is alone responsible for that. And ever since he walks from one left wing talks show to the next repeating this false and hate producing allegations. Up to the point where the leader of the current House Judiciary Committee member Judge Louie Gohmert, TX told him to “shut up and do your job or stay out of the way” (Source – CNSNews:

And no so called Media every questioned this actions.

  • The entire coverage this past week was only focused on Gabrielle Gifford and Obama’s appearance on the funeral.

Sarah Palin’s marvelous, heartfelt and Statesmanlike Video, she sent to the American people was totally disregarded and ignored but when Obama appeared at the Funeral like a Rock star before a cheering crowd he finally got what he needed to rebooting his chances for reelection: The chance to call for a better together and acting like a bridge builder between parties. EXACTLY WHAT OBAMA NEEDED – to boost his chances for reelection? With Gabrielle Gifford as shield and Christina Green as bonus.

  • Media totally ignored J.L. Loughner’s political affiliation to the left. Instead they kept pounding on the Tea Party ignoring also the fact that all those interests are usually to be found on the left side of the political isle and not on the right (Tea party) side.

The parallels between Loughner and Oswald are eminent. Both are loners, both kept them isolated from the community, both were political scatterbrains with strong affiliation to the left, both were obsessed with their target: Loughner admired Hitler and Chavez; Oswald admired Castro, Both where communists and both made the perfect easy to be influenced chessman.

J.L. Loughner is intellectually challenged and easy to be influenced. People like Loughner don’t need orders or perfect training or planning, all they need is somebody who influences and pushes him hard enough to make him the perfect tool.

Jared Lee Loughner

Jared Lee Loughner

What happened to the guy who talked to him prior to the shooting? Why was nothing released about him? Why he was not further investigated?

Rep. Gifford will be hospitalized for the next few months and her recovery media coverage for the next two years. This makes her the perfect poster girl against the Tea party.

Now putting all those in the context of a timeline:

Lawsuit of Judge Rolls against Obamacare Obama’s numbers decreasing Axelrod, Messina and Gibbs leaving starting campaign in Chicago the Tucson shooting the immediate bashing of Obama’s biggest opponents for reelection Sarah Palin the gone wild Sheriff the ex parte commentator ship of the media and  Obama’s phoenix like rise to new higher grounds.

Gabrielle Gifford was well liked in her community and well respected. Killing, or fatally injuring her breaks the people’s heart and accusing the right people (political opposition) with the allied Media as transporter and the Sheriff as accuser is more than Obama can wish for.


…..this was not a coincidence. What if, Gabrielle Gifford was, without her knowledge, used as unwilling pawn in a perfidy game for political pocket change, for blood libel? What if they did the same with Loughner? What if both Gifford and Rolls have been equally target; Gifford to be injured in order to use her as poster girl against the Tea party and Rolls to shut him down on his lawsuit. And what if the other victims were unplanned unfortunate collateral damage caused by a “gone-wild” Jared Lee Loughner.

History is full of assassins used by governments and Intelligence Services accepting a certain amount of collateral damage.

The more I think about this the more I come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin was and is the only person that looked through this deviant plan by calling it what it was: BLOOD LIBEL.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin


Political Assassinations are as old as mankind and normally used by left wing fascist regimes. But, if Blood Libel becomes practice in America for the Democrats to stay in power than God have mercy on our country.


Tucson, AZ – Appreciation Letter to the Austrian Media,

This open letter has been sent, translated in German, to the largest Austrian/Europe left wing socialist Media.

Dear Austrian Media,

To your information, just because of the fact that I live in the States, does not mean I am not informed about the media coverage in Austria. I cover the above named Medias on a daily base and stay on close Contact to last remaining friends in three places all over Austria.

I love my birth country Austria and the people there; I love the heritage and proudly teach my son about the Austrian heritage. But I dislike the socialist backdoor communism and Governmental dictator ship (TL1) of the reigning Parties, and it saddens me that all my friends and left behind family members have to go through that.


You give me plenty of material for my book in progress, describing how fascist left wing governments (Obama administration and European Socialist Governments: Germany – SPD, Austria – SPÖ etc.) in corporation with the Mainstream Media as Public Relations department, undergo our society and take away piece by piece our freedom of speech.

Together they are silencing freedom of speech and to have an opinion and freedom of choice through fascist laws.

ONCE UPON A TIME – there used to be an independent free Media, who, without prejudice reported the facts as they are leaving the interpretation to the Readers. Now there is a omnium-gatherum of political motivated propagandistic Left wing indoctrination newspapers using the power of the word as a defense against conservative traditional values and to promote anarchist liberal lifestyle.

ONCE UPON A TIME – I used to see the media as impartial fortress against political influence and propaganda but left wing media in the U.S.; in Austria and all over Europe have brought me to the point where I see in you nothing but a PROPAGANDA MACHINERY of the left wing, self-declared-humanitarian liberal fascists.

Media today reminds me on the propaganda machinery during the Nazi regime. You have become nothing more than an indoctrination service to the left wing governments who hides their true agenda from the people.

While Governments attempt to produce Constitutional contradicting laws (and if that’s not working than they just change the constitution to their advantage) the Media acts as propaganda machinery for the very same based on ex-parte commentator ship, glorifying the left wing agenda and discriminating and even slandering the conservative cause not even attempting to shy away from falls allegations.

Or in lame terms: Every Austrian citizen has the right to an opinion but if this opinion contradicts the left wing liberal Governmental agenda, also called public opinion (which contradicts the “Opinion of the public 100%) he has to shut up and not say it loud or he will either be silenced by fascist laws or downsized, slandered and discriminated by the media, and not to forget – all you need to do is check the past 6 month, there are at least 10 cases as proof for that.

The reason or better be said the last straw what finally cause me to write you this letter and post your incompetency on my column is the GABRIELL GIFFORD case.

 As disgusting and despiteful the case Rep. Gabrielle Gifford and the murdering of 6 innocent victims, including a 9 year old girl, on Saturday, January 8th 2011 was, and as much I condemn this senseless act of violence as grateful I am to the American mainstream media and the Austrian print media as named above.

Each and every one of your left wing propaganda papers bring Jarod Lee Loughner the Tuscon; Arizona killer, on context with Sarah Palin from the Tea party, purposely ignoring all the other facts because they are not convenient for the “Public Relations Department of the Left Wing liberal Governments – formerly known as Independent Media”.  

Not that one of you has ever brought a fair and, as it should be common for Media, impartial coverage what the Tea party is all about. No, you defended on purpose the left wing agenda and slandered our protest movement with lies and aspersion.

Just to make sure we are on the same page: if former President Bush, or Presidential candidate and Governor of Alaska S. Palin would only dare to sneeze in the wrong direction you would get a blast out of it and not stop to exploit that to an extent. You rainbow press get a blast out of every mistake of a conservative and totally cover up all the radical action of Liberals. Your reporting of the Presidential Election campaign was at best “Crap” and worst absolute Disgusting and worthless, being only one sided.

FACT – Jarod Lee Loughner was never a follower of Sarah Palin or the Tea party. Truth of the matter is high school friends of him have confirmed that he was a faithful follower of the Democrats and communist agenda. He was an out of control fascist and last time I checked the fascists are still to find in the left side of the political landscape and not on the right side where the tea party stands.

Have you fulfilled your duty as media and reported this? NO, not at all – truth is it was hushed up by the left wing media – because the truth would hurt your liberal agenda.

On one more small note: Tea party members don’t read “Mein Kampf” nor do they read the “Communist Manifesto” – the vast majority of us (98%) are so called Judeo-Christians defending Israel, fighting against Hitler glorifying Muslims. And the remaining 2% are loony-ticks you can find in every multi-million people organization. We do what we can to get rid of them. Just another fact you conceal from your readers because that would not fit in your Agenda.

Official Facebook page of Jared Loughner – 15 minutes before the left wing Pundits covered their tracks and removed it from the Site

Official Facebook page of Jared Loughner – 15 minutes before the left wing Pundits covered their tracks and removed it from the Site

FACT – the Judge Killed at this horrific rampage was appointed by George W. Bush and has just 72 hours prior to this incident pressed charges against Obama Care and Obama’s attempt of Retirement Grab. Less than 15 minutes after the shooting, nor the Sheriff’s department or the FBI could confirm who was the real target but, hey Liberal Media’s (your primary source of information because why bothering to read both sides if one is enough) such as CNN, MSNBC etc. already knew Loughner was a tea party’er and after Rep. Gifford.

Gosh, you liberal Media’s must have the magic glass ball.

Have you reported this? – Hell now because that is not in your liberal Propaganda Agenda right? I got this information from the online service of the European Times.

FACT – You keep complaining that the language in the political landscape is getting harsher and more brutal and Sarah Palin had a cross hair on certain areas of the country. This Cross hair was not based on politicians (“People” – just to make sure even you ignorant Media understand what I am talking about) but on areas where we have to increase the fight to regain a free and constitutional America.

So here is a little truth on Liberal Battle Rhetoric:

( Quotes of Barrack Hussein Obama during his election campaign):


  • “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,”
  • “Argue with neighbors, Get in their face!,”
  • “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,”
  • “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry.”
  • “Punish your enemies”
  • “We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick“;
  • “I’m itching for a fight.”
  • “Hand-to-hand combat”.

(words of Barack Hussein Obama)

Oh and not to forget until yesterday were at least 15 Facebook Pages under the title “Kill Sarah Palin” today was only three to be found – Liberals covering their tracks again.

Oh my goodness isn’t that Sarah Palin with a Cross hair on her face? I can imagine the outburst of those hypocritical Left wing pundits in corporation with their propaganda machinery the mainstream media if that were a liberal politician. But like I say – what is good for the liberal skunks is not good for others – right?

Oh my goodness isn’t that Sarah Palin with a Cross hair on her face? I can imagine the outburst of those hypocritical Left wing pundits in corporation with their propaganda machinery the mainstream media if that were a liberal politician. But like I say – what is good for the liberal skunks is not good for others – right?


Wait a minute – what is it saying here? OH yes “Sarah Palin should die” – Oh of course that is ok since that is from stinken Liberals – right?

Wait a minute – what is it saying here? OH yes “Sarah Palin should die” – Oh of course that is ok since that is from stinken Liberals – right?


Now that is a good one for the “peaceful” Left wing liberal radicals – Isn’t that nice? – You know what you left wing radical pundits? I HATE WHEN I WAKE UP AND HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR CRAP

Now that is a good one for the “peaceful” Left wing liberal radicals – Isn’t that nice? – You know what you left wing radical pundits? I HATE WHEN I WAKE UP AND HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR CRAP


AND BRAND NEW: Oh and the newest editions made by the left wing libearals (and ignored by you fascist Left wing propaganda media) are just too funny:

Or this one makes me really happy, brand new, while the same left wing jackasses complain about the alleged rough language of the conservatives the pull out this sign: 



Here is my answer to you let wing radical terroristic punks:


And just speaking of cross hairs on a political landscape map, I would love to introduce to you the official Election map of the Democratic Party:

Oh my gosh, cross hairs all over – Na I am sorry this is the liberal map this is not cross hairs of course but marking points, only on Conservative maps those are cross hairs – right?)

Oh my gosh, cross hairs all over – Na I am sorry this is the liberal map this is not cross hairs of course but marking points, only on Conservative maps those are cross hairs – right?)


Did you so called media report about this? – Hell no, that would not be convenient to your left wing propaganda, am I right? And besides that would mean you are reporting fair and impartial and let’s be honest: Austrian Media and fair/impartial? Now that is a contradiction in itself.

So here are a few reminders in quotes as old as mankind, reminders for the liberals:

~~ If you can’t handle the heat – stay out of the kitchen~~
(Translation for liberals and other dummies: if you can’t handle combat rhetoric, don’t use it, or get used to the echo).

~~ If you want to piss of a Liberal hammer him with Common Sense, Reality, truth and his own words – Liberals can’t handle that ~~

~~ They saw the wind and reap the whirlwind ~~

 (Liberals have started during the election sawing the wind and after the election Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the other left wing radicals have even gone further and set flash in the pan fire in the country by their actions, shown below, and now that they can’t stop the responsive mix of Hurricane and Fire in form of protests and de-election and get burned on their own – they yank like babies):

So let’s go to Obama’s actions and your coverage about that:

FACT – Obamacare – considering the fact that Obama was elected with 70% of the votes – 80% of the people rejected the Obamacare. Mathematically speaking that makes 50% of own people don’t like it. Did he care, no. he announced that it will happen the way he wants and that’s it.

FACT – Obama promised during his election a more open government. But when Obamacare was installed, Nancy Pelosi threatened Democrats if they talk with the opposition they will be fired, prohibiting C-Span to cover the negotiations.

FACT – when the pressure was too strong, Pelosi stood in front of the cameras stating that now she gives the people an “ample amount of time” of 72 hours to read over 3,000 pages, followed by a press conference of Obama making clear that reading that thing won’t make any difference.

FACT – Obama missed three democrat votes on Obamacare, when two days prior the three Congressmen all over Sutton announced that their states will receive more Governmental funding for their vote and now they vote in favor of Obamacare – currently subject of investigation. 

FACT – Barrack Obama’s permanent threat to push Law he cannot get through congress through with – Executive Order

FACT – When losing Midterm, Nancy Pelosi used the lame Duck session to pressure laws through though this is unconstitutional – currently under investigation.

FACT – Obama used recess time during Christmas to appoint new Czars previously even denied by his own Party friends in Congress – currently under investigation

FACT – Obama gave over 200 companies (and counting) a pass from ObamaCare – all of them supported his election.

FACTFACTFACTFACT – this are only excerpts of a list that could go on and on and on.

Have you reported any of this? Absolutely no – you are too busy to cheer in happiness over Obama going swimming with his kids or what sleeveless dress his wife wears (like anybody wants to see her arms). OK on that I would have some other facts as well, ignored by the media.

FACT – would the shooter have been a Muslim radical, you diversity preaching liberal media would have called for caution, not to jump to any conclusions and done everything not to spread a wildfire of outrage. Mostly because you would be scared of the revenge of the Muslims they don’t take criticism very kindly. But now that finally the political opposition is involved you actually spread a hurricane of fire.



Media Guide for the Journalistic Challenged

Media Guide for the Journalistic Challenged

Now this dictatorial, socialist/Marxist, reigning-over-the-head politics might be opportune and accepted in Austria and the rest of Europe but not here in a free country. It is the Austrian mentality to complain on a beer table or at home and then follow like sheep and vote for the same idiotic politicians again.


It is also common in Austria and for Austrian politicians to use quotes like: “We hear the will and sorrows of the people and perform a higher amount of awareness training” what in translation means: “We hear what you say but don’t give a dam, we, the politicians, will assure to indoctrinate you on our agenda”.


If people in Austria would be a little more resilient a travesty like the past “Austerity package” would not have happened, knowing that this is nothing but a redistribution package and punishment for hard work and innovation, making people even more dependent on the Government forcing them to re-vote for the left wing dictators.


And with the Media – those politicians assure themselves the right propaganda machinery.


The unfair, one sided, indoctrinative, and propagandistic Coverage of the media on democratic rights such demonstrations is also well documented – that will be happily all shown in my book.


Not one of you has actually taken the time to find out what the Tea Party is and what we stand for, or what it is that we want. And I am covering your websites 2 years now.


No because Conservative Christian people are in your way of promoting, sexuality, immoral lifestyle, child and youth sex, youth alcoholism, abortion and all the other downfalls against a traditional moral family life, you love to promote everything that is liberal and rather slander people with Christian values (over 2,000 files of my computer give proof of that). We are in the way of your left wing ideal of a uniformed Citizen that acts like a sheep taking everything the government demands for granted without complaint.


Or lets for a change be honest:


When it comes to the media – it is all about money. Sex sells better than boring, hard working, God fearing Christians, and family oriented common folks – right? 

I am a free man, and thanks God now I live in a free country where I can peruse my dream of happiness without governmental dictatorship and blocking.

And would you so called Press and media representatives listen a little better you would know that even the people Austria are unhappy, unhappy with the Government and unhappy with the coverage-filtering media. My friends get the oppositional media coverage from me and are usually stunned by the fact as off how much information has been hidden from them through Austrian Media.

Alone in the past three weeks, at least 30 of my friends asked my advice as off how to run away from Austria and immigrate in another country, where hard work counts because they are sick and tired of working exclusively for a screwed up socialist Government and don’t feel home, loved, respected and appreciated in their own country anymore.

And all of those used to be 100% Austrian patriots who never understood my desire to walk away from this country.

Anyway this letter has become way too long, longer than I wanted and anticipated since I know that you “People” actually don’t care and don’t give a dam.

I just wanted to ventilate and let my anger out. It will also be posted on my Blog Site for all Gods fearing Americans to see how socialist Europeans think about us.

Don’t worry in the end you always have for tourism your Muslim buddies from Saudi Arabia (who of course will tell you what you can do or cannot do) and not to forget the Battle drinker from Russia who come with their personal prostitutes (excellent for your promotion – ask my friend in Bad Gastein how happy she is with those loudmouth individuals).

And for investment you can always count on the Communist Chinese locusts, who come with a smile, flash their money like the pied piper and once they bought what is buyable the take away the technology and leave you behind in a waste land of unemployment because let’s be honest: No sensible business man wants to pay fantasy Robin Hood Taxes when he can produce in China a lot cheaper and more profitable.

Good luck with your future

My Endorsements for the Pres. Election 2012: Part 4/4 – Newt Gingrich

Last but not least my third and final Endorsement for the next president of the United States. After presenting two such marvelous candidates, I had to reconsider my third introduction and present now a man that is definitely an excellent choice for this Amazing Institution called “Presidency of the United States of America”.

Newton Leroy “Newt” GINGRICH


Newt Gingrich was born as Newton Leroy McPherson, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to nineteen-year-old Newton Searles McPherson and sixteen-year-old Kathleen Daugherty. His mother raised him alone until she married Robert Gingrich who adopted Newton.

Gingrich was the child of a career military family which caused young Newton to move all around the country attending various military installations. He graduated in 1961 from Baker High School in Columbus, Georgia. In 1965 he received a B.A. in history from Emory University in Atlanta, a M.A. in 1968, and in 1971 a Ph.D in modern European History from the Tulane University in New Orleans. While in New Orleans Gingrich began attending St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church and persued his interest in the “Effect of religion on political theory”. He soon was baptized by Reverend G. Avery Lee. 

From 1970 to 1978 Gingrich taught History at the University of West Georgia and in 1993 he taught “Renew American Civilization” at Kennesaw State College (former Kennesaw State University).

Overall description:

Followed by his professorship Newt Gingrich has a remarkable career as a politician. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999, “Time Magazine” selected him as the Person of the Year for his leading role in the Republican Revolution ending 40 years of the Democratic Party being the majority. During his tenure as speaker he was the face of the Republican opposition to President Bill Clinton.

Since resigning, Newt Gingrich maintained a career as a political analyst and consultant. He continues to write works related to government and other subjects such as historical fiction, several columns in Conservative papers and internet magazines such as, Newsmax, Humans Events, and others. Recently he founded the “527 Group American Solutions for Winning the Future”.

Today, Newt Gingrich is attending Catholic Church.

Personal Life

Since 2000 Newt Gingrich has been married to his third wife Callista Gingrich. He was previously married twice. From 1962 to 1981 he was married to Jackie Battley, and from 1981 to 2000 to Marianne Ginther.

Gingrich has two daughters with his first wife. He and his third wife Callista currently live in McLean, Virginia. Because of his wife Gingrich converted in 2009 from being a Baptist to Catholicism.

My personal evaluation

There is a lot more to say about Newt Gingrich, but I am limited in such a short column. A man of his integrity and lifelong commitment to this country definitely fills a book. So I point out what I consider important to know for all those who haven’t thought much about former Speaker Gingrich as President, and maybe to inspire you to take a closer look at him.

His strong ties to his Christian Community, his unbreakable support for Israel, his unbreakable love for his country and his lifelong fiscal conservatism, and last but not least – most important – his lifelong successful political career. These things make him one hundred percent creditable to lead this country in to a better and more successful future.

Despite his lifelong career in Washington, Newt Gingrich has never been corrupted by the so called RINO’s and has always believed in America and what made America strong. His knowledge of European History and the current political climate there gives him deep understanding of how dangerous European Style Socialism is to America. He also is highly intelligent, and always true to himself. Newt Gingrich has a sharp mind wrapped in the sympatric appearance of a father figure. A natural born leader – exactly what this country needs.

Obstacles that could prevent his election

Newt Gingrich has already expressed his interest to run for our country, but was denied support by the Republican committee. Knowing that the current GOP leadership is basically no more than a parking lot for RINO’s, all Gingrich would need is support from THE PEOPLE represented through the Tea Party.

Gingrich will definitely face some major attacks from the left because he represents everything that made this country strong – Freedom and strong beliefs in the founding fathers blueprint for this nation – The Constitution. His tremendous knowledge of American History will put fear into the so called left wing liberal “Constitution Interpreters” who seem to have a serious problem understanding this amazing document.

As far as I can see there is only one real obstacle for Gingrich and that came out of tea Party movement – His teaming up with Al Sharpton. This was only for an educational cause, but the fact is he did team up with the loudest, most racist, and most hated man among non-Afro-American People which most certainly would be used against him.   

Allen B. West, Marc A. Rubio, and Newt Gingrich are equal qualified and strong candidates. All of them have my undivided support and no matter which one the voters choose – they are the hope for this country.


My Endorsements for the Pres. Election 2012: Part 3/4 – Marc Rubio

Yesterday I introduced Lt. Colonel Allen West for President; today I’m introducing my other #1 Candidate.

Marc Rubio and Colonel West together would be a marvelous team to run against Obama. Which one for President and which one for Vice President could be decided in the primaries? However, unlike the McCain/Palin race, those two would need to work together. While John McCain obviously ran the entire candidacy on his own, leaving Sarah Palin behind, even boycotting her – should Mark Rubio and Allen West run they would need to work united.

Marco Antonio “Marc” RUBIO


Marco Antonio “Marc” Rubio was born May 28th 1971 in Miami, Florida as the third child to Cuban Exiles Mario and Oria Rubio. His father worked as a bartender and his mother as a hotel housekeeper. Rubio has 3 siblings. He identifies himself as a catholic. Mark Rubio speaks fluent Spanish. 

Overall description:

Marc Rubio currently serves as the second youngest United States Senator. His career is exceptional and remarkable. Knowing that he comes from a poor family who worked all their lives to give their children a better future – Marc Rubio is the poster boy of the American Dream. Graduating from “South Miami Senior High school” he attended Tarkio College for one year on a football scholarship before enrolling at Santa Fe College and then University of Florida. He earned his B.S. Degree in Political Science from the University of Florida and his J.D. degree “cum laude” from the University of Miami.

So just like Allen West, Marc Rubio is highly educated in political science and definitely will understand the thin ice of International Politics.

Rubio obviously was always interested in politics because while studying law, and while other fellow students went to parties, he interned for Congresswoman “Ileana Ros-Lehtinen”. That shows his sense of duty, respect, and honor.

Marc Rubio serves our Country for the 11th consecutive year. First, as County Commissioner from January 2nd 2000 to January 2nd 2009 then in the State House of Representatives for the 111th District from January 2nd 2007 to January 2nd 2009 where he was the speaker of the House.

That makes Mark Rubio clearly highly experienced for the Washington Dance Floor. What evens the odds of his youth?

Personal Life

Marc Rubio is married to the former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Jeanette Dousdebes since 1997. They have four children together Amanda, Daniela, Anthony, and Dominic.

Marc Rubio has strong Christian ties as a Catholic and attends church regularly, but also makes Donations to the “Christ Fellowship Church” in west Kendall, FL. This is a “Non denominational Church” by its own description, but is strongly affiliated with the southern Baptist. He could be the connection between the Catholics and the Evangelical churches that we need in our battle against Muslimization.

He is also the author of the book “100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s future”.

My personal evaluation

Many people claim that Rubio might be too young to be President of the United States. Nevertheless, he turns 40 in May and that makes him legally eligible to run for the Presidency. The definite coming allegation from the Dems that he has only 2 years in office when running for president will not hold since it was the same for Obama. Marc Rubio has proven that he can stay true to himself which is what it takes to stand tall against the typical Washington backstabbing.

What definitely speaks for Mark Rubio is exactly his youth. He is the conservative Tea Party version of the young JFK. His boy like charm combined with his razor blade sharp mind and physical conservative Christian lifestyle is the absolute answer to Obama. Looking at the videos, no matter which one you see, people, men and women between 16 and 60 hang on his words when he speaks. He is the unification of generations and has the talent like no other to be charming and congenial without leaving the goal out of sight.

Obstacles that could prevent his election

Marc Rubio will have to face 3 obstacles when running for presidency.

1) His youth. Already addressed, this issue that can be overturned with his long time experience in Florida.

2) ACORN, ACLU, and Hispanic Civil rights groups could try to take advantage of him and his heritage. If he allows them to use his candidacy for lobbying of Amnesty for illegal’s that could bring the majority of the conservative voters up against him. Especially States with large Hispanic populations who will watch that closely and be extremely suspicious.

3) On the contrary, should he decide to take a clear conservative stand on illegal immigration the very same groups (ACLU, ACORN, and Hispanic Lobbyist Groups) will turn their back, on him and try to bring Hispanic Voters up against Marc Rubio accusing him of being a traitor with their radical cause.

Like Colonel West, that puts him straight between two chairs. In my opinion he should try the balancing act and court directly to the Hispanic’s legally in America pointing out all the opportunities they have now, using his own family as a role model. And he needs to point out that Civil rights groups are not lobbying in the best interest of legal Hispanics, but only to bring Americans up against Hispanics (Personal note: I am a supporter of the “heads on” confrontation). 

American citizenship is a privilege and not something that is obtained surreptitiously. If he brings that message to the Hispanics he can close the gap between them and suspicious conservatives.

Like Allen West, Marc Rubio has my full support should he run for the Presidency.
He, together with Allen west would be the perfect Match for this country.

My personal ideal would be to have both fully supported during the primaries, let the voters make the decision on who comes in first and second and in that ranking and have the both of them running for the Presidency as a Team.

My Endorsements for the Pres. Election 2012: Part 2/4 – Allen West

It is time to meet the first of 3 candidates. All of the Candidates in my mind are equally qualified and have the personal and professional qualification to beat Barrack Obama in 2012, and become the next President of the United States of America. The evaluation of the Candidates is my personal opinion and I am happy to discuss this with my readers.

Allen B. West


Allen B. West was born on February 7, 1961 in Atlanta Georgia to Herman and Elizabeth West in a typical American middle class family. Both his father and his older brother were career military, and his mother a civilian employee of the United States Marine Corps.

Overall description:

Allen B. West currently serves as a U.S. Representative for the Florida 22nd Congressional District. Congressman West served in the United States Army in Iraq from where he retired. Lt. Col. West joined the JROTC at the age of 10 and entered the U.S. Army in 1983 after he graduated from the University of Tennessee.

Allen West holds a bachelor degree of arts from the University of Tennessee and a master’s degree in political science from the Kansas State University. In addition he earned a Masters of Military Arts and Science degree from the U.S. Army “Command and General Staff Officer College” in political theory and military history and operations.

He served in Kuwait and Iraq and at his retirement he was battalion commander of the 2nd Battalion 20th Field Artillery, 4th Infantry Division.

Lt. Col. West was awarded the “Bronze Star”, “Meritorious Service Medal (2 Oak leaf cluster)”, “Army Command Medal (2 Oak leave Cluster, 1 Valor Device)”, “Army Achievement Medal (1 Oak Leave Cluster)”, “Valor Unit Award, Air Assault Badge” and the “Parachutist Badge”.

Lt. Colonel West was appointed to the “House Armed Service Committee” and the “Small Business Committee”.

Personal Life

Allen West lives in Plantation, Florida and is married to Angela Graham West. He is a practicing Christian and has two teenage daughters, Aubrey and Austen.

My personal evaluation

Col. West is a natural born leader with strong ties to his Christian faith and a clear commitment to Israel. A fact he stated in several of his speeches. He is exactly what America needs to lead us out of this crisis.

His unbreakable love for this country and his belief in the unique American tradition that everybody can make it makes him a role model to others.

He unites strong will power, moral Christian family values, professionalism, patriotism, intelligence, and determination to get the job done.

His background and raising, as a son of a middle class family, achieving all his dreams and goals all the way up to Washington, proves his strong will and determination to do what is necessary to serve his country. His love for this country is unbroken no matter what obstacles are being thrown in his way.

The military does not produce leaders, the military provides the opportunity for real leaders to rise, one is either a leader or one never will be one.

He is highly intelligent, politically educated, highly experienced, strong willed and disciplined. 

He would be the best choice for this country to lead us in the post Obama time in a new and proud future.  

Obstacles that could prevent his election

I don’t believe in collective thinking and I like to see every person as an individual, but many Americans don’t.

It is a lot easier to run for local office in a single District than to run as President for an entire Nation.

The only thing that comes to my mind that could prevent his election as President is, and I am sorry to say this, the fact he is Afro-American. And in this he will face two hurdles.

1) The poor white and lower educated Middleclass on one side. Obama left a horrible history of racism and discrimination behind and I am afraid that many voters will look at Colonel West and be afraid that this could be nothing but an extension of Obama style racism, the NAACP and Al Sharpton’s Shadow government.

2) And on the other hand the exact same NAACP and Al Sharpton who have previously shown that they only support Liberal black Americans. Should Colonel West from the day of candidacy make it clear that he is not supporting their radical movements they will target him and slander him wherever they can. 

This puts Allen West in a tight spot between two chairs. If he wants to prevail as a presidential candidate he has to make a positioning from the first day on, surround the conservative black community around him and take a stand against Sharpton and the NAACP.

If Lieutenant Colonel West decides to run for President and if he wins the primary elections he has my vote and 100% support.

My Endorsement for the Pres. Election 2012: Part 1/4


2010 has just ended and it was a marvelous year for America. WE THE PEOPLE finally showed the Blue Dogs and Rino’s in Washington that we are not silent; we will not take their self-righteous arrogance, but we will fight for our America.

And we showed Barrack Obama, that Socialist Anti-American, Muslim Loving, Traitor, and poster boy for the Teleprompter Industry his place.

Not that he really got the message, no, because as soon as the Midterm election was over, he and his radical punks Pelosi and Reid used the lame Duck session to push every anti-American law through as much as possible and Obama used the Christmas recess to bypass Congress in order to install new Czar’s previously rejected by the House and the congress. 

So much for Obama understanding Democracy.

But here is the first problem I see with the fighting spirit of the people.

The problem I see is the fatal mis-belief: “We have done it now the fight is over”. The fight is not over and it would be fatal to sit back and just enjoy our victory.


Since the day the Mid-Term election finished I was warning Americans not to be too arrogant and self assured because the fight was not over, and Obama and the DEMS were not to be underestimated. No matter what, one thing they have always been better at than us is: PUBLIC RELATIONS. They have the support of half of Hollywood and those people are specialists in Spin Doctoring, dealing with Scandals, and turning bad news into good news.

And another advantage they have over us is the so called “Mainstream Media” who officiate themselves as Propaganda machines for Obama, always ready to sweep Obama’s disregard of the people under the rug and indoctrinate socialist liberal policy in order to not have to explain their own bias behavior. Not to forget their own quotes and numbers. Scandalous immoral Hollywood people sell better than regular hard working honest Americans. Therefore, instead of promoting a good and moral lifestyle they’d rather promote liberalism and not go out business. Those people are the most experienced in transforming a loss into victory.

Sun Tzu says:
Never underestimate your enemy; never be too sure of yourself
(The art of War, ~ 6th Century BC)

Myra Adams wrote in her Column on PajamasMedia under the title: “How Obama gets 270 in 2012” (Source: Pajamasmedia:, the collective Wisdom of the Republicans and the Tea party that Obama will be a one-termer is fatal.

If we want to prevail we have to pick the fight now, and not just in 2012. A lot can happen in one year and for Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and all the other radical Pundits, one year of silence from the Tea Party is one year they will be ahead in preparing the War over the presidency.

So if you think January 4th 2011 is way too soon to think about the next President, in my opinion it is already late. I have given it a lot of thought lately and a discussion a dear friend of mine, Suzanne Sharer, started on FB about the presidency and the upcoming Candidates inspired me to come up with introducing my own candidates.

One big mistake bloggers, columnists, and writers make is to talk about the presidential campaign issues foreseen in 2012.

A lot can happen in 730 days. And one thing the DEMS, and especially Obama are good at is to sell good politics made by the GOP congress as their victory. All the important issues right now can, and will be, change in 2012 and only a few will stay.

So here are the primary issues that will stay. Despite the official numbers and surveys of Rassmussen and other Survey companies, listening to the people on social networks and reading between the lines there are a lot more issues that bother people than the official numbers tell.

Domestic Politics/Domestic Social Politics

Domestic Politics and domestic social politics go hand in hand, due to the power of lobbyist groups, civil rights activists, and other socialist hate groups those are totally cross linked and the next president will have a hard job on his hands to break the power of them.

Domestic Politics can be apportioned in several partial issues that have not been really solved in the past 30 years and won’t be solved properly any time soon. The largest obstacles for the next president will be:


Reinstalling American Pride

American Pride is more important to people than ever. Obama’s ideology of betrayal of the American people and what is dear to us, such as the U.S. Constitution, the ideology and teachings of the founding fathers, and the fact that we are a Judeo-Christian Nation; ONE NATION UNDER GOD has brought anger among the people up to a point where the word “revolution” is more used than ever.

The next president needs to focus on American pride. We need a leader and not a diversity preacher. But that also means the next President needs to have the guts to go against the U.N. He needs to make a clear stand on the Constitution and assure that we have freedom of religion, but we are still a Nation built on Christian Values and every person is welcome to practice their beliefs as long as they respect the fact that we are A CHRISTAN NATION.

ONE NATION UNDER GOD – is not a popular slur – it is an ideology that unites us.

That means for the next president to finally take a stand against Islamization.

Islamization of America

People have had enough of Islamists coming into our country, undermining our society and legal system, and playing the NAACP game: Right away they play the poor victim, race, and discrimination card.

The next president needs to make a stand for America and the American people by putting national interests first, and by putting an end to Islamization, support of Terrorist groups (Hamas and Hezbollah), and make it clear what and who we are.  This will take a person of great courage.

People have had enough of Islam representation with the lawsuits to install Sharia law and other radical forms of their existence. And people have had enough of political correctness.

He/She needs to point out: not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every Terrorist is a Muslim and therefore Muslim groups that claim to be peaceful should cooperate with law enforcement. Profiling is not racism, but a proper tool of protection and enforcement. That also counts for the next issue, Immigration. Yes, on the Mexican border I look primarily for Hispanics and not for Eskimos. That is not racism that is logic.

Immigration Politics/Border security:

There are several Million Illegal Immigrants in this country. And while an American Citizen Faces up to several years in Federal or State Prison for not paying his Tax, refusing to pay his social deductable, forging state or federal documents (social security card, driver’s license etc.), refuses to pay and participate in Socialist Obama Death Care. Illegal’s do exactly those things, and more (Illegal border crossing etc., not to forget that at least 25% of the illegal’s are ensnared in criminal actions and gang related crimes), and think they are entitled to a promotion of American Citizenship.

And while Americans are fed up with that and get angrier every day, the ACLU, ACORN, CAIR, and other self declared Humanitarian Humans-rights activists lobby to call them upright citizens and declare them entitled to American Citizenship.

That even goes for Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, and if they get their will (and one way or another they usually do) freedom of speech will be stripped from Americans and replaced with fascist laws.  Laws that legally prohibit a person from calling things by their name and being forced to use political correct language. Illegal’s would not be criminals anymore (despite breaking Federal law), but rather undocumented aliens and disadvantaged people. All of that because of the U.N. (backed by Obama), and those already named radical groups.

Health and Insurance:

Americans cheer right now because the 112th Congress has announced that it will vote on repeal of Obamacare on January 12th. I would not cheer too much. 1) There is still the Senate and that is tight in the hands of Harry Reid, and 2) Obama has already announced that he will defend his socialist Healthcare with all of the power given to his office. So, in my opinion this will be a job for the next president.


No country in the world gives more or invests more in the education of children and yet in international comparison American education is now close a third world level.

Racial Issues

When Obama gained office he was hailed as the first Afro-American President and people actually hoped that now things would change for the better. But it was the opposite that happened. From the first day on Obama proved that he was, in fact, a racist president. Bottom line is that Al Shaprton is such a regular fixture at White House we could rename it the “New NAACP” Headquarters.

People in America are sick and tired of reversed Racism. This word did not even exist in the dictionary until it had to be invented because God forbid, an Afro-American is called a racist. They are tired of over 60 years of Special Treatment, special Educational funds, special this and special that, while all the other Americans have to work and make it on their own. They are sick and tired of 60 years of affirmative action which has not improved anything – It just perpetuates the “playing” of the race card.  

We are at a point in this country where we don’t pick the best qualified person for the job anymore, but pick exclusively on consideration of the NAACP (New Haven Fire Fighters etc.). And people are fed up with that. We need to reinstate the “Merit” system.

Should the next President be again an Afro-American he will have to make a stand, and the Obama legacy does not leave him with a lot of room.

If the next President is not Afro-American I bet Al Sharpton has the race speech already in his desk.

Tax Issues

The next president needs to focus on what made America strong, and that is primarily entrepreneurship and Small businesses. Inheritance tax and Estate tax is the death of the middle class and the hard working people, and only good for the Redistribution of wealth.


I am not even going to go there because like I said a lot can happen in 2 years and I’ll wait to see.


Federal Government spending was in 2009, 10 Trillion Dollars and in 2010 it was over 14 Trillion Dollars (Source: CBS-News: This issue will not be solved in the next two years. So the next President will have a brutal job to fix the budget.

It takes one Presidential term to destroy the economy but it takes decades to repair it.

Foreign Politics

I don’t really want to go into that topic right now because this is an ongoing issue. The enemies of today will still be the enemies of tomorrow. What’s important here is that we finally get a president that is willing to stop the Obamastyle lovey dovey policy and make a strong stand for American interests.

Primary focus is Israel. The next President needs to show un-wavering support for Israel 100% and for all of our Allies in the world, and tell our foes: We are ready to talk, but only on our terms. He needs to be a strong leader in the world, ready and willing to stand tall against our opponents. He needs to bring America back to where we used to be before Obama – THE LEADING NATION OF THE WORLD.

In order to take on all these tasks, the next president will need strong support. It is inevitable for him to have a Congress and a Senate that supports him. In order to have that we need to get rid of the diversity preachers and Rino’s and elect physical conservatives running both chambers. And we need to elect a physical conservative President to lead this country. 

So stay tuned tomorrow… I present my first candidate for the next Presidency of the

United States of America

2010 in review

Thank you to all my Blog readers, I am honored, privileged, and moved by your support.

2009/2010 has been a time of carination and the beginning of a new area. America has changed.

When Barrack Hussein Obama gained presidency of the United States he promised Hope and change and instead, he delivered socialism, left-wing-totalitarianism and dictatorship, driving our country in the worst possible financial and security disaster.

2010 was an eventful year, and I am privileged to say I had a small allotment of the success of the TeaPartymovement, and the peaceful rebellion against the tyranny of the reigning Blue Dogs and RINO’s.

But without you,  my readers, I would be nothing but a raindrop in the ocean. So this success of my blog column belongs to you. To each and every one of my readers.

I give you my deep covenant and honest pledge that I will continue to do my part as blogger, and writer of my column to show injustice where I can, to continue to work hard to make America a better place and bring America back to what it always has been:

so help me God.




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