My Endorsements for the Pres. Election 2012: Part 3/4 – Marc Rubio

Yesterday I introduced Lt. Colonel Allen West for President; today I’m introducing my other #1 Candidate.

Marc Rubio and Colonel West together would be a marvelous team to run against Obama. Which one for President and which one for Vice President could be decided in the primaries? However, unlike the McCain/Palin race, those two would need to work together. While John McCain obviously ran the entire candidacy on his own, leaving Sarah Palin behind, even boycotting her – should Mark Rubio and Allen West run they would need to work united.

Marco Antonio “Marc” RUBIO


Marco Antonio “Marc” Rubio was born May 28th 1971 in Miami, Florida as the third child to Cuban Exiles Mario and Oria Rubio. His father worked as a bartender and his mother as a hotel housekeeper. Rubio has 3 siblings. He identifies himself as a catholic. Mark Rubio speaks fluent Spanish. 

Overall description:

Marc Rubio currently serves as the second youngest United States Senator. His career is exceptional and remarkable. Knowing that he comes from a poor family who worked all their lives to give their children a better future – Marc Rubio is the poster boy of the American Dream. Graduating from “South Miami Senior High school” he attended Tarkio College for one year on a football scholarship before enrolling at Santa Fe College and then University of Florida. He earned his B.S. Degree in Political Science from the University of Florida and his J.D. degree “cum laude” from the University of Miami.

So just like Allen West, Marc Rubio is highly educated in political science and definitely will understand the thin ice of International Politics.

Rubio obviously was always interested in politics because while studying law, and while other fellow students went to parties, he interned for Congresswoman “Ileana Ros-Lehtinen”. That shows his sense of duty, respect, and honor.

Marc Rubio serves our Country for the 11th consecutive year. First, as County Commissioner from January 2nd 2000 to January 2nd 2009 then in the State House of Representatives for the 111th District from January 2nd 2007 to January 2nd 2009 where he was the speaker of the House.

That makes Mark Rubio clearly highly experienced for the Washington Dance Floor. What evens the odds of his youth?

Personal Life

Marc Rubio is married to the former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Jeanette Dousdebes since 1997. They have four children together Amanda, Daniela, Anthony, and Dominic.

Marc Rubio has strong Christian ties as a Catholic and attends church regularly, but also makes Donations to the “Christ Fellowship Church” in west Kendall, FL. This is a “Non denominational Church” by its own description, but is strongly affiliated with the southern Baptist. He could be the connection between the Catholics and the Evangelical churches that we need in our battle against Muslimization.

He is also the author of the book “100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s future”.

My personal evaluation

Many people claim that Rubio might be too young to be President of the United States. Nevertheless, he turns 40 in May and that makes him legally eligible to run for the Presidency. The definite coming allegation from the Dems that he has only 2 years in office when running for president will not hold since it was the same for Obama. Marc Rubio has proven that he can stay true to himself which is what it takes to stand tall against the typical Washington backstabbing.

What definitely speaks for Mark Rubio is exactly his youth. He is the conservative Tea Party version of the young JFK. His boy like charm combined with his razor blade sharp mind and physical conservative Christian lifestyle is the absolute answer to Obama. Looking at the videos, no matter which one you see, people, men and women between 16 and 60 hang on his words when he speaks. He is the unification of generations and has the talent like no other to be charming and congenial without leaving the goal out of sight.

Obstacles that could prevent his election

Marc Rubio will have to face 3 obstacles when running for presidency.

1) His youth. Already addressed, this issue that can be overturned with his long time experience in Florida.

2) ACORN, ACLU, and Hispanic Civil rights groups could try to take advantage of him and his heritage. If he allows them to use his candidacy for lobbying of Amnesty for illegal’s that could bring the majority of the conservative voters up against him. Especially States with large Hispanic populations who will watch that closely and be extremely suspicious.

3) On the contrary, should he decide to take a clear conservative stand on illegal immigration the very same groups (ACLU, ACORN, and Hispanic Lobbyist Groups) will turn their back, on him and try to bring Hispanic Voters up against Marc Rubio accusing him of being a traitor with their radical cause.

Like Colonel West, that puts him straight between two chairs. In my opinion he should try the balancing act and court directly to the Hispanic’s legally in America pointing out all the opportunities they have now, using his own family as a role model. And he needs to point out that Civil rights groups are not lobbying in the best interest of legal Hispanics, but only to bring Americans up against Hispanics (Personal note: I am a supporter of the “heads on” confrontation). 

American citizenship is a privilege and not something that is obtained surreptitiously. If he brings that message to the Hispanics he can close the gap between them and suspicious conservatives.

Like Allen West, Marc Rubio has my full support should he run for the Presidency.
He, together with Allen west would be the perfect Match for this country.

My personal ideal would be to have both fully supported during the primaries, let the voters make the decision on who comes in first and second and in that ranking and have the both of them running for the Presidency as a Team.


2 responses

  1. Enigmaticaluna | Reply

    This is a great choice as well, thought about him, but don’t know much about him, except when I listen to him talking on CPAC, he was extraordinary,When I listen to him, was to listen my own history, some how I felt related… I notice at that time, the same thing you did, people from both sides of the age braked enjoy to listen to him…he has charisma… but I feel the dangers as well, for the delicate position that he holds as Spanish descendant not just by those activist groups, but also by the white population, because the heritage that Mr Zero have bring to the minority population… I will stand with him as well, but I must paid close attention for the up-come.

    For the last one, I think Palenty will be a good choice, D’Mint as well… I read something about Christie and I believe that to some extend through his career he has been a thug and opportunist, I can’t finger much about it now, but reading that, got me very uncomfortable feeling…it’s no in that direction… Let see what is your pick.

  2. I think a West- Rubio ticket would get Americans excited about our prospects as a country again.

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