Is Jared Lee Loughner the new Lee Harvey Oswald?

The entire past week I followed the coverage of the Tucson Massacre; this horrific despicable act of violence murdering 6 and injuring thirteen.

As to be expected tons of Blogs and columns appeared within days on the net and the media coverage – well at best it was ex parte and a disgrace.

Normally in an incident like this the primary focus of the media is on the dead victims. Especially since 9 year old Christina GREEN, a child born on 9/11/2001 was among those victims. But not in this case, the entire focus was on Rep. Gabrielle Gifford. Like all the other victims inclusive Honorable Judge Roll was practically not important. Only Fox news bothered to cover an interview with Christina’s mother.

Christina Green

Christian Green

Hon. Judge Roll

Hon. Judge Roll

Something bothered me the entire time. There were too many lose ends, to many previous actions and the unusual coverage that aroused my interest.

WHAT IF – this was not a coincidence but well planned. WHAT IF – J.L. Loughner was the 21st Century version of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Call it a crazy theory, call it fiction, call it an unproven nonsense – I call it:

Political assassinations are as old as mankind. All radical political leaders have used this tool to shut down opposition and either strengthen their own power or renew their evanescent popularity.

From outset of mankind over Julius Caesar, over Stalin, Fidel Castro to Adolf Hitler who mastered this despiteful tool of politics. He has his own party friend’s assonated in order to blame nascent opposition using propaganda means for the finger pointing before the bodies hit the ground.

Barry Rubin accurate related to as “The Tucson shooting, blood libels, and those who perpetrate them” In his Colum on Right Side News (

Blood Libel is a false accusation, that someone else has deliberately cause the shedding of blood, made in order to harm that person or people, advanced one’s own political and ideological agenda, and stir up hatred for them in a manner that might lead to shedding of their blood in revenge.

And this is exactly what happened here. And I will explain to you what made me come to that conclusion and why I think this was a purposely caused incident by the Democrats.

Because it does not matter what Gabrielle Gifford voted on or not – what mattered was that she was well liked in her community and she was the perfect sacrifice of a pawn for Obama’s reelection.

To the facts:

Obama’s entire presidency is filled with fraud, foul play, disgrace, ignorance, arrogance, racism, and radicalism.

The Tea Party movement became stronger on a daily base and definitely cause Obama the Midterm elections. His radical agenda was failing through and through and the call for more civil liberty among the people is unmistakable.

So am not going to count down again and again all his failures because you all know as good as I do about his disgraceful presidency.

I just want to remind you on one final fact (in the endless line of Unconstitutional actions Obama has set) and that is Al Sharpton’s abortive attempt to shut down Fox News and talk radio inclusive the most famous hosts Rush Limbough, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reiley and others. Knowing and ignoring that this is totally in violation of First Amendment.

This and many more incidences brought him to a point where only a miracle could prevent him from being a “One-Term” president and go into history as the worst president since Jimmy Carter.

Obama’s numbers were down the drain. His chances for reelection slim, even people in his own party turned against him looking for another candidate for 2012. Previous supporters, like Donald Trump publically announced their interest in running against him.

But like Myra Adams already stated in her Column “How Obama gets 270 in 2012” (Source – Pajama Media: never count out a Democrat just now.


A Kennedy miracle because just like the Kennedy’s used the tragic assassination of JFK to cover up every criminal offense, every crime, every misbehavior, every scandal presenting themselves as the misunderstood victims of Conservative prosecution.

When Obama announced that Robert Gibbs, David Axelrod, and Jim Messina leave the White House returning to Chicago preparing the 2012 Campaign I knew something will be happen. They needed to let him look like a Statesman again.


And just like ordered Tucson, Arizona happened.

Tucson, Arizona is Obama’s joker card to return like the proverbial RISE LIKE A PHONIX.

Let’s recapitulate the first hours of Tucson a little: 

  • Right after the shooting, not even the FBI could confirm who was the actual target, Gabrielle Gifford or Judge Rolls one of the most respected federal Judges appointed by former President G.W. Bush. Judge Rolls just 72 hours prior to this incident filed charges against Obamacare and the Retirement grab to finance that monstrosity.

But the Media already knew for sure, 15 minutes after the shooting that Jared Lee Loughner was a radical member of the tea party and started blaming Sarah Palin, Rush Limbough and all the other upright Conservative representatives of the Tea party. Blaming this incident on the alleged harsh and violent language (completely ignoring their own language towards conservative Christians).

  • Nobody talked about Christina Green, or Judge Rolls. The media immediately focused on Gabrielle Gifford and Obama, Pelosi and all the others did never call her Representative Gifford but used terms like “Gabi”. While Judge Rolls was never even mentioned.

Using a victim’s nickname is rhetorical tactic and usually used by law enforcement in kidnapping cases. This makes the victim part of the family or familiar and increases the compassion and sympathy. Using this tactic usually should prevent the kidnapper of harming the victim, but used in incidents like the Tucson Shooting, this tactics is used to take away the focus of the other victims and focus primarily on the “poor Democrat Victim of Tea Party Violence”.

  • In Law Enforcement it is common practice to hold information back, call for calming down and not accuse anybody before there is proven evidence on the table and the information cleared by the prosecution performing State or District Attorney. This is necessary to avoid the trial to be damaged before it even started and not to give the Defense any ideas on their tactics.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik did the exact opposite. While no law enforcement had any evidence whatsoever he already ran around announcing publically that Rush Limbough and Sarah Palin and their violent language is alone responsible for that. And ever since he walks from one left wing talks show to the next repeating this false and hate producing allegations. Up to the point where the leader of the current House Judiciary Committee member Judge Louie Gohmert, TX told him to “shut up and do your job or stay out of the way” (Source – CNSNews:

And no so called Media every questioned this actions.

  • The entire coverage this past week was only focused on Gabrielle Gifford and Obama’s appearance on the funeral.

Sarah Palin’s marvelous, heartfelt and Statesmanlike Video, she sent to the American people was totally disregarded and ignored but when Obama appeared at the Funeral like a Rock star before a cheering crowd he finally got what he needed to rebooting his chances for reelection: The chance to call for a better together and acting like a bridge builder between parties. EXACTLY WHAT OBAMA NEEDED – to boost his chances for reelection? With Gabrielle Gifford as shield and Christina Green as bonus.

  • Media totally ignored J.L. Loughner’s political affiliation to the left. Instead they kept pounding on the Tea Party ignoring also the fact that all those interests are usually to be found on the left side of the political isle and not on the right (Tea party) side.

The parallels between Loughner and Oswald are eminent. Both are loners, both kept them isolated from the community, both were political scatterbrains with strong affiliation to the left, both were obsessed with their target: Loughner admired Hitler and Chavez; Oswald admired Castro, Both where communists and both made the perfect easy to be influenced chessman.

J.L. Loughner is intellectually challenged and easy to be influenced. People like Loughner don’t need orders or perfect training or planning, all they need is somebody who influences and pushes him hard enough to make him the perfect tool.

Jared Lee Loughner

Jared Lee Loughner

What happened to the guy who talked to him prior to the shooting? Why was nothing released about him? Why he was not further investigated?

Rep. Gifford will be hospitalized for the next few months and her recovery media coverage for the next two years. This makes her the perfect poster girl against the Tea party.

Now putting all those in the context of a timeline:

Lawsuit of Judge Rolls against Obamacare Obama’s numbers decreasing Axelrod, Messina and Gibbs leaving starting campaign in Chicago the Tucson shooting the immediate bashing of Obama’s biggest opponents for reelection Sarah Palin the gone wild Sheriff the ex parte commentator ship of the media and  Obama’s phoenix like rise to new higher grounds.

Gabrielle Gifford was well liked in her community and well respected. Killing, or fatally injuring her breaks the people’s heart and accusing the right people (political opposition) with the allied Media as transporter and the Sheriff as accuser is more than Obama can wish for.


…..this was not a coincidence. What if, Gabrielle Gifford was, without her knowledge, used as unwilling pawn in a perfidy game for political pocket change, for blood libel? What if they did the same with Loughner? What if both Gifford and Rolls have been equally target; Gifford to be injured in order to use her as poster girl against the Tea party and Rolls to shut him down on his lawsuit. And what if the other victims were unplanned unfortunate collateral damage caused by a “gone-wild” Jared Lee Loughner.

History is full of assassins used by governments and Intelligence Services accepting a certain amount of collateral damage.

The more I think about this the more I come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin was and is the only person that looked through this deviant plan by calling it what it was: BLOOD LIBEL.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin


Political Assassinations are as old as mankind and normally used by left wing fascist regimes. But, if Blood Libel becomes practice in America for the Democrats to stay in power than God have mercy on our country.



10 responses

  1. BINGO!!

    ABSOLUTELY!! I TOTALLY agree with every word youve written. I would bet a hamburger this is exactly what happened. NOW what?

    1. Now we have to spread the word and expose Obama and the Dems for what they are – criminals. Pass it on and tell everybody and be prepared for the worst. I am afraid it will get worst. Thanks for reading my dear friend

  2. Enigmaticaluna | Reply

    Great article as usual… your conclusions are mine, and I don’t follow conspiracy, but logic and analytic stand on things. It’s also must more that what meet the eye, between Dic 31 and Jan. 13th, has been 4 high elite dead, by strange circumstances or suicide (?) by a person who love life and was admire and love by everyone? All of this has me thinking, digging and searching about the actors of this poor play.
    Wheeler and a General from Alaska work together for the Air Force on bio-warfare, an Aid of the of strong ties and powerful in the elite of DC, working for the energy department appear burn to dead on her car, Arizona massacre, one Congresswoman alive, One federal Judge against Obama dead… all of this people are tie up on one thing, exposing corruption, stop someone agenda.
    I try to alert people of the distraction, maybe because I don’t look the TV I was not influenced by what the media was saying, just search freely and read all I can from all over, that allow me to see what you see, the entire thing has been play.

    Do I believe that their game plan has gain anything that they were look for? I don’t believe so, especially because even if the Media was not bring it out, the people make sure that news of J.L. Loughner’s background was share amount many, and those many don’t take the bias and what their intent was to bring about. We will see, I don’t believe that this is over, but I believe that we all should be paying attention because something else is in the play… I will not be surprise if this time is against someone that we all know, with different intent, remember by any meaning, no matter who fall and what kind of collateral damage it’s… that is liberal mind at work, but dictatorship of intent.

    My friend, you put it better than what I can do, and I’m glad to know that we’re many who believe the same thing, even if most don’t speak up, it’s there and many knows. questions has been raise and wonder has been take roots on people’s heart. You have place allot common sense, now we need for people to actually start using their thinking and come out with a conclusion by looking at the bigger picture.
    I will share, this deserve to be pass on.

    Thank you!

    God Bless the Republic of USA and Her True Patriots…. we will prevail my friend. I know it.

  3. Julie Crusaders | Reply

    I have no doubt that you are absolutely on target here. The left are not as smart as they think they are. They just have their bases covered.

  4. You took the words right out of my mind. It didn’t take long for me to think the same thing you’ve written, but I thought no one would believe me so I kept quiet.

    You are spot on. Ubetcha, it was a set-up. No doubt about it.

  5. Conspiracy theorist crap at its worst.

    I’m sure you will shrug this off by saying it’s only a “possibility” or something like that. But if you did that you would just be a coward for refusing to face the consequences of your own “ideas.”

    This is truly disgusting libel. No wonder took you off their pages.

  6. Don’t you know it’s dangerous to not take your medication regularly?
    I suppose President Obama had Lincoln and Kennedy assassinated so he could win.

    1. You know I do take my meds, I guess the difference between me and you is that I know and ACCEPT the facts while you Liberals get personal if you run out of arguments

    2. Presley O'Bannon | Reply

      Thank you Adey for being one of the few people here with any sense.

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