How Abortion can be avoided with common sense

I am a father and I remember it like it was yesterday when I first heard the heartbeat of my son. There has never been a more beautiful sound in the world. I remember the first sonogram when the doctor handed it over to me, I was overwhelmed with emotions like I have never ever experienced in my life before.

My Son

My Son

Anybody who has children and loves their children knows what I am talking about and will understand why this topic is so important to me.

Liberals are highly entertaining individuals. Their hypocrisy and double standards are sometimes really entertaining and always subject to a good joke. But when it comes to Abortion the fun ends right here and right now.

While on one hand using the modern times and 21st Century as an excuse, demanding that the “Death Penalty is cruel and unusual punishment”, claiming that every life is sacred and capital punishment is not only outdated but also inhumane, but on the other hand they use the same 21st century, as well as the “Woman’s rights to choose over her own body” and modern days as a rightful excuse to murder innocent babies.



Modern days, 21st Century, and women’s rights to choose are interesting arguments but easy to be rebutted arguments on Abortion and I will show you why.

I totally agree that a woman should be the master of her own being, welfare, and body. No man (male) should have the right to decide or rule over a woman’s body. And we have come a long way since the 18th and 19th century where “Martial Obligations” of a woman were still law.

It is up to the woman herself to choose if she wants to make a career rather than being a mother and wife, or if she wants both, if she wants to be intimate with a man or not, if she wants to get married or not, and so on.

As my mother always taught me: the rights of an individual end at the tip of the nose because that is where the rights of the opposite start.

And when it comes to abortion, the rights of a woman end at the obligation and responsibility for a defenseless innocent child that has not asked to be in the womb of that woman.

As a matter of fact, if women claim their individual rights, of which they are entitled to and I want to point out I am not questioning them at all, rights also always include responsibility.

And the responsibility starts before they get pregnant.

“We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” (~~ Ronald Reagan, 1972 ~~)

Of course this quote by the greatest of all Presidents was meant for laws, but can easily be used also for this particular topic, and the words “law’s broken” be replaced with “physical actions taken”.

Since Row vs. Wade in 1973 over 46 Million Abortions have been conducted. That is more than 10% of the American population extinguished. This is the largest genocide since the mass murder of Jews by the Nazi’s during World War 2 (2).

IB_Induced abortion in US

IB_Induced abortion in US

Just to mention that “Roe”, who’s real name is Norma L. McCorvey, from Dallas, Texas, is now a Pro-Life activist.

An average of 1.8 Million Abortions take place every year, 1.21 Million Abortions in 2008, Twenty-Two percent of all pregnancies (excluding Miscarriages) end in Abortion (3). Those numbers could be reduced and almost cut down to zero if we as a society start taking responsibility for our actions.

IB_Induced abortion in US

IB_Induced abortion in US

The exact Statistics of Abortions can be obtained by the “Center of Bio Ethical Reform” (4) as well as the “Gutmacher Institute” (5). But nevertheless it sums up to three major groups….. 

1) Unwanted Pregnancy due to Rape and Incest.

Only 1% of all abortions are based on rape or incest. That makes in total numbers approximately 12,000 abortions per year due to this horribly violent and morally reprehensible crime.

Now, I am not so arrogant to say I, as a man, put myself in the shoes of a victim of such violence, nor do I pretend to know how such a woman feels. That would be arrogant and disrespectful.

But I do understand statistics and scientific research. And this shows clearly that the majority of violated woman do not abort because of the pregnancy or because they don’t want that child. Research proves that the majority of those victims abort to avoid continuing psychological terror from their tormentor.

Fact of the matter is that our liberal society allows a predator, like a rapist have almost more rights than the victim. Not only does the woman go through the trial because our constitution gives a rapist the right to face its accuser,  she also can expect that liberals will have no problem letting a rapist back on the streets on probation stubbornly believing in re-socialization, knowing full well that over 90% of all sex offenders are repeat offenders.

And on top of that a rapist, once aware that he has fathered a child, can either by himself or through his parents call for visitation rights of that child, which victimizes the woman over and over when she has to see this perpetrator (6).

So here are some of the solutions to avoid that:

a) A rape victim does turn out to be pregnant and does not want to keep the child

Every Hospital should be required by law to council a rape victim on the possibility of pregnancy and offer her the so called Pill-After also commonly known as the Morning after Pill of ECP (Emergency Contraction Pill). Here is the religious character and proper counseling that is extremely important.

Though I am a pro-lifer, the ECP (Emergency Contraction Pill) is NOT ABORTION, but a pregnancy prevention initiating a contraction flow (7). This pill has to be taken within the first 72 hours of the act, the sooner the better.

As of here any woman can make her own choice whether she wants to take the risk of being pregnant or if she wants to take the safer step and prevent a possible pregnancy.

Now hospitals, especially Catholic Hospitals, sometimes refuse this pill based on their “Freedom of religion Act” and the offering possibility.

The constitutional right of Religion is an individual right. The religious refusal can only occur when the hospital remains an in-house facility for their members only.

The moment a hospital takes public funding and opens its door for economical profit to the public, the treatment should be based on worldly lawful measurements and not on the religious character of the owner.

b) More protection and rights for the victims and less for the perpetrator

Now, during a trial the constitutional rights of an accused cannot be taken away. In our country we still have the “Innocent until proven guilty” Rights. However, once a rapist is convicted, the victim (woman) can be protected by law in many ways. 

  • We don’t have a problem taking away fathers rights solely based on the unproven accusations of a woman – so why do we have such a problem to take away any fathers rights of a convicted rapist?
  • Harsher punishment: I would go for a Nationwide minimum of 30 years by a first offender and life without the possibility of parole of a second offender (by child molesters or child rapists even the death penalty as a two strike rule)
  • Providing legal assistance as well as psychological assistance to the victim and help her to start eventually, if requested, a new life with a new identity.
  • A court ruling taking away fathers rights as well as grandmothers /fathers rights of the family of the rapist and making it a law that he is never allowed to approach or contact his victim and offspring again. Any violation would be considered a repeat offense and result in Life without possibility of parole, period.

I think that way women would feel protected and not feel violated over and over again and abortion could be almost extinguished in those instances.

2) Abortion based on potential health problems

6% of all abortions are based on Health problems regarding either the mother or the child. Now this is not rocket science here.

As far as the mother (adult) is concerned, well welcome to the 21st century and the personal physical responsibility that goes hand in hand with the third group the 93% of abortions for social reasons. We pride our superiority over the animals based on the ability of logical thinking and planning ahead, but when it comes to something as simple as reproduction humans intend to act like stone-age humans.

If a couple or a woman decides that she would love to have a baby, it is not rocket science to get a physical check up before pregnancy. And until that time there are at least two dozen forms of pregnancy prevention.

All it takes is to use a little bit of the muscle in the scull most people call a brain.

And when it comes to the unborn; liberals had the audacity to attack Sarah Palin for deciding to give birth to a child who had Down syndrome.

Who are we to decide what life is livable and what life is not…? The last society I remember that made this decision was the Nazi’s and the Chinese.

Every Child is a gift from God and deserves the maximum amount of love. And just because it has a mental or physical challenge does not make its life worthless.

I am a gift of God not a burden

I am a gift of God not a burden

So murdering the baby just because it is not convenient or perfect enough is sure disgusting and I am ashamed to be in the same society as those who always look for the easy way out instead of growing up and being responsible. Which brings me to the largest group of Abortionists……

1) 93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (i.e. Unwanted or inconvenient).

This includes teenagers (18%), women who already have one or more children, career women who think a child is in the way of her career, women with a partnership that is not going well or they don’t have a partner/husband at all, women who have not used the Pill correctly, not at all, or had unexpected sex, or had concerns about contraceptive methods (they have concerns about the pill but not about a surgery that kills a baby – nice double standard).

So we are not talking about accidents here. We are talking about brainless “anything-goes-lets have fun-as long as we don’t have rules-let the others pay for our animalistic lifestyle”.

None of those reasons are a reason for abortion to me. As a matter of fact it sickens me to see how easy society dodges their way out of responsibility.

Fact of the matter is that we ALL have to take responsibility for our actions. But also the fact is that thanks to liberal thinking we don’t do that. Why take responsibility if we can have the easy way out.

Let’s start with the teenagers.

I don’t know if President George W. Bush “just say no abstinence policy” was a success or not. But the current Federal indoctrination of teaching youth and children’s Sexual practices and how to get the easiest abortion rather than pregnancy prevention and taking responsibility cannot be the answer (8).

Youth and children always follow an example and as long as liberal biased media promotes low-life lifestyle from the Hollywood stars and Pop stars as role models and parents don’t remember their duties as “parents,” talking to their children and teaching them right from wrong things won’t change.

It is time to rethink the entire procedure and where our society wants to go. And it is time to tell the Media with one voice to stop promoting drug infested, permanent drunk lowlife’s as role models. No, Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan are not victims or misguided role models – they are simply disgusting.

Instead of letting the government do the educating parents need to set the example of traditional family values and teach their children that actions have consequences. I think talking to the youth and being a positive role model could reduce the current teenage pregnancy rate by more than half.

And as far as the remaining 75 % of abortion goes (the Adults):

I’ve said it before, all our actions have consequences, and we don’t live in the medieval times. There are at least two dozens types of pregnancy preventions available – Condoms, the Pill, IUD’, vasectomies, and these are just a few.

If a woman decides either she already has children and does not want anymore, a child would interfere with her career, she has a partner or husband and does not want a child right now, or if that woman decides she wants to be single and have one night stands, all of that does not matter. There are many opportunities to prevent a pregnancy in the first place and that leaves no justification for a later abortion.

Let’s be honest, if a woman is smart enough to prevail in the corporate world she can be expected to take proper caution not to become pregnant in the first place.

That is called one’s own responsibility. And when it comes to a man, she can not blame him only for her failure. If a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, of course, it is also the man’s fault because he could have used protection too –it takes two to enjoy the pleasure and both can say no.

Sure, some women now say: What about the men’s responsibilities?

And I agree with you. We guys have our share of responsibilities as well, and the irresponsible chauvinism of some representatives of the male population is disgusting. However, it takes two for the act and if the guy is not prepared the women can as well say NO.

 Today we are talking about Abortion and not sexism, and the men’s responsibilities are subject to a whole different and new column (soon to be followed).

By using a little common sense combined with self-control and self-responsibility, behaving a little more like parents and less like friends, and taking care of victims of crimes rather than the perpetrators well, this reduces most of the legitimate arguments of pro-choice activists.

Sure, abortion will never be extinguished, but it can be reduced to a few thousand per year. Still too many but a few thousand sounds better than 1.21 Million, it’s a start and that little guy here has a chance and might become the President, a Nobel Prize winner or simply just a good person.

Future American president

Future American president



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9 responses

  1. Very well done!

  2. Abortion is wrong for 3 reasons:

    1) Illegal / Unconstitutional violation of the rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

    2) Immoral, since Luke 1:41 and Luke 1:44 call the unborn child a BABY, not BLOB of tissue.

    3) Impractical, since it sets bad precedent:

    As Prez. Reagan has said: “I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.” ~Ronald Reagan, quoted in New York Times, 22 September 1980

    In plain English, if you abort someone else, it sets the standard that they can abort you.

    Just because a person lives in a “different” place (be it inner city or inner womb), that does not detract from his/her personhood, and to say otherwise is prejudiced. I mean, really, what if you told someone in the inner city they were less of a person FORE THE SOLE REASON of where they lived? If it is wrong with the inner city, it is no different with the inner womb.

    Therefore, with all due respect, my pro-life friend, Mr. Tom C. Lenher, I must say that even in rape and/or incest, the baby must not be punished for the crime of another -most especially with the death penalty.

    It is for these reasons I oppose abortion.

    And for all you liberals who think conservatives don’t care about the baby once born, please note that I subscribe to both Isaiah 58:6-7 (accepted by Jews and Christians) as well as Matthew 25:31-46 which say WE (not the government) should take in the homeless -in addition to feeding and clothing them. See also Acts 6:1-3 for the church’s minor duty, but note, it is the duty of the CITINEN (and sometimes church) to help their fellows -not the government; however, at the least, the government could stop sanctioning “legal” murder, e.g., abortion.

    PS: I practice what I preach: I took in 3 homeless people, when I myself was a very poor college student living in the an FSU dormitory. Key word, poor, but I did what I could -of course, with permission of housing authorities, which made matters harder.! LOL

    Gordon Wayne Watts – Google me if you will.
    Lakeland, Fla.

  3. Great points Tom (and Annette). And THANK YOU for bringing attention to this holocaust in our midst. 53 MILLION killed since Roe V Wade.

    We’re getting ready to launch a Pro Life tutorial: The Power of 7: 7 Effective Pro Life Replies to 7 Common Pro Choice Arguments.
    FOUR versions of the tutorial are available at our website:

    Even though we haven’t officially launched it, our calendar is filling up with requests to present it to organizations and groups.
    We’ve given two presentations already.
    So the message is resonating. Thank God.

    Also — GREAT NEWS! Since the release of the CD The Living Stations a year ago, we’ve raised over 21K and last week wrote the check for our second ultrasound machine that is donated to a pro life pregnancy clinic! Once women SEE it is indeed a baby they’re carrying, 85% choose life. A very persuasive device.

    Keep up the great work Tom.
    Have a BLESSED LENT.

  4. Oh — and great comment Gordon.

  5. Well written from a good conservative, Godly voice…..have made a copy to save and present for future reference….
    THe argument that It’s a woman’s body and her decision is based on 21st century liberalism…most churches accept this…GOD DOES NOT…..the day we stopped standing up for God’s Word…was the day that abortion became popular…the desensitization of the
    mind – the the soul…the Humanist Manifesto…the BRONZE RULE…I WILL DO WHAT I WANT TO DO NO Matter WHAT GOD SAYS….couple that will all attacks against our deep rooted religious values…and here we are in America today…..our country ravaged by liberalism and a dictator who has assumed no accountability for those values – further perpetuation the demise of our country……WE ARE GOD’S PEOPLE….we have t LIFELONG RESPONSIBILITY TO OBEY THE WORD OF GOD…..We have to right to vote for a candidate who is pro choice…pro gay rights…pro ANYTHING AGAINST GOD’S WORD no matter the consequences to our future as a country…..GOD IS FIRST….ALWAYS HAS BEEN…ALWAYS MUST BE…..WE MUST BE DEFENDERS OF GOD FIRST….HE WILL PROTECT OUR NATION FOR THOSE WHO HAVE TURNED FROM HIM, will meed their demise – either here or in the end….but the gate is narrow and there will be, however, a wide opening and welcome to those who have served the Lord.
    If you question abortion in any way….view an abortion and see the child flinch as the destructive prong nears him or her to which murder has been proposed…….and tell us that this child is not a moving, feeling, active and alive HUMAN BEING……. excellent post…and Godspeed with each word you write….Tom…..

  6. May I please correct……WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO VOTE FOR A CANDIDATE who is pro choice…etc….

  7. Enigmaticaluna | Reply

    This truly touch me deeply… I have been all my life pro-life. Because some things that happen to me in my youth, I shouldn’t have children, but God has other plans and give me the only one I need it. Doctors talk me that I will never be a mother, and I have been bless with the best daughter anyone can ask for, she change my life, make of a naive, shy person strong woman, with spirit that I didn’t know I have in me, until our very survival was something I need it to fight.
    I looking my daughter, now 31 years old, and I think on those day’s, the first time I have her in my arms, how I hide her so no one take it from me… the emotion and pride so strong and the bond that till today, still between us… I wonder what would happen if I didn’t have her, besides the ride in life that we have, sometimes hard and some more easy, I will not enjoy the laugh and the headache that my grand kids give me all the time, but for most I will not enjoy the miracle of life as full as I do today.
    I’m very strong and passionate woman, on everything I do, love is one of those things, I remember when Raphael came to this world, he fight his way out, on his intent he almost die, and with him almost take my daughter life away… I write this now, and my eyes start watering, because I can feel the lost I felt on those moments, still today… I was the first person to hold my grand kids, in instant love, instant sense of protection to this tinny people. My dear, those moments can’t truly be describe, because the are overwhelming… I’m for my kids like a tiger, will kill for them, with out hesitation.

    I believe for this things and others, that we women have one of the greatest gift of all, to give life. We were not created to destroy. Abortion is a huge business that some, are using by putting others at risk, while killing the future of the Nation, most women are ignorant of the feeling that we have, not while we pregnant but when we have that little life in our hands… the beauty of that moment became eternal… if it’s a crime to kill, many should be imprisoned, those that call for abortion today, have the tendency to forget, that someone fight for their right to live. I love children, my quest with them is to allow them to believe and feel they are important little people, very special… we must preserve the future of this Nation, by educating especially the young ones to know the truth, and by prosecute the older one’s that decide to commit a crime for commodity, career or life style, if it’s prosecute as should be, allot of those women will stop killing the children and take responsibility of their actions… women rights are there until she became pregnant, another life rights start and she is responsible to assure that will have the entire term. It’s my opinion. I believe like you that sex offenders should be in jail, for most of their lives.
    Thank you my friend, I will share, it’s great article as all of those that you present to us.

  8. […] my last column “How abortion can be avoided with common Sense” (1) I took a stand as of why I am against abortion and why I believe that abortion is not […]

  9. When a couple is unable to conceive one year after sexual intercourse with the partner, that couple is considered to have issues with infertility. The word infertility covers a variety of disorders ranging from polycystic ovarian syndrome and anovulation to low sperm volume and movement. You can find various types of medical treatments obtainable for infertility, none of which are especially pleasant.

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