Some Alternatives to support the unwed mothers and children Part 2/3 – Governmental Sector


President Ronald Reagan
President Ronald Reagan

The nine most terrifying words in the English Language are: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”
(Ronald Reagan)

The government can step in here in many ways without taking direct control, assist and support the mothers financially and through power. And that does not even require new laws, only innovation and the willingness to put the interest of children and parents first. 

         I.            Tax Cut

President G.W. Bush Family-Tax-Cut plan (5) from January 2003, based on a year’s income was a step in the right direction; giving parents a minimum of $ 1,000 annually back in their pocket and financially assist in college refunds. This Federal Tax Deduction for children plan (6) provides a great amount of help to lower income parents in order to support their children. But this is only one step in the right direction and it is up to us to lobby politicians to take many more. This plan needs to continue indefinitely. 

        II.            Defund Special interest groups such CAIR, NAACP, ACLU (Planned Parenthood) and others.

Those institutions cash hundreds of millions of dollars every year from the federal funds, but instead of supporting the needs of those they are supposed to represent, they would rather pay their high profile special interest lawyers, newspaper ads, TV commercials, and lobbyists, leaving the support additionally to the taxpayer.

The NAACP is the best example of that. While States struggle financially they still build so called housing properties for low income people. If they are not given primarily to NAACP represented minorities the word racism goes through the media like there is no tomorrow leaving White, Hispanic, and Native American women behind.

The money wasted on those institutions could be used more wisely in support of women who decide to keep their babies, e.g., medical aid, housing, food stamps, and legal and psychological support for those women whodecide to give their child up for adoption, and many other issues. And make this money accessible to all races banning special interest lawyers and lobbyists from constantly playing the race card. 

      III.            Tighter regulations on Election Campaign contributions for federal funded institution such as Unions, and other special interest groups

What really makes me mad is that Federal Institutions and Organizations such as Unions spent Millions of Dollars on campaign contributions to politicians (13).  Though this is money that belongs to all tax payers those Organizations support exclusively left wing radical politicians for their own benefit.

Leading Union Campaign Contributors

The use of OUR TAX DOLLARS by those Organizations should be under tight rules and regulations. Every Dollar spent on Campaign contributions should be equally donated to family programs, regardless of the political affiliation. And provide proof that both sides of the isle (pro-choice AND Pro-Life Organizations) get their equal share.

Contributions from Labor Pacs

Contributions from Labor Pacs

This way the spending to politicians will be cut in half, the future of our children secured, and the money stays where it belongs, with the people who need it.

Those Organizations need to be defunded period and so bring the money into family matters. Let’s face it – AFTERALL, THIS IS OUR MONEY.

Top Campaign Contributors both Parties

Top Campaign Contributors both Parties


         IV.            Confiscated money.


Pimps, weapon traffickers, prostitutes, drug smugglers… All of those are illegal and build a multibillion Dollar Industry in our country. Alone, human trafficking (7) has an estimation of 45 Billion Dollars per year. And all those “businesses” involve the hardship of families. The money confiscated from these industries can be returned to Human services in order to support families and their financial struggle of parenting. We are talking about billions of Dollars that is not used from tax payer’s money, but from Criminals. 

Alone the Porn industry is a multi-billion Dollar industry. And despite what liberals say, fact is: A large portion of those Actresses are women who are victims of Human sex trafficking sold as slaves to the producers.

Of course, they would rather support Planned Parenthood. Having access to a quick abortion for one of their “actresses” is easier than dealing with raising children in the long run. So why not put an extra tax on porn movies, money that could exclusively be used to support young families and single parents.

Everybody viewingthose videos and movies supports those illegal actions, and therefore should do his share to society and pay the extra dollar on tax that supports children.

This is one of the main reasons why politicians and Government would rather support Planned Parenthood (Abortion) than family values; it is the easy way out.

All of that money, we are talking about several billions of Dollars here, that does NOT come out of tax Payers money, in the chapter I – IV saved and confiscated is now in the hands of the Federal Government. Here is a major problem that starts again with special interest and that is the distribution of those funds to the proper authorities in order to get the money to where it belongs – the families and children in opposition to abortion.

It would take innovation and a radical step to distribute the money back to the families and encourage them to actually have babies. Here is one idea: 

        V.            Child Protective Services – This is a big Issue and goes hand in hand with many topics and solutions that could help and support single parents, support adoption and help through financial support.

Taking CPS out of State responsibility, adding it into HHS (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (8)) and fund it with the money saved and confiscated above, this has many positive advantages. Right now, in order to get access to all the social support, partially from States and partially from the Federal Government, is more like running the gauntlet than help. And information is not really provided anywhere. And since the laws, rules, and regulations vary between the States up to the point that nobody really has any idea as of what to get and where, this system has become a Legal Jungle. And this would be the advantage of CPS becoming a federal Institution: 

  • Support in collecting Child support from dead beat fathers.

Right now the collection of child support is a state case. All it takes for a dead beat father is to leave the state and while he can demand visitation, the enforcement of unpaid child support falls on the different independent State laws which make the collection an extremely expensive lawyer’s battle for most single moms.

Making CPS a federal institution could put an end to this. The moment the father does not pay his CS he can be put on Federal Warrant and through the Federal power the money can be collected anytime and anywhere in the United States. And CPS being a federal Agency would have access to IRS, Social Security, and other Federal Financial Institutions to get a grip on that individual.

And then of course a harsher punishment for non paying fathers making “fleeing or neglecting Child payments” equal to Tax fraud. 

  • Split of power

Split of Power means, giving single moms the opportunity to split the power of attorney with CPS. While the mother keeps the custodial and parental guardianship and power, CPS is provided with the Administrative Guardianship. This means the mother as of now gets her child support from the Feds and the feds collect it from the fathers. Sounds complicated but it isn’t. The mother never has to worry about the money for the child coming late this way. 

  • Welfare and support

Food stamps, housing, clothing, etc. now comes out of the same pot and the women only have to deal with one agent in order to get all of their necessities. This lowers administrative costs and speeds up the processing.

Housing is currently federally financed, respectively financially supported. If CPS was a federal Institution they would have nationwide access to availability.

Federal Education Programs can provide the opportunity for the mothers to continue to go to school and get their education, or support mothers in home based businesses so they can take care of their children. Contracts with private and state childcare facilities, and schools as well as churches could be given financial incentives such as tax exemptions for providing assistance to single mothers. 

  • Adoption

CPS being a Federal Organization would put an end to the Adoption Jungle as it is right now. When conservatives claim “Less Government and more private” that is nonsense because Adoption is already in the hands of the State Government, so why not put this under one roof. Right now the Adoption Laws vary from State to State and while Texas is mostly low regulated (9) some States even have an age limit on adopters – age 40 -, or have insurmountable obstacles making the adoption a hassle. Not to forget that local CPS offices have only access to the children under their care. Making CPS Federal would give the local agent access to a nationwide database of adoptable children and increase the opportunity for children to actually be adopted.

While some states such as Texas reimburse adoption costs, some don’t. This opens the doors for private adoption agencies which makes adoption extremely costly.

Private adoption agencies are profit oriented businesses who, in their pricing, calculate all fees including State fees, administrative costs, their own lawyers, acquisition costs (children they buy from mothers mostly drug addicts who don’t want to give their kids up for adoption but rather sell them to agencies) and many more fees plus and additional profit, and don’t forget that parents need their own lawyer in order to double-check the paperwork.

Not to forget that State operated CPS Agencies and their complicated rules are very often difficult to deal with and the regulations complicated. In order to maximize their profit Private Agencies often look to third world countries where they can purchase babies often for a low price and mediate those into the U.S.

This makes adoption for regular middleclass families almost financially impossible. And the advantage of those agencies is that they DO HAVE access to a nationwide database.

CPS being federal puts an end to all this and makes adoption of American children more comfortable and more encouraging. 

  • Nationwide “Safe Haven Law”

I support the Idea that every Hospital, regardless of their political or religious affiliation should be forced to provide an “anonymous Baby hatch drop off Zone” where women can drop off their unwanted children without retribution or criminal prosecution for child abandonment.

Any hospital refusing this for religious or political reasons should be banned from public funding. 

  • Orphanage and Foster care

Before going any deeper, we have to determine what child actually ends up in Foster care or in an Orphanage. Orphanages are for children who lost their parents and don’t have any living relatives and Foster care is mostly for children that come from broken homes with parents unfit to provide for their children for whatever reason. And the latter is the main issue here. Those children are under Governmental care for a short period of time.

Orphanage and Foster care, is a difficult topic. Foster care has supporters and those who oppose it because many children placed into that system basically fall through the system and drop off the radar of overworked CPS workers, and let’s be honest, the reputation of State run homes for children is not very good.

But there is a pretty good private organization in Europe that provides a system I personally find suitable and worth promoting.

The system is called “SOS- Children’s Village” (10). A private, non-governmental, with Donation funded organization that focuses on family-based, long-term care of children who can no longer grow up with their biological family.

The main difference here to regular Orphanages and Foster homes is that the children are within a small group, living together as a sort of patchwork family with a “housemother” as their head of household/family. This organization buys some property and builds several homes, every home has a family where the kids have their private rooms, a play room, dining room, and a small kitchen area, as well as a social room and the mother has her own room.

As far as the governmental involvement is concerned this is only the tip of the iceberg, these are some basics to think about and start from for better ideas.

Don’t forget while government CAN BE forced to do the right thing through votes, and it is up to us to lobby our representatives to finally come up with proper projects and concepts, the private sector CAN NOT BE FORCED and everything they do has to be voluntary.


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  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Now I found time to read your parts one and two. Very well written, you have made a good research and work. I agree with you.
    It gives a second system, especially in Salzburg, called GÖK. I am not sure if you have ever heard from this institution. GÖK has – I am not sure four or five – houses each with six or seven childs different ages. The child live from Monday until Friday in these house like a patchwork family and can go home on weekend, but this is the own decision of the child, if they want or not. Because mostly of them came out of shatter families. The money comes from private donate.
    You are on the right way – can’t wait to read your Part 3.

  2. i like it temperate Alternatives to support the unwed mothers and children paragraph 2/3 – Governmental Sector « From the Mind of Tom Lehner at this moment im your rss reader

  3. able to disconnect from their feelings and go into denial as generations.

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