Some Alternatives to support the unwed mothers and children Part 3/3 – Private Sector


There are many possibilities for the private citizen to add and support this cause. From healthcare providers and Insurance companies to the millionaires and billionaires along with private donators.

(1)     Health and Insurance providers.

Healthcare and Insurance providers would be well advised to come up with special plans for unwed single moms and children, including dental. In some extreme hardship cases even down to almost zero. Making plans equated based on income, life situation, and amount of children.

They should consider those in need now and their children as future paying customers in the long run.

(2)     Churches

I cannot speak for all church congregations when it comes to helping the poor, but most churches regardless of their denominational affiliation do set aside funds for those in need.  However, most of this help is only for the short term. 

Of course I understand that resources are limited and not every church is in the lucky situation to have a lot wealthy members and/or members that give. Here is where again the State or government could step in and support those efforts with financial aid. That way churches can provide more and better services.

(3)     Millionaires and Billionaires

Those are my real favorite people. And I don’t mean that in a complimentary way. Just as churches I cannot speak for others and for everybody.

While conservative Billionaires usually follow the rule: Do good and don’t brag about it; there is not much known about their spending habits.

The Koch brothers for example, better known in coherence with the “Tea Party” are big time donators but the media is a lot more interested in their political activities and recently slammed by The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer in her article “Covert Operations,” (14) where she accused the brothers of “waging war against Obama”.

Truth and publically known is that the Koch brothers spent more than 100 Million Dollars on right wing political Causes, but what is not publically known is more than 600 Million Dollars in Pledged or donated money (15) went to arts, education, and medical research.

Another example is Linda McMahon (R – Politician and CEO of the WWE Entertainment) and her Husband Vincent Kennedy McMahon (Chairman of the WWE) and their entire family. Linda McMahon spent alone in 2008 over 8 Million Dollars to charity (16) causes (WWE company donations and support not included).

Linda Mcmahon Charity Activity 2008

Linda Mcmahon Charity Activity 2008

The McMahons are well recognized on their social welfare spending. Linda McMahon (if not running for office as a republican) is the CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment and Vincent K. McMahon is the Chairman. The WWE is one of the biggest contributors to the “Make a wish foundation” (16), Children’s Education foundations, and many more, sending their poster Wrestlers John Cena, Big show, Kelly Kelly, John Morrison, and others permanently on fundraisers. But they are the only conservatives with public recognition on their Donations and only because they promote this through their weekly televised shows “Raw” and “Smackdown”.

The same counts for all sports events. Except the WWE who takes pride in their social engagement, major sports events like NFL Super bowl and others don’t seem to be interested in supporting this social cause. What they fail to see is that the ignored hardships of today are the fans and ticket buyers of tomorrow.

It would be a signal in the right direction if major Sports presenters, leagues, and broadcasters would make a public stand for Pro-Life, families, and children and not always duck before special interest lobbyists and lawyers in order not to offend somebody.

For example, remember the “scandal” of Tim Tebow with his 2010 Pro Life Super bowl commercial. While conservatives praised that young and brave man liberals went furious demanding this be removed (19). Thanks to CBS the commercial was aired, but what I missed was the NFL making a stand for this cause, a clear statement of their support.

My belief is that, millionaires and billionaires (especially liberals) only spend money when the Media is nearby, using their Donations as a promotion for themselves. And since the Media is a short-term-story-headline media they are not interested to continue promoting family support issues. But immediate headline producing catastrophes such as tsunamis are always good for headlines and for those billionaires to promote themselves. 


(4)     Non Profit Organizations

A great way for WE THE PEOPLE as society to support this cause is to get involved in so called NPO’s (Non Profit Organizations (20)). Nonprofit organizations are tax exempt and can provide a wide variety of direct support. There are way over 1.4 Million NPO’s registered in the United States and the location of one of them is easy (20).

One of the best NPO’s supporting the Pro-Life cause is Steven Ertelt’s LifeNews (21). Working tirelessly on the cause his Website provides valuable information about every aspect from healthcare to financial support.

Personal responsibilities of each and every one of us

The issue of single parents in poverty, orphans in America, or the problems with adoption, should not exist in the richest nation on earth. 

There is a lot we can do:

  • First of all, on Christmas, Easter and all the other Holliday’s when our hearts are usually wide open, we can ignore the media coverage of foreign country begging, and start looking at how we can support the unwed mothers and children in our own country first.
  • Don’t throw away your clothes and/or household items, but instead drop them off at churches, women centers and local children abuse centers.
  • Lobby to Media, Sports entertainment, Health Companies and other services making your voice heard and tell them you won’t support them unless they make a stand for life, family, and children.
  • Call your congressmanall the time and let him/her know you want him/her to make a stand for family values, women and children, and not just in “word,” but in “deed,” even if it is against the party line. It does not matter as long as it helps.
  • Volunteer 1 hour at your local women’s shelter
  • Get involved with state officials to change laws and policies that do not benefit women and children.
  • Donate $5, $10 or $20 a month to your favorite local charity.
  • Volunteer 4 hours a month at your favorite local charity.

And always remember Mother Teresa when she said:

Mother Teresa Love

Mother Teresa Love

“Never worry about numbers.
Help one person at a time,
and always start with
the person nearest you.”
~~ Mother Teresa ~~


Special Thanks:

Thank you to Jacqueline B. Lang (12), who worked together with me on this issue, providing valuable information and great insight.

Jacqueline is a devoted mother, business and academic professional. Jacqueline has worked for many years in many different roles including 18 years in leadership roles in management; she has also worked as a Congressional Campaign Manager, taught at the college level and served 8 years in the United States Army Reserves. Her education includes a PhD Business (c), specializing in Organizational Development and Women Leadership, MBA and BA in Communication, along with course work in environmental & safety training and executive coaching. She is currently co-authoring ‘The Power of a Women’ and ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling without a Hammer: Career Strategies for Women’ both will be published in August of 2011 

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