U.S. Armed Forces in Libya – What if?

The United States is at War again.

On March 7, 2011 – The French and the United Kingdom first pressured for the establishment of a No-Fly Zone over Libya, but backed down. As of this moment the military interference in an internal Conflict, commonly known as Civil War, was on the table.

The Arab league supported this Idea, but never intended to get involved by themselves just in case something went terribly wrong, and in a military conflict there is always a possibility to blame others.

On March 17, 2011 – the Unites Nations Security Council approved, from pressure of the French President Sarkozy, a military intervention in Libya.

“SC/10200 United Nations security council approves a ‘No-Fly Zone’ over Libya’ (1), authorizing ‘All measures’ to protect civilians.

This fungous declaration leaves a lot of room for interpretation and even more questions. 

On March 19, 2011 – the First Air Strikes began in cooperation with Missile attacks from U.S. Battle ships.

President Obama has, illegally and without consent, sent U.S. Armed Forces into a conflict. Though he had plenty of time to consult with the Congress and call for an urgent emergency meeting getting Congressional Approval, President Obama decided to play Golf, pick his favorite NCAA team and travel to South America.

This action is not only highly illegal but also endangers American soldiers. Illegal because we have a constitution and the constitution is clear on when, where and how the president is authorized to engage the Armed Forces in a conflict without Congressional Approval.

The War Power Act from 1973 (2), established by the 93rd Congress after the Vietnam conflict was put in place exactly to prevent any U.S. President to engage the U.S. in a War without approval again.

More important than the Power Act is the United States constitution. Article I – Section VIII (3) rests the power to declare War solely to the United States Congress, and requires both the Commander-in-Chief AND the Congress to commit U.S. Troops; otherwise any Action would be unconstitutional.

Article II – Section II (3) of the U.S. Constitution sure identifies the U.S. President as the civilian oversight of the U.S. Military and Commander in chief, but does not allow him to use the Armed Forces to enforce its political will on foreign Nations.

March 22, 2011 – the first American Airplane, an F-15 Strike Eagle, crashes over Libya (4). And despite the statements from the Pentagon that this Jet was ‘Not’ shot down, but crashed due to technical failure the situation remains the same. According to UK Guardian the Pilots could not have known if the people who found them were friendly or non-friendly since they all were heavily armed.

F-15 Eagle Short Takeoff In Afterburner

F-15 Eagle Short Takeoff In Afterburner

Praise the Lord the Fighter Pilots are safe and well, but it could have been the other way around.

There are many questions that now rise from this situation. Speaker of the House John Boehner sent a few questions to President Obama concerning the American involvement in this “Action” I think he asked the wrong questions. So let me as ask a few here:

My first question concerns the UN Resolution – Gaddafi, Libya and the rebels

The UN Resolution declares “All necessary Measures to protect Civilians”. But what does that mean, who is a civilian in this case and who is a participant in an armed internal conflict.

In my understanding of the Geneva Convention (5) a person that is armed and participates in a violent action is not to be considered an unarmed unprotected Civilian and falls under the rules of Engagement.

Muammar al-Gaddafi should have been taken out 30 years ago. But it was the European Countries, especially France, Germany, Austria, Russia and so on who protected him and made him diplomatically eligible (6).

No matter what one thinks about Gaddafi he is the legal Head of Libya, his citizens have supported him for the past 30 years. Now the very same Citizens rebel against him.

I definitely agree and support the revolution, but this is an internal conflict and when the UN claims falsely that the western alliance is to protect “Civilians” this is a fraudulent inflammatory statement because as I mentioned above armed Civilians participating in a violent conflict are not protected under the Geneva Convention.

So here is my first question – why is the United Nations so eager to get involved in that conflict?

In my opinion the United Nations together with the French and the UK in cooperation with the European Union uses the U.S. Armed Forces to interfere illegally to overthrow a uncomfortable Dictator for economical (in favor of the European Union and NOT the U.S.) and political reasons (to strengthen Muslim radical groupings).

My next Questions go straight to the Situation of the American Soldiers.

The fact that we have never officially declared war on Libya raises many questions concerning the legal status of our Armed Forces.

Many Military experts and the NATO command already warn that, should the rebels not prevail, a Ground Force operation would be the next logical step. Taking a closer look at the fuzzy UN declaration the application of Ground Forces is not being ruled out. And that brings me to the point.

Since when – does the United Nations run our Armed Forces for their advantage? Since when is the UN in charge of our Soldiers? Ok you might say – sure since the UN puppet Obama is president – but where is the Congress on this?

What is the benefit – does that mean we now get access to the oil and gas of Libya or does that mean we spend American Tax Dollars (over 70 Million Dollars in the past 3 days in Tomahawk Missiles) to make sure the Arab league and the European Union gets the financial benefit?

What if – the fighter Jet Pilots would have been shot down, not in friendly but enemy territory? Since Gaddafi already declared that he does not accept the UN resolution, he could have considered the Pilots terrorists, spies, or God knows what and punished them at will, even execution. 

What if – we send ground forces into Libya? What is the status of the conflict? Is this a Police Action, a war, an expedition – what?

And the question is not so far off because this question involves the treatment of the soldiers and their families when they come home according to the U.S. Veterans Affairs regulations.

Only Combat Veterans participating in an official declared War are eligible for the “War-veteran-Benefits” (7). Every military person knows that the benefits, retirement, and other social assistance for homecoming soldiers have a specific distinction – Soldiers in times of peace and soldiers in combat.

What happens – to the families of the fallen? Do they receive surviving dependents benefits of a soldier at war or the smaller benefits for a soldier in peace?

Remember we have never declared war officially on Libya.

Remember how long it took to accept the Vietnam Veterans legally as War Veterans? It took until 2003, under the Bush Administration to recognize veterans’ benefits for Soldiers exposed to Agent Orange (7). Or the legal battles on legally accepting the fact that Operation Desert Storm participants had been exposed to Chemical Weapons and grant the benefits for this. And it is confirmed that Gaddafi holds Mustard gas weapons.

What if – those F-15 Pilots would have been killed – what regulation would apply to them and their families left behind, since we are not at War with Libya?

Despite the legal constitutional aspect of Obama’s narcissist lone-ranger actions, where he thinks he can do whatever he feels like, once again I think he has confused his job description with that of a dictator. Here in America we have a democracy, a system with “Checks and Balances” a House body and a Senate body it is not a 1 man show; Apparently Harvard Law School no longer teaches the rules of our three branches of government.

I am sure there are tons of questions that can be asked but those are the ones that burn on my heart right now.

As far as I am concerned – all we can do is pray for our men and women in the Armed Forces for their safe return as they follow their loyal calling as Service members. God bless you and thank you for your service.

Pray that they all return home safe because our President in my opinion has not given any serious thought to this unauthorized action and its consequences.

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker of the House Boehner:

Would anybody please explain this to me or answer my questions? Since I am a citizen and a Taxpayer I am entitled to the answers.


God Bless America

God Bless America


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2)    Almanac of Policy Issues
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6)    (The Hypocrisy of Europe…) tclehner.wordpress.com
7)    United States Veterans Affairs Department


2 responses

  1. Enigmaticaluna | Reply

    Your questions my friend are very legit, in fact I got to the same conclusion thinking about it. It’s a clear intent to not just “change” this country, but destroy bringing here a difference type of culture. Something that not only goes against the Constitution, but the very being of the American people.

    If this fall uncontested, more unconstitutional things will came to take place, as for the Constitution is the “only” thing that as to now stop them to take a full course of the real intent on all of this. While our troops are spread thin all over the world, the American people is distracted and weak, we will have no one but old people, young kids that don’t know better women and children to defend the Nation from this take over. If this is not contested, the Constitution will be destroy and from that point we don’t know what will be of this Country, but I believe that few of us have very good idea.

    As I read the move that the UN has done in Germany in regard of make a law for children to be expose since very early age to sex, come in mind, that is in particular one of the most important pieces of what sharia law is about. The pushing is forceful, the only one’s that stand against them is the USA and Israel, one must wonder with out wonder, why is so important for them to take control of Libya, why this Nation is not producing their own oil, and why everything here has been freeze up, putting this Nation behind, not just on their own capabilities but as well defenses against foreign power. Can you imagine if the Muslim brotherhood take hold of this? do we think that this is not in particular the intent? who’s paying back who? and as you said, the protection of the troops and their families in the event that something happen is of not existence, but what is few more Americans dead? We already have more in Afghanistan, in this two years that what we have in 8 on Iran, but is not reported.
    This is deeper than many think, they want to remove a dictator, the very UN, is full of them, at the same time that we have one who act like a dictator and want to be the ruler of this Nation, who follow the UN with entire disregard for the laws of this Country. I have very strong problem with that, and my question is… where is the Congress on all of this? in vacation or break? Is this not important enough for the security of this Country, to not call on emergency and bring this issue to the table, with the inclusion of impeachment? Something is not right, and they are taking us to a ride that we don’t ask for. It’s my view that people better wake up very fast, we are going straight to a kill with out placing any force against it… everyone seems to be waiting for 2012 and I’m worry that with this pace of events, we may not even reach.

    I will ask you to please to place this on WRAM, I will promote again and this time, will be more forceful… people need to paid attention to details and the events, they are directed to us, even if it’s so faraway.

    Thank you my dear friend, my heart is full of fears, not for me, but for the future of this beloved Nation.

    God Be with you and always with His Grace and Wisdom keep giving you the inside to alert people. for now is about the only thing we can do.

  2. At the time US troops followed Mr. Obama’s order to bomb, knowing full well he did not have the authority to wage war, they became his personal army under his sole control. I I wonder now if they would attack US citizens if he told them to. Obviously those in top positions side with this unwholly, radical who ignors our constitution and would put our military in harms way as Obama has done. Certainly most of our military personel know the UN holds no power in the United States; certainly our military know that Obama alone can’t order them into a war. We whould also be able to see clearly why the congress has to approve a declaration of war or action such as this (discussion and debate is important to present a united front from our country and to assure we are really doing the right thing). Obama clearly does not have a plan of any kind except to attack and is now looking for another organization to hand his hot potato to.

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