How Obama takes advantage of the bin-Laden Killing

~~ Si Vis Parcem Para Bellum (If you wish for peace prepare for war) ~~
(George Washington)

Osama bin-Laden the world’s most wanted Terrorist is dead. Ever since the news, Blog forums and the internet are full with new points of view and news. Before I get started and give my 5 cents worth of Comments on this incident I want to say thank you:

Thank you U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six (DEVGRU).

You are the bravest of the brave and the best of the best. You make me proud to be American andAmerica is proud of you. You mess with the best, the night is your friend and when the world goes down you are the one to be called. I don’t know you by name but each and every one of you is in my prayers, my heart, and my mind every single day.

Thank you to the Helicopter Pilots

Those brave Pilots who gave our Seals a lift into the compound and back. No message made me happier than to hear that the crew of the Black Hawk who went down is safe and secure back home. No man left behind. God bless you and God’s speed. 

Thank you President George W. Bush

It was your idea to establish the perfect installation GuantanamoBayand it was your order to give those Terrorists the right treatment to gather valuable information. It was your hard work, your persistence against those whining – left wing liberal – self declared humanitarian – Terrorist loving – self declared humans rights activists who permanently demanded to close Guantanamo Bay. For years they have tried to tell us we should give those creeps a better treatment and hard interrogation does not lead to valuable information. But you Mr. President proved them wrong.

It was exactly that treatment that made “Khalid Shaikh Mohammed” blows the whistle on the courier that finally led to Usama bin Laden.

Ok, enough thank you. Here are a few thoughts from me on this whole day of Victory forAmerica.

President-Imposter Obama

You might have wondered why I have not wasted a moment of thanks to him. Well the answer is a pretty simple one – HE DID NOTHING WORTH BEING THANKFUL FOR. President Obama did not lay the ground work on finding Usama bin-Laden that was G.W. Bush and the Bush administration. All Obama did was give the order to take him down and the online magazine Right side News said it very accurate: The Bin Laden ‘Get”: It’s called doing your Duty. The L.A. Times talks about Obama’s office “bravery”.

Not to mention that his poll numbers were down and this “action” came right on time for him to boost his re-election numbers.

But Obama would not be Obama if he would not show his real face to the American people.

While the American people cheered about bin-Laden’s death and did not pay attention Obama’s czar Geithner threatened, completely unnoted, that the U.S. treasury department will stop selling U.S. Bonds and cut off the states from finances until September unless they agree to raise the spending limit for Obama.

Excerpt from the Letter Geithner sent to Boehner:

If Congress does not increase the debt limit by May 16, the Treasury Department will be forced to employ further extraordinary measures on that date to provide headroom under the limit. Therefore, on May 16, I will (1) declare a “debt issuance suspension period” under the statute governing…………

Pakistan Government

What is really interesting is that Usama bin Laden was hiding the past 5 years in a city called “Abbottabad”; a city that is known also for its “MilitaryAcademy” and “Military Intelligence headquarters”. Which leads me to a few Questions here? 1) Is the Pakistani Government/Military/Military Intelligence the most incompetent idiotic organization in the world or 2) Are they, as suspected for a long time, connected and supportive to bin-Laden?

Even the primary Obama propaganda station MSNBC asks now if Pakistan is playing double games on bin-Laden, and Congressman Allen West says “We need to re-evaluate our relationship with Pakistan”.  

Either way thank you Pakistani Government by proving to us, the thinking suspicious American conservatives right that we cannot trust you, but I am sure Obama is very proud of you.


The world news has been full with what is going to happen now and is the Terror coming to an end. What a stupid question; Terror has always been there and always will be there.

As the successor of bin-Laden is Ayman Muhammed Rabaie al-Zawahiri named, a 59 year old Egyptian pediatrician and radical Muslim fanatic.

He is the second in command of Al Qaeda, considered even more ruffian than bin-Laden and highly intelligent.

Zawahiri has been like the “General Manager” of the Al Qaeda Network; the man in the background dealing with all the organizational issues. Of course he will try, and for a while lead Al Qaeda, but he does not have the military skills of bin-Laden. Under president Carter the CIA had trained Bin-Laden as Mujahedin fighter. The training started on orders of President Carter and was ended by President Reagan.

Also Zawahiri does not have the financial means to keep Al Qaeda alive nor does he have the charisma of bin-Laden to inspire suicide terrorists. It was bin-Laden that had been the millionaire and charismatic leader.

You might want to compare Al Qaeda and the relationship bin-Laden/Zawahiri with the Nazi regime. While Adolf Hitler was the gifted speaker and face of the Nazi regime Joseph Goebbels was the man for the rough job and the manager and master mind in the background. Let’s assume for a moment the assassination attempts on Hitler would have been successful, the third Reich would have still survived for maybe a year, but though Goebbels was the mastermind and strategist, without Hitler the Nazi regime would have fallen apart a lot sooner.

And it is the same with Al Qaeda. Sure Zawahiri will be able to run Al Qaeda for a little bit working with bin-Laden as the martyr fighting revenge attacks now in his name, but sooner or later Al Qaeda will face the same problem as Al Qaeda in Maghreb (a side arm of Al Qaeda) and that means fight for power, money, and leadership. Sooner or later Al Qaeda itself will dismember in many small groups easy to take down. 

What works for Zawahiri is his Egyptian heritage. This leaves a lot of room for speculation.

During the Egyptrevolt the radical “Muslim Brotherhood” emerged into power. Meanwhile they have extended their power and influence all over northern Africa. Like Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood has two arms 1) the civilian for public appearance and 2) the militant “Al Qaeda connection”

And the Muslim Brotherhood already positioned themselves through a public Statement condemning the Killing of bin-Laden and complaining about the worlds view on radical Islam.

What is worse is that Muslim Brotherhood is financially very well positioned too from the European Union, CAIR, and the Obama administration.

Zawahiri being fromEgyptcould call on Muslim Brotherhood to join forces.

A connection built in hell and made by Obama.

Of course, I cheer that bin-Laden will burn in hell, but I would cheer a lot more if Obama would not support Muslim Brotherhood.

Rest of the World

On Monday, no matter what news I covered, all governments cheered and hailed Obama. But on Tuesday the tone was already a different one. While Western governments still are in praise of the killing and at the same time call for caution that terror is not over, in many media’s they already question the action.

Now that the U.S. Government declared, in opposition to the first reports, that Usama was unarmed, the European left wing liberal thug media’s are really whining about human treatment. These are the same who already question the legitimacy of the U.S. to either arrest or liquidate a person outside the U.S. even without consent of the country of action; Claiming international Law (which does not exist – only agreements).

For all you liberal idiots and thugs I have a message



We get our man


Whenever We Want; Wherever We Want, However We Want;


Try to stop Us






  • The Blaze on SEAL Team 6
  • Wikipedia on SEAL Team 6
  • Fox News – Bush policy lead to success
  • Right Side News
  • L.A. Times on Obama’s office bravery
  • Treasury Sec. Geithner’s threat letter to Rep. Boehner (pdf. File)
  • MSNBC – asking Pakistan’s role
  • Allen West on Pakistan
  • Wikipedia on Zawahiri
  • – Muslim Brotherhood statement

You also may want to read:

Ann-Marie Murrells column: “Thank You, Mister President! (President BUSH, that is….)” on Patriot Update.


5 responses

  1. Enigmaticaluna | Reply

    My friend, before I start I have to said thank you for exposing some things that most of us don’t know or maybe do, but kind put in the side, I love your post and your writing is clear and easy to follow… but..

    Can I go with speculation? as a seems today is about the only thing we have left on this issue. First if you don’t mind, I will bring you some links that maybe will help you to see where “my mind” is going.

    I’m very skeptical person, when has to do with in administration that has done nothing but corruption and fraud… I have as well questions about issues on the Presidency of GWB, and I fight to dead defending him, but as always happen, one can feel the deception when the involvement is more profound, that is my case… so Let’s bring you the links first…!,2933,41576,00.html

    I wish to believe like so many Patriots that things has happen the way we are told, but it’s many information out there to believe other wise, or at least have the curiosity to know if it’s true or not, and that sense the retaliation and the input that this will create, if things are not what they said.
    I have very bad habit, I ask why all the time… I guess I got that from my youth, need it to know answers when were no one to provide them, so I search, some I got, some others with time I figure out. In this case if nothing else, I’m doubting about the entire theatrical input of what really took place here.
    Few things lead me to believe that is a lie, for most the fact that we know that barry don’t know how to do anything on his own, and all his life has been take credit for other people work, so on that contest, you and I agree.
    When I hear this news ( my daughter call me to tell me, and friends that know I’m involve in politics, bring to my attention to a big TV screen) the first words that came to my mouth in both instance was ” I know, he has been dead” As I remember few years back was commented on the News, was not make big wave, because at that time, people were still sleeping. Most people didn’t paid attention, but I did. When the last video suppose to be from him, was release, experts said that were make up videos not the real thing, I paid attention to that too.

    The news I bring you, tell us that he has been dead for quite sometime, the first news about it was sometime in Dic of 2001 over kidney failure and complications on his lungs,the report said that his family and friends, about 30 of them, give him the burial and as their custom, when they bury him, they have not marked the site, so will be very hard to find his body.
    Thinking of this will not be strange to believe that we can’t have photos of his capture, because those photos do not exist, can’t exist. Do they going to make believe photos, possible, the same way he has done with his BC.
    On Dic 26, Fox News, the people’s News Media (?) not mine, as I been know they are take as well… report that he died prior that day, can very well be around Dic 13th, the official date of the Islamic news media.

    Nenazir Buttho before she got kill, also talk about his killing, that was on 2007 the most recent one, besides the official time of dead from this pass Sunday.

    It’s possible to believe that we had been play, and what is worse blame in the end our military, the Navy Seals? We know they try to take down the troops, do they try to discredited them? it’s allot questions and not many answers.

    On Sunday when the usurper was talking to the American people about ” killing him on spot and bury him as the muslim culture, in the sea, CNN was reporting that the navy has his body, for 10 day’s and they just waiting for the DNA” it’s kind of strange because both comments don’t seems to add up.

    I believe that all this pass events are linked some how, and I believe that someone or someone’s, try to make him fail, and give him the wrong info to look bad, it’s almost as if he’s being framed… why? I ask again…

    Can I go for more speculation as all of this seems to make for me must more sense than what they give to us? like a hungry dog, we eat their bones with out asking where came from or to whom belong.

    I believe that they want him to loose on this elections, I believe that provably he will not have the change to run, because something will happen, either he get’s expose or they remove him some how, I believe that Trump is a plant, bring by them, someone who can look legit for the American people, none the less a socialist/progressive by his own words, who I don’t believe that over night he became a conservative, he has been send to divide the conservative movement, and seems that he was doing very good job…The entire Bin Laden issue, has been place at the right time, many including on his side has been wonder about the BC, Trump make so much wave about it, that it’s impossible for liberals alike to not start paying attention, more Trump talk, more doubts in the American people, and you can cheat some people, you can’t all of us.

    Couple weeks go I receive a message about few billions that Soros was giving to Trump to build his empire in Chicago, so why he sleep with the devil while he proclaim to be conservative and patriot?
    The BC confirm me the suspicious, it’s so obvious a fraud, that even my grand daughter can notice it, was almost as if were done with intent…

    So how much can we trust, what is the truth, and where the lie or the play start to roll for the American people… playing with the emotions, I said they doing… so how can they release pictures of a body they never had? if they did, why so hard to bring those pictures out?

    By the way, suppose to be, as well that he took long time for the decision because he was playing golf, and they have to pick him up… interesting and not surprising.

    What you think of my speculations after you read and check on the links?

    God bless you my friend.

    Great article as usual and I agree with you, no matter how we look this, it’s screw up for our troops, and that is wrong.

  2. Please understand that Wikipedia is not a “source”. It is useful for gathering basic information, but should never be treated as a credible source of information. Fox News, another source you listed, is quite possibly the only media outlet that stands with less integrity than Wikiped. Considering your sources, I am led to believe that your information is made up purely of your lame attempts to bash the left.
    We get our man
    Whenever We Want; Wherever We Want, However We Want;
    Try to stop Us

    Please understand that what you said, as quoted above, pretty much sums up the reason the rest of the world has such a negative view of America. Our reputation is in shambles, and people like you are the ones who bring it down. No kidding we are the United States of America… but “we get our man whenever we want; wherever we want; however we want; try to stop Us”? First of all, it took 10 years to find bin Laden. Do not act like we just swooped down from the heavens and simply whisked him away. It took the CIA 10 years to find ONE guy that THEY trained. Try to stop us? Are you actually so naive? Why must your blog posts be so confrontational… you are not speaking to anyone who matters in issues you so pathetically discuss. No world leaders read this blog, no “European liberal thugs” are reading this and saying, “you know, maybe I really should stop wondering about human rights and just accept everything the hypocritical, untruthful American government says”, and nobody who reads this should take you seriously.

    Hate filled rhetoric and bloodthirsty liberal-mashing zeal is what is wrong with America. Obama does not hate America, he is not a socialist or a Muslim. In reality, it is more people like you who hate America than him. You do not respect, tolerate, or accept everybody in America. You do not believe that everyone was made inherently equal. You may not speak it publicly, but people like you are racist. Look around your Tea Party rallies. How many Asian/ black/ Latino people are there? The Tea Party alienates minorities because it attempts to extinguish them by supporting things like the immigration law in Arizona, ending welfare, and terminating Planned Parenthood. There are no minorities around you. You are blind if you cannot see the subtle and hidden racism in everything conservative. You do not hate Obama solely because of his policies; in fact, Obama actually fights to protect working class people, as that is the demographic the Democrats have traditionally stood for. As a “cattle rancher and hard Worker” (your lack of proper punctuation is astounding for such a high-minded blogger, by the way), Obama ACTUALLY stands up for people like you, as opposed to the Republicans, who are controlled by big money interests. Remember the recent Supreme Court decision that allowed companies to donate as much as they wish to campaigns? This means that large corporations will go even further in controlling elections, as they have unlimited funds to attack Democrats who wish to see them regulated to benefit the people, and to support the Republicans. Please tell me you can spot the cycle that occurs: the special interests groups lobby for Republicans to win by donating large sums of money, the Republicans win and keep the money in the hands of the rich and the corporations, and the poor/ middle class lose.

    Good day, sir.

  3. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Thank you very much for this post – before I have read them I asked you in an email what will happen after the death of Bin Laden and I told you my fears about the terrorism. Now I have read you post and must say thank you, you have given me an answer of some of my questions.
    I know that the death of Bin Laden isn’t the credit of Obama but his opportunity for the next election of the president is higher than before and I ask myself “Bin Laden is death and Obamas opportunity is higher than before? Why?”. You have the opinion that President Bush is the man we should thank you because he has layed the corner stone for this operation. My question is: Why President Bush and President Obama have wait so long because Bin Laden was five years on the same place? And what will happen with the government of Pakistan because they have given Bin Laden the privilege although they know that he was the most wanted man of the world.
    I have no answer of this question the only was I know that the terrorism isn’t death, he lives more than before. God bless us all!

  4. Today many in the media and elsewhere are making statements that can only be considered irrational naive and simply wrong with regards to the war in which we are engaged. The Ikwan MB must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Gods religion is made victorious over all other religions. Islamic Law Umdat al Salik certified by key MB entities IIIT and Fiqh Council of North America as MB doctrine.From the overwhelming evidence entered at the US v Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development trial HLF it was revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in the United States has significant infrastructure here and that the most prominent Islamic Organizations in the U.S.

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