Obama ignites Emigration Agenda in El Paso

Watching President Obama’s “Immigration Reform” speech on Tuesday May 10,2011 inEl Paso, Texas makes it crystal clear that this entire Agenda has absolutely nothing to do with home land security, border protection, or economical issues.

It is all about his political survival and the election-campaigning ahead, not to forget, he wants to send a message to the Hispanic Community that he is willing to use his new popularity to grab the Agenda by the horns as he promised in his campaign in 2008.

Problem was for him that the Healthcare debate was devastating for his presidency and Obama knew if he took on the Immigration agenda at the same time, he could kiss the chance of a second term good bye.

But now after the Osama execution, that he sold so eloquently as his very own success (got to give 5 Stars to the Democratic Public Relations machinery), he now feels he can use this moment to push another radical Agenda which is again widely opposed by the American people, but he has to keep his promise if he wants the Hispanic support for re-election.

And so the President heads to Texas, the very same City were Janet Napolitano stood in March on a bridge connecting El Paso to Cuidad Juarez, Mexico proclaiming border security “better than ever”. 

********** BREAKING NEWS****BREAKING NEWS**********

National Terror Alert center reports, under reference to Associated Press and ABC15.com, on Wednesday May 11th, 2011 (one day after Obama was in El Paso and one Month after Napolitano declares out borders safer than ever: “Sophisticated smuggling tunnel found in Nogales”


In his speech President Obama claims that “under Secretary Napolitano’s leadership we have strengthened border security beyond what many believed was possible….they wanted a fence. Well the fence is now complete”. This is absolutely wrong.

The fact of the matter is, according to “Government Accountability Office reports (U.S. GAO)” only670 Miles of the entire2200 mile border is complete and 1120 southwest border miles have not yet achieved operational control. According to Sheriffs working and living along the U.S.-Mexican border they call the assertion this administration has done to enforce the border a laughable matter.

Obama also claims credit that 64% more weapons have been confiscated than before – he just forgot to say that Attorney General Eric Holder first sold those weapons to the drug lords in Mexico. So the 64% he confiscated are basically those he handed out himself. 

  • House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) said quote: “Mr. President, 44 percent is a failing grade. If 44 percent is the most secure the border has ever been it’s time to get to work to improve the grade. The American people expect nothing less than a A-Plus on border security:”

Or in lame terms – if 44% is most secure – what happens with the remaining 66%? Just hours before Mr. Obama’s El Paso visit the State of Texas passed a bill that would prevent so called “sanctuary cities” from telling police to ignore immigration violations.

Maybe Secretary Napolitano and Mr. Obama haven’t understood so far that the border security and immigration violations problems cannot be solved on a computer with animated graphics, but is a real problem for real people.

How much Obama understands about Security and Economics shows in the one comment he made during the speech: “Those who break immigration laws should “pay their taxes, pay their fines and learn English” before getting right back into line to obtain citizenship.”

I said it several times, I have no clue where Mr. Obama got his Law degree, but I refuse to believe that a prestigious Law school such as Harvard failed to teach him how to read Federal Laws.

Illegal Immigrants beak at least 4 Federal Laws when crossing the border: Border violation, Tax fraud, forging federal documents, Social Security fraud.

Here is a little excerpt as what they would have to face if the Law was really enforced: 

  • Illegal border crossingSection 1325 in Title 8 of the United States code punishes enter or an attempt to enter the United States without permission with a maximum prison term of 6 month for the first offense and 2 years subsequently. Considering the fact that the majority are repeat violators do the math.


  • Tax Fraud– Title 26 USC §§ 7201, 7202, 7203, 7206(1), 7206(2), 7212 (A), Title 18 USC § 371 are punishable between 3 years and 5 years in prison according to the IRS


  • Forging Documents – In order not to get caught illegals maintain a roaring commerce with federal and State documents, such as Social security cards (necessary to be eligible for an apartment, driver’s license, getting the kids in school, etc.). According to CriminalDefenseLawyers.com the punishment varies based on size and scope as well as involvement in other crimes. But the happy hand round and flourishing trade has organized Crime character.


  • Social Security fraudSSA 143.2 reads: The penalty upon conviction for violation of the penal provisions of the Social Security Act or one of the related provisions of the Federal Criminal Code may be a fine, imprisonment, or both. The penalty ranges from a fine of not more than $500, imprisonment of one year, or both to a fine of not more than $10,000, imprisonment of not more than 15 years, or both. The penalty depends upon the specific law violated.

Considering the fact that this is an ongoing crime committed on purpose, repeatedly by several family members and with the full knowledge of the illegality there is no way they should qualify for minimum sentences.

Even under a liberal point of few, looking at those crimes I don’t see any chance that illegals could get away with a fine – I see a minimum of 10 years in federal Prison (considering the terms served consecutive and without state charges)

Or does the President insinuate again that he is willing to obstruct justice as he did after the rejection of the DREAM act. Remember when he announced that he is not willing to enforce immigration laws on illegal students abusing our social system.

My facebook friend brought up a good point when saying this would be “Citizenship by default”.

Obama say’s let them pay their taxes. Good – what taxes? Let us take a closer look at the numbers.

Illegal Immigration costs Arizona and California 12 Billion Dollars each per year. According to CIS (Center for Immigration Studies) illegal’s rip off the IRS for a total of 6 Billion Dollars per year.

And last but not least the same source shows that 71% of all illegal’s use one or more welfare programs (See the graphics in Fig1 to 13 here🙂 which costs additional Billions of Dollars every year.

Jena McNeill from Heritage Foundation explains: “An amnesty would cost taxpayers millions, if not billions of dollars – at a time where debt is at the ceiling and budgets are busted. It would also reward those who broke the law and came into the U.S. illegally over those who came to the U.S. the legal way.”

Or in other words – I came legally into this country after waiting and filing for 15 years – this amnesty would be a slap in my face.

But I am sure the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, is pleased with that situation because instead of paying taxes here in American those thugs send an estimated 40 Cents on every Dollar back to Mexico which is a win-win situation for them. Mexico does not have to care for its poor and they still get 40 % of the money stolen from the American Tax payers or in numbers 40% from the estimated 12 Billion Dollars which is 4.8 Billion Dollars for Mexico AND THAT IS EVERY YEAR

Only in America – welcome to America



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2 responses

  1. Enigmaticaluna | Reply

    This is in excellent article of great information, but also of sadness, I have know many people who like us has been put in line to reach the American dream, to build a future for themselves and most lately for the family that may come one day, others has bring family with them, but I know of legal citizens marry in foreign Nations who has hard time to bring their spouses over paper work or ridiculous bureaucracy.
    It’s countless the abuse portrait from the illegal community ( to called something) over the citizen and those that did the right thing.
    Really bothers me the lack of respect for the laws and the culture of this Country and the arrogance that they show demanding services that if were in their countries of origin, they will be in prison. Things need to change, but for most the American people need to start making that change, take control of their thought process and start being proactive, for more than a key board. I found many Spanish people who are Americans and they are very proud to be so, and they are very angry with this situation, because it’s not a good thing for us, but for those that have since day one going against the law of this Country.
    We have been gone on a trip alone must of the border of Texas, the images there were devastating, the strong hold that drug cartel has on the very south of our borders is a shame, to said the least, new towns are flourish, one wonder how is possible, and the only thing that came to our conclusion is that the drug cartel is paying officials on this side of the border, so they can build and bring their families here, as a community, the people from those towns are scare to come out of their homes, and to speak for retaliations, yes, those numbers you bring are a good thing to get angry about it, but it’s the life that those in the very south, that suffer all this corruption who suffer the most and no one paid attention… the Militia from the State of Texas has offer their help to the sherif of border towns, we just wait for their ok, on Arizona already is happening, militia members from different parts of the Country are helping in this quest… the people in the end, will be the solution to this madness because nothing will come out from gov. is a lucrative business to both sides, the people is ultimately the one’s that paid for.
    Thank you, I will share this.

    God bless.

  2. The official speaking on background explain that this summit is basically laying the ground work for future endeavors and advised not expect to see any obvious deliverables that developing the relationship is essentially the goal… No two countries are more important to each other s security prosperity and well being than these two countries simply by virtue of having a 2 000 mile border the official said. They will also discuss the issue of balancing security concerns along the border with trade concerns specifically the keeping trucks flowing in and out of Mexico which are a ma..The official reminded reporters that while there is a lot of emphasis on the economic relationship with China the Canada and Mexico are the US s largest trading partners… For all of the mythology about China these days for every dollar that China buys from the United States Mexico and Canada together are buying 8 of American exports. So as we seek to ensure that our border is safe and that we are monitoring and we re ensuring that nobody uses it undermine the security of our three nations we also need to make sure that as we thicken and strengthen our security on the border that we leave doors open for the free-flow of goods and services the official said.

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