The love affair of Democrats and Terrorists

When surfing through international news on Sunday I came across a stunning Article in the Austrian daily newspaper “Österreich” headlining “Bin Laden Secretly in Austria (Bin Laden geheim in Österreich)”.

Since I was born in that country I felt puzzled but not surprised by that news. Since the foundation of the so called second Republic in 1955 after World War 2 plus 10 years of military occupancyAustriahas always performed a so called “political balancing act” or in other words looking the other way rather than having problems with anybody. 


Bottom line of the News article: In 1993, when visitingAustria, Osama bin Laden was recognized inSaudi Arabia and theU.S. as a fundamentalist, but not as a terrorist. Ayman al-Zawahiri however had already been a recognized Terrorist on an international Search warrant for his involvement in the killing of Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat. Osama bin Laden was issued a passport from the Embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina inVienna and for that he must have been physically present.

Austriawas very well aware of the status of Zawahiri. But instead of following up on their obligation to arrest him they decided to prohibit him to speak publicly, that way they could claim no knowledge and avoid potential retaliation of terrorists (that is one way to deal with Terrorists).

What I also read in that article was that under full protection of the United Statesthe two of them funneled almost a half a Billion Dollars through the Viennese based Help organization “Third World Relief Agency”.

With full knowledge of the United States Government Bin Laden and his friend Zawahiri funneled that half a Billion Dollars to Bosniain order to deploy a fundamental Brigade under the 3. Corps of the Bosnia-Muslim Army named “Mudschahid”. The manpower of this brigade held 5,000 Arabic “Gods-Warriors” trained inSudan.

(Since not all of my readers speak German, I copied and pasted the article and translated the same: I posted it on including the link to the newspaper) 


So why is this article then called “Democrats and their Love affair with Terrorists?

Short Flashback: In mid 1979 Democrat President Jimmy Carter launched the controversial CIA operation delivering weapons and Money to the Afghanistan Mujahedin where Osama bin Laden fought against the Russians. Though the official training of the Mujahedin had exclusively been done by the Pakistani Army they would not have done it without President Carter’s permission.

President Reagan, who inherited this controversial training, stopped that nonsense in 1989.

It is believed that the first bombing attack involving Bin Laden was inDecember 29, 1992, bombing the Gold Mihor Hotel inAdenin which two people were killed.

In 1993 Democrat President Bill Clinton refused first to recognize the “First World Trade Center Bombing” (which killed 6) as a terror attack and in the same year, though Zawahiri was already a recognized terrorist and Bin Laden already on a watch list, used the both of them to coordinate the American attacks onBosnia. As a matter of fact, Osama bin Laden was the coordinator of the U.S. Air Strikes and the 3. Corps Bosnia-Muslim Army ground forces. 


So it is no surprise that President Clinton, among other opportunities, refusedSudan’s request to arrest Bin Laden as well as he simply ignoredYemen’s plea for help in 1993 on the same issue.

Republican President George. W. Bush replaced Bill Clinton in 2001. By then Osama Bin Laden was already responsible for several bombings such as the Luxor Massacre ’97 (62 dead), the U.S. Embassy bombing in 1998 (hundreds dead), etc.


After the 9/11 attack President George W. Bush finally did the right thing putting Osama bin Laden on the list as #1 Enemy of the State.

Ten Years later Democrat President Obama finally gets the opportunity his Democrat party predecessor Bill Clinton missed and took advantage of the hard work of the Bush Administration killing Bin Laden.


Nevertheless, the streak of Terrorist loving Democrat Policy continues with President Obama by officially supporting next to Terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, the radical Muslim Brotherhood (remember the same organization Ayman al-Zawahiri was a member of in 1992), and helped the same to take out Hosni Mubarak.

He officially supports the same organization throughout the entire northernAfricarevolution streak includingLibya. Sure Muammar al Gaddafi is a tyrant and terrorist himself and needs to be removed, but I doubt replacing a tyrant/terrorist with another terrorist organization is a better trade.

Don’t forget that with this thoughtless and un-planned revolt support Al Qaeda in Maghreb becomes more powerful on a daily base and with Bin Laden being dead and the Power struggle within this terror organization ahead Al Qaeda in Maghreb, sitting on Billions of Dollars in Oil (only European Countries profit from), becomes probably the most influential part of this Terror Network.

The U.S. Democrats and their European Socialist Pendants have in addition to their love affair with Marxism, anti – Private business, irresponsible Budget dealings, ultra liberalism affiliation with baby slaughter, as well as affection for sexual liberal alternative lifestyles, one very dangerous issue in common: Their blind sighting on terrorists.

They both are so eager to prove to the world their self declared humanitarianism that they would rather sleep with the devil and endanger not only their home country (Democrats the U.S., Europeans their home countries) but also our allies, friends, and the entire free world. 


And may




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6 responses

  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Wow I didn’t know this article and was very surprised to read about the topic. I was not surprised to read that Bin Laden was in Austria – I mean we are Austria, we are very kindly and our fences are always open for all people all over the world. Okay this was sarcasm but true. And it wasn’t really new for me that the Government of the States of America knows since 1979 that Bin Laden is a terrorists and that he hasn’t shy to attack the States and nothing other was the attack on 9/11. I have wrote you into another article that I asked myself why the government hasn’t react earlier to eliminate Bin Laden and I have told you that I haven’t a clue why. Now I have the answer of my question – it is the money. You know in what way my thoughts are going – but this is the only answer for me why Bin Laden was a free man all the time and now since 09/11 he is the most wanted man. It was the impact of the publicity that Bin Laden is death – that’s my opinion.
    As usual you have writen a great article – thank you so much.

  2. It’s a miracle that any of us manage to survive the Democrat presidencies.

    1. No my friend no Miracle Repubicans hard work LOL

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  4. Yup… we democrats love terrorists. I was even engaged to an Iranian woman for a while.

  5. You say that Jimmy Carter funded mujahideen and that Reagan “stopped that nonsense in 1989.” Doesn’t that mean that Reagan continued Carter’s policy straight through his eight years as president? That doesn’t add up as a failure of Carter but a virtue of Reagan.

    And let us not forget that Reagan’s administration sold arms to Iran, the same Iran which kidnapped Americans in 1979, harasses Israelis and Jews, murders its own citizens, and fights against democracy. Reagan’s administration helped make that possible.

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