War against Texas – How TX Lawmakers cringing before Obama

His Royal Highness Barrack Hussein Obama, tyrant, dictator in chief, ruler over all Americans (who have to shut up when his highness Obama speaks and rules) has done it again and nothing will stop him from doing it again.

He has declared WAR ON TEXAS AND IN A LONG RUN ON EVERY SINGLE STATE OF THE UNION THAT DARES TO TALK BACK – and what makes me double mad is that our Texas legislator have paddled back in no time.

What happened: since month we the citizens complain about the unconstitutional, inappropriate and sexual molesting “pat down” on airports by Federal TSA perverts. The entire country was angry about that.

The blow off was, among many others, the pat down of a 6 month old toddler at Kansas City Airport.


I was so amazingly proud of my Home state when Texas took it upon itself to make bold step forward protecting its citizens from this molesting handling and introduced Texas Legislation Bill HBO 1973 – Travel Freedom Act outlawing this procedure.

In lame terms the bill says that no resident attending a public building or Airport within the boundaries of Texas shell be pat down and any inappropriate physical contact will be prosecuted under Texas Law and that counts also for TSA agents on Airports.

Taking the lead on that many states considered a similar law introduction. But narcissist Dictator in Chief “B.H. Obama” of course did not take that and started an open war on Texas and in a long run any other State that dares not to bow before his highness.

It all started with an open insult to our Governor Rick Perry during Obama’s border visit in El Paso.

Though Obama knew he was going to Austin, the State capitol, he “invited” Rick Perry to travel 400 miles in one direction so he can stay on his side while Obama speaks to illegals.

Responsible Governor Perry informed him that this is a waste of money and time and since Obama is going to be the next day in Austin he is invites to the State capitol for a discussion.

Guess what, that narcissist Obama, being a guest in Texas, did not have enough courtesy, respect and manners to visit the Governor of Texas but ignored his invitation.

The next hit against Texas came right away. While being in Europe on a 6-day petting tour, at least they like him, Obama’s czars issued a letter to Texas Lawmakers concerning the already mentioned Bill “HBO 1973”.

The basic content of the letter reads as followed:

“If HR [sic] 1973 were enacted, the federal government would likely seek an emergency stay of the statue,” Murphy wrote. “Unless or until such a stay were granted, TSA would likely be required to cancel any flight or series of flights for which it could not ensure the safety of passenger and crew” (Source – the Tenth Amendment Center).

Or in other words, if Texas dares to protect its residents and its guests from inappropriate physical molesting President Obama will issue a No-Fly Zone over Texas and damage our economy and State sustainably.

As I have learned from Tenth Amendment Center similar letters have been issued to Oklahoma two years ago, Montana and Tennessee in 2009 in response to those states passing a Firearms freedom act, more recently to the Governor of Rhode Island warning against the States implementation of Marijuana legislation, and at least four other states implementing a similar “travel freedom legislation” act.

I was very disappointed to hear that Texas Lawmakers have not lived up to our amazing Heritage as a fighting State and instead of taking a stand against “Obama tyranny” they have pulled their tails between their legs like a beaten dog and on May 24, 2011 one day after the letter was delivered Texas Legislation has withdrawn the “Travel Freedom Act, also known as HBO 1973” and on May 25, 2011 marked the same as “Not placed in Intent” level. 

Shame on you Texas Lawmakers!!

This is not the Texas spirit of our founding fathers in the Alamo. Our spirit is.



But there are things we can do. Call your congressman/woman, call Lt. Governor Dewhurst (Website Link: http://www.ltgov.state.tx.us/contact.php), his phone number: 512-463-0001, and let them know how disappointed you are, go the Governors website and leave a message (Website Link: http://governor.state.tx.us/contact/) or call the governor his phone number is 512-463-2000.

Make them know you support continues of the Bill 1973 and show them that WE THE PEOPLE RULE and not a dictator in Washington.

I wrote a mail to Governor Perry already, I let him know of the publishing my column and I called him.

You also may want to read.

Ann-Marie Murrell on Patriot Update: Texas Anti-Groping Bill Shot Down by DOJ Threatsbased on her Interview with TX Rep. David Simpson 




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