Delta Air adopts Saudi Policy on Jewish Discrimination

On June 8, 2011 Delta Airlines had a hard time explaining why they charged America’s finest, members of the United States Armed Forces, returning from Afghanistan $ 2,800 for their extra luggage.

Just to make sure, after facing outraged protests, Delta had to paddle back and now is allowing U.S. Military 4 extra pieces of luggage. What a pity – American soldiers, returning from duty shouldn’t have any restrictions on luggage, period.

But it didn’t take long for Delta Air to be in the negative headlines again.

On June 22, 2011 WND reported that “Delta adopts Saudi ‘no-Jew’ fly policy”. A challenge to building discrimination that has already been brought to the attention of the U.S. Congress.

The background on this is Delta Airlines’ plan to add Saudi Arabian Airlines to its “Sky Team Alliance”.

What is Sky Team Alliance?

International Travelers do experience that when they book a flight on one Airline many times they end up on a totally different one, something that has happened to me a lot. The reason for this “Alliance” which is pretty simple:

If an airplane has a technical difficulty or comes in late from a connecting flight and cannot be made ready on time another airline who has an empty machine on the ground takes over and charges back to the original carrier. This is a win-win situation since an airplane on the ground costs money and airlines need to keep customers satisfied by flying on time.

Saudi Arabian Airlines was the latest to join this Group. But here is the problem. This Airline bans Jews or Israeli Citizens from flights to Jeddah.

As a matter of fact Saudi Arabia has a history of refusing Visa’s to people of Jewish faith, people with Israeli passports, and even people with Jewish sounding names. They also ban every one with an Israeli stamp in their passport as Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA Today reports.

So if you just happened to be a Christian with German ancestors who just happened to be named, for example Rosenberg and you booked a flight with Delta and because of Sky Policy Saudi Air takes over you won’t be permitted to board. Rosenbergis a Jewish sounding name.

In a Statement issued by Trebor Banstetter on their blog he responded with its non-discrimination policy.


Trebor Banstetter’s Statement:“We’ve gotten questions today from you, our concerned customers, following an article about Saudi Arabian Airlines joining SkyTeam (the global airline alliance that includes Delta as a member). After listening to many of your thoughts today, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some information and help to clarify some of the questions we know you have.

First and foremost, I think one of the most important things to mention here is that Delta does not discriminate nor do we condone discrimination against anyone in regards to age, race, nationality, religion, or gender.

That said, some have raised questions about whether Saudi Arabian Airlines’ membership in SkyTeam means Delta is adopting any type of policies that could present barriers to travel for some passengers, including Jewish customers. For this particular concern, it’s important to realize that visa requirements to enter any country are dictated by that nation’s government, not the airlines, and they apply to anyone entering the country regardless of whether it’s by plane, bus or train.

We, like all international airlines, are required to comply with all applicable laws governing entry into every country we serve. You as passengers are responsible for obtaining the necessary travel documents, such as visas and certification of required vaccinations, and we’re responsible for making sure that you have the proper documentation before you board.”


I am not quite sure what is more disgusting this phony Statement or Delta’s lack of integrity and backbone.

What they are basically saying is that they have to comply with foreign country laws and I totally agree with that.

We as Americans expect Companies as well as people who come in our country to adopt and respect our laws, society, and principles and accept them and we are bound to give the same respect to other countries if we go there.

That is perfectly fine with me.


There are hundreds of Airlines out there and I am sure Delta does not need Saudi Air for partnering.

When Saudi Air applied to Sky Alliance, Delta could have demanded that this policy does not comply with American principles of freedom of religion and is discriminating and demand that the Saudi’s either adjust or partner with somebody else.

On top of that Delta could have show that they had some spine and boycotted Middle Eastern flights.

But no, just to make sure Delta could follow the current official (Obama issued) American policy of “kissing ass” to the Muslims they have no shame whatsoever and would rather discriminate against the Jews – 1939 anybody???

What is next? Discriminating against Christians? According to OSCE we are already the largest most persecuted religion in the world with 105,000 dead every year (this blog is to be followed on Monday).

Thank God we still have a choice inAmerica and can choose from several different Airlines and we do not depend on Delta Air.

Some of my friends have already called Delta and waived their frequent flyer miles telling them they can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

As for me, I only fly internationally Texas based American Airlines, period.

So I call upon you, all people reading this:

Call Delta Airlines under 1-800-221-1212 (U.S. or find local number) or email them here and show them your anger and outrage about their Un-American discriminatory behavior. 

God Bless you

God blessAmerica



WND;  Sky Team Alliance; USA Today; Delta Blog; Delta Email; Find local number link


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