Mexican Killer shouts “Viva Mexico” when Executed

Justice has been served.

Humberto Leal Garcia, Mexican National, who was convicted of the rape and murder of a 16 year old teenager in Texas, has been executed in Huntsville, Texason Thursday July 7th 2011 at 6.21 p.m. – PRAISE THE LORD.

According to Fox News his final words were not meant to apologize to the family left behind or any word of regret:

As a matter of fact his final words were a spit in the face of everybody present by screaming “Viva Mexico”, Fox News reports.

So far so good – Of course the left wing liberal biased media is now off their heads with this execution, especially since President Obama personally tried to call Governor Perry for leniency on behalf of this illegal Criminal. 

At this moment I would like to thank Governor Rick Perry for rejecting this phone call.

It is bad enough that the President of the United Statesworries more about the well being of a criminal foreign national, a rapist and murderer of an innocent teenager, than the safety and security of his own country.

There is a lot of wrong information out there about the rights of foreign countries in criminal trials.

First – Of course every person of foreign nationality who is accused of a crime in the State ofTexas is entitled to contact his Home country.

But this is the way it works: He can either ask his lawyers to contact the consulate or ask prison guards to provide the proper phone numbers so he can call the embassy himself. Telephones are available in everyTexasCountyprison and Texas Prison Guards have those numbers and hand them out.

Second – The Government seems to have a problem in understanding the 10th Amendment of theUnited States and the State independency. Crimes are a State Issue and this was aTexas issue.

Third – We are notCalifornia who has some strange love affair with illegal criminals fromMexico. We inTexas have clear rules: You do the crime; you do the time, and then get the hell out ofTexas.

Fourth – The accused lived inTexas since he was two years old and he was aware of Texas Law. Nevertheless, every foreign national that comes into our country and especially in our state is bound to get informed what is allowed and what is not.

Murder and rape is a crime in every country in the world and the whole world knows that in Texaswe have either “Life in Prison without possibility of parole” or in extreme cases like this the “death penalty”

You don’t like the sentence don’t commit the crime – it is as simple as that.

And last but not least, fifth – 1963 Vienna Convention of Consular Relations only clarifies the rules that apply to installed consular representation. As a matter of fact, Consulates are only to get involved

a) if humans rights of accused foreign nationals are violatet

b) International agreements of suspects of foreign countries are violated

c) And according to Article 5, (g) (i) to provide or organize proper legal representation for suspects and accused of foreign nationality.

(g) safeguarding the interests of nationals, both individuals and bodies corporate, of the sending States in cases of succession mortis causa in the territory of the receiving State, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the receiving State;

(i) subject to the practices and procedures obtaining in the receiving State, representing or arranging appropriate representation for nationals of the sending State before the tribunals and other authorities of the receiving State, for the purpose of obtaining, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the receiving State, provisional measures for the preservation of the rights and interests of these nationals, where, because of absence or any other reason, such nationals are unable at the proper time to assume the defence of their rights and interests;

And let’s be honest, illegal Mexicans inTexas, and there are more of them than Rattlesnakes, have a variety of legal Spanish speaking representation.

Cliff Herbert, District Attorney of Bexar County, said it very well in a fox news interview: The accused had the best of Legal representation possible. Legal representation normally only rich people can afford.


Justice has been served – Texas Justice

Don’t mess withTexas


God blessTexas





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