Sharia Law in ObamaCare? – What is “DHIMMITUDE”?

The past few weeks many of my facebook friends have asked what the word “Dhimmitude“ is? There are a lot of rumors about this word on the internet.

Rumors say that this word is established on page 107 in H.R. 3590 of the 111th Congress also known as Patient protection and affordable Healthcare act or among us conservatives as “ObamaCare”.

People who read my blogs/columns know that I am not a fan of spreading rumors and that I try very hard to make my columns founded in facts.

Here are some personal facts about me

I am a Judeo-Christian Reagan conservative American and I strongly believe in the Constitution of the United States.

I strongly believe that the United States of America is a Christian Nation built on Christian principles and that Christianity is the leading religion in the Unites States. In God we trust is not just words but the lifeline of our moral values and principles. It is a fact that our founding Fathers had God in mind with every word when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

But that is not a one-way street. If one claims to love the constitution he/she also has to accept the First Amendment of the same as it was established by the founding fathers for a reason; and the reason is to protect and allow people to live free and pursue their happiness even in their religious beliefs. And the first amendment is clear the freedom of religion, speech, press and petition.

You may or may not like it, but every person in America has the right to worship as long as it accepts Christianity as the fundamental basics of our Society.

And as far as I am concerned, one can pray to Allah, Buddah, the holy ashtray, a broomstick or even to the pastafarian noodle monster (yes this cult actually exists), as long as this person does not bothers me and accepts that I do not want to be associated with or socialize with this person, and as long as this person respects the fundamental Judeo-Christian principles of our American society.

I dislike and distrust Muslims as much as everybody else in America

I strongly believe that the Muslim religion is a brutal, inhumane, and dangerous religion and does not co-exist with our Christian principles. I also believe that Muslims are not willing to assimilate into our society because they demand Sharia Law as leading law which puts this above the established Laws in the United States of America based on the Constitution.

But as long as the Lawmakers tell me that Islam is an established religion I have to accept that. All I can do is keep fighting the legal battle to keep the establishment of Sharia out of our legal system.

I dislike Obamacare at least as much if not more than every other conservative

But I reject and dislike it because of facts and not because of rumors. And facts are what I battle, the fact that it is unconstitutional, it is a socialist system, the fact that it is not financeable, and many, many more reasons.

I don’t spread rumors only well established information

And this is what I am doing now.

So here are the facts on “Dhimmitude”

As much as we demand from Muslims to accept our Constitution in the United States as intelligent human beings we have to give Muslims in Muslim countries the same acceptance of their Laws based on their principles and the principles of law in Muslim countries is Sharia Law.

If anybody, just like me, does not like Sharia then stay out of a Muslim country and stay in America.

“Dhimmitude” – yes Dhimmitude is based on Sharia Law, but other than the rumors that are spread it has absolutely nothing to do with population control. Dhimmitude regulates the treatment of prisoners of war under Sharia Law.

Dhimmitude is the system of governing population conquered by jihad Wars encompassing all of the demographic, ethnic, and religious aspects of the political system. The word “dhimmitude” as a historical concept, was coined by “Bat Ye’or” in 1983 to describe the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subject to Islamic rules.

The word “dhimmitude” comes from the Arabic word “Dhimmi” and means “protected”. “Dhimmi” was the name that applied by the Arab-Muslim conquerors to indigenous non-Muslim population who surrendered by treaty (Dhimma) to Muslim domination.

And just as we in the United States and the Western European Civilization rule every resident or religion in a court of law under our laws based on Christian principles Muslims ruled the conquered population on Sharia Law no matter what religion or background they came from.

Dhimmitude encompasses the relationship of Muslims and non-Muslims at the theological, social, political, and economical levels as well as the relationship between numerous ethno-religious dhimmi groups.

For books by Bat Ye’or, see

Dhimmitude and ObamaCare

The rumor spread on the internet is that ObamaCare page 107 exempts Muslims from public healthcare based on Dhimmitude. This is the biggest nonsense I have heard in a long time.

I spent 2 full days and not only read, but also used available software to cross-reference Obamacare on this and it is not true.

Page 107 of “H.R. 3590 “Patient protection and affordable Healthcare act” speaks of the Tax exemption on Obamacare based on IRS code 501(a).

For those not familiar with this Law this section speaks about “organizations described under subsections (c) or (d) or section 401(a) to be exempt from taxation under this subtitles unless such exemption is denied under section 502 or 503”.

In layman terms – every major recognized religion in the United States and that includes almost all Christian denominations as well as Buddhism, Islam, and some recognized Cults, enjoys the privilege of certain tax exemptions.

So I looked up religious exemptions on Healthcare and found some on the pages 326, 327, and 328. And again there was no mentioning of Muslims at all.

The fact is that on these pages the Healthcare bill exempts legally recognized religions based on IRS section 501(a) from participating in healthcare if their religion rejects traditional medicine or health treatment based on religious beliefs and views.

Or in layman terms – people who reject medical treatment and believe exclusively in the healing power of God and prayer.

Quick out of my mind I can think of Amish (not sure about them), Jehovah’s Witnesses, and self-declared prophets traveling through the country performing miracle healings.

Now, I personally know for a fact that my savior Jesus Christ can alone heal me or by the laying on of hands. I also know that believing in God my savior makes me stronger and helps me during the healing process, but until Jesus comes back I will still go to the doctor when I am sick. I will also continue to pray and ask the Lord to heal me either miraculously or through the doctor’s
who treat me – This to me is the best combination.

And last time I checked, and believe me when I tell you I was stationed in Muslim countries; I have never heard of Muslims rejecting medical treatment based on religious beliefs.


You may or may not like it, but “Dhimmitude” has no establishment in Obamacare whatsoever nor did I find any indication of
mentioning Muslims or Islam in the entire Bill.

So I keep rejecting Obama Care for the obvious unconstitutional, socialist, and financial reasons.

Let’s keep the fight on against ObamaCare and against the Muslimization of our country based on established facts, let us forget about rumors and get back to more important work – to save and protect the United States of America from destruction through Obama socialism. 


1)    U.S. Government Printing Office – H.R. 3590


3)    Yale Law school on U.S. Constitution

4)    Bat Ye’or – Curriculum Vitae

5)    Cornell University on IRS Law section 501(a)


11 responses

  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Wow jetzt bin ganz durcheinander – wie immer sehr gut geschrieben und gut recherchiert, sehr umfangreich und ausführlich. Also Dhimmitude ist nichts anderes, als es die Behandlung von Kriegsgefangenen in den arabischen Ländern regelt, habe ich das richtig verstanden?

    1. Genau, Dhimmitude ist arabisch und heist nichts anderes als beschützt und regelt bzw. ist es die regelung wie a) Kriegsgefangene und zivilisten nach oder während eines Jihad krieges die sich selbst ergeben nach Sharia zu behandeln sind und wie sie in die Muslimische Sharia gesellschaft einzugliedern sind.

      Hat also nichts mit Abtreibung oder populations kontrolle zu tun.

  2. Not everyone in America dislikes or distrusts Muslims. I am one of them.

    Nor is America a “Judaeo-Christian” nation. Certainly its laws and some of its traditions are derived from a broadly Judaeo-Christian background. But every society in history has had laws against murder, etc, – these are common sense and secular as much as they belong to Judaism or Christianity. St. John never wrote about freedom of speech.” Moses never preached a bicameral legislature. Jesus never said that government shouldn’t regulate business. Actually, His only act of anger was against merchants, and in the Gospels the Apostles share everything in common (sounds… communistic).

    The principles that lay behind the US Constitution were born more immediately from secular, humanist, sometimes atheist (eg, Thomas Paine) political philosophers from England. These ideas were born out of the Renaissance and Enlightenment that was often quite overt about its a-religious, or even anti-religious, philosophy.

    1. you are wrong in nearly every statement you have made… polar opposite of truth.. not even going to explain it… wouldn’t matter, you have no common knowledge of the constitution, the quran or the bible.. STFU

  3. I hope you don’t really think there isn’t Shari’a Law here in America already because it is happening here & is going to happen more and more unless we become less tolerant of it by taking a stand. We have witnessed the death of young girls by their fathers here more than once already along with other things. Tolerance by Christians of a so called religion that advocates the atrocities the men of that religion apply to their people, specifically women, is complete folly and will lead to our downfall.
    As I dug around looking for the truth about the word.(“system of contolling non-muslim population conquered through Jihad” is the most simple definition), there was a mention(written in 2010) of it being in an original draft, but having been removed because of uproar from those who finally read it.
    I read the page and you are correct, it isn’t there….now. However, as I read the page and the exemptions it speaks of etc., I could imagine how some crafty attorney or group could bring lawsuit & interpretation at some point for including it again. So much these days is not black and white(not speaking race here) in fact there’s so much murky gray about everything anymore it’s very hard to trust anything.
    One thing I do believe is that Christians have drunk the kool aid about not having a right to say anything and been complacent for so long it’s been easy for the enemy to infiltrate to the extent he has. This is a spiritual battle and the sooner the Christians recognize it & get suited up, take a stand and say “Not in God’s Name you don’t” the better! I pray for God’s Mercy to fall on America though I fear He may have had it with us.

    1. I sure agree with you. I am very concerned.

  4. So, who is this group of people that will be exempt? I mean it has to apply to someone somewhere. Then who is this fortunate group?

    As far as the word ‘dhimmitude’, and it not applying to population control. If, by your definition it is meant to ‘regulate’ prisoners of war under Sharia law. This in itself is contradictory, regulate – is a form of control .. prisoners of war can be construed as a population of people. Unless u

  5. Further more, without reading this Obama care thing personally I don’t know but, is dhimmitude in there or not ? If it is, and it is infact an Arabic/Muslim /sharia law word. Then what the jelly is it doing in this american made law. This is what we in law emforcement call a clue.
    Also, a point. What is this religious based word doing in this bill. I mean, it seems any time we Christians use a word that is religious based and used in a public setting. We are ridiculed until it is removed due to someone being offended. The use of ‘dhimmitude ‘ offends me! When used in anything that applies to me. Shouldn’t we be taking that to the supreme courts ..
    I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like this … I am also not scared to hide behind screen names or protected emails


  6. My email is for anyone to comment. Feel free. If. Commenting on this subject please put in subject box; dhimmitude ..

  7. 107


    2 ATION.—In defining the essential health benefits

    3 under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall—

    4 (A) ensure that such essential health benefits

    5 reflect an appropriate balance among the cat-

    6 egories described in such subsection, so that bene-

    7 fits are not unduly weighted toward any cat-

    8 egory;

    9 (B) not make coverage decisions, determine

    0 reimbursement rates, establish incentive pro-

    1 grams, or design benefits in ways that discrimi-

    2 nate against individuals because of their age,

    3 disability, or expected length of life;

    4 (C) take into account the health care needs

    5 of diverse segments of the population, including

    6 women, children, persons with disabilities, and

    7 other groups;

    8 (D) ensure that health benefits established

    9 as essential not be subject to denial to individ-

    0 uals against their wishes on the basis of the indi-

    1 viduals’ age or expected length of life or of the

    2 individuals’ present or predicted disability, de-

    3 gree of medical dependency, or quality of life;

    4 (E) provide that a qualified health plan

    5 shall not be treated as providing coverage for the

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