Radical Muslim University ‘UNISSA’ established in Amarillo, TX

When I think of our politicians I think of Judas who sold Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of Silver to his tormentors and executioner; or an old Clint Eastwood movie called “For a fistful of Dollars”, where a man sells his soul for everybody who pays

Our politicians sold our beloved West Texas to our enemies – guess what – for a fistful of Dollars.

Amarillo, Panhandle, Texas – wide open spaces, subject to many amazing Country songs, images for hundreds of amazing movies such as John Wayne’s “Red River”; historical Ranches who have been in family ownership over generations. This is where the world-famous “Chisholm Trail” happened and where the world famous “Route 66” goes through bringing thousands of tourists to the area.

John Wayne and Walter Brennan in "Red River"

John Wayne and Walter Brennan in "Red River"

People are nice, conservative, friendly, and down to earth. We go to church and we believe in God and Country.

The only downside to this rural area is that many young people move away for the lack of jobs or they want a career other than ranching that they can only find in the big city.

All that seems to be over now

It takes special people who want to live there and share this amazing community. So, why would emigrants with no ties to Christian conservative farm and ranch backgrounds want to move into this area?

Immigrants usually look for big cities with big communities, preferably near people of the same heritage where they can establish their life and prosper.

Unbelievable but true, Muslims have now invaded the last stronghold of a Texas Christian Conservative area – Amarillo West Texas, Panhandle.

On Loop 7300 S. 335 the “Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali” known as UNISSA establishes another radical Islam indoctrination center covered as “Community center”.

UNISSA Construction Site on Loop 7300 S. 335

UNISSA Construction Site on Loop 7300 S. 335

Community center – What community?

One who thinks Muslims, as soon as they are established, assimilate and adjust to our society is a fool.



From experience it always works the same system.

1)    Well educated Muslims in good suits, mostly flanked by modern progressive woman, show up and hold sententiousness speeches of how peaceful Islam is and how much they look forward to assimilating, and they will of course not try to change anything and welcome the opportunity to be part of society.

2)    As soon as they are established, receive tax contributions, and “Con” everybody they start lawsuits on discrimination grounds in order to change the entire neighborhood society to their advantage.

Not true; Nothing but Polemic?

Katy, Texas 2011

Katy Texas is a beautiful little community on Interstate 10, near Houston, Texas with God fearing people trying to make a living. There is also a pig farm, family owned for generations and established for over a hundred years.

And though there are over 60 Mosques in the greater Houston Area, therefore within easy reach of Muslims in Katy, a self-declared Muslim “Community Center” moved into the neighborhood of the pig farmer.

Muslims do not like pigs for religious reasons so you would think that when founding a community center one would take a closer look at the neighborhood and choose an area where nothing is in conflict with one’s religious beliefs.

Well think twice.

Those Muslims bought their property on purpose right next to a pig farm and demanded that the pig farmer move away because the smell of the pigs was bothering the Muslims.

The pig farmer, Craig Baker, did the right thing and started a protest in form of an annual “Pig Race” which has become a communal highlight.

But as funny as that sounds, if you watch the video “Camel for two and the Islamic association” claims that all they want is an integrated Community.

But why in God’s name directly next to a pig farm if not to provoke and push their radical Muslim will on everybody else.

Back to Amarillo Texas

I already asked why a Muslim community would want to move into the middle of nowhere, in cattle breeding and farm land with no amenities of the big city and no chance of big business.

This is a small puzzle piece of a bigger picture. Everybody who understands military tactics knows that two things are important to win a war:

1)    Infiltrators, known as “sleepers” who live well established in the center land

2)    Infrastructure in form of transport routs

Infiltration: Throughout the past years, especially since the Obama administration so openly supports them, Muslims have infiltrated our country and established their communities all over America. Tactically perfect always near major transport routes or surrounding big cities, but always well networked through the radical and terrorist tied CAIR.

Thanks to Obama’s open support they have become more socially aggressive on a daily basis. Since Obama has occupied the White House they have aggressively tried to change our society and install openly Sharia Law in our Law system, something they would
not have dared in the pre-Obama era.

Infrastructure/Transport Routes: This answered the real question why UNISSA chose Amarillo Texas as a headquarters.

Checking their website, they also train a so called cadet corps in their University. And Amarillo is exactly in the center of the United States directly on Interstate 40 (former Route 66) which connects the East coast and the West coast of the United
States, from L.A to New York, the perfect tactical transport position.

A member of UBD-army-cadet receive her promotion insignia from the goh

A member of UBD-army-cadet receive her promotion insignia from the goh

And the rural area where everybody owns a gun is a perfect place for militant militia training.

Sooner or later Muslims will show their real face and sooner or later, when they have enough of getting Sharia Law rejected in regular courts, and sooner or later more sooner than later when the infiltration is complete, Muslims will try to take over America
and transform our great Republic into a Muslim Allah country.

Muslim beliefs in Sharia and our society do not get along and that is a fact.

And Interstate 40 is the perfect Route to transport Muslim Warriors, trained at the UNISSA in Amarillo, TX in every direction within a short period of time.

This needs to stop! If you love our beloved neighborhood and if you love America you do what is necessary.

Don’t be fooled: If you refuse to do your part in protecting our beloved Texas, Muslims will have no problem fighting and lobbying their demands.

If you love Texas, if you love our Constitutional America you need to call your Congress Rep., Senator, Governor Rick Perry, and everybody you know to make sure this will not happen, I ALREADY DID.

Not on our tax Dollars – we do not want them in our area.

Contact your representative here:


Texas U.S. Senators


U.S.Senators represent the entire state. Texas’ current U.S.Senators
are Senator John Cornyn and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. See their websites for current contact information.


Texas U.S. Representatives
Congressional District 13–Congressman Mac Thornberry
Texas Congressional Member Websites
Congressional District 19–Congressman Randy Neugebauer
Texas Congressional Member Websites
Texas State Senator
Senate District 31–Senator Kel Seliger
Capitol Office: EXT E1.606
Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0131 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (512)
463-0131 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Capitol Address: P.O. Box 12068, Capitol Station
Austin, TX 78711
District Address: P.O. Box 9155
Amarillo TX 79105
Phone: (806) 374-8994 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting
(806) 374-8994 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
State District Offices
Texas State Representative
House District 86–Representative John T. Smithee
Capitol Office: CAP 1W.10
Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0702 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting
(512) 463-0702 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Capitol Address: P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
District Address: 320 S. Polk, 1st Floor,, Lobby Box 28
Amarillo TX 79101
Phone: (806) 372-3327 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting
(806) 372-3327 end_of_the_skype_highlighting



God Bless America



UNISSA – Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali

Youtube Video: Pig Farm in Katy Texas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUr1NxJDC94&feature=player_embedded



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  2. Hello,

    My name is Danny South. I am on the Amarillo Tea Party Patriots Board.

    I was made aware of Dr. Jaffar’s UNISSA project on Soncy last week & took photos Friday.

    This nightmare is about to unfold on the citizens of Amarillo…

    I would like to visit with you about this further. (O) 356 8703 (C) 236 9880.

    Thx in advance,

    1. Hi dany,
      this is really great and I will definitly contact you as soon as possible, meanwhile I want to let you know that because of this article, I also posted it on Amarilloexaminer.com, I was censored on Amarillo examiner.com. It appears to be that mainstream media does not like people to know the truth.

      My email t.c.lehner@gmail.com mailto:t.c.lehner@gmail.com

      I contact you as soon as possible

    2. Guys, is there going to be any type of protest? If so please let me know so that my husband and I can show up. We’d really like to help with getting this thing ran out of our city.

  3. sharon runyan | Reply


      1. You must be a bleeding heart Demo when you see the muzzes just get on your knees and hold your head back so than can take care of you.

      2. I am everything else but a bleeding heart DEMO.

      3. Fred, I am everything but a bleeding heart Demo. I guess you missed my point. I dont even like the demos

    1. I assure you, as a Katy resident, that the Muslim worship center and education building on Baker Rd. are alive and well.

  4. I think it is ridiculous that the panhandle has “claimed” Christianity. No one with any other thoughts other than your religion are allowed to live here? That is stupid. You really should have a more open mind and not be so quick to judge people of other religions.

    1. Look bubba, I lived more than 3 years in Muslim country, two things I have learned:
      1) they always provoce and later on act like the victims – just ask Israel – first the muslim terrorist shoot at Israel and when israel self defense those “poor and opressed terrorists” all over sutton are the victims


      3) MUSLIMS SOCIETY OF SHARIA AND THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION ARE NOT COMPATIBLE if you dont believe I suggest you crawl of your liberal who ever, and start reading the Quran especially chapters 4 through 9, they despice western democracy

      So I am not prejeduce because that would mean disliking somebody without knowing them – I just speak out of experience what makes me an REALIST (other than those liberal dreamers)

    2. Look bubba, I lived more than 3 years in Muslim country, two things I have learned:
      1) they always provoce and later on act like the victims – just ask Israel – first the muslim terrorist shoot at Israel and when israel self defense those “poor and opressed terrorists” all over sutton are the victims


      3) MUSLIMS SOCIETY OF SHARIA AND THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION ARE NOT COMPATIBLE if you dont believe I suggest you crawl of your liberal who ever, and start reading the Quran especially chapters 4 through 9, they despice western democracy

      So I am not prejeduce because that would mean disliking somebody without knowing them – I just speak out of experience what makes me an REALIST (other than those liberal dreamers)

    3. Guess that anyone who doesn’t understand what the concerns are should read the Koran (Qur’an) to find out what it says about non-muslims and what our destiny would be under sharia law. Their goal is Caliphate….you probably won’t like it! If you don’t know the fullness of who they are then maybe you should find out before you use “stupid” to describe a fellow poster. This situation requires more then supposition or opinion but will require a full understanding of the differences….intelligence and education and pray will be the three of the best tools available. See conservativeactionalerts.com

    4. Christian extremist like yourself is just as bad as a Muslim extremist. The mental state of both is to intimidate and terrorize to achieve foolish gain.

  5. Hi dany,
    this is really great and I will definitly contact you as soon as possible, meanwhile I want to let you know that because of this article, I also posted it on Amarilloexaminer.com, I was censored on Amarillo examiner.com. It appears to be that mainstream media does not like people to know the truth.

    My email t.c.lehner@gmail.com

    I contact you as soon as possible

  6. Adam Franklin | Reply

    You guys have no idea what you’re talking about – just go to the local mosque and you’ll find out the Amarillo Muslim community are hardworking faithful people that care about raising their families and being a part of their community.

    I’m a devout Christian and I heard about their community center and I support it. Why? It’s a thing called Freedom of Religion! Last I check we’re in America and not Soviet Russia or Hitler’s Germany.

    1. Good for you at least you know what you are talking about. Muslims have never assimilated. Ever heard of CAIR?

      1. The idea that Muslims have never assimilated…what exactly do you believe/understand assimilation to be? What would an “assimilated” Muslim look like?

  7. Maybe I missed it, but how do you know that taxpayer money is being used?

    1. A friend of mine was at a townhall meeting in Amarillo and the state of Texas sponsors this University with tax contributions. – AWESOME THE STATE pays for Terrorists to establish a radical terror center wow

      God bless freedom of speech

      1. No sensible person accepts hearsay as evidence. It wouldn’t stand up in court. Do you have a link to information that proves what you assert?

      2. Hi Trina, true hearsay has no bearing on court, I am still trying to get verification on that.

      3. True trina hearsay is no evidence and I am about to bring the evidence within the next 72 hours.

      4. Still waiting on that proof.

  8. Actually your article is completely misleading and contains a grave factual error. Examiner took down your article because many people attacked them with e-mails requesting them to re-examine the authenticity of your article. Upon discovering the factual errors in your article, they removed it from the website. Your article has completely undermined Examiner’s credibility as a reliable news source.

    1. OK All i need to do is looking at your name – missleading for whom – Right missleading I asume all Muslims called and lobbyied to take the article down under preference it is missleading – as usual hiding their real radical agenda of take over of our christian socielty. Examiner did nothing but MUSLIM LOBBYIED CENSORSHIP ON BEHALF OF MUSLIMS which proofs again that Muslims dont give a dam about democracy, freedom of speech and opinion as long as it is Muslim Butt kissing opinion. They use their money to silence everybody who does not want to shut up because those Terrorists say so

      1. UNISSA is in BRUNEI DARUSSALAM which is located in SOUTH EAST ASIA..im one of the students..check your fact..

        I assume your storyline maybe true..but the University that you are referring to is false..

  9. “why UNISSA chose Amarillo Texas as a headquarters”

    Hahahahahahaha!! OMG. The UNISSA was only established a few years back and suddenly they have an HQ in Texas! How ambitious.

    In all seriousness though, how long did it take you to finally find the UNISSA on Google? (a recently-established university with a humble number of students and staff in an isolated country known for its apolitical nature and zero radicalism)

    Republican trying to lie conservative americans. But I have to agree though, this is a perfectly-crafted lie. I mean, no one has even heard of the UNISSA. It makes the article a lot more.. believable?

  10. Did you just delete my comment? I was only telling people why Examiner decided to take down your article. Serious factual errors. People need to know the truth you know. Examiner has never taken down controversial articles that are based on subjective opinions. Yours was based on pure lie, why is why they took it down.

    1. I never delete any comments, unlike Democrats (Socialists) I believe in freedom of speech and opinion, like I said unlike those marxist Democrats who believe everybody should have an opinion but only people whos opinion concures with the democrat left wing radical partyline should have the right to say it.

  11. There is a simple solution. Someone needs to take several pigs out to the proposed site some night, slaughter them, spilling the blood everywhere. Then, bury the carcasses in any spot that they might built. Muslims won’t build on a site ‘defiled’ by swine. Adios, Achmed!

    1. Such a stunning belief in private property.

  12. hahaha this is a total crap.. anyone should be sane enough to realize that this story is ridiculous… i wonder where on earth did you get this kind of information about UNISSA. UNISSA has not yet had an official new building in its hometown and is yet to establish its site in AMERICA?? READ MORE. TALK LESS.

  13. praisecreator | Reply

    I am not on the offensive against Muslims (yet), but I am definitely on the defensive. I have yet to hear any collective outcry from the so called “peaceful” Muslims against their radical Islam counterparts. Muslims cloak themselves behind “Hudna’s” – Temporary truce or cease-fire. This is actually a tactical measure only until they gain the advantage. Any agreement, treaty, etc.(Hudna) made by a Muslim with a non-Muslim never has to be honored because non-Muslims are considered the “enemy” or “infidel”. That, in and of itself, should give anyone reason to pause when it comes to believing that Muslims only have a peaceful agenda.

  14. This is a blatant lie againts my university, my beloved country and my glorious religion. Unissa is a recently established uni in Brunei Darussalam. I was the first batch back in the year 2007. Why would we want to build our uni in America? Check ur fact, man! Currently we are happy to stay in our humble building in Brunei. We are not interested in setting up our uni in your place.

    1. Maybe you should check your records – your beloved UNiversity is going to be established in Texas or somebody is using your name.

      1. Even if this is true, how the hell are we going to study there? You’re sick and ignorant. We are yet to identify a site for our building and texas is not on the list. Maybe you know something we dont. And why on earth our beloved Ruler would approve such ridiculous idea? UNISSA is established to be a landmark in Brunei and not America. What a joke. I thought you guys are better than this.

      2. RASYDAN-The picture above, that shows the address. It has a sign on the property proclaiming this to be the future site of UNISSA community center. Drive by on Soncy South of Hillside. YOU CANT MISS IT! Now, I have not researched if it is part of the Uni, and personally I dont care if you build it here but for goodness sakes know what your talking about before you speak. The facts are UNISSA is building a site in Amarillo, TX. Now Raysdan, could you go out and understand what it is exactly your building and why your fearless leaders have let you down and put it in Amarillo. We know Dr. Jaffar is behind it.

      3. You people know more than we do. I’m impressed. who is this Dr. Jaffar? I’ve been in unissa since it was first established, and i havent heard the name dr jaffar. If you can prove the above ‘UNISSA’ is in any way related to our ‘UNISSA’, then i am with you to fight against it. But for now, i consider this as a false accusation and a defamation against us.

      4. I live in Amarillo and I drove to the site of the new Muslim University. The bulldozers are already at work preparing the ground for building. It IS TRUE! Your tactic of denying the truth to the public will only fool a few for a little while. You will not fool the masses. Muslim strategies will ultimately fail and the one true God will prevail.

  15. This is just wrong to let them train in Amarillo.

  16. Adam Franklin | Reply

    You know, I have been watching this thread because I came back from a tour in Afghanistan and it frustrates me how ignorant my fellow Amarillo citizens are.

    Did you know that Muslims are not a homogenous group? Hell, there are so many sects and tribes and divisions – it looks like Christianity. There are the nuts and there are the peaceful type.

    Guess who we have in Amarillo? The peaceful type. You know why? Because I’ve killed enough Al-Qaeda to know.

    I remember when my grandfather served in the Navy. He was of German descent and a lot of people like yourselves gave him hell because they thought he was loyal to Hitler – just because he was a German. He later earned a Bronze Star for saving one of these people in a fire and even that wasn’t enough to convince them otherwise.

    Nevermind one of the most celebrated sailors was none other than German Texas Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, whom the supercarrier USS Nimitz is named after.

    I believe you all need to get off the internet, get in your vehicles, drive over and talk to some people. Armchair speculation just makes you no better than the liberal media. Get your facts straight here.

    I went to the mosque Friday afternoon to ask about this project. You know why I went to the Mosque? It’s called intelligence gathering. You ought to try it – especially if you’re so called enemy invites you right in.

    They showed me their blueprints, floorplans – the whole nine yards. It’s a local community center and Unissa apparently is someone’s name. It’s like saying there’s a Smith College and then a guy named John Smith who sets up a foundation in his families name. The two share a name but don’t have any affiliation.

    You know what, I did some checking too. I called city and looked at the permits and plans. It matches up. This is a community center folks.

    But hey, you don’t need to believe a word I say. After all, I’m nothing more than a guy on the internet…wait – isn’t this just a blog written by a guy on the internet too?

    So in short, I’m saying your acts disrespect the greatest heroes of our country – they gave their lives for the freedoms you so casually want to take away. One last thing, I’m tired of the B.S. about Muslims in this country condoning terrorism – that’s just not true Check out this link:

    Look, you all can dislike anyone you want. And when people threaten your life, you sure as hell grab a gun take things into your own hands. But you don’t just go around trampling on peoples freedoms because you feel like being an ass.

    1. Thank you for actually searching for the facts.

    2. Thank you for injecting some facts into the discussion!

      The gentleman who wrote the article is not a journalist – a journalist would have talked to people, interviewed people, talked to town officials, and gotten the real story. The good author started with his prejudices, took a picture and did a bad google search, and came up with this nonsense.

      He succeeded only in exposing his own ignorance and stupidity to the world. He owes an apology to Dr. Jaffar and to his dear mother Unissa, a deceased woman for whom the center is named.

      Fortunately, we have intelligent people like Mr. Franklin in the military, doing the important jobs that require intelligence and forethought, and not people like the author of this so-called “article.”

    3. Sir, let it be known that you deleted my comment. I guess that you did that because I criticized your methods.

      But I didn’t say anything that Mr. Franklin above did not say.

      You didn’t do your homework. You did not exercise due diligence. You did not thoroughly investigate this so-called “threat.” You posted damaging, and scurrilous, information against a man who has laid out his personal wealth for the public good.

      If this was in fact the University in Brunei, as you allege, the sign would at least feature their logo. Even if that University was building in your town, a simple phone call, email, or letter could clear the matter up immediately. Even if it was the University in Brunei (why would they branch out to Amarillo, Texas?!), that university has no terrorist connections! It is completely harmless, even if you weren’t completely wrong about what you are saying.

      You did not pursue any investigation, but preemptively published your opinion without any kind of facts at your disposal. Even in your comments you admit you are working on hearsay. Yet you provide no retraction or correction.

      1. Ah! Now I am in the wrong. For some reason my reply did not appear when I went to read responses, and I mistakenly believed that the author had deleted my comments.

        I apologize to Mr. Clehner and retract my above statement criticizing his “censorship” – I was wrong.

    4. If you dare challenge your own intellect and experience, please read “Because They Hate”, the story of Lebanon. You will see the correlation and realize the pattern of infiltration that is happening right under our noses as we try to be ‘accepting’ of any and all beliefs and religions. The enemy comes only to steal, kill and destroy. Wake up America and wake up CHURCH!

  17. radicalislamvsworld | Reply


    HISTORY – Time line [some] Important dates in radical ‘ISLAM VS WORLD’

  18. Dude, I think you need to repent! ;p

  19. Adam,
    Your opinion is taken into consideration. But there is some hypocrisy and is just plain not factual in certain respects and needs to be addressed.

    First of all Amarilloans have been very respectful of the Muslim population here. I think you could say the Muslim population is just as ignorant of the people they have chosen to supposedly integrate with. Even the Chicago Tribune wrote an article about how good Amarilloans have been to them. Here is a link to it through a Muslim site. http://hispanicmuslims.com/articles/other/amarillo.html
    People are people and there is nothing wrong with questioning what is going on whether it is on a blog, or at the Mosque. That is part of living in a free society. If you think the Muslims did not question what you were doing in Afghanistan you are very foolish.

    Next, it is comforting (sarcasm) that you have notified us that we have only peaceful Muslims. Thank you for doing the investigative work. If you get a chance to go back over there, I have a few questions.

    What is the first name of UNISSA or one of the UNISSA’s?
    Unfortunately for UNISSA (if it really is a persons name), his name matches a organization that may be questionable. Are you saying that should not be questioned? What do we know about both to make sure there is no link?
    What do they plan for this Community Center?
    Who is funding? What does the money trail look like?
    I would want the same if a KKK or Black Panther group setup shop.

    So basically I can personally say I dont want anyone to not speak up. But it sounds as though your saying because we lost warriors, if we speak out about Muslims then we casually take away liberty from the Muslims. But in truth you are saying you only want to take away our liberty to speak our minds about Muslims. I agree with you that trampling on freedom is being an A$$. But liberty is messy. If people are silenced in any respect, that is not freedom. Freedom does not mean I have to like you, or be polite, or accept you, or tolerate you, although in a civil society those are admiral traits sometimes. It simply means I cant violate your rights to freely express yourself or any of the other Constitutional protections.

    Unfortunately truth is very difficult to get today. The Al Queda you say you have killed. Well there is a reason they are nicknamed Al CIA-da. I personally believe Al Queda is just a tool used/created by our CIA to scare us into relenquishing all of our freedoms. The same type of people you killed in Afghanistan, well they are our allies in Egypt and Libya now. Is Al Queda in these locations better? No they are just a tool “some” are using to accomplish whatever agenda of the day. So as long as we are in a supposed war with Al CIA-da and plant a false flag Christmas bomber here and there people will be scared enough to allow someone to provide false security through loss of freedom. Hell you will even hold your hands up in submission to TSA and then ask your 4 year old girl to do the same submissive pose. Perhaps even let TSA fondle them in the ultimate act of submission, to relenquish your children to the State. So in one respect I am on your side in that Muslims are not the problem. But then again neither are the people of Amarillo who have been misled into thinking “terrorism” is going to get them without the TSA around. You are given choices to follow by the controllers. Rep or Demo. Capitalism or Socialism. Coke or Pepsi. Burger King or McDonalds. Anti-terror or Traitor. If a person thinks there may be something else going on, the cook alarm activates.

  20. Death to terrorist invasion of the Texas Panhandle!!!

  21. By the mere words of their own Koran you can not trust a Muslim, so who wants them in their backyard training terrorist?

  22. Panhandle of Texas, Heads UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I know Dr. Jaffar personally and I guarantee you he’s no radical. He is an excellent physician who cares deeply for his patients. While I don’t agree with Islam, I think it’s dispicable that we would be so mean spirited about this. I don’t recall Jesus slandering and attacking the non-believers of his day. GO BACK AND READ YOUR BIBLE YOU MORON.

    1. praisecreator | Reply

      Name calling is SO classless. No, Jesus did not slander the non-believer of his day, but He made it very clear, “If you are not for me, you are against me”. Christians have the right to their opinions too and the translation of “Love thy neighbor” is not capitulation.

  24. Haaaahahaha! Oh my god, you damn rednecks.. Chill out, man.

  25. Donna Garner | Reply

    Please go to this link to read more about the Islam takeover of Turkey by the Gulenists and also about a similar effort in the United States through the Gulenists using Turkish charter schools. In Texas, there are now 36 of these Harmony Charter Schools.


    1. Donna…how many Muslims live in Turkey? I mean, what percentage of the population are they? Now…how many live in America? Care to guess?

  26. Geez you Texans have allowed the largest concentration of the Gulen Movement in Texas (Harmony Science Academies and Blue Bonnet pre school) they have broken every financial, visa and educational law out there. Why haven’t you done anything about the Gulen Movement?
    These groups have only one goal and that is to push for S’haria law, they never assimilate into mainstream society but want to create their own community. One that only gets THEIR business, they only deal with THEIR group as far as construction bids, etc., thereby rendering the local community out of the loop financially. You need to pressure your lawmakers, that if they sell you out, you vote them out. Remember you still have the voting power not these small insignificant groups.
    Didn’t any of you read the article in the NY Times by Stephanie Saul on the Harmony Science Academies in Texas? Wake UP call!!!

    They now want to shape the way children believe toward politics
    they have opened the new Harmony School of Politicial Science and Communication patterned after the corrupt AKP Party’s version of censoring media, jailing journalists and infilitrating arteries of the system then controlling it: media, education, judicary system, police and now the last is the struggle for the Turkish military.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  27. To whom it may concerned. Please be informed that, Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) has no association with UNISSA that wanted to build a community Centre in Texas, USA. We have played no part in ‘the other UNISSA’s’ plan, action or intention. WE ARE NOT THEM. I suggest you check your facts carefully. PLEASE STOP YOUR ACTION OF MISINFORMING YOUR FOLLOWERS. Thanks.

  28. Unissa is the name of Dr Jaffar’s dead mother, who the community center is to be dedicated to. The only ‘training’ that will be carried out on that site is tennis coaching. Your blog is a joke; get your facts straight and get on some medication to take care of your paranoia.

    1. Dave – do you really think that someone who publishes this drivel is afraid of facts? Do you really think reality can bend his iron will?

  29. Interested Observer | Reply

    The Unissa Community Center under construction in Amarillo is named after Dr. Jaffars mother Unissa Khursheed,who passed away in 1997. He is building the center in her honor. It’s not a Muslim center, just a community center build by a muslim. It’s going to be open to everybody.
    It’s a way for him to honor his mother and present a lasting gift to his community at the same time – a community he has already served as a heart specialist for fourteen years, treating more than 10 percent of the population, probably including friends and relatives of Tom Lehner.

    1. Don’t be deceived. Their strategy is to take their time, years, to establish themselves as beyond reproach in the eyes of Americans. Have you ever talked with a Muslim terrorist turned Christian who was planted in the US for that very reason? There are those who have seen the light and God has saved their souls. It is terrifying the extent to which they will go to gain complete trust before they blow you and your children to smithereens. From the mouth of a former terrorist who now travels the US trying to warn all who will listen!

  30. Xenophobia, an American Tradition since 1834.

  31. Preach on, brother! I just think your message would have a little more weight if you really loaded the page up with more eagles and sparkly American flag gifs.

    1. Hah!

      Seriously though, those graphics have more intellect than the author’s actual words, so he might as well.

  32. […] I published my last column, “Radical Muslim University ‘UNISSA’ established in Amarillo, TX” it seems like I have awoke a hornet’s […]

  33. Cross-replied from Mr. Lehner’s “apology post” (https://tclehner.wordpress.com/2011/09/08/unissa-freedom-of-speech-and-examiner-com-censorship/#comment-663), because the logic is so mind-numbing:

    If “everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how much you may not like it and no should have to apologize for their opinion”, then certainly Dr. Jaffar is entitled to capitalize his mother’s first name, for any reason he pleases, including the idea that his mother’s name is capitalized for emphasis. Seriously – how isolated of a town do you live in, that you see capital letters and create a conspiracy theory based off of that? Just the other day, I saw a sign for “CHASE Bank” at a construction site, just like that – now did I go and write a blog about how “Communist Hucksters Against Social Equality” is trying to take over Dallas? The whole fiasco sounds like the product of a disturbed mind.

    And by the way – everyone has the right to freedom of speech, but when you associate a person or business with criminal activity and then fail to produce evidence to support your claims, that is DEFAMATION. And there is a long history of the courts supporting victims of defamation, libel, and slander, starting with the very founding of our nation. Something tells me you have little experience with legal arguments, so I’ll make it brief: your defense that “Dr. Jaffar was never even mentioned in the previous blog” is one of the flimsiest I’ve heard in my 10 years as an attorney. The blog author accused the proprietors of the community center of various crimes; by extension, he is accusing none other than Dr. Jaffer (the proprietor of the community center) of those crimes. It’s open and shut.

    The refreshing part about this whole mess is that Dr. Jaffar won’t sue anybody, because he’s too nice of a guy. If I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t hesitate. But on a lighter note, I’m comfortable knowing that nobody will remember what this blog author has to say about anything in 2 weeks, much less 2 years. Keyboard warriors need to realize that there are real problems facing our community, like rampant drug use, unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, government corruption, much of the population on food stamps – and yet they kill their time chasing terrorists in Amarillo. What a waste of precious time here on earth. What a waste of life.


    1. Make a copy of your comment and tuck it safely away for future reference. Then pull it out in a couple of years and see if you still feel the same. The Bible says that in the last days, if it were possible, even the Elect would be fooled.

    2. Dave your the man!!! Carol go run into a wall with a knife pointed at your head!! Its ignorant stupid people like yourself why this country is such a damn mess. Muslims work in wal-marts because they cannot afford to go to college and better themselves. They work at wal-mart so they can feed there kids just like you and I. Which by the way if you do have kids and they think anything like you than may god be forgiven for giving you children in the first place. I am a former Marine and a muslim. Yes! a muslim but i must be a terrorist too according to your inbred thinking. I have done two tours to Iraq to defend what this country stands for and your stepping all over it. How dare you?!?! There are over a dozen Amarillo Muslim doctors who save countless of Christian,Muslim,Hindu,Jewish etc.. lives but they must be planning on some kind of attack on our nation.(sarcasm at its finest) You my lady belong in that terroists category. For they are narrow minded radicals just like yourselfs.

  34. What happened to my comment questioning why so many Muslims are being hired by Walmart? I live in Amarillo and have noticed a drastic increase in middle eastern workers in these stores, especially the Walmart on Gem Lake Rd and Amarillo Blvd not far from a Mosque. Muslims DO NOT assimilate into any society. They are there to take over and take leadership away from native peoples in all community affairs. What great command centers Walmarts would be in the hands of terrorists.

    1. I dont know carol I have not removed anything … all your comments are approved and here. I approve all comments – let me check

    2. You are right carol that is strange, there is nothing in “Pending” and “spam” before this comment I have 5 more comments from you on this topic but nothing with Wal Mart. but thanks for bringing that up, you are right what a great command center would Wal Mart be for Terrorists. They have everything there they need no matter if they want to prepare their suicede cars, build some bombs or have guns and ammo and food to surprive a stand off for days. Muslims are not interested in assimilating and unlike Thomas suggested, I dont have to go to their mosques and community centers to know that I read the Quo’ran a and that is all I need to know and I watch the News

      I am sorry for the mess Carol, I really have no clue what happend to your Wal Mart comment. God bless you my dear friend

  35. To tclehner and followers:

    Why don’t you just join UNISSA in Brunei. But don’t let they know you are non-Muslim students. Study with them until you are graduated. Then you will know what you want to find (what you called your facts about BRUNEI UNISSA) is not exists. Yet, you and your followers were wasting time with your false-claims.

    1. I dont need to go in a Strip club or bordello to know that is wrong nore do i need to go in a Mosque to know I dont like it and i dont trust them; All I need to know is this: 98% of all current terror activities are planned in mosques and Muslim community centers and yet they rather play the victims of racism card, instead of proofing they disagree by cooperating with Law enforcement.

      As long as they dont stop inviting or turn in radical Imamas or other suspicious individuals and as long as they refuse to assimilate and rather try to install Sharia law – I remain suspicious and on guard and I dont trust them period. Profiling is not racism it is the ONLY PROPER TOOL of Terror prevention

  36. Thanks for checking. I haven’t any idea why it didn’t post either but I appreciate your integrity in responding. As far fetched as many of our comments re: “wake up America” may seem , I agree with you and so appreciate your willingness to stand on our freedom of speech and speak the TRUTH. Maybe it will, at the very least, plant a seed that will begin to tear the veil of blindness away from our eyes. God help us.

  37. You stupid American, I’m a British in Brunei at the moment, UNISSA is a Brunei only university. They have nothing to do with Texas.What planet do you morons think you are on? Get a life and learn to live with one another.

  38. this bastard mother fucker gonna get circumcised dick in her white cunt

    1. You discredit yourself. People go to prison for such things. Who are you threatening?

  39. Do some research re: Sharia Law that is now invading London. Muslims are trying to enforce Sharia Law in sectors of London by posting signs and ignoring English law, forcibly, on all who enter that area. Check it out in world news, various sources, if you don’t believe me. It continues to move westward which is the goal….to infiltrate, not assimilate. I love all people, including Muslims. Its the radical few who strong-arm all the rest into positions of fear and submission as followers.


    You are so pitiful and scared of anything YOU JUST HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF!!!!! This is perfect idiocy that makes you the laughing stock of everyone. Do you have the slightest clue where Brunei is, and how difficult it is to make Bruneians interested in anyone else but themselves? Here you are choosing Brunei and Unissa to weave your racist story about Islamic take over. You know – there are also Islamic UFOs in Brunei. Take care, they are planning to take over your country. DUMBO!!!!!!!

  41. […] throughout the years, “Sharia Law – the final Islamization of America” and the 3 part Blog “Radical Muslim University ‘UNISSA’ established in Amarillo, TX” I continued warning about the Muslim Infiltration of our […]

  42. 1st i was born and raised here in Amarillo, TX ..right at northwest Texas hospital. all my family are from here. all christian too. im american Irish and IM MUSLIM. Islam is a religion of peace. i think it is great we are growing Islamic community. let me ask ..if the world were to end and the fate of this earth meant we all had to work together to save the human race we will ALL need each other, why cant religions live together? this isn’t a question for Christians it is for all. yes, there are extremists in ALLLLLLL religions. we all worship god. the same god if you look at Jews, Muslims and Christians we are all having alot in common in our beliefs. a good Muslim follow Islam and respect all religions. you only hear so much bad from us and before 9/11 what did the Americans really know about Islam? quit being so ignorant and prejudiced. somehow i don’t think you will, here in Amarillo all people segregated blacks from whites even now. got o the heights and flats and u will see and over by Palo Duro or San Jacento. ALSO you talk crap about Mexicans or anyone else who is different from you. been this way since i can remember. people here are so rude.

  43. Lot of ignorant people commenting in here. Islam is the enemy of liberty PERIOD.

  44. George Bushman | Reply


  45. First of i’d like to say that this community center is nothing but peaceful…period. I am a former lcpl in the United Stated Marine Corps and Yes! a musilm. I have been deployed to Iraq 2 times. I have had shrapnel in my right leg, my left cheek and my chest. I fought my heart out for this country and for what?!?…So i can come back here and listen to a bunch of rednecks falsely accusing a community center of which they know nothing about. If i gained anything in Iraq its that these people are nothing but peaceful. One family took in our whole unit and fed us and gave us tea with no sign of any kind of hostility. It was a very select few who by the way have been brainwashed to hate Americans just as we were brainwashed to hate them in the corps. Religion had nothing to do with it. But this is neither here nor there. When i went to the community center for prayer i saw nothing but sadness in these people. Tho they didnt say it verbally i could clearly see in there eyes for being so misunderstood. In which resulted in sadness to enter my heart aswell, just as it has enter again by reading these arrogant comments and this post in general. I’m origanly from Bosnia where thousand upon thousands of muslims where slaughtered by catholics and orthodox people. But i do not hate i forgive. For that is the godly thing to do it is taught in every religion to forgive and love. It is so damn wrong to judge an entire religion for what some idiot radicals did. I can assure you that this community center is not a terrorist training ground nor will it ever be. I saw no ak-47 or rpgs, all i saw was a group of people who just want the right to believe in what they wanna believe in. After all isn’t that America?!?. Isn’t that what i and so many others have fought for??? A very well respected doctor here in Amarillo built this community center who by the way has saved countless of Christian,Muslim,Hindu,Jewish and etc.. lives. Whom to wich some of you are probably related to or are friends with. Sure sounds like a terrorist to me if i have ever heard of one(Sarcasm at its finest). I guess we should all go and protest the Blacks or Mexicans over in San Jacinto aswell. Why?!? I’ll never know ohh wait!! I do know, it’s cause there different. And anything different scares you. So please people stop all the ignorant and comical bullshit. Just cause Bubba and his inbred budies decide to hate does’nt mean we have to. This is not us, this is not America, this is not just in any shape or form. Love, a former Marine, a Muslim, and a devoted American.

  46. Sutton Club Gente - Isaac | Reply

    Simply want to say your article is as astonishing. The clearness for your post is simply spectacular and that i can think you’re an expert in this subject. Well with your permission allow me to clutch your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thank you a million and please continue the gratifying work.

  47. You do realise the UNISSA you refer to in your post has nothing to do with whatever UNISSA is being set up in your beloved land of Texas (which you stole from the natives in the first place, by the way). Check your facts if you want to remain a respectable blogger.

  48. Hahaha this is hilarious! First of all, UNISSA and UBD (University Brunei Darussalam) are two whole different Universities. The one with the army cadet is UBD and haha wow i laughed so hard when you said militant militia training. They’re army CADETS, seriously? militant militia training? haha they don’t even get to hold a gun as it is illegal for anyone to hold a gun in Brunei. Ofcours except for the police and actual army. And i’m not event going to talk about the obvious fact that this is not related to the actual UNISSA university in Brunei as you’ve got a plentyfull of people commenting on that.

    You mentioned in one of your replied comments about Israel. First of all, please specify what Muslim country you were in for 3 years? Why just say “Muslim Country”? And in the case of Israel where do u get ur facts? Go do your research. Can you imagine welcoming strangers to ur house because they had no place to live, then the strangers starts to kill your family after that kicks you of of your house, you beg for your house back but end up being called a terrorist? Well thats whats happening, it was the Palestinians house and the Israeli’s were the strangers.

    “98% of all current terror activities are planned in mosques and Muslim community centers”? Where in the world do you get your facts from? Haha just because 98% of the time your media shows Muslims are terrorist you just assume this is the right percentage to type? Here are some real facts

    Watch This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEb2nRYQa44
    43:30 – Tells you about Israel and Palestine
    51:18 – Largest website on terrorism attacks showing Muslim terrorist attacts are minority
    56:15 – Terrorism is prohibited in Islam
    1:00:39 – The person that has killed the maximum number of human beings is Hitler (60M people killed) he was obviously not a Muslim, continue to watch the others
    1:15:10 – George Bush considered by many as No.1 Terrorist in the world
    1:24:40 – Terrorism is the monopoly of the politicians

    and well watch the rest.

  49. “Radical Muslim University ‘UNISSA’ established in Amarillo, TX From the Mind of Tom Lehner” was a quite excellent blog, .

    Continue creating and I’m going to keep on reading! Thanks for the post -Arlene

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  56. Wow, this article is fastidious, my younger sister is analyzing these kinds of things, thus I am going to inform her.

  57. You talk about a university which is not in USA . It is in a Muslim country, why you r protesting

  58. This University site is in Brunei , not in Texas. Picture of CADET is also from Brunei
    Why you mislead the readers. It is unethical to spread such lies a bout Islam. Islam is the most spreading religion in the world, you like or not . People like are causing Islam to spread, because your are publishing lies which are easily to be discovered. Allah in the holy Quran says, Allah will spread the Islam despite, the restless of anti -Islam people. Think deeply about this and read more and more about Islam unwieldy find it is the true religion. may Allah lead to Islam. U r welcome to Islam

  59. Yahia Bellifa | Reply

    This person. obviously drank lot of cool aid…

  60. After reading this, I really fear for humanity. I truly do.
    It is hard to believe that anyone would be idiotic enough to create such a big ruckus over something like this.
    Would anyone even care if a church was being built instead of a mosque? And whoever wrote this really needs to get their facts straight. Muslims do not hate pigs or even their smell. They simply don’t eat them.
    The United States is a free country. Everyone is allowed to believe in whatever religion they please and people should not be hating on them for it. Muslims have as much of a right building mosques as Christians and Jews do building their holy centers.
    Muslims do not want to ‘take over America.’
    They simply want to be able to live normal lives while worshipping what they believe in.
    By the way, Allah is just the Arabic word for God. So really, it’s the same thing, just in a different language.
    If I were the writer of this post, I would definetily get my facts straight before making a fool of myself due to how uneducated my writing proves me to be.
    Just sayin’.

  61. yahia bellifa | Reply

    Not only this person had lot of coolaid drink,hi’s willing to share it with the masses that want part in it(we all know it’s fake)
    Usually this kind of people have no life.

  62. When I think of ignorant, illiterate, inbred, pants-shittingly frightened xenophobes, I think of Tom Lehner. This man seems to think that his religious views entitle him to decide who gets to live where. I’ve got news for you, Cletus… the constitution of the United States of America guarantees the same rights to every citizen, immigrant and natural born alike, regardless of what religion (if any) they practice. It’s a church, dumbass… but to people like you I guess anything that is not Christian is evil and threatening.

    Your forebears were immigrants too, you know. Have you forgotten or are you too stupid to realize this?

    One more thing, hillbilly… you live in America. Learn the language.

    Stay in school kids, you don’t want to grow up like this jackass.

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