UNISSA , Freedom of Speech and Examiner.com Censorship

Since I published my last column, “Radical Muslim University ‘UNISSA’ established in Amarillo, TX” it seems like I have awoke a hornet’s nest.

I am going to address both issues here.

The opinion on this column is wide spread, from people congratulating me to people calling me a racist and worse. Some liberal biased self declared ignorant obvious Democrats have even taken the time to sift through all of my columns hammering me with their radical Agenda.

Great, and have fun – unlike Democrats who believe everybody is entitled to an opinion, but only liberal biased opinions are allowed to be shared – I believe everybody is entitled to an opinion AND entitled to share it, otherwise we would have Obama’s dream – “A left wing dictated political correct Diversity invested Fascist rule”.

It is just like the Obama promoted civility – which is obviously a one way street. In the minds of a Liberal they are allowed to yak like a Chihuahua dog reserving “their” right to use violent rhetoric, i.e. Jimmy Hoffa Jr.’s recent verbal tirade against the Tea Party calling on union members to “take out those SOB’S” and the only response by the White House was “We are not the speech police”.
All the while they remind Conservatives to tame their tongue – This hypocrisy by the left is never ending.

Unfortunately the same fascism has already caught up to our so called “Media”.


I also used to publish my columns on this online Media site (Examiner.com) with the assumption that as a free columnist I am entitled to my own opinion and not controlled by the liberal biased influence.

I put a lot of effort and research into my columns before I post, and not like those professional media thugs, I don’t promote my idea, but rather put out possibilities and options, and let the readers make up their own mind.

All of this was good until I started criticizing a Muslim community center in Amarillo Texas.

The column was at first approved by the Examiner review team. Just to find out that 12 minutes later a Gentlemen by the name of Logan Lloyd who calls himself “Experience manager for Examiner.com’s Mountain West region” took it upon himself to disapprove and suspend my account on “Terms of Use (Section 6, first Item).”

Makes one wonder what Examiner has a review team for if a single person has the authority to do as he pleases. After inquiring several times the Examiner provided me with a ticket number and the information that they will contact me shortly.


Examiner Terms of Use Section 6, First Item:

6. Prohibited Content and Activities

You agree that you will not post to the Site, or use the Site to transmit or make available any content that:

  • violates any laws or regulations, contains any threats, is abusive, tortuous, harassing, vulgar, obscene, indecent, violates any person’s rights of privacy or publicity, is defamatory, libelous, hateful, contains any disparaging statements or opinions
    regarding racial, gender or ethnic background, or is otherwise objectionable;


I have not violated any of these items and yet my account remains suspended. I can only assume that Mr. Lloyd justified my suspension on the latter issues “disparaging statements or opinions regarding racial, gender or ethnic backgrounds”.

I did not make any disparaging statements in this column I only stated facts based on two days of online research.

Facts to my column and to UNISSA – Amarillo, TX

Jon Mark Beilue, a known left wing liberal columnist on Amarillo.com wrote an article with the usual byline of the self declared victims of Bigotry, including a heartfelt interview of Dr. Jaffar the founder of this “Community Center”. And Dr. Jaffar gladly used this platform to participate in finger pointing.

Dr, Jaffar - (c) Jon Mark Beilue_Amarillo.com

Dr, Jaffar - (c) Jon Mark Beilue_Amarillo.com

But there are many flaws in this article, the same flaws by which Examiner.com was wrong in its censorship.

Dr. Jaffar claims that this community center is, or will be built in memory of his mother who was a heartwarming amazing woman. I take your word for it Sir, I don’t know you nor do I know your family.

And I apologize should Mr. Jaffar feel I have disrespected his mother. Unlike those left wing liberal thugs I don’t attack other people’s parents nor do I attack people personally that I don’t even know.

But here is where the agreement ends.

Dr. Jaffar should know that he too is responsible for the entire outcry.

In times where Americans constantly face threats, insults, and provocation by radical Muslim “Community Center’s” he should have chosen a) The naming of his community center more wisely and b) Made the intention of it better known instead of playing the victim card afterwards.

He could have advertised it, for example, as “Community Center for disadvantaged youth in loving memory of my mother Unissa Khursheed” (just a thought). In this case I think the suspicion would have been minimal.

However, just a reminder from the past month:

August 17, 2011Detroit: Muslims denounce bill to ban ‘foreign Laws’ trying to install Sharia law in our society; August 30, 2011Right Side news: Senior Official in Egyptian Islamic Jihad announces worldwide conquest (Christians can practice their faith, but if they bother us they will be terminated); August 31, 2011 Right Side news: Muslims lay out their demands for NYPD; Not to forget the already mentioned provocation in Katy, Texas and the Victory Mosque in NY (While Christian and Jewish clergy are prohibited at the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, the Muezzin yells down on the people).

And so on and so forth, not a day goes by without a news media report of a Muslim community center appearing on liberal biased Media whining about the prejudices of the bad conservative Americans.

And at the same time they are trying to dismantle and undermine our society demanding Sharia Law be installed, openly fundraising for Hamas and Hezbollah Terrorists, (CAIR) and spewing hate by calling for the destruction of Israel and America (Christians and Jews). What is “peaceful” about this agenda???

Mr. Jaffar says in Amarillo.com: “It disappointed me,” said Jaffar. “She was a good lady, respected by everybody. I never imagined her name taken so out of context and maligned. It’s very disheartening. I expected something, but nothing like

I am sure Dr. Jaffar’s mother did not expect something like this. However, Dr. Jaffar should have expected it knowing the current situation in America. Like I said, don’t put the blame on us, check for yourself, and how you present things.

Mr. Jaffar appears to be an intelligent man and for a well educated person the current situation in America is not new. At this moment I have to take his word for it when he says this community center is being built in memory of his mother for youth sports activities.

However, I am still trying to figure how Dr. Jaffar’s “Interdenominational prayer hall” and tennis lessons are connected.  

I will continue to have my guard up and watch? I like proof to back up words.

Repeating myself – As an intelligent and well educated man he should know that we have heard “It is only a community center,” but that’s not very comforting considering more and more Muslim community centers and their leaders are telling us we have to adjust to them and not vice versa.

Not to forget that 9/11 was planned in Muslim community centers.

He also claims he has Googled “Unissa” – well Dr. Jaffar should have googled it the way he wrote it on the banner “UNISSA”.

He is right, when typing it in lower letters his network of real estate business comes up, but writing it in capital letters, the way he published it, one gets nothing but cross-references to the radical Islam University.

And since any attempt to contact him in advance remained unanswered I had every reason to believe that this was either another “Radical Muslim university” or this was another Muslim infiltration cover.

In times like this where Muslims all over the world have made Christians the largest persecuted faith on the planet (according to OSCE Studies) and are constantly threatening our society in America, our constitution, and our Judeo-Christian heritage it is “Better to be safe than sorry” not disparaging statements or opinions regarding racial, gender or ethnic backgrounds” as Examiner.com claims, but rather vigilant for the survival of our society.

That is why Examiner.com was wrong in their censorship; more accurately said they proved that they are no better than all of the other liberal biased papers who only post what is politically correct.

I just wonder how much it would cost to change Mr. Lloyds mind. Since I was approved at first I wonder how much it took to silence me. Journalism is controversy and if one does not like it, don’t read it.

Unlike liberal democrats I have a backbone and stand tall to what I say, and everything I wrote was well researched and supported with facts.




I'll Take It From Here (copyright Patriot Post)

I'll Take It From Here (copyright Patriot Post)



Radical Muslim University ‚UNISSA‘ established in Amarillo,TX:

Amarillo.com – Jon Mark Beilue: “Doctor plans community center to honor mom”

Examiner.com Terms of Use

Detroit News – Muslims denounce bill to ban ‘foreign Laws’

Right Side News – Senior Official in Egyptian Islamic Jihad: Sharia Worldwide Conquest:

Right Side News – Muslims lay out their demands for NYPD:

Tom Lehner on WordPress.com – OSCE – Christians the largest persecuted religion world wide

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17 responses

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  2. Not only did you make racist and bigoted comments, you also failed the basic guidelines of journalism, even in opinion journalism.

    You can’t state your opinion and then hide behind the fact that you’re “entitled to your opinion.”

    You did not exercise due diligence, as any person should. Your investigation has yet even to extend to contacting Dr. Jaffar and interviewing him. You didn’t bother talking to town council members or anybody who might have more information. Mr. Mark, in his column, did all these things. This is why he’s a professional journalist and you can’t even hold onto a column on a free website.

    Nor can you blame Dr. Jaffar for failing to foresee the “misunderstanding.” It’s a bit like blaming a rape victim for wearing revealing clothing (though you would probably believe that revealing clothing is an excuse for rape). You did not do any investigation at all, and as it is your argument, the burden of proof falls on your shoulders to do the leg work. Not Dr. Jaffar. You wouldn’t even know who Dr. Jaffar is if it were not for commentators on your site pointing out your failures as a writer.

    Furthermore, you printed libelous statements, which could be considered defamatory in a court of law. Libel includes printed statements that are defamatory or character and allegations or imputations of criminal activity.

    You did not exercise due diligence in the collection of intelligence and information, but rather printed wildly improbable allegations involving a university in a country you probably had never even heard of prior to your google search. You owe an apology to Dr. Jaffar and his mother, and not the weak one you printed. You failed to exercise due diligence, to do the meager investigative work necessary and that in itself is a failure against yourself, your readers, Dr. Jaffar, and his deceased mother.

  3. praisecreator | Reply

    Wow, I completely disagree with the accusation of “libelous statements”. A person being defamed is not what occurred here, Dr. Jaffar was never even mentioned in the previous blog as I recall. It was the motives and intentions of this community center that were called into question. Yes, due to the all caps. spelling on the sign the community center was incorrectly associated with the university of the same name, but in this follow up blog the correlation has been corrected. And in my opinion If the person’s name had been spelled like a “person’s” name to start with this title issue would be a moot point.

    1. The good madame’s name is, in fact, Unissa. So the name was spelled correctly.

      Again, the burden of exercising due diligence falls on the shoulders of the author, Mr. Lehner. He did not do the required research.

      He has followed up with a ridiculous statement that does not make an honest apology to Dr. Jaffar nor to the community center. His coup de grace is his promise to investigate the ties between an interdenominational prayer hall and tennis lessons. Aren’t you still wondering why the Department of Homeland Security hasn’t hired this guy yet?

      If this gentleman is real, it’s pretty sick. If it’s a joke, it’s really well-executed.

      1. praisecreator

        1. To spell a person’s name with all capital letters is incorrect. 2. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how much you may not like it and no should have to apologize for their opinion. 3. Mr. Lehner did not promise to investigate the ties between the prayer hall and the tennis lessons, he just questions how they are related. 4. Your rape comparison is shameful.

      2. One is not “entitled” to a libelous opinion – that’s why it’s against the law.

        And the rape comparison is appropriate. He (and you) blamed the victim for his own misunderstanding. He didn’t do any investigation, just made random associations and accused the proprieters of the Unissa center of terrorism. Sounds like libel to me.

  4. […] Icerocket blogs- read full christian families article: UNISSA , Freedom of Speech and Examiner.com Censorship […]

    1. If “everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how much you may not like it and no should have to apologize for their opinion”, then certainly Dr. Jaffar is entitled to capitalize his mother’s first name, for any reason he pleases, including the idea that his mother’s name is capitalized for emphasis. Seriously – how isolated of a town do you live in, that you see capital letters and create a conspiracy theory based off of that? Just the other day, I saw a sign for “CHASE Bank” at a construction site, just like that – now did I go and write a blog about how “Communist Hucksters Against Social Equality” is trying to take over Dallas? The whole fiasco sounds like the product of a disturbed mind.

      And by the way – everyone has the right to freedom of speech, but when you associate a person or business with criminal activity and then fail to produce evidence to support your claims, that is DEFAMATION. And there is a long history of the courts supporting victims of defamation, libel, and slander, starting with the very founding of our nation. Something tells me you have little experience with legal arguments, so I’ll make it brief: your defense that “Dr. Jaffar was never even mentioned in the previous blog” is one of the flimsiest I’ve heard in my 10 years as an attorney. The blog author accused the proprietors of the community center of various crimes; by extension, he is accusing none other than Dr. Jaffer (the proprietor of the community center) of those crimes. It’s open and shut.

      The refreshing part about this whole mess is that Dr. Jaffar won’t sue anybody, because he’s too nice of a guy. If I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t hesitate. But on a lighter note, I’m comfortable knowing that nobody will remember what this blog author has to say about anything in 2 weeks, much less 2 years. Keyboard warriors need to realize that there are real problems facing our community, like rampant drug use, unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, government corruption, much of the population on food stamps – and yet they kill their time chasing terrorists in Amarillo. What a waste of precious time here on earth. What a waste of life.


      1. praisecreator

        Of course he’s entitled to capitalize his mother’s name, but in doing so, many people in Amarillo became concerned way before this blog was written, and they have that right. I don’t care how all inclusive and warm and fuzzy this community center is suppose to sound, I don’t have to be for it and that is my right. God Bless the isolated towns!

      2. Common sense is an uncommon attribute these days. Thank you for your response Dave.

  5. Your blog post here is an excellent explanation about why we need to investigate the community center and about why investigating it is a vital necessity. However, until we have done our investigation, we cannot call it a “radical Muslim university.”

  6. In these times it is better to be safe than to be sorry. My opinion, all of us should be aware of what is happening and should not be censored for defending the very country we live in. I just recently heard there are mosque in every little city around me. One city is only 3 miles big. This was printed then nothing else mentioned. The media is so controlled now we do not know who or what is moving around us. The internet for now is the only source, I feel, we really have for now.

    1. “My opinion, all of us should be aware of what is happening”

      Exactly. If you want to be aware – ask questions. Go to the mosque, go talk to the directors of the Community center, talk to city council. Don’t just publish opinion without information. If the author was “aware of what is happening” he would have known that the community center is totally harmless.

  7. Looks like the blog author isn’t confident enough in his writing to take his claims to law enforcement. No fear – I’m sure that years from now, everyone will laud him as a true American Hero who spent his time usefully to benefit his community. It’s not like there are problems facing the Amarillo community that anybody can do anything about, other than problems with community centers! Clearly, writing a blog is the best way to solve problems in the real world. Congratulations on your success!

  8. Unissa (Dr. Jaafar’s mother) is not connected to UNISSA (Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali).. please read this article from amarillo..


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