Unissa ‘CommunityCenter(?)’ In Amarillo, TX – latest updates


I never said UNISSA, Amarillo IS connected with the radical Muslim University in Brunei.

In my first blog, in lack of information and based on the fact that Mr. Jaffar as well as Amarillo officials stonewalled about this, I questioned IF this “Community center” COULD BE connected with the Brunei University.

Like I said in my previous column UNISSA, Freedom of Speech and Examiner.com Censorship I must have awoke a hornets’ nest.

In my second Blog I definitely CLARIFIED that Unissa Amarillo is not connected with Brunei and explained my suspicion once again saying that the stonewalling gave me REASON TO BELIEVE.

If the liberal goonies don’t understand that principle please contact me, I will be delighted to draw you a picture so that even a 3 year old could understand what I am talking about.

I still question their motives.

Not a day passes by without some self declared Muslim crawler trying to silence me, insult me, call me names, and worse.

These are the same guys who claim to be lawyers and blubber some nonsense about legal liability on my columns and that Mr. Jaffar should file a law suit against me.

Maybe that “Gentleman” who calls himself a lawyer does not have enough work to do and needs desperately a job.

I guess that is just more proof of “radical left wing liberal – self declared humanitarian – diversity preaching – Muslim crawling – fascist style – double standard”.

While they reserve of course the right to be *) against it *) Protest *) Riot violently *) Call opposition names below the beltline (on my blog towards me or unpunished and not liable on national TV – See Jimmy Hoffa’s SOB, or calling tea partiers “Terrorists” or “Barbarians” *) and Lobby mainstream media not to report all the violent Anti-American protests.

It is an interesting point of view when promoter’s of a barbarian religion calls Conservative Christians, Barbarians.

And at the same time talk about liability when conservative Christians oppose or question the motives of a Muslim.

Here are the newest Updates on UNISSA in Amarillo

I remind you that Mr. Jaffar Claims in an interview with Jon Mark Beilue @ Amarillo.com the UNISSA community Center is in memory of his late mother. That is an interesting point of view.

WHAT respectively WHO is UNISSA?

Fact is that the name UNISSA as a business already exists.

Dr. Ali Jaffar owns

1) First American Texas Property LLC.

2) High Planes Properties LLC

3) And the TexasPenhandle Investment LLC

Together with his daughter Rohina Hajera Jaffar and Mubariz Naqvi MD (Age 42) he owns the UNISSA Foundation inAmarilloTexas.

UNISSA Foundation (A.K.A.: Unissa Foundation) is filed as “Domestic Non-Profit Corporation” according to Texas Active, and Ali Jaffar the registered Agent, Rohina Hajera Jaffar and Mubariz Naqvi as Directors. 

Unissa Corporate Network

Unissa Corporate Network


Unissa Corporate Executives

Unissa Corporate Executives

Thank you Greg Middleton of CanyonTexas, who does, like me, a lot of research on the UNISSA project; He sent me following email on 09/08/2011:

  • Tom
    I read your column, your right on the money,  Dr, Jaffar did say his mother was buried in a private cemetery, but left out the point the section of the cemetery is for Muslims. As I said before, there are a lot of unanswered questions, At some point I wants to compare notes.

    According to city building and permit office, a few weeks ago stated the building was approved for 3200 sq feet and now it is 21,000 sq feet. Also, the zoning commission said he can not have any thing outside due to zoning.

    In a way, I feel the meeting a few weeks ago should not have cancelled, but a change of venue.  There is a group who will still investigate the community center.  Those who gave rants about the meeting will have a rude awakening.

    Greg Middleton, Canyon, Texas

On another email on 09/10/2011 Greg wrote:

  • Tom

    I have no problem with you using my name or information.  Do consider using the e-mail as I sent concerning Speaking from my heart, Our focus is God First and Country Second.  Other people thought the meeting was to slam Islam and the Muslim People, but our intent was to educate and inform people in our community of what will likely happen in the very near future.

    Also, when I talked with the editor of the newspaper that sends people out to cover a story on two occasions, he did not think there was a story about the community center.  Now, look at their change of mind to interview Dr. Jaffar which was another press release.  There are a lot of questions unanswered.  If he is so proud to honor his mother, why has the contractors not posted who is building it. Are they ashamed of taking blood money?

    When I was working the other night, I felt a strong urge people need to wake up be told the truth, so many churches sugar coat the message of Our God, and Our Lord Jesus Christ that the people will perish.  The churches develop ideologies instead of truly speaking the real message of Jesus.  I am praying that God will use me and help develop a way to take the message out. 

    Greg Middleton

Looking at the above published Corporation Network makes me stop wondering how it is possible that Mr. Jaffar and his corporate partners just exceed permits or have the power to silence any critical opposition.

If all the intention is so innocent what is all the hiding, covering up, using influence to silence opposition, or threatening opposition for?

Interfaith Prayer / Chrislam

Mr. Jaffar claims, in the same interview that his intention is to give Tennis lessons to Children who can’t afford them and have a prayer hall open to all.

I am still trying to figure out what tennis and interfaith prayers have in common unless this is a covered “Missionary work to lour youth into a Muslim community and brainwash them”.

Kind of reminds me of that cult rattler who sweet talk young vulnerable and confused people, preferably youth, into their “communities” in order to brainwash them and make them their willing tools.

What is a prayer, period?

There are many different Religions out there.

Jews and Christians have the same God (Christians wouldn’t have Christianity without the Jews) the only difference is Jews call Him Jehova or YHWH, the proper name of the God of Israel, and we Christians call him God. Also, we Christians, unlike our Jewish brethren who consider Jesus just a prophet, believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God.

So while Jews pray to Jehova, Christians to God and Jesus, Muslims to Allah, Taoists to Tao, Buddhists to Buddha, and yes Pastafarians to the holy noodle monster – freedom of religion is a beautiful thing.

But what is a prayer – a prayer is a spiritual calling to the particular God in order to ask his guidance and protection. This is a very unique moment for a religious person. 

So how does an interfaith prayer work?

“Dear God, Jehova, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Tao, Holy Noodle-monster who ever has just time at the moment and is not busy would you please………………..”.

Sounds to me more like a cocktail: A little bit of Rum, a little bit of fruit, shake it don’t stir it, put an umbrella on and ready is the fun.

I’ll stick with my margarita. 

You shall not have any God before me
(Christianity and Judaism: 1st Commandment Exodus 20:3; Ten Commandments –) 


There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الل (lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh, Muḥammad rasūlu-llāh) (in Arabic)
(From Qur’an)

So tell me, why in the world would there be interfaith praying? Mr. Jaffar is Muslim and Islam does not allow any other God before Allah, and Christians believe that there is no other God but our God also called Jehova (depending on the translation).

And what please is Chrislam, besides a perversion of two complete different and non-compliant religions, since both religions demand that there is no other God but their particular God.

Besides that the barbarian Islam with Sharia Law and Christianity has about as much in common as night and day.

The only point of contact in both is Jesus Christ. In Judaism he is just a prophet, in Christianity the son of God, and in the Qur’an he is a prophet and the executioner of Jews and Christians.

That’s right; our Jesus Christ of the Bible according to Islam is coming back with Mahdi, having been wrong and now a Muslim, to execute all Christians and Jews. So who again is claiming, “Peace, Peace,” we just want peace…? It’s Bunk!

Freedom of Speech

Among a gazillion differences between good Conservatives and radical Liberals, here is one of the main differences between Left Wing Liberal Democrats (Fascists) and Conservative Constitution loving patriotic Americans.

Though my Blog site is a personal site, originally meant to provide likeminded people with the information the Main stream media either doesn’t or won’t report, I allow every person to give their 5 cents worth of comments. My interpretation of Freedom of speech is simple: “Everybody is entitled to an opinion and if you don’t like mine read something else” (there is enough publication out there).

But I am not the speech police and if you want to insult me, air your anger, or leave your comment, approving or disapproving, feel free and be welcome.

The left wing socialist agenda and understanding of Freedom of speech is as follows: “Everybody is entitled to an opinion, but only left wing propaganda fitting opinion is allowed to be shared or we’ll shut you down, and if that does not work we produce laws that prohibit you to speak and only allow leftist opinion”.

That is Nazi Style fascism from where I stand, but I am not surprised and it’s obvious anyway as many of the latest publications prove.

Thanks to Obama our entire Government, DOJ, and Media is undermined with radical Muslim “Community organizations” such as CAIR, ISNA, MSA, and all of them are under indictment as co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation Jihad Terror Funding case.

The new motto according to Obama is: Muslims come first (Source: Right Side News)


Mr. Jaffar’s little foot soldiers and whiner’s can continue to slander me, insult me, and have fun calling for a lawsuit, but as far as I am concerned there are not only too many questions unanswered, but also too many reasonable grounds for suspicion. Too many things don’t add up here.

I am grateful for all the independent sources of information on what is really going on inAmerica and with American Islam , and I will remain to be oppositional and suspicious. 

May God Bless America

The Phoenix © Michael Ramirez

The Phoenix © Michael Ramirez


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From the Mind of Tom Lehner – UNISSA, Freedom of Speech and Examiner.com Censorship

UNISSA Corporate Network – CorporateWiki

Mubariz Naqvi

Rohina Hajera Jaffar

Jon Mark Beilue @ Amarillo.com – Doctor plans community center to honor mom


15 responses

  1. Enigmaticaluna | Reply

    My friend, they will keep attacking you and anyone that gets in their way when expose their true agenda, it’s this very reasons why we can’t stop, this Nation is in high risk, and seems that every where they seating strong hold in our communities, people is very un-inform, reason why they don’t know what is going on around them.
    It’s going to take many of us to change that, and more people every day understand the evil that seems has put foot hold in our ground. It’s time to destroy no doubt about it, and we will, if we persevere.
    The first amendment protect many things, the very reasons and others not mention on your post, allow to understand why this amendment is NOT supporting Islam. I have a friend that like you does as well blogs, and he has his own radio program, I believe that both of you if no friends yet, will be of great asset for one another, both of you do allot research to find the truth.
    Thank you for standing up, we have to be strong in numbers and take people like you to alert the sleepy mass out there…I will post this and others blogs that you have.
    I’m sorry I has been away, my personal health has stop me for doing is much as I usually do, but I will go back in full gear soon, so I hope.

    God bless you and yours.

  2. Enigmaticaluna | Reply

    I receive this information…hope that helps.

    Dr. Jaffar is from India…he is Hindu. His late mothers name was Unissa. He is naming the community center after her and paying for the whole project out of his own pocket.

    1. Alexander Hamilton | Reply

      Sounds like a stand up citizen. He’s more proactive and doing more for his community than any blog writer.

  3. You say you were “stonewalled” by Dr. Jaffar, but I don’t believe that you ever tried to contact him. He made perfectly clear his intentions in the Amarillo.com article cited by so many people.

    Even if you did contact him, why would he talk to you? You have no credentials, you published libel against him, and you insulted his dead mother. I wouldn’t make conversation with you either.

  4. Presley O'Bannon | Reply


    I never said UNISSA, Amarillo IS connected with the radical Muslim University in Brunei.”

    This is what you write here. But let us look at your original post.


    SECOND: You go on to write:

    “Unbelievable but true, Muslims have now invaded the last stronghold of a Texas Christian Conservative area – Amarillo West Texas, Panhandle.

    On Loop 7300 S. 335 the “Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali” known as UNISSA establishes another radical Islam indoctrination center covered as “Community center”.”

    Sounds like you directly (and incorrectly) said that UNISSA, Amarillo is connected with a Muslim university in Brunei.

    So you’re wrong once again. And wrong-headed. This weak back-tracking and half-butted apologies don’t cut the mustard for actual thinking readers.

    Source: https://tclehner.wordpress.com/2011/08/23/radical-muslim-university-%E2%80%98unissa%E2%80%99-established-in-amarillo-tx/

  5. You are a racist. This country is supposed to be a land of opportunity and open to people of all religions. It is ridiculous that you find it acceptable to label a Muslim community center, and therefore its supporters, as evil or terrorist, purely because it is non-Christian. You have no real facts, only crazy fantasies. Shame on you.

  6. Presley O'Bannon | Reply


    The owner of a car dealership in Alabama called an Iranian-born competitor a terrorist without any facts to back it up.

    The man paid 7.5 million dollars to the Iranian-born, naturalized U.S. citizen in damages because of his illegal actions.

    Do you see the parallels or do I have to spell them out explicitly for you?

    1. Thanks for pointing that out but again you are obviously a Liberal Democrat and Islam supporter what means you are by definition intelectually challanged. Maybe you are one of the fea baggers and need a job or you are a unemployed Laywer who desperatly need a job – hey call Mr. Marxist Obama – I am sure he loves to take care of you. You keep pounding on me with your third degree law knowledge – hell first learn how to read and if you have a proble buzz me I draw you a picture – I did not call this individual anything – I made connective assumptions and I know that you CAIR supporter and those CAIR rats love to file lawsuits to cover their crimes as terrorist supporters but EXERCISE MY CONSTITUTIONAL FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT and I dont give a dam if you liberal fascist whiners love that or not. It is still a free country – feel FREE TO READ AND POST A COMMENT and if you dont like it FEEL FREE TO GET LOST AND SLEEP WITH THE MUSLIMS

      1. Presley O'Bannon

        Actually, you aren’t free to make defamatory statements. It’s against the law. You are only shielded from a lawsuit because of the magnanimity of Dr. Jaffar, who wishes to keep his efforts focused on helping his community and honoring his mother.

  7. […] “Radical Muslim University ‘UNISSA’ established in Amarillo, TX” I continued warning about the Muslim Infiltration of our […]

  8. UNISSA is the terrorist Chinese moslem organisation. Beware of the Chinese Moslems, they are the dark ones.

  9. kill the unissa bastards in brunei

  10. chasingimagination | Reply

    Hi, Bruneain atheists here. But i have to say your entire posts regarding this UNISSA issue is total bullshit. And your previous post certainly linked Amarillo with UNISSA in Brunei. No matter how you spin this, your bias is showing. And your entire world view is certainly based on the Christian right wing republican agenda.

    Take it from a rational atheist. I don’t side with the Muslims or Christians. My opinions ain’t bias. You can check out my blog criticising my country and religion in general.

  11. In the Koran is states: Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood The Koran 9:123 any Muslim that carries a Koran is our enemy Those whom try to justify Islam are enemy combatants. This is how non-Muslims are being pushed around.
    americanjihadist2@gmail.com to push back

  12. Keep on doing what your doing. To those who bash you. If given the chance to kill you Muslims would. If they are so peaceful. Why can’t they answer questions? Why can’t they denounce terriosm? Why can’t they denounce Hamas, Hezbollah, or ISIS? I have yet to see a “Muslim leader” do that…… Why can they not support the right for Israel to exist?????

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