Introducing ‚PolitiChicks‘ – The New Conservative Talk Show

The View – is a daily talk show on ABC since 1997 hosted by semi-intellectual liberals, such as “Barbara Walters,” “Whoopi Goldberg,” “Joy Behar,” “Sheri Shepherd,” andElisabeth Hasselbeck” (leans right).

They have the intellectual capacity of a 5th grader, but that does not keep them from picking a daily topic where they torture us by pushing their radical left wing ideology on us.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

After 14 years of Conservative Bashing and Liberal ranting on ABC’s the View we finally have a counterpart and our own show.

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome –

Coming Soon - PolitiChicks.Tv

Coming Soon - PolitiChicks.Tv

“Jennie Jones”, “Victoria Jackson”, “Jannique Stewart” and “Ann-Marie Murrell” – are going to discuss on a regular basis all kinds of topics and news. From TSA Gropping, to Conservative bashing, from OWS radicals to covering the Presidential election – they are going to be on top of things.

Highly educated, Smart, funny, witty, and beautiful, with conservative principles of honesty and integrity those four ladies don’t need to join the bashing game but rather embrace with Analytic expertise, sympathy and fun, and so make the View look like worse than the Muppet show and become a true competition to this liberal ranting.

PolitiChicks.TV launches for the first time On-Air on Tuesday November 15th 2011.

So dont forget to mark your calendar – on Tuesday 11-15-2011 we finally have our own show.

I am honored and privileged to introduce the ladies to you:


Ann-Marie Murrell


Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie is a devoted mother and wife, originally from East Texas she is our first line of defense in liberal La-La-Land West Hollywood. Like Ronald Reagan, a former Democrat, she is now surrounded by liberals and stands “Texas Proud” her ground and defends conservative principles of honesty and truth.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s she appeared in dozens of TV shows such as Sledge Hammer, Young and the Restless, and lots of others as well as commercials.

Ann-Marie is a beautiful, highly intelligent, smart, funny, and witty conservative Columnist and Video Blogger for “Patriot Update” and “Red/White and Blue News” as well as “Michael Reagan’s” and a true role model to others.

Jennie Jones:

Jennie Jones

Jennie Jones

Jennie Jones is also a Judeo-Christian born and raised Texas Native. Her political thinking has been shaped at a very young age because of her family’s interaction with a man who had been imprisoned in a Russian concentration camp. This first hand information on what it feels like to live in a communist country without individual freedom formed her political thinking.

Jennie actively worked for political campaigns in Florida and Georgia and on a broad spectrum of locals such as Law offices and the Air Force.

Jennie Jones is the editor of Patriot Update, one of the primary sources for Conservatives to get informed.

She also fights actively against Human Trafficking.

Jannique Stewart

Jannique Stewart

Jannique Stewart

Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, Jannicque is the third Lady in the reign of the Politichicks. She is a devoted “Pro-Life and Sexual Purity Speaker” with Life Training Institute and Hearts Matter Most.

She is a passionate speaker for “saving the preborn” and “teen sexuality” ever since she was a teenager herself.

Knowing that the general population in Germany has an ultra liberal ideology on this topic makes her double admirable to be an outstanding fighter for the right thing and to preserve the unborn life.

Jannique is not ashamed of her Christianity and is very passionate about it.

Shortly after moving to the United States with her parents Jannique started competing for the Title in a Teen National Pageant and chose those topics that were her passion: “Abortion” and “Sexualization of Teens”. She won her first title at the age of 15.

Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson


Miami, Florida native Victoria Jackson, a loving wife and mother of two is not unknown. This very talented woman has an amazing career as American Comedian, Actress, and singer and is best known as a cast member of the NBC television sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live” from 1986 to 1992 as well as a standup comedian on the “Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson .

Victoria also writes articles for World Net Daily and Patriot Update.

She is a true conservative and active participant in the Tea Party movement. She also makes some video blogs for Patriot Update.

Just recently she visited the OWS’s movement and exposed not only their real agenda, but also their (non-existing) brain power. Victoria is highly educated and very funny. I can’t wait to hear her taking apart the liberals with her special sense of sophisticated cynical humor.

For detailed information on those four amazing Ladies read the more detailed introduction on Patriot Update.

Welcome PolitiChicks - You are finally here

Welcome PolitiChicks - You are finally here


Patriot Update:


26 responses

  1. Totally awesome! I hope they kick butt and take names later!!! You go girls and make us proud.

    1. Thanks Anna,
      the Ladies are awesome and I am sure you wont be dissapointed

    2. Thank you Anna! Gonna do our best 😉

  2. What time of day will this be aired?

    1. The show will be aired on the Conservative website “Patriot Update” – you find the link as hyperlink in my blog. Just sign up for email update and there it is tomorrow. You can also check on my facebook site or you can wait for me to post it right on here as soon as it is up

      Thanks for your interest

  3. This is much needed. I wish them well.
    But Tom…. you’re incorrect in your assessment of Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She doesn’t “lean right.” Have you actually watched the show? She’s a very intelligent gal and the one VERY brave Conservative on The View. I wish she was on the panel.

  4. If I may say………….. this is great Idea and it should have started three years ago
    What I am trying to say is that this country is out of time. The Americans run out of time to reeducate the brainwashed sheeple you don’t have enough time to try and wake up all the dreamers to make the stupid see the truth…… it took 60 years to brainwashed the American public and turn them to dumb slaves so how long you think you will need to turn this around
    The sheeple do not want to understand that this Illegal Muslim Nazi in the WH is a Muslim Imposter from Kenya..he is the number one enemy of the USA ………the TSA are Nazi like regime this is to get the public to obey orders to be like the Jews in Germany to walk to the gas chambers without any resistance the TSA has nothing to do with home land security
    Home land security is another big subject FEMA is a Huge Subject Bill Clinton is one big Traitor he sold the US to the UN in 1992 the plan to destroy the US didn’t start yesterday it started 60 Years ago

    I do have a lot more to say if you give me the chance…………. if you give me a voice I will be all over the corrupt criminals the top traitors Ho Bummer and Eric holder just give me a voice ………….
    I really feel I need to do this I have been angry for too long I did my best to express my opinion on FB but we have too many enemies on FB because I cannot talk about what is happening in the US…………. we must remove this Illegal Muslim Nazi yesterday not tomorrow too many brainwashed sheeple in the US………………..
    Please give me a voice

    God bless you and all patriots

    1. Marge Schlemmer | Reply

      Mordy, Yes! A brilliant analyst like you would add some real “horsepower” to this site. You clearly have the grasp on the current situation. When you are done painting your mom’s basement let us know.

  5. Presley O'Bannon | Reply

    Calling women ‘chicks’ is hardly an advertisement for their intelligence… it’s rather belittling (if they are indeed intelligent). I’d expect this show to be about as interesting and smart as the View, which is to say, not at all. Plus, it couldn’t even get picked up by network or cable television!

  6. Thank you, Tom, for the amazing introduction & your ongoing support!

    Presley, I think ‘chicks’ is kind of fun. No, we’re not trying to make anyone think we’re brain surgeons by any stretch of the imagination–but we are smart, Christian ladies who love our country passionately & we’re each involved in local politics, promoting candidates, helping with elections etc. We’re also trying to find any way possible to break through the liberal media and BOY are you right about network or cable TV not wanting something like this airing! The last thing MSM wants is anyone actually listening to a Conservative point of view.

    I’ve personally re-dedicated my entire life trying to make whatever changes for the better I can in my little section of life, and I truly hope you’re doing the same. Blessings to you!

    1. Presley O'Bannon | Reply

      Thank you for your considerate response Ms Murrell. That is certainly not what I have come to expect from followers of this site and especially its author.

      I think that the “MSM” talk from conservatives is a serious misnomer. It hardly gets more mainstream than Fox News, which draws more viewers than the other network news services and in some polls is rated by viewers the second most-trustworthy news source in the USA. I think conservative commentators like to imagine themselves as a persecuted group.

      I realise that your show is entertainment and not serious or scholarly discussion, but please be responsible with and for your rhetoric. Too many conservative commentators ride the line of offensiveness, slander, racism, sexism, and pure lunacy, only to retreat behind their so-called First Amendment rights when they inspire dopey viewers and listeners to stupid actions.

  7. Regarding “Chicks” it would only appear to be a belittling term if one lacked a warm-hearted, easy-going temperament.
    The word is informal and fun. And God knows we can use some fun nowadays.
    Also, let’s be careful, as Conservative to not to succumb to the ridiculous politically correct Liberal attitude that gets caught up in labels.
    Com’on — lighten up and relax. Chicks can be strong, intelligent women … and fun.

    And I know this first-hand.
    I co-own a very successful production company for TV, radio, and the web and my company is called AudioGirl Productions.
    Clients love it and call us the “audiogirls.” Should we be upset? Heck no. It’s a branding that helps business!
    We also call our very active PRO LIFE Ministry AudioGirl Ministries. ‘Nuf said.

  8. What is the point of all this??? Everyone can post a comment then what??? I just don’t get this…. so everyone got an opinion……… so what … is this going to help remove the illegal Muslim Nazi from the WH??? NO ……..Is this going to fix the economy??? NO……… Is this going to stop Islam??? Or maybe stop the illegal criminals and terrorist from crossing the borders…….NOP………..
    I just don’t understand this site is this just a site for everyone to complain so you can feel better about your self’s thinking like you actually did something……………a place where anyone can vent and still don’t have to get up and actually do something… Or take action Or get up and fight for your country ….. you still waiting for a miracle …still waiting for someone to come down and save your country for you…….you are all still waiting for the corrupt criminal traitors in Congress and Senate to do the job for you ………….. God Help you all ……………what is the point of this site can anyone please explain??? If this is to reeducate the millions of brainwashed sheeple……. good luck with that….. You may need 60 year because no one can save or cure stupidity LEBE-RATS and DEMO-C-RATS it’s a serious sickness and cannot be saved or reeducated…. Talking and complaining will not stop the Illegal criminals and terrorist from crossing … complaining will not stop the Illegal Muslim from destroying the USA………..The American sheeple still dream about the fake elections that will never come and will never solve anything because the Illegal Muslim and his goons will rig the elections they will cheat ……….. Then what you are all going to do by then there will be no constitution left no freedom not human rights what are you going to do then????………………… Anyone?
    And when I ask the Chicks to give me a voice to let me speak they don’t even bother to reply
    God help us all you really don’t get it…………….. You are all still in denial that we are already in war

    1. So what is it that you are doing Morty?

    2. Presley O'Bannon | Reply

      When you’re crazy even by this website’s standards… you’re really crazy

  9. Tom, can’t you edit out at least some of “Mordy’s” boring, long-winded, self-absorbed comments?
    I’m pretty sure I speak for many of the more logical readers when I say: he’s bringing down the whole dialogue with his nonsensical weirdness. If we have more like him on “our side” God help us.

    To: Mordy… You and folks like you are a BIG part of the problem. To borrow your word, YOU need to be “re-educated” because you are the “sheeple” of so-called Conservatives who do nothing but complain and try to bring down the good people who are actually trying to help.
    Like Tom for example. He’s a Conservative who is DOING SOMETHING POSITIVE with his time and energy. WE need more like him. People like you, strong on complaints, weak on ideas, are sadly a dime a dozen.

    Please be a man and go away. Sit in a corner and complain to yourself. Or WAKE UP from your depressing, self-centered dream.
    If we are to win this battle for our very freedom, we need intelligent, clear thinking patriots who will take action.

  10. Ben, Mary, and 5 others in our office | Reply

    First, I am speaking for quite a few followers here.
    To Lincoln: BRAVO! — for giving that knucklehead Moron, er, I mean Mordy –a dose of reality. Sorry, I usually don’t like to insult someone’s lack of intelligence but com’on, enough is enough. I’m a patient man but reading his mentally challenged diatribes only wastes my time. We learn nothing. Except maybe how to bore someone to death and how to complain like a child.

    And by the way, what are his great ideas? WHAT ARE YOU DOING Mordo to help restore America? What are you contributing to the cause or to even this conversation? Absolutely nothing. Get a life Mordo. Move on and let the adults talk.

    Seriously Tom, if you let this uneducated man continue to waste our time, our only recourse will be to stop following you.
    He brings nothing intelligent or useful or even INTERESTING to the table. He’s not only useless but BORING.

    We would hate to move on but there are many other Conservative sites out there in which to have a healthy and intelligent dialogue. You’re a good patriot Tom but we all must be selective as to how we spend our time. Please be selective as to whom you allow to participate in this forum. Adults only please.

  11. I guess only Nancy Piglosi can be outspoken politically. And freedom only seems to be for those who agree with Obummer.

  12. Gouveurneur Morris | Reply

    Wow, I just struggled through that promotional video. The lack of television presenting skills is obvious. The uhs and uhms, stops and starts, fits of high-pitched squealing…

    This isn’t about politics, it’s about the simple ability to present. TV talk shows may imitate talk, but there is a distinctive style and cadence of speech that makes it easier to listen to such programmes. These ladies don’t exhibit these qualities in the above video.

    When Ms Jackson speaks, the tone of the conversation dips to a 15-year-old girls’ lunch table. It’s absolutely appalling that this channel gives “birther” views a platform, and she seems stuck on the phrases “illegal Moslem” and “communism/communist”. That none of her co-presenters have the spine to challenge her is pathetic. This channel’s credibility just flew out the window.

  13. […] on November 15, 2011 for the first time “”, starring “Jennie Jones”, “Ann-Marie Murrell”, “Jannique Stewart”, and “Victoria […]

  14. It’s stated above that “Victoria is highly educated…”. How does “attended Florida Bible College; received a gymnastic scholarship to Furman University, attended Auburn University one year, and ended up in Hollywood, CA via summer stock in Alabama” qualify Victoria as highly educated? Please clarify whether she earned a degree and in what subject. I don’t doubt her genuine Christian zeal and that she may be well-read, but that is different from stating she’s highly educated. If she feels it’s appropriate to call the writers at Newsweek liars, she should ensure her biographical info. is beyond reproach.

  15. Mike Fairservice | Reply

    Looking forward to the show!
    PLEASE have Dennis Pregert, Dennis Miller, Inga Bark, and Dr. Michael Savage on the show!

    Best of luck and aloha!

  16. Christina Archer | Reply

    Do you have one iota of evidence for your claims? About anything? Just one teeny-weeny smidgen of empirical evidence? About anything? Show us!

    1. I always put the evidence in the bottom of my comments that is called sources of information you disagree please feel free to turn to them

  17. Aw, this was a really nice post. Taking the time and actual effort to produce a really good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a whole lot and don’t manage to get anything done.

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