Michelle Bachmann, liberal Media outlets and the complete loss of, manners and culture

Once upon a time – there used to be a time of manners, and media responsibility where certain lines were not crossed.

A time of politeness and chivalry, where standard, and even politically opposing Talk-show-hosts were gentlemen.

Political candidate have been attacked on issues, programs, and personal failures such as out of marriage affairs or law violations, but like I said before there was a line that was respected – the line of common courtesy and good social manners.


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

NBC’s late night Talker, Jimmy Fallon, has just gone too far with his insults to conservative candidates when he welcomed Congresswoman Michelle Bachman (R-Minnesota) as a guest on his show and then his band sucker punched her by serenading “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” as reported by Jon Nolte from Big Hollywood @ Andrew Breitbart.TV reports.

Jimmy Fallon is known as a liberal and an Obama supporter. In August he attended a $35,800 Obama fundraiser.

In the good old days of gentlemen style TV the Station itself punished comments or insults like this and the station issued apologies taking the talk show host off the air. These days the stations defend this behavior with “freedom of speech”.

The new rule is: “grill and humiliate Republicans”, treat “Democrats with Respect” and “lick Obama’s boots”.

Freedom of Speech

Liberals and freedom of speech is an interesting concept.

In liberal minds that means: they are entitled to say and do what they want, insult, disrespect, attack below the belt, and get way out of line whenever it serves their agenda.

It’s only when conservatives take it upon themselves to address the issue, and without foul language I might add, that liberals seem to get a little touchy on the subject.

In Liberal La-la brains freedom of expression is a One-Way-Street only allowed in their direction and allowed when supporting their agenda.

Everything that contradicts their agenda is subject to brutal violent attacks all the way to personal threats.

This is not the first attack below the belt on a conservative candidate and it appears to be that since Obama took office these radical morons have become more and more a standard rather than the exception. And it all started with Obama running for office.

Democrats under Obama and why the GOP is at fault as well

It all started with insults on Sarah Palin during the presidential race in 2008 when Rahm Emanuel called Sarah Palin’s baby, suffering from Down syndrome, “retarded” and Democrats attacked her daughter for her pregnancy.

If one was waiting for Presidential frontrunner John McCain to step up in anger and defend the Palin Family you waited in vain.

Neither McCain or Obama, ever stepped up saying enough is enough and the family is off limits.

This was the beginning of a whole new meaning of “Dirty Campaigning”. BHO made it very clear that he is only stepping in when it comes to conservative opposition, but when it comes to his campaign supporters and big time donors, allies such as ultra liberal talk show hosts, and radical Union leaders he remains silent and does not want to be the speech police – Such hypocrisy.

No matter if it is “Jon Stewart” mocking Marcus Bachmann and making inappropriate comments about the sexual life of the Bachmann’s or if it is Obama’s best friend and Teamster “Jimmy Hoffa II.” Calling Tea partiers “SOB’s, this pattern is still continuing.

What is interesting is that the son of a criminal mobster and gangster who got what he deserved (concrete boots and a dive in east river), has the guts to call my momma, who may not be an American citizen, but has always been an honorable woman, raising two great kids, and working all her life for the Austrian federal government, a bitch.

Who is the SOB now?

Let’s not forget Bill Maher – A man who pays his women by the hour – his distasteful sexual comments on conservative contenders.

Jimmy Fallon was only one in a line of radical “so called” comedians and talk show hosts.  This coward didn’t even have the guts to do this directly; he had his band do it.

And that is not the end of it. Believe me there is a lot more to come.

And don’t expect the NY Times or the Washington Post to comment or condemn this. They are all bribed by the Obama administration. The NY Times is the only Newspaper still defending the “Occupy movement”.  And that tells you everything.

Those flea beggars fit in the line of the liberal outcast mouthpiece

What can we do?

I asked, why it is the fault of the GOP as well? Here is the answer.

Basically, there is nothing we can do. Sure, we can stop watching those liberal media outlets, as I do, boycott or jam their phone lines, fax and email them with protest letters, but bottom line is this: As long as our politicians don’t step up and hammer the stations with protests, demanding an apology, and as long as Obama refuses to step up and call his dogs back those liberal outcast stations live under the impression that it is perfectly ok to hit below the belt.

That might sound crazy because my heart says get out and beat the living daylights out of those idiots, but I am trying hard to be mature.

Send letters to Congresswoman Bachman and let her know how much we support her. It does not matter if you support her as a presidential candidate or not, but she IS one of us and she IS an honorable woman and we need to let her know that we do not tolerate this behavior, and that she has our compassion as woman and as conservative, and send the same letters to NBC and all the other idiotic stations telling them “Your time will come”.

God bless you and

God Bless America



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25 responses

  1. Yeah, right-wingers would never insult a democratic candidate. *rolls eyes* While the band probably feels like it was a mistake for playing that song, Michelle Bachmann is a lyin’ ass bitch, so what’s the problem?

  2. They are a bunch of creeps!! God Bless you Michelle Bachman, we Stand with you!!! God Bless America!! (despite these Liberal creeps)

  3. Since you ask “What can we do?” and can not think of something, may I offer a proposal?

    While snubbing liberal outlets is a good way to not only send a message -but *also* avoid wasting your time, please, instead, don’t just ‘complain’ about these liberal problems, but also, please don’t be lazy, my friends, and, instead, plz *do* something — in this case, MY peition to the President AND his chiefs of staff, appears directly ON their website, yes, the Whitehouse website (note the time limits so act fast), and by signing it, you can get attention to the plight of students are are OBSCENELY over-taxed, as tuition is legally a tax (it is funding going direltly to an arm of the government, usually State Colleges in this case = taxes).

    I have tricked the liberals into supporting my cause, as well, as they view this as being stepped on or something (I’m not liberal, so I would not know), but this much is certain: I strike with FOUR fists on my 4-pronged proposal to the administration.

    Please just sign the sucker (as it offers NO improper or immoral proposed solutions), and pass along to your friends, asking them to sign –while there is till time B4 the expiration date on said petition runs out. — Thx:

    Short URL: http://wh.gov/jU8


    this URL: https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/!/petition/ask-lawmakers-pass-legislation-address-higher-ed-crisis-education-declining-tuition-obscenely-high/8bdC5t8V

    Gordon Wayne Watts
    LAKELAND, Fla.

    1. Thank you so much Gordon,
      I am going to pass this link on to everybody I know just to make sure it will be signed. Time to stop that liberal foul attacks.

      God bless you my friend

      1. You’re welcome, and thank *you* Tom:

        It means a lot to me that my conservative friends who have no agenda to lie to me think I did a good job.

        To show my gratitude, please note, that I am not asking you to do this alone:

        On the ‘Front Page’ news of both my Twitter, Blogspot, Facebook, and Youtube accounts –PLUS The Register’s main 2 mirrors (GordonWatts and GordonWayneWatts “dot com”) –are notices of this –and I have emailed everybody –as well as post requests on the walls of many highly-trafficked friends –yes, both conservatives and liberals identify and are jumping on board.

        So, this do to beat the petition’s time-limit, and now I think I will email some conservative talk show hosts I know, and call in some favours.

        Thx — G

  4. Sorry, but this doesn’t even come close to having “you lie” yelled during a state of the union speech.

  5. Presley O'Bannon | Reply

    What about when Rush Limbaugh says Michelle Obama is “uppity”? Is that below the belt? And why don’t you condemn that as well?

    Pointing out your shortfalls as an analyst and thinker are really easy. I don’t expect much from you. But then again, I don’t respect your opinion as anything but the irresponsible scribblings of a partisan hack with too much time on his hands.

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