GOP Presidential Debate answer’s I hope for and never hear

Now that 2011 has passed and 2012 is here, the battle to take our country back continues.

The past year we had a marathon of GOP Presidential debates and different candidates taking the lead.

Throughout the entire debates the topics were always the same and then slightly adjusted to fit the current happenings in the world.

And so were the answers. All, and I really mean all, candidates were trying to give the right answers to appear “conservative”, but yet cautiously diplomatic to assure not to offend, insult, or really attack anybody, outside of each other. In other words a disappointing PR-show that leaves me to the point where after hours of debates I am still not convinced as of who to give my vote to.

None of them seems to be willing to grab the hot coals with their bare hands and give those answers, which many grassroots conservatives want to hear.

How to get America back to work

This is the one constant in every debate, and every candidate is determined to prove how “Reagan Conservative” they are in reciting, like a mantra, the “same ol’-same ol’” policy of lowering taxes, deregulating, and so on.

Only Newt Gingrich shortly mentioned one of the real issues, leaving that hot-coal-topic immediately and not going into details, and that is UNIONS.

One extremely important solution to get America back to work is to break the power-neck of the Unions.

The theory:

In theory Unions are a private-non-governmental-organization sponsored by the Federal Government and should provide “Legal Assistance to Workers who’s constitutional and Legal Rights as employees are violated”.

The reality:

However, Unions stopped “being” that a long time ago. Like most things, the initial idea is good, but then greed breeds corruption. They are a criminal Mafia style Organization and nobody seems to care or is too scared to do anything about it.

The fact that the sitting President, Obama, has an affiliation with criminals is evident; — Not without a reason he calls Second Generation Mafia boss “Jimmy Hoffa Jr.” his buddy (and he IS the son of a Mafia gangster) and plays golf during Christmas with a school friend who has been arrested in Prostitution charges.

Hoffa in Life Magazine

Hoffa in Life Magazine

In my opinion, this major entity that determines and influences politics has been misusing federal funds in order to funnel it back to the Democratic Party to keep control of their interests, without the average person the wiser. This is obscene and illegal, but unfortunately it has been going on for decades. In a nutshell, our government subsidizes criminal enterprise and there seems to be no politician willing to take them on.

In some states you cannot even acquire a contract as a contractor if you don’t pay your dues (in my book of law that is called: danegeld) to the Unions and submit to hire Union workers only. And if you refuse – well accidents happen all the time. This is clearly “criminal”, but normal since politicians and judges look the other way.

Unions are assured with their election contribution, their re-election.

And the very same Politicians and Judges grant the Unions the right to intervene in Companies decisions to either produce or preserve employment.

The fact is that in the past 6 months alone Unions have caused or endangered over 130,000 Jobs in the United States either by stopping to build a Boeing plant in South Carolina (a right to work State and mentioned by Newt Gingrich) or by stonewalling any negotiations with American Airlines which jeopardized over 130,000 Jobs and retirees.

Breaking the neck of the Unions and putting them back into their place is not only a small, but also a necessary key element to get America back to work. That is why I desperately want to hear the following statements from a candidate:

1)    I will make America a “Right to work nation” and make this a “Constitutional Amendment”

2)    I will audit the Unions and assure that funds given to this private institution are used proper to secure the constitutional and legal rights of American workers and workers under “legal Status”, otherwise Unions will be defunded

3)    I will make a clear commitment that Unions are a private representation and membership is voluntarily, and Unions are NOT to make policy or politics, but have only one duty – representation when asked for

But, I guess that is wishful thinking because everyone remembers what happened to Robert Kennedy.

National Security


None of the candidates are willing to call things by their name when it comes to National Security. I agree, of course, that the two main pillars of National Security are financial independence (bringing the budget in order) and America’s military strength and position in the world. But there is a third Pillar, which gets completely ignored and that is National Security at home.

We don’t need to look for Muslim Terrorists in foreign countries they are already here; and they do a marvelous job of infiltrating our nation through their so-called “Representations”.

Islam Infiltration of America

Islam Infiltration of America

Of course not every Muslim is a Terrorist but 99% of all terrorists are Muslims.

Instead of cooperating with Law-enforcement Muslims take the position of “Victims of Discrimination” using this policy to avoid any cooperation and play the “Victim Card”.

Financing Terrorists all over the world, dismantling our Constitution, and trying to sneak Sharia Law into our court rooms calling it cultural heritage is NOT assimilation nor the practice of freedom of religion it is clear infiltration to take over our country.

And to make things worse, Hillary Clinton and the State Department just held a summit with Arab Nations to strike down the 1st Amendment making critics of Islam a crime under the pretence of “Inflammatory Speech”.

The UN sponsored this summit and the role model is similar to European Laws, which already bow to the Muslims.

I was actually waiting for one candidate to condemn this meeting in the last debate – BUT NOTHING.

Fact is, in order to assure a strong National Security we first need to establish a strong National Identity and that is, or should be, a clear commitment by the Candidates to a Judeo-Christian Heritage.

But that one is missing as well.

United Nations

A fourth pillar to a strong National Security is a strong National Independency.

Again, what I am missing with every candidate is the clear commitment to defund financially and withdraw politically from this senseless organization and make a clear statement that any interference in domestic issues through Agenda 21 or other policies will only result in a final disembarkation of this criminal corrupt organization.

This would not only strengthen America’s position, but also save us billions of Dollars as Ann-Marie Murrell of PolitiChicks stated with utmost precision in her column “Some Simple Solutions to our National Debt” on Patriot Update.

Kicking the UN would therefore be a double monumental victory for America. Saving us tons of money as Ann-Marie says, and making us independent from the UN, which would strengthen our Sovereignty.


This is just an excerpt of what bothers me with those debates.

Nothing but a lot of blah-blah, repetition, and the very same diplomatic packed political correct standard message hoping to please the conservative voters, but yet making sure that the other side is not offended.

Many of the conservative and independent voters are still undecided. You might think since we’re so close to the primaries that the candidates have convinced us who would be the best equipped for the job and who would truly and truthfully represent us, but I hear in my network all the time that it’s quite the opposite.

As long as the candidates are not willing to hit the nail on the head and call things as they are and walk away from the standard answers (Lord have mercy they have preached them so many times to us – I can recite those answers in advance), and give us the “right” answers, this election will be just another fiasco with nothing but RINO’s.

So please all you candidates out there – TELL US THE TRUTH; GET TO THE POINT AND START REPRESENTING US AND NOT POLITICS – WE THE PEOPLE fight for America, we work our behinds off to save this Nation, and the last thing we want or need is another flip-flopping coward – what we need is a tough conservative candidate to beat Obama and return the government to the people.


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Ann-Marie Murrell @ Patriot Update – Some simple Solutions to our National debt


5 responses

  1. Enigmaticaluna | Reply

    Great article my friend… I agree with all you said 1000%, and it’s sad that people if falling for those same very things that has been falling so long, the things that has bring all of us to this situation… so I ask many times. Why we fight, or even have the knowledge that we have accumulate though this past years if we don’t go to use it, if we are going to be play by the same players with different name?
    It’s a candidate that many don’t even paid attention, in my personal opinion the only one as well, who is doing the fight as we’re…who has bring a law suit against the DNC to proof with documentation that BO is legit to be president on 2012, those documents will not be provide because they don’t exist, the next step will be to answer why in illegal person has became under the guide of the DNC the president in 2008, the fraud will be expose and the person will be prosecute for all the crimes committed, including Nancy Pelosi and others that has sign for the DNC as to be legit.
    The fed. courts has taken the standings to suit from anyone under heaven, except one type of person… those that RUN for President, none of those contenders that you have in your picture has come forward to defend and protect this Nation as you very well put it, but said that only serve for distraction, if they were close to go by the Constitution as we have to Congress persons running, they will understand that we face a Constitutional crisis and until this is not solve, no matter who is the president, the Pandora box has been open and we must close it. If far is go, in the future even the UN can bring anyone in this Nation and appoint for President, the scope of the dangers is too big to be ignore.
    The Federal courts knew that no one is going to pursue this issue, as those that run for President today, will be more ego to gain the power that Obama has giving with corruption and crime to the president that shouldn’t be, than to protect and defend this Nation from foreign and domestic enemy, it’s a thing, a patriot knew of this issue, and decide to step forward to do what the cowards in the panel has no guts or nerve to do, he decide to fight as we all are, to protect this Nation, and place his name in the ballot as contender for the Republican side, he’s a constitutionalists and very Conservative, and he is suing with Liberty Foundation, the same one that is suing OBAMACARE… he’s also unite with the “posse investigation” that Sheriff Joe Arpio is doing to expose together all this fraud…his name is John Albert Dummett, I ask you my friend, to check on him on his platform and see that he’s exactly what you and all patriots are looking for. His website is you can talk to him, ask questions, he will answer to you…
    I said all the time, if we don’t have integrity and principles, we can’t ask anyone to have what we don’t have, we must elect the best of the best, not the best of two evils.
    I hope you read this, because it’s important that people knows about him, everyone else want power, he’s looking to defend this Nation from corruption. Please check on him. You know I will not bring you anything is not important, and be that we both see the same problem and understand the dangers that we are facing, I will not bring you to your attention something of not importance.
    God bless you my friend, thank you for the article.

  2. Presley O'Bannon | Reply

    According to your map of Islamic infiltration of the US, the real hotspot is somewhere on the border of Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming… better go protect it!

    Thos Muzlins are surprisingly active in the oceans too, where normal human beings don’t live, like the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and Hudson Bay. Do you think they are secret MUZLIN dolphins?

  3. Those are the words of a person who think is smart and show nothing but ignorance on a subject that most lately don’t understand or recognize as to be a problem. The kind of people that will accept anything for their own commodity to their own diminish. Very intelligent words, border with stupidity.

  4. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    Großartiger Artikel und ich stimme mit dir überein. Amerika braucht einen Präsidenten der sich gegenüber Europa und dem Rest der Welt durchsetzen kann, sagt was Sache ist und klar zum Ausdruck bringt, was er möchte. Dass Bin Laden schlussendlich gefunden und zur Strecke gebracht werden konnte, ist nicht der Verdienst von Obama alleine, sondern geht das zurück auf Bush. Bush hat den Grundstein dafür gelegt und konsequent durchgesetzt. Nur jetzt muss man weiter machen, der Abzug der Truppen war ein Fehler, der sich – und das wollen wir nicht hoffen – eventuell noch rächen wird in Zukunft.

    Das setzt aber auch voraus, dass die eigene Partei gemeinsam an einem Strang zieht und nicht jeder seine eigene Ziele verfolgt. In den europäischen Medien wird immer davon gesprochen, dass die Rep. Partei innerhalb zerstritten ist und jeder nur seine eigene Ziele verfolgt und hier muss man ansetzen, hier muss man endlich Einigkeit zeigen. Zeigen, dass der Staat im Vordergrund steht, dass nur ein “Gemeinsam” funktioniert und kein “Gegeneinander” und kein “nur ich”. Der Egoist muss hinten anstehen und endlich mit all den anderen Zusammenarbeiten.

    Und es muss endlich ein klares Statement kommen!

  5. At this time it seems like WordPress is the top blogging platform available right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

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