Cut the Crap – Take One For The Team

Today I watched the first Formula 1 car race in this year’s season. Many ask me why I like this so much. Well, the answer is pretty simple, It is a race, one-driver-against-another, but at the same time it is a team sport.

Every Team, let’s say Red Bull Racing who holds the current world championship, has two drivers in the field who compete against each other and both drivers also fight for the so called Team-Championship.

In every race the drivers collect points and also the team collects points for technical improvements based on placing’s of the drivers. So it is just normal that at a certain point, when it is obvious a certain driver can’t win the world championship anymore (based on the collected points) he takes one for the team, protects the leading racer, and keeps the competitors back no matter if he likes his team partner or not – for the team championship.

What does this have to do with politics you ask? Everything – A Presidential race is not much different. We are at a point in the race where some contenders can’t win and it is time to take one for the team.

We have 4 Racers in the challenge Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, and Paul and 1 Team the GOP, the problem right now is nobody wants to take one for the team.

Status Quo

And while GOP contenders are busy smearing one another, throwing dirt on one another, and fighting senseless trench warfare on one another Obama has an easy game.

For the sitting president this election is like a 90yard rush into the end zone, touchdown included, with no defensive line there to try and block him.

All he has needed to do is sit back and quietly plan his strategy, and thanks to the ridiculous amount of GOP Debates he knows perfectly well what their strategy is.

And not only that:

Obama also places laws prohibiting every citizen from protesting against him without GOP candidates even reacting.

Obama Mocks the GOP contenders on gasoline prices – with no backtalk whatsoever (Watch the YouTube Video here)

Sends his VP Joe Biden into election mode spreading the word that the GOP has no clue about the middle class (of course in front of a crowd where the dinner cost $ 10,000 a plate).

And the list just continues.

Nate Beeler © - Obama's state of the Bracket

Voters and activists

In the 2010 Midterm election we all stood together, tall and united, knowing what was at stake.

But just like the candidates, the Voters are back where they were in 2008; everybody against everybody and no shoulder-to-shoulder standing whatsoever.

When I look at my network and read the comments I actually want to cry.

I can’t vote for Santorum because………..

I can’t vote for Romney because……..

I can’t Vote for Gingrich or Paul because……………..

He is a RINO, he is big Government, no he is not a RINO, no he is not Big Government, bla, bla, bla – it makes me sick.

My favorite line is: I can’t vote for either and before I vote for the second best I would rather not vote at all. Now this one really makes me sick.


Here is a little lesson in political reality. My favorite candidate would be Lt. Col. Ret. Congressman Allen West of Florida, but he won’t run.

And since politics is not a “musical request program”, and unless anyone of the voters out there has the magic “Jeannie in the Bottle” that can bring the perfect candidate with a blink of her eye we all have to face reality, and pick one that is there.

And that brings me to the candidates

Who is left in the pool of candidates some like, some don’t. Nevertheless it is the best we’ve got right now and the true agenda in “The most important election in America’s history” is to kick Obama out, PERIOD.

Here is my question to the contenders (or some of them): Why do you run in the first place? 

a)    You run because you are truly interested in saving America

Then it is time to face political reality. Re-evaluate your chances by reality and not mathematical possibility and do the right thing.

Maybe you want to take from the example of Governor Rick Perry (R-TX), who was humble enough to know he is not going to win and took “one for the team”.

b)    You run because you are probably at an age where you think this is your last chance to gain the highest Office in the Country if not in the world

Then you better get out of the way. Your knuckle-biting does not serve anybody but Obama. This is not the time for personal conceitedness. We already have a self-absorbed narcissist in the office.

Where do we stand?

Whether you like it or not the fact is, based on delegate count, this has become a two-man-race between Mitt Romney (496) and Rick Santorum (236), with Newt Gingrich (141) and Ron Paul (66) pulling up the rear.

I was pretty much one of the first that brought up Newt Gingrich for President in 2011.

But I also was excited about Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, and not to mention that I was still praying for Lt. Col. Ret. Congressman West to reconsider and run. Reality speaks a different language and I have had have to face it too.

No matter where you stand on any candidate, the chances for Gingrich or Paul to still win the primaries are less than slim.

Ron Paul had his fun, and everybody agrees that some of his plans are absolutely the best choice for America. Bring our troops home, stop spending money on Wars we have no business being in, and keep our Money at home. But also some of his ideas are, well let’s say a good comedy. End the war on drugs by legalizing them? Give me a break.

He can’t win, that is also a fact. For a smart man like Congressman Paul it is time to endorse one of the front-runners and start supporting him.

Newt Gingrich had 2 resurrections already, but based on the recent numbers the chance of a third is dismal. He lost as a southerner in the Deep South against “Yankee” Santorum. That should be a message.

Another fact is that every political analyst from USA today to the Tea Party economist agrees that neither Newt Gingrich nor Rick Santorum can win if they both continue to stay in the race, BUT – together they can beat Obama.

Rick Santorum already mentioned that he would consider Newt Gingrich as Vice President. So – where is the problem Mr. Gingrich?

Be a sport, be humble like Perry and take one for the team, take one FOR AMERICA

This is a win-win situation for all of us. Gingrich gets his place in the white House, he can take on sleeping disorder VP Joe Biden, and battle him in debates, coach Rick Santorum to beat Obama in debates, while sharing with Santorum his profound knowledge and experience, and together fight for a renewed America.

That way we can make this what it already is – a two-man race between Santorum and Romney, and then the voters decide once and for all.

Meanwhile Newt Gingrich can start taking on Obama and his policies at every turn in order to prevent Obama from spreading his election message un-challenged.

And finally, (I’m almost begging here) close the frontline against our combined enemy Obama.

Candidates, Voters, Activist

This is a message to both, the candidates and the voters.

Stop smearing, whining, and nagging and acting like a spoiled 5 year old brat – or BOTH OF YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF OBAMA FASCISM WITH ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME

We can’t always have what we want, but we have one combined goal and that is SAVING AMERICA FROM OBAMA or see AMERICA GO ALL THE WAY DOWN

And I said it before and say it again to the Voters – you might not like the current choice, but the only other choice is 4 more years of Obama. So




© My name is Tom Lehner and I’ll be damned if I ever apologize to be proud American.
Copyright 2012 – All rights reserved


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3 responses

  1. Michaela Brandner | Reply

    This is the best article what you have written ever – I agree with you in every point of your statement! Only a Team can win!

    1. Thanks thats so sweet

  2. enigmaticaluna | Reply

    I’m sorry my friend, but I can’t follow on this one, it’s something call principles, and it’s something also call the Constitution, one for the team is what Santorum the guy you support has said in the debate, he did one for the team against his better judgment and what is even worse, principles.
    If no one want to paid attention, it’s out to each one of those that do, but I do paid attention, it’s hard to believe that a person who need and call and beg for democrats to cross the line, to vote for him in the primaries is going to go anywhere in the National stage of things… what make you and anyone who support Santorum to believe that he’s going to pull it off? where do you think that those democrats that are helping him they going to go in the general elections? who you kidding my friend, because it’s not me, I hope that it’s not you neither.
    I admire you for very long time, because you’re intelligent, wise and have insight, in this one, I believe that you lost it.
    If you remember well, when you wrote the blog talking about those that you support as to be the President of the USA, you mention 3 people for different reasons, all the reasons were good, including Newt, you was right, I was wrong with what I said. This is why…
    When we have the primaries in Florida, few things has happen, the electorate votes were take down from 150 to 100 because the election was make earlier than April, the GOP place other previsions in this matter,as a punishment for the State in doing early elections, one of them was, that in early election the contenders will divide the delegates by the positions they get, in this case Mitt didn’t have the 100 as is being claim but at least 47 of those votes and Newt should give about 27 of those votes.
    It’s in this primary that I learn the corruption of the GOP, the involvement of the media, so call conservative as well, and the intent of giving to us either Mitt or Santorum for one reason, both of this men are nothing but big government, something that we all have been fought against for the last 4 years.
    Just in case you believe that Santorum is for small government, here is some information that maybe will allow you to understand what you are supporting… and I hope you use your wisdom to see through the clouds, if you really want to cut the crap…

    I know the abortion issue is very important to you, as it’s for me, and I hope that you paid attention as I did to all the things talk in the debates, Santorum vote in favor of supporting Parenthood… you have a son, and you paid for him to have the best schooling possible, but many in this Country don’t have what you have, and they can’t take their children to private school, so they need to deal with what is available that not all the time is good, “no child left behind” has destroy many opportunities on the children that truly do work hard to accomplish something in their lives, with the cost of their teaching, kids that don’t show or are not responsible are being pass from one class room to another with out the proper education, they are creating dumb children, and take out the importance of the learning skills, I know some of those kids and it’s very sad. He voted to support such monstrosity that allow government to take total control of our school system, witch now we can see the indoctrination, the activist stand of the liberals in our children, islam in the classes and so forth… and he did that suppose against his principles “for the team”
    My friend, the “team” is NOT the GOP, the team is THE REPUBLIC OF USA… something got you, to see that the GOP is for you, when is so corrupt, we’re fighting against the status quo, the establishment, do you forgot that? it’s the very reason why this argument that you have place here is so out of context, it’s the very reason why this Nation is going rapidly in a destruction mode, because we have too many followers of news media ( people’s enemy) you should know that better than anyone.
    I support Newt today for one strong reason, he’s the ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE of all four, the ONLY one who is not attack anyone but defending everyone in our site, he has class, he has already fix the problem in his time, he’s a doer, not a talker, he’s a man of vision, HIS VISION, he don’t need to steal nothing for everyone, he has been fight the same fight for over 30 years, and the very reason of why he was framed by the GOP that you so admire and the democrats, because he has been ALWAYS against the status quo and the stablishment. From all four, he is also the ONLY one who have receive nothing but conservatives as voters, that should said something, if he became the nomenee, and he will, will be because the conservative movement was smart enought to read what is taken place today.

    I read your talking points by those that support Santorum, it’s just incrediable that all of you believe that a Master can be under the pupil, that someone of the integrity of Newt can be under the dishonesty of Santorum, that Newt with the original ideas and visions, will stay under the one who steal in his comments Newts vision… I don’t know who read your things my friend, but this is just close to in insult to Newt. How can never came in mind the idea that maybe you’ll are wrong, that maybe something here is not quite right and you need to really look deep, if the reason you support Santorum is his religious stand, you should be very weary about that, I have live under the rule of a person who was just like him, and we have dictatorship for 40 years, Santorum position on faith and intrussion of government is 100% the recipe for fascism my dear friend. I listen to him and back memories ramping in my heart, give me very bad feeling in my gut.

    Do you know why this Nation was a success Nation? because the Founders has a vision, a vision of a Republic Nation control by the people, for the people , with the people, a Nation where everyone from other Countries who suffer persecution, tyranny, extermination, can look across the Ocean and find a place where they can be welcome and give them the freedom that they so cherish. From many, ONE… that means from many people of many Nations, one people of one Nation… their vision give us the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, giving the rights and liberties as law that are ours, by Natural Law, not by the hand of men… them a vision of the pioneers, that decide to go to lost frontiers dealing with all type of enemy’s and crisis, has created the cities that we live in, a President have a vision and in his innaguration, he said ” I see a day when America will send the first man to the moon” John F Kennedy… his vision create a great imput by the youth of his time, that vision create the technology we have today, jobs and 10 years later the first American in the moon… Newt have a vision in 1980, he was just a young freshman with much vision of a future in America, even that, he has the courage to talk to the most conservatives at that time, and organize a meeting in Wisconsin, to expose his vision, he said after talk to them about his contract with America, that in 12 years the House was going to be in the hands of the Republican party, but with the work of the conservatives, happen in 14 years, after more than 40 years being in the control of the democrats, not only they got the house, they got the senate as well… that vision is the same one he place to the American people in 1994-95 with the first knowledge by America of his contract with the people.
    Today, over 30 years later he still talking the same thing, has bigger vision and he still a doer…. that is what America has been about all alone, you for most should know of that, as like me, you came to this Nation for reason, do you forgot why? do you forgot that your own vision has bring you where you are today? it’s people like you and I, who has build and create this Nation with the vision that we bring, because the story’s we came with and the knowledge that we bring with us of other regimes, other way of life.

    I admire Frederick Douglas, if you don’t know who he’s you should read about him, know that he was slave that teach himself how to write and read, he was the most admire speeker of his time, he was among many other things, a conselour for various presidents, the first person who after the founders study the Constitution, and conclude that not only the Constitution was a great document, but stand for the freedom of ALL PEOPLE, he said ” that when you go to vote, you must take principle and integrity to that voting booth, and have in your heart the greatness for the Country, not a personal understanding of our personal agendas, but the Nation as a whole”
    You talking here about loosing those principles and the integrity to vote for something else, It’s in my own opinion that if anyone vote for Mitt or Santorum is no doubt about it, that we will get Obama, for many reasons, but just think… democrats are getting them the win, what happen to those democrat votes? that is not only dishonest, it’s corrupt, and my own integrity I will not support such, for that matter I can’t vote for either, but I will vote, even if I have to write in.
    As long that people keep compromising, and leaving their integrity and principle in the basket, voting for the less of two evil, we will still keep evil, if we want to change DC, we must first change ourselves, because DC is nothing but the mere mirrow of the populate, if the populate is corrupt, DC is going to be corrupt. It’s that simple, history has teach that time and time again.
    Just to close this that has became longer that what I wanted, I remember the words of a great President… John F. Kennedy
    “As what you can do for your Country, not what your Country can do for you”

    One of my favor Founders…
    ” If you don’t fight for freedom, you don’t deserve to be free” Thomas Jefferson.
    It’s allot I can quote you here, but I will not, I believe that with this words you know where my heart is… No offense here, as you’re fighting for what you feel is right, I do just the same, this time we just don’t agree. Reason why I explain myself to you.
    I value friendship very highly, you know that, I can’t support a man who has betray not just a friend but a mentor, if he’s to do that, what he will not do to any of us for power, as for “the team” he can screw the people….(as he has done in his own State, been a lobbyist, cheating to give money that don’t belong to him, make deals with the unions against his own constituents, etc what we make any of us think that he will not do the same for power and control?) remember I fight for one team, and that team is NOT the GOP, my team is the Republic of USA… I hope is yours too my dear friend.

    I hope this words don’t offend you, because I talk to you as a friend will talk to another, with the trust and confidence that I can said how I feel as you can do too.
    To me this is very personal, because it’s the future of my grand kids, and I more than anyone will not want for them to leave in the future, what has been my past.
    Please my dear friend, if nothing else, check my words, listen again the debates as I have, listen and look the body language, you’re very intelligent, you’re in independent thinker, you always do your home work, do this one as well, you can be surprise about the count on delegates the ones are to be sure and the one’s that no matter who win until tampa will not be secure delegates and count the secure one’s, maybe you will be very surprise and will understand why Newt is not dropping down, and as well, why he’s the ONLY one who can destroy Obama, Santorum will loose… please my friend, do paid attention to it.

    Always in God and Country… because SURRENDER, is not in option.

    God bless you and little Jr.

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