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DADT – The Untold Agenda

This Column is not about gays. What is right or wrong for other people is not for me to decide. I am heterosexual and just like I do not share with anybody my sexual preferences in the bedroom (other than with my spouse) I am not interested in the sexual preferences of others.

  • Just like I reserve the right to say to a heterosexual man: I do not respect that you are going to prostitutes, or you cheat on your wife so please don’t bother me with your “hunting stories”,
  • I reserve the right to say to a gay: Your lifestyle contradicts my ethical, moral, and religious beliefs so please stick to professionalism and don’t bother me with your ideology.

I don’t dislike the man I dislike the lifestyle and that goes for both.

 Since Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pushed, in their very own charming way (with threats and blackmail), the DADT repeal through the House and the Senate and Obama signed off on that thing with a huge and big grin on his face, many blogs and articles have been written about this and the possible why and what for.

I read them all, from all the great minds; From Michelle Malkin to Ann Coulter, from Chuck Norris to Bill O’Rilley. All of their thoughts about DADT are right but for some reason, none of them have come up with what might be the real agenda behind this radical move.

DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell)

Yes DADT is all about gay rights, but more than that, DADT is also the proof that my upcoming book is going to hit the nail right on the head – if WE THE PEOPLE dare to reject an agenda of a minority it will be indoctrinated on us with fascist lethal force wrapped up as law, immediately making “opposition a punishable offense”.

And if that does not help, downsizing opposition as either radicals or insinuate a Mental Illness by the opposition calling them “Homophobe”.


Homo – the genus that includes modern humans. The word is originated from the Latin language, meaning “human being” or “man” (in the gender-neutral sense). (Source – Wikipedia:

Phobia (φόβος,phóbos): This word comes from the Greek language and stands for “fear”, “morbid fear”. Generally used when an irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals or people. In psychology a phobia is considered an “Anxiety disorder” (Source – Wikipedia:  

So bottom line: if you dare to disagree with something liberal radical Pundits like the Democrats, Gay-Rights-Activists, Abortion activists, or the ACLU promote such as Homosexuality or Muslims,

80% of the American people do NOT HAVE AN OPINION but a MENTAL DISORDER called Homophobe or Muslimphobe or any other liberal Agenda we might disagree with.

Back to DADT:

Gay rights are a huge agenda and the past years gay activists have lobbied and kept courts on their toes like no other activists group. Alone in the State of California, where over 52% of the Voters (WE THE PEOPLE) decided that Gay’s should not have been considered equal to traditional marriage the Agenda goes back and forth in courts I lost track.  

We the people have spoken and that is to be respected by everybody and should be the end of it.

But not in California; The U.S. District Court ruled on August 4, 2010 in “Perry v. Schwarzenegger” proposition 8 unconstitutional. This ruling hearing starts on December 6, 2010, and is expected to affect all same sex marriage bans in the United States (Source – Wikipedia:

As you can see on the map below, the vast majority of the 50 States rejects or ban same sex marriage.

Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and all the other radical pundits did not want to wait on an uncertain ruling. The plan is pretty simple, by repealing DADT without waiting on the Court Ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court they sent a message to the court and to the people and the message is Clear – WE GET WHAT WE WANT ONE WAY OR THE OHER EVEN IF IT IS THROUGH THE BACKDOOR.

Some blindfolded romantics are going to sit back and think ok, now they can say publically they are gay. But that is not where it’s going to stop. This was just the first step to macerate the antoganism of the public and force indoctrination on the people.


1) DADT repeal is not just about the rights of gay’s to out themselves without punishment. This was only the first step to gain all the rights and benefits of traditional married couples in the United States Armed Forces. Those are:

  • Medical Treatment – every active member and their legally married spouse as well as their children are entitled to full medical and dental coverage on the Military base and have prescription medicine at a lower cost in all drug stores.
  • Tax Free shopping – every military personnel (Uniformed and civilian) with an active ID card is entitled to shop in so called PX Stores, store similar to Wall Mart (you get everything from food to electric to gardening) tax free.
  • The use of Military gyms for military personnel and their family members
  • The use of military amenities for personnel and family members
  • Better travel deals on vacations for military personnel and family members
  • Any many more benefits.  

But those benefits are only available for Military personnel and their legally married spouses and children.

The next step for gay activists will therefore be to fight for equality rights on all of those benefits and the full acceptance on gay marriage.

2) In order to become eligible for those advantages, gays now have to push forward to gain Marriage permissions. What that basically means as of now is civil lawsuits are practically programmed.

FEDERAL INTEREST ABOVE STATE INTEREST. Ever head of this term? Well if you look at the map above the vast majority of the States deny or prohibit same sex marriage, but Military bases are not considered State property.

On military bases State Law does not apply only Federal Law.

That means that through the backdoor not only gay rights have been pushed on us, but also State sovereignty is now being questioned or respectively destroyed.

Should a base be in one of those States that prohibit gay marriage the soldier can always turn to the Military Pastorate. Those have the same authority to perform marriages under federal license. And a military cleric cannot refuse based on religious beliefs because a Military Cleric is not in the first place a priest; he is in the first place a COMMISSIONED OFFICER OF THE UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES under the chain of command. And their rules here are clear. The priest has only three choices when being ordered to uphold matrimony: 

  • Apply with the order against his personal beliefs – discrimination
  • Refuse to follow orders – Greetings from the Court-martial and Leavenworth
  • Or resign and give up all benefits, such as pension, VA rights, etc, etc.

And the resistance of the Independent States prohibiting Gay Marriage will probably be even worse now. No State legislation can accept to be double crossed and overrun by radical Washington Pundits. Not if State legislators want to be re-elected.

3) And finally the discrimination of heterosexual members of the Armed Forces. For instance:

  • Showering – if you are a woman knowing I am a heterosexual man, would you just comply when somebody tells you, now you have to shower with me in the same bathroom?

Absolutely not and of course you have every right to protest. You would claim privacy rights, and make it a point that you do not feel comfortable being in the same room with a man, all naked. You would make it a statement that you would constantly feel observed or stalked and your sense of privacy is violated – AGAIN, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ON THAT AND YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT.

But then please tell me: As a heterosexual man or woman, why should a soldier be forced to take a shower with a homosexual or a lesbian? What if it makes the hetero soldier uncomfortable wondering all the time if this person is checking him/her out?

Other than women the representatives of the male population don’t have the same rights. We are automatically downsized and insulted as mentally ill calling us homophobic. This is pure discrimination on our moral, ethical, and religious beliefs.

So how to deal with the situation

On the contrary the scream of Hetero groups to repeal the repeal (what a word wrap) would also be contra productive as well. Many good conservative Christians have gay family members. The damage is done and now we have to deal with it. So here is my suggestion as of what can be done now:

  • Permission for Heterosexual Soldiers to demand their own showers without slandering them or labeling them as mentally Ill (Homophobe) – they have an opinion and beliefs, and not a sickness
  • No gay marriages performed on Military bases unless the United States Supreme Court makes a constitutional amendment on it and declares that rightful under the constitution.
  • Marriages should only apply according to State Law of the Military Base Location.
  • No special Treatment and no access to Married Couple benefits unless Gay marriage is confirmed under the Constitution.

Take the right to outing and be happy with it.

What has DADT repeal done to the Gay movement?

Well, the entire performance was in my opinion the worse thing Obama, Reid, and Pelosi could have done for the Gay’s rights of acceptance.

The entire procedure performed by President B.H. “Adolf Hitler” Obama, Nancy “Eva Brown” Pelosi, and Harry “Joseph Goebbels” Reid in Corporation with the “Nazi Propaganda ministry” ACLU and other radical Left wing pundits has totally set back the efforts of the gays who are looking for final acceptance.

This country has been built by men and women who started a war against a totalitarian oppressing king because of his attempts to force his will on them.

Do civil rights activists really think now in the 21st Century they can do just the same and get away with it?

Do they really think that forcing laws on the people disrespecting and discriminating their free choice by putting them down and insulting them as radicals and mentally ill makes the very same people more accepting of minorities such as gays or Muslims?

If that’s what you think Obama than you ARE DUMBER THAN MUD.

It is the opposite that is true. The more force politicians put on the people, the more insults they start, and the more discrimination against the majority happens the more likely people will stand up, and start another civil war. The word revolution is now used more than ever and we are not far from it.

And the anger among the people is fermenting more and more and it increases on a daily basis because all those forceful lobbying, those provocative self display of alternative lifestyle (Rainbow parades), insults and putting down people of conservative opinions does not make supporters.

And to the gay people out there – before you cheer in victorious exuberance please take a moment and think if this was not more hurtful to your cause than you would like to admit.

Whatever I personally think about this “Alternative Lifestyle” this entire thing has nothing to do with me and my personal beliefs, this has to do with your rights to do in your own bedroom what you feel free to do as long as it is consensual.

But this radical dictatorial act was not the way to gain what you believe you are entitled too.



Midterm Election 2010

Is Obama and the Democrats out of touch with reality or simply delusional

Last week we had the 2010 Midterm elections and sure thing the results were just as expected – internecine for President Obama and the Democrats.

WE THE PEOPLE, finally being heard and represented by the Tea Party movement have spoken and sent a message. The message was loud and clear:


Like former President Bill Clinton, who was admonished in his first midterm election in 1994 by the people with the loss of 54 Seats in the House, Obama and his Democrat Pundits have now been warned as well. Even worse, Obama lost the most seats in 70 years; 64 Seats in the House of Representatives.

But if you believe they got the message think twice. I don’t know what it is, maybe his ignorance, his narcissist personality, his inability to listen; maybe he really thinks he resembles Louis XIV. – Sinking of America; but the bottom line, unfortunately, his reaction was just as to be expected.

Like former President Bill Clinton, who was admonished in his first midterm election in 1994 by the people with the loss of 54 Seats in the House, Obama and his Democrat Pundits have now been warned as well. Even worse, Obama lost the most seats in 70 years; 64 Seats in the House of Representatives.

But if you believe they got the message think twice. I don’t know what it is, maybe his ignorance, his narcissist personality, his inability to listen; maybe he really thinks he resembles Louis XIV. – Sinking of America; but the bottom line, unfortunately, his reaction was just as to be expected.

After making that statement he went on a Royal Style Travel to India with an entourage of 3000 people. Or as the Daily Mail, UK states: “Not since the Pharaohs or the Roman Emperors has a head of State travelled in such pomp” (

And the Brits should know they have a powerful active Monarchy.

He down played the devastating disaster of his Party in his Wednesday press conference, standing Self-Righteously by all he and his great public servant’s had accomplished for the American people… he refused to accept that the election results were a rejection of his policies.

Well how dumb we citizens must be – here he is: Obama the great, the man with the wisdom of the Universe and we ungrateful radical Tea party members and simple voters just don’t know what’s best for ourselves. How dare us to doubt Obama the wonderful.

It is actually the other way around: He is the one, who does not get it – he and his arrogant holier-than-thou behavior, his “my way or the Highway” dictatorial performance has been the real reason for the election slapping.

  • While he promised during the Presidential campaign a “New and open Washington” – he practiced a single dictatorial reigning.
  • He pushed the Health Care Bill through and down our throats – refusing to work with the opposition
  • Even more sickening his most faithful allies Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid prohibited others from working with the opposition or members of the committee by threatening to fire them.
  • The new openness of Washington, he promised during campaigning, he honored it by spitting in our faces, giving us “an ample amount of time” of 72 hours to read the 3200 pages of the healthcare bill. 
  • He threatened to use an Executive order if the House and the Senate did not approve “His idea” of the healthcare bill (totalitarian Leadership)
  • His pay offs for the two missing votes for the very same bill. (Would I, as a business man, pay off a federal official in exchange for a vote and think it’s legal…? I would be prosecuted for bribery) 
  • He pushed the second stimulus Bill through against the will of the People and against all opposition.
  • His performance on the Fort Hood shooting
  • His standing on issues like Immigration.
  • His lack of leadership in the cultural battle between radical Muslim immigrants and Christians who built America.
  • His disrespect of the Constitution
  • Or should I mention that he demands from citizens to tighten ones belt while at the same time his First Lady uses American Tax Dollars to fly with her mom on a shopping trip to London or grants herself the record amount of 22 Assistants (Only God knows what for).  

And that is just a short excerpt of 2 years of Obama style ruling. Two years of acting like a mix of Stalin, Hitler, and King Loius XIV.

Now, I don’t mean to give President Obama any ideas, God forbid he listens to me, changes, and tries to serve a second term (that would be a new movie called “Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue”), but I really think he should self-reflect and start working on a better Bi-Partisanship position for the better of our country. We have many problems that need to be solved.

Almost 10% unemployment nationally (much higher in several states), permanent Terror threats (it is obvious that Obama’s course of caress towards the Muslims did not lower the Terror threat – the opposite is true: Terror threats have increased since Obama’s reigning by more than 20%), and a political standoff produced by a stubborn, Marxist/Socialist, ideologue President is not good for anyone, and is especially not good for our country. 

It is time to strike the sword – for the best of the country – for the best of



Barack Obama’s version of Hope and Change

This Blog is dedicated to Daniela, a dear friend of mine who today reminded me to mind my manners, reminded me that hatred is not a solution, and reminded me that the presidency is still to be treated with dignity no matter what I think of the person occupying this office.

Thank you for bringing me back to the grounds of good manners and behavior, and reminding me that with proper language I can still state my case.

Dear Mr. President,

Fool me once shame on you – fool me twice shame on me

Yesterday on March 21st 2010, the Democrats have, with a close vote, decided to install socialist healthcare on the United States (though the very same is failing all over the world). In Europe where the very same system has been installed since the early 50’s, behind closed doors everybody knows it is a failure.

Year by year prescription drugs have to be taken off the available list, services have to be reduced, down payments and dues have to be increased, new taxes with fantasy names have to be invented to finance the system and yet the federal Insurance companies in 100% ownership of their respective countries are near bankruptcy.

The independent Forbes Magazine has today, less than 12 hours after the final voting, published an Article showing the winner and loser of this bill and – oh miracle – the only real winners are the Pharmaceutical Industry as well as the Insurance Cooperation’s. The biggest losers are to be found among the Entrepreneurs, small business owners, mid size businesses as well as the middleclass. (Forbes Magazine 03/22/2010 “Health Reform’s Winners and Losers”:

But I am not here to discuss the Healthcare bill itself. No, because within the past 15 hours and I am sure in the upcoming days 100’s if not 1000’s of Blogs and article will be written about that.  No, I am here to talk about conduct, my conduct, the conduct of the Tea party Movement, and last but most important the Conduct of the President.

The first few hours my postings were full of anger, hatred, disbelief, and rage. Until Daniela wrote the following message to me:

“he won the election. this means he does represent a good portion of our citizens. and keep in mind that he was neither handed down the position or attained it dishonestly. he attained it rather by hard work; fulfilling the very dream our nation makes possible. that, if nothing more, is worthy of respect. he called upon Americans to help him rebuild America. it starts with the way we communicate about our leader and with each other. let that be the common ground. and instead of hurling insults on the man like so many Americans are doing, on issue like abortion, go out and start a campaign to educate people. there is not a single person I know that doesn’t feel guilty and awful, men and women, about their decision to abort. interview, document, educate; show movies like” 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days” to students. That is, if you really care about an issue the President doesn’t address the way you think it ought to be.  My guess is people just like to “bite and devour” one another.”

Is she right there? Yes, partially she is. Yes, he was not handed it, he won. You are 100% right when you say he has fulfilled a dream and accomplished his goal, this is something I credit to him, being a self-made man myself working my way up from the scratch, finding my connections, getting the right people together, I know what that means to build a network of success. And you are right when you say the presidency deserves more respect.

But the presidency has nothing to do with the person, the presidency of the United States is an institution and describes the office, the chair, the desk from George Washington and not the man occupying that office – he is an elected Administer of the property of the people and tenant of the same also called the “White House”. He is an employee of us and has to answer and listen to our wishes and our will. Never the less the constitution says it clear “WE THE PEOPLE” and not “I President Obama”.

So while I do respect with all my heart the office of the Presidency – A living, breathing person has to earn my respect and Barack H. Obama has not earned my respect whatsoever.

But Daniela you are wrong when you say he called upon Americans to help rebuild the Country and I can prove that to you. He never intended a “together”.

Less than 15 month after his inauguration his approval ratings have dropped from 76% to 42% which means more than 30% of the people who voted for him lost their faith and stopped believing his words. Why is that? Citizens are humans after all, and they have the right to make a mistake, and just because he has been elected once, that does not mean he has to keep his job.

Every election today is an enormous Public Relation show and like my old father always said: Once you have the driver’s license then you actually learn how to drive – Once you are elected we see who you really are.

Barrack Hussein Obama ran his election campaign like a Rock Star on the platform of hope and change and turning the United States around for the better. During his campaign he called for more

  • Together/Teamwork
  • Bi-Partisanship,
  • Transparent Government
  • Less taxes or no additional taxes
  • Bringing the troops home from Iraq
  • Being a president of all Americans
  • More honesty
  • Putting an end to Cooperation influences to politics, backdoor deals, foul play and political tricks
  • He wanted to be a president of the people

But what is left of it? Absolutely nothing at all, because less than 15 months after Obama taking office he broke all of the issues above – the entire platform he ran his Campaign on. 

Right after taking office he has shown his true colors and his true agenda. I am not going through all of his actions such as foreign policy and so forth. I will just stick to the latest 10 months of Healthcare Reform building.

During the healthcare debate one of the Democrat speakers said (Quote): “When building a house you have to lay a foundation”. She was basically right, but I am not a lawyer but a construction engineer and when we cannot find a solution for a tricky construction problem we will come to the point where we throw the entire plan out and start all over from scratch. The Healthcare debate was a dead end for a long time. One of the key issues was the Abortion action where even many flip-flop pro-lifers from the Democrat side refused to sign – to the cheap trick Obama used to get around this, I come later. 

  • Bi-Partisanship, Open government, Teamwork,

Republicans have several times offered to throw the whole 2700 page monstrosity out and work on a bi-partisan bill agreement, in the spirit of Obama’s together/Teamwork campaign.

¬  Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Slaughter, and all the other Pundits have denied this on several occasions. Even worse, Pelosi threatened openly to board members if they talk to the opposition they will be thrown off the board.

¬  You rule by “My way or the highway” – this is not the course of a leader of the free world this is the course of a Dictator

¬  Pelosi had the tenacity to lock herself in a closed office with only “her team” to hammer out the Healthcare Bill – C-Span was even thrown out in order to avoid the public from seeing what was really in the Bill.

¬  When the criticism was too strong and too many people demanded to know what was in the Bill, Pelosi told the public at first (quote): “I know what the president promised during the election but that does not mean I have to follow” and when the heat was too strong from all sides, only two days later she spit in our face by saying: “After the bill is finished we will post it for an ample amount of time of 72 hours for the people to read it”. – 72 hours of time to read 3000 pages and protest is not democracy that is dictatorship.

  • More Honesty, Putting an End to Corporation Influences as well as backdoor deals, foul play and political tricks

Has been honored by Obama with,

¬  Payoffs for votes,

¬  Backdoor deals

¬  Threats to Democrats

¬  11 New Tax Increases to finance this monstrosity

¬  When Obama saw that the Pro-Life Democrats would not play along and he might be short the votes for the bill he threatened to use a political trick called “Self-Executing-Rule”.

¬  And when the heat was turned up by the opposition on using this tactic, considering it to be “foul play,” Obama realized that implementing this rule would probably mean political suicide for his personal re-election. So, instead he just promised Democrat leaders additional concessions for their votes. All the while knowing that their careers might be in jeopardy he still urged them to vote for his bill – which produced even more backdoor payoffs (in private business it’s called bribery, extortion, and corruption).

¬  The final draw was on March 21st 2010 when Obama silenced Pro-Life flip-flops like Bart Stupak when he promised a “Executive Order on Abortion” to assure Federal funded Abortion will only be used with regards to Rape Victims and Women in health jeopardy while pregnant.

With all due respect Mr. President, you may fool Mr. Stupak and some Americans, but you do not fool me and definitely not the majority of the American Public.

There is no legal grounds whatsoever for a “Standing Executive Order on an existing Bill”. An executive order is an emergency tool that allows the president a short term action until approval of the House and the Congress. Every Law Student knows that.

Bottom line is, this statement is fungus maceration and open to any wrongful use and interpretation by Pro-choice activist as well as subject to silent alibi-pro-lifers.

So much for honesty, transparency, and open government.

So where is the hope, Mr. President, where is the Change? What has changed? What made you any different than your predecessors? What happened to your promises? What happened to your “together, I am a president of all Americans?”

So far, all you have proven is that you are not any different. 

¬  You support big corporations,

¬  you make backdoor deals, foul play, bribery,

¬  you lie to the people,

¬  you prove that you do not care about the public will, the will of the people,

¬  you are a dictatorial leader who wants things his way or the highway

¬  You are not a president for all Americans, especially not for the 76% opposing this Socialist Healthcare, but rather a president for:

  • Feminist rights activists,
  • ACLU
  • CAIR
  • Unions
  • And Atheists

That sums up 23% of the population – what about the rest – what about the majority in this country?

And you wonder why over 30% of your previous supporters have changed sides and do not trust you anymore?

Daniela tells me to give you respect, but you have not earned my respect. You tread on me and you do not care about my wishes.

Daniela says, if I am against abortion I should go out and hold speeches and educate Students – I am all for that and do just that, but in the meantime I reserve the right to say “I DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR ABORTION – NO MATTER WHAT”. Making me pay for Abortion sounds a lot like:

I hear what you say, you are allowed your personal opinion, but I (Barack Obama) don’t care you still have to pay for it and perform a silent agreement.

Who are you to tell me what I have to pay for, what I have to feel and think, and what I can do or not do.

You have taken an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America at all costs against all Enemies, foreign and domestic – but you tread on the Constitution every chance you get. WHO IS PROTECTING US FROM YOU?

So the bottom line is, while I do respect, honor, and defend


Presidency of the United States of America

And the American Constitution

With my life – no matter what.

You, Barrack Hussein Obama, do not deserve my respect – you have NOT earned it.


Democrats and Blacks – A Partnership of Convenience

Racism is wrong and I oppose any form of it, but that goes both ways.

I know many Black Americans who have already turned on Obama and his administration. But those are Americans who work hard for a living and disagree just like me with what is going on. The interesting part is that those Black Americans opposing are slandered by their own people. Today they are heroes for the black community, but as soon as they criticize the community organizers and self proclaimed civil rights activists they are given “names” and vilified.

Democrats and the current Obama administration are measuring with two sets of standards, one for them (everything is allowed) and one for the rest of America.

This is what Democrats really think about the Blacks – how they really feel about them.

John F. Kennedy refused to support the “Discrimination Act” in the early 60’s proposed by the Republicans until he ran for Presidency and needed their support. Right away he was all fired up about Civil Rights.

Bill Clinton won his Presidential election primarily with the help from minorities and because he had the blacks on his side. Even worse, after his final term he opened up an office in New York’s Harlem district (the Black Community) on Tax Dollars, where still nobody really knows what he’s doing there; but in his words he’s there to increase the value of the Black Community.

Ted “I am a walking handbook for law review and criminal justice” Kennedy acted as the advocate for minorities his entire career. The exploitation of minorities is a much better description – His agenda was always a self-serving one – Keeping the focus off of his own family’s lethal behavior. The truth is the Kennedy’s are a family of Elite thinkers. If you are not an Ivy Leaguer, Millionaire or belong to an affluent family you would not come anywhere near those individuals. Not that any person of sense would want to.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and all of the other self-proclaimed and self-righteous humanitarians claim that all they care about is the poor and the minorities.

Now, what have all those self-righteous Democrats have in common?

They are hypocrites to an extent. Because this is what they really think about the Blacks – (from Ann Coulters Colum):

The recently released book Game Change reports that Sen. Harry Reid said America would vote for Barack Obama because he was a “light-skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

The book also says Bill Clinton called Sen. Ted Kennedy to ask for his endorsement of Hillary over Obama, saying of Obama: “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.” (

But where is the outrage? Where are the protests? Where are Reverend Wright, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson?  Why aren’t the Democrats screaming out in outrage?

Where are the riots on the street, destroying half a city and private property, just to use afterwards “Racism” as a defense weapon to avoid prosecution and retaliation for all the damage? (See the Rodney King case)

Where is “No Drama Obama” calling this “Stupid” just as he did with the Cambridge police officer for doing nothing but his job according to the rules and regulations?

Nowhere – and I tell you why:


Just imagine if a Conservative would have made the same remarks – the streets would be a battlefield, Al Sharpton would be on TV and nowhere else, we would never hear the end of it, the Democrats would demand that the conservative step down, and BarryO would be furious.

It is a win- win situation for the both of them, Democrats and Black Civil Rights Activists.

  • The Democrats know that the only Hispanics supporting them are the immigration activists because as soon as the immigrant is naturalized, the majority of them vote Conservative (because they have to work hard to prosper). The Atheists and other minorities don’t make up enough of the numbers to win any election so without the blacks the democrats would not win a flowerpot.

So the Democrats act as Humanitarians, make major financial promises to the black Ghetto Communities (educated and working Black Americans move away from there as fast as they can), promising all the freebees and hope to gain their vote.

  • And the black Civil Rights Activists know very well that sooner or later the conservative Leaders will have to appeal to the demands of their voters and stop financial giveaways, special treatment, affirmative action’s, quote regulations, discrimination of whites, and their right to free speech and other racism, hatred, and anger producing nonsense.

Bottom Line is – the relationship between the Democrats and the Black Civil Rights Activists is that of a “partnership of convenience”.

Obama himself is silent because he needs Harry Reid. Without Reid and Pelosi there is no Healthcare Bill.

And the blacks Civil Rights activists, Obama’s Shamrock of Racism”, need Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to push the healthcare bill through in order to get a Rolls Royce of Medical Treatment without paying extra insurance. Let’s be honest those are the largest recipients.

Harry Reid needs to go – right now and not when the Healthcare Bill is signed and the country is financially destroyed, and with him Obama and his entire racist Czars.

© by Tom Lehner

Obama, Reid, Pelosi ~ or How to Railroad the American Public

The Healthcare debate has been moved behind closed doors. Now that is really nothing new, because Citizens and voters are already protesting, and every single day online sign-ups appear to support the opening of the debate to the public.

What is behind all of this? Broken promises by Obama and his dictatorial Czar Government to railroad the public?

When confronted with the fact that Obama promised a transparent debate on the Healthcare issue Nancy Pelosi reacted like this (Quote):

“The president made many promises during the election time.”

What does that mean? Election Time is over, and now that Obama is the housekeeper of the White house he can do as he pleases? Or does that show the overestimation of Pelosi’s own capabilities?

No absolutely not. Do not make the mistake of underestimating that woman. Nancy Pelosi and with her Harry Reid are many things (Greedy for power, Arrogant, narcissistic, cold hearted, bullying and many more things), but definitely not stupid.

After losing 5 Democratic leaders in the past two month (4 leading Democrats retiring, 1 changing Party) Obama, Reid and Pelosi are aware of the following facts:

– The Faith of the American People in the Obama “Hope and Change Show” is lost

– Obama’s approval ratings are going down on a daily basis and have reached a record low.

– Obama promised during the election that the Healthcare debate will be held publicly but the rejection of his idea of Healthcare is too strong.

– The 2010 Election will be a disaster for both Democrats and Republicans and the so called Independents who’s emergence at the moment is unpredictable in what they are doing (

– The majority of Americans however reject free Healthcare for Illegal criminals and Public funded Abortion and the Socialist Public Healthcare as a whole.

– Both Leaders in the election for T. Kennedy’s seat in Mass. Are declared Obama Care opposition. As a matter of Fact Scott Brown (R-Mass.) the current leader in the Polls has vowed to kill ObamaCare (

And those are only excerpts of the problems for the Democrats. So what to do?

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid know that if they don’t push the Bill through before February or March it is called Game over. The 4 Democrats will not further continue to support the Bill in order not to trash their successors election, the house and Senate Representatives will concentrate on their election, and the people will show their power in the very same way by voting out everybody that has worked for the bill.

Last but not least the majority in the house and Senate will be lost. That leaves Pelosi and Reid without any memorable monument.

I am certain that Obama was not too happy about Pelosi’s election remarks and Pelosi herself was rather carried away when she made that comment. But the damage is there – so what to do?

The only way for the Democrats to get their will and still add the Abortion and Healthcare for Illegal’s to the bill is to do what they are doing now.

Like I said – Pelosi is many things, but not stupid. She knew right away that this statement was a mistake, and I am certain that Obama gave her some real nice words about it as well so immediately she reconsidered and did what all politicians do – going to the “Political Bag of Tricks,” when she declared in a Press conference ( that she will give the Public “An Ample amount of Time (72 hours) to read through the bill”.

She knows that this monstrosity of 2000+ pages and an additional 900 something pages of amendments will not be readable for the public within 72 hours nor give the public time to air their grievances or protest. I am a quick reader but even I needed about a week and a half to read the whole Bill.

So the only remaining solution for Obama, Reid, and Pelosi is to do what the Democrats always do – producing a huge damage and financial disaster for the country and then retire.

It is all a political calculation. After recognizing that the 2010 midterm Election is going to be lost, Democrats can easily lean back and watch the Republicans and Independents struggle with the costs.

The Democrats know that the healthcare bill is not financeable without raising Taxes, but once they are de-elected in 2010 they can blame the Tax increase on the Republicans.  

And the Republicans have a huge problem:

– If the Republicans kill the Healthcare bill after the 2010 elections they have to explain to 21 Million people why they have taken Healthcare away from them. Democrats know that this won’t be happening since this would be political suicide for the Republicans.

– And if the Republicans keep up with that nonsense they have to increase taxes to finance Healthcare – Here Obama can lean back and blame the tax increase on the Republicans and have a good start for his Re-Election, hence making it hard for any counter candidate to prevail.

While Democrats, have a free ride to the 2012 Presidential election.

– By opening the Bill 72 hours for review they can say that Obama kept his promise to the public and did not lie.

– Having the Bill Obama can say he has kept his promise to the Lazy, the illegal’s, and baby murders with public Socialist Healthcare

– And on top of all that they can blame the Tax increase on the Conservatives, though everybody knows that the Democrats produced it. But let’s face it – Voters don’t see the bigger picture they see the money in their pocket at the moment – and the Democratic PR Show is back on the road twisting the truth.

Business as usual for the Democrats, I have to admit and have to give credit to the Democrats, this entire thing is a tactical masterpiece. Either way we, the conservatives, have to deal with the damage and find a way out of the disaster.

Healthcare Bill – Success built on a Federal Crime

First and Foremost Democrats and Ethics is a Contradiction in itself – So the Democrats leading the Ethics commission is like making the Fox the Guard of the Henhouse.

Jim and John rob a bank. During the escape, John sees an innocent bystander and witness. In order not to be caught or identified John tells Jim the witness must die. He walks over and shoots the innocent witness in cold blood. Jim does not pull the trigger but he does nothing to prevent the murder – he is in silent agreement – committing the act of “Omission”. In the State of Texas and most other States in the U.S., as well as all over the civilized world, Jim is as guilty as John, just like he would have pulled the trigger himself.

Mike and Bill negotiate a contract. They don’t come to an agreement. Mike tells Bill, that he has managed to hold the business of Bill’s wife in his hands. Either Bill signs the contract or Mike will destroy his wife’s business and ruin the family.

The contract between Mike and Bill, made and signed on the grounds of threats towards a third person, would be inoperative because it is immoral and against public policy.

Those laws are not invented by me; those are given to us by the legislation – our Lawmakers in the Senate and House.

Do the cases above sound familiar? – Sure; that just happened in Nebraska with the Obama administration represented through Harry Reid and Senator Nelson (D-Nebraska) as well as with Joe Lieberman (I-Ct.).

Two days before Obama takes off to Copenhagen, he made an agreement with his partisan administration that he will not sign away American Tax Dollars easy when the healthcare bill goes through before Christmas. Up to here it is a simple Chicago-business deal.

Nelson knows about the position of the Citizens in his State. He is the missing link. The 60th vote the Left Wing Liberals need to pass the bill. And here is where it gets criminal.

The two uncertainties to consider here, still in opposition to Harry Reid, were Joe Lieberman (I-Ct.) and Senator Nelson (D-Nebr.). Lieberman was given negotiated concessions (what is common on deals like that) and Nelson was clearly threatened (

To get Nelson in line, members of the Obama administration under Harry Reid, approached him letting him officially know that if he does not sign off on the Healthcare Bill the administration will close out STRATCOM; the Strategic Command Center and jeopardize American Safety, the safety of U.S. Soldiers, and more than 10,000 direct employees and another 2,000 employees from contracting companies.

What a price to pay for a Christmas present for Obama.

The Democrats, the party who claims to be the party of the little man, would rather send more than 12,000 citizens into unemployment than re-think the Health care reform.

Immediately after the vote Senator Nelson felt the heat from his Colleagues and Citizens in his State. Urgently he announced yesterday in ineffectual comments about the bigger picture and that he “Did what needed to be done to “rescue” major employment in his State”.

Or bottom line he was a lousy Poker player when he thought Harry Reid would really close out 12,000 jobs to get his will.

Harry Reid announced today: “Any Senator who did not manage to get some pork in the health care bill is incompetent” (

Well, aren’t we glad we have you Harry?

So Reid is committing extortion that is for sure and commits a Federal crime here. This is not a theory but a proven fact. He has made those threats publically through the press so the proof is there.

Obama knows about that and does not prevent this. That makes him a clear accomplice and he is as guilty as Harry Reid in committing this crime.  

Where is the FBI? Where are the Prosecutors (I know that Politicians hold immunity)?

Where is the Ethics committee?

Oh I forgot the Democrats are the leaders in the Ethics committee – like I said at the beginning of this blog – Making the Fox the Guard of the Henhouse.

Shelly Roche stated it quite clear today in her Video Blog when she said, “This Bill is Unconstitutional, because Congress does not have the authority to enact this legislation. People of both parties recognize no limitations to their power”.

So here I ask four questions:

1)    How can the Health Care Bill be legal when the foundation is a Federal Crime – committed by those who are supposed to be upholding the Law?

2)    When the Laws in the United States apply to everybody? Why is it that nobody screams when politicians openly break the Laws and publically commit Crimes; Just like Harry Reid did with the Healthcare Bill?

3)    How can the Health Care Bill be Legal when it’s Unconstitutional?

4)    And last but not least – where are the Republicans and why are our Lawyers not seeing this?

Democrats and Ethics – a Contradiction in itself

Maybe one of my readers can explain that to me.

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