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It’s not just Pepsi: drug, food, cosmetic companies use aborted baby cells, says scientist

by Christine Dhanagom

March 5, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – While Pepsi has been in the spotlight lately for contracting with a company that uses cells originally derived from an aborted fetus in flavor research, it’s not the only company that pro-lifers should think about boycotting for such unethical practices, reports the National Catholic Register.

Rebecca Taylor, a Technologist in Molecular Biology, has compiled a list of companies that use cells and tissues derived from aborted babies to develop their products, which range from childhood vaccines to cosmetics. Her list includes one English company, ReNeuron, which has applied for clinical trials in the United States.

Here are the companies, with their contact information. To find out more about how these companies use cells derived from aborted fetuses, read the piece at the National Catholic Register.

9700 Great Seneca Highway
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 301.366.4960

10 Nugent Rd Surrey Research Park
Guildford, Surrey
Email: info@reneuron.com

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Rush Limbaugh vs. Sandra Fluke and why I would not have apologized

Don’t apologize Mister; it’s a sign of weakness
~~ John Wayne (“She wore a yellow Ribbon”, 1949) ~~

In my last blog I wrote about the contraception mandate, preventive contraception, and emergency contraception. I tried to be sensitive to women’s issues and see this from an intellectual perspective rather than an ideological perspective.

I was actually planning on writing a follow up on how Obama’s excellent and genius chess-game move with the individual contraception mandate will also divide the established churches from their followers.

But never count out radical leftwing ideologist Democrats like Obama and Pelosi when they are desperate to gain women’s votes for re-election.

They provided an even better pawn-sacrifice than any church possibly could be, in the form of a young radical feminist named Sandra Fluke.

And they have no problem using her as collateral damage for their radical issues knowing that her testimony will cause major controversy between ultra-liberal feminists and conservatives – A well-placed agent provocateur at Georgetown University. They have no problem throwing her under the bus to gain momentum on their own when coming to “her aid”.

I almost felt sorry for Miss Fluke – Almost – for one weak second.

But let’s not have too much understanding for Miss Fluke. She had it coming to her. What did she think people would call her when she admits under oath and in public that her bed has more traffic than a German Autobahn – a saint?

After Miss Fluke’s testimony Rush Limbaugh got so angry he mentioned her in his daily show quote:

“What does it say about the college co-ed Susan (sic)
Fluke who goes before a Congressional committee and
says she must be paid to have sex?” Limbaugh said
Wednesday. “What does that make her? It makes her a
slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be
paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex, she can’t
afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the
taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make
us? We’re the pimps.”

Personally I was quite a bit twisted by Rush’ outburst.

On one hand I think we Conservatives are better than those democrap ultra left wing radical liberal thugs such as Bill “I rent my woman by the hour” Maher, David Letterman, and the rest of the insulting racist, sexist, and disrespectful morons.

Political correctness is nothing but tyranny with manners
(Charlton Heston).

As soon as Rush faced the heat of the liberal biased media, and even some RINO republicans such as John McCain, instead of taking a hit against those double standard jerks he missed the momentum and paddled back, issuing a “sincere and honest apology” which made me very disappointed in Rush, or in other words he “rushed to censor the Limbaugh” (© Conservative Bite).

Here are my 2 cents worth of comment on the Sandra Fluke case (is that actually a case?) and why I think Rush Limbaugh should have never ever apologized to her at all, but to others.

Let’s talk about Miss Sandra Fluke:

Sandra Fluke claimed during her testimony that she is a 23-year-old Law student, in her third year at Georgetown University whose sexual escapades were bankrupting her because of her $ 3,000 contraceptive costs.

Turns out it is all a lie, period.

Miss Fluke is not 23, but 30 year of age, a pro-choice-abortion feminist activist that purposely signed up at Georgetown University after specifically reviewing its insurance policy and discovering that contraceptives are not covered and for the express purpose of combating that policy as the Washington Post reported before Fluke was testifying.

Now it makes a lot more sense, why she is 30, and still hasn’t finished University. She was, by her own admission, too busy sleeping around and battling the policy of the University rather than getting her degree.

Well I have to check with my attorney, but the last time I read the law it is a crime to give false testimony under oath to a hearing panel, and as a law student she should know that.

She also popped up near a hearing about religious freedom being violated by the president’s decree that churches must pay for contraceptives and abortion-drugs.

Bottom Line, in my opinion, she is nothing but a troll and was to be setting up the conservative members of the hearing as Rep. Issa pointed out.

Fact is, that she wants to have all the sexual pleasures as she can get (and that is obviously a lot) and being a good spoiled-democrat-entitlement brat she wants everybody else to pay for her contraception and if that does not work then for all of the abortions.

Or as Conservative Columnist Dr. Melissa Clouthier said it perfectly correct: Barack Obama and his merry band of slutty misfits want to have all the fun and none of the responsibility of the consequences should things not go just the way they’re supposed to in the sexual arena (and when do they ever?).

So here are a few questions from ME to “Ms. Fluke”

  • If everybody at the University is supposed to pay for your contraception, which means every student, actually parents, paying for, and since you are a firm believer of an entitlement society – does that mean all the payers are entitled to your services?

Not that any man of common sense would actually touch Miss Fluke now that we all know, according to her own testimony, she seems to have more traffic in her bedroom than I-35 southbound in Texas.

The chances to be infested with STD’s are very high. Ok, I am sure there are some stupid students who look for “experienced” woman.

  • And what about the female students there that don’t sleep around – does that mean they get a pay cut for not using contraception?

Here is my Message to that Fluke woman:

I am paying $5 a gallon for gas and personally, I don’t give a damn with how many guys you have sex with, but you are a fool if you think I am supposed to pay for your escapades – you want to have sex it’s your individual right so take your individual responsibility and pay for the protection on your own.

These above mentioned are actually nothing but facts with logical conclusions, but thanks to the fascist Democrats we are not allowed to state the facts and subsequently draw the logical conclusions.

Insults are reserved to the democrats and their radical big-mouthed talk show hosts who get away with below the belt-line attacks without having to take the consequences.

After taking lots of heat from the left wing biased media Rush Limbaugh censored himself by issuing following statements:

“For over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week. In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation. I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke.”

“I want to explain why I apologized to Sandra Fluke in the statement that was released on Saturday,” Limbaugh said. “The apology was heartfelt. The apology was sincere.”

Don’t forget the loss of more than 30 national and local advertisers to the Limbaugh show. Companies like “Sleep number bed”, “JCPenny”, “Capitol One”, “Carbonite”, “AOL”, just to name a few.

Which shows perfectly their double standards since none of them took off advertising after an insult against a conservative by liberal thugs, like Maher.

Rush Limbaugh should not have apologized at all. OK maybe to his listeners that he crossed the line because conservatives are better than that, maybe clarify to all other women that his remarks are meant only for Miss Fluke. He should have apologized to his listeners for the apology itself because we don’t apologize for telling the truth.

Democrat Insults

  • Mr. Ed called Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut” and “talk slut.”  – Where was the outcry of the liberal Media – where was the apology?
  • Bill Maher called Palin a “c*nt.” – .” – Where was the outcry of the liberal Media – where was the apology?
  • David Letterman made jokes about Palin’s daughter “Willow” being raped by a baseball player and she was 14 at the time. He later said he used the wrong name and really MEANT to make a joke about Palin’s 18-year-old daughter being      raped. I had no idea that rape was a good thing once you turn 18??? At any age, a woman’s rape is never funny. David Letterman also said Palin had a “slutty” look. – Where was the outcry of the liberal Media – where was the apology?
  • Keith Olbermann called Michelle Malkin a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it.”
  • Don’t forget how Obama made his joke about a pig with lipstick  in a way to infer that Palin was the pig due to her joke about hockey moms like pit bulls with lipstick.
  • Here is Keith Olbermann and his guest going on a misogynist rant. It is disgusting
  • Here is Bill Maher discussing Hillary Clinton’s “c**t and saying McCain is pimping his mom

Anybody ever heard an apology? Never, and there was also no outcry from the liberal media. Not to forget those were unprovoked insults to destroy the reputation of honorable women, unlike Miss Fluke who actually, publically, admitted she is highly sexually experienced.

My name is Tom Lehner, I stated nothing but facts and drew my own personal conclusions and I will be damned if I ever apologize.


© by Tom Lehner 2012
All Rights reserved


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America’s future vs. Election Campaign – A letter to the man that occupies the White House

Mr. Obama,

No, I have not forgotten my manners; purposely I do not address you as Mr. President because you do not epitomize my understanding of a President and therefore an administrator of the property of WE THE PEOPLE.

~~ A Politician thinks of the next election. A Statesman, of the next generation ~~
(James Freeman Clarke, 1810 – 1888)

James Freeman Clarke

James Freeman Clarke

You Mr. Obama are definitely a Politician and not a Statesman.

I have followed your presidency since the first day, as a matter of fact since the day you announced your candidacy and I am disgusted.

The past weeks, like every other American, I followed with great concern the Budget negotiations and I am disgusted.

I am disgusted by your conduct, political double mindedness, and by your irresponsible use of the budget negotiations for your very own personal re-election campaign.

In the entire 235 year history of the United States, in my opinion, we have never had such an incompetent, radical, racist, fascist, dictatorial, criminal maneuvering President as you are.

I am not even addressing all the crimes, misdemeanors, fraudulent misuse of tax money, violations against the constitution, and other crimes you have publically committed. That would be too long of a letter to print.

More than 800 days, you and your radical communist gooney’s Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Timothy Geithner and all the other thugs, nationwide known as “The Obama Czars,” held the majority in both chambers and the White House.

In that entire time none of you wasted so much as a thought on the budget, but rather kept spending and spending like there was no tomorrow.

You never thought of the future of America, the future of the next Generation of Americans, on the contrary the only thing you and your criminal bunch of Mafia gangsters thought of was to strengthen the power of your biggest contributors – those radical communist NGO’s and Unions.

In order to push them into power you destroyed Jobs, quit drilling for oil while at the same time promising your socialist friends in South America to buy the oil from them (who cares if Americans have jobs as long as your socialist buddies live good), and you have thrown the once greatest and economically most powerful country, the United States of America, under the bus.

And now that we are close to a default and a downgrading of our credit rating once again you do NOT have the best interest of our
Nation in mind. No, the only thing you have in mind is your re-election campaign and your left-wing campaign contributors.

You know as well as every economist and every American that in order to re-install the power and greatness of the United States of America we need to do six things.

  • Pass Cut, Cap, and Balance – because only a balanced budget gives America the financial resources to remain the economical number 1 world power
  • Start drilling and re-install Americas energy independency
  • Stop socialist healthcare and fix the existing Medicare and Medicaid
  • Deregulate Washington, downsize administration and so to stimulate the economy and make the way free for Private enterprises
  • Make “Bush Flat-tax” permanent, putting Economical Stimulation on a second pillar
  • Depower Unions as job destroyers and make “Right to Work” a constitutional amendment
  • And that is the beginning of many more steps to be set.

But let’s be honest for a moment:

Your poll numbers are less than favorable if not to say going down the drain compared to what they were.

Your own party friends are more than critical towards you (after your Libya campaign 7 of them even mentioned publically “impeachment”).

Overall, your re-election was more like wishful thinking than a plan.

You need a plan to a) get your party friends back in line and b) produce yourself as “savior” of the American poor.

In order to achieve that you needed to play two cards

  • The race card (way overused and maxed out)
  • And the socialists most favorable card – the class-struggle card
Race Card (maxed out and overused)

Race Card (maxed out and overused)

And the budget negotiations came in handy for you; dragging that discussion out way over 800 days until close to re-election time was the perfect strategy for you.

Now, all you need to do is be a PRESDIENT OF NO and reject every plan to rescue America spreading fear among the elderly who depend on Social Security.

Here are the facts: 

  • Passing Cut, Cap and Balance – would mean a balanced budget and cut on spending. That would also mean your NGO buddies such as Planned Parenthood, Illegal Immigrant lobbyists, ACLU, NAACP and other socialist criminal organizations as well as Unions would get less money from the taxpayers. – and that means less support and less election contributions for YOU

Fact of the matter is that 60% of the Governmental contributions to those NGO’s are funneled back to you and other Democrats as election contributions.

  • Start drilling means American Energy independency and therefore less money for your Muslim friends and strength to America in the world which would make us also UN resistant and free. And that means you cannot sell our great Country to the United Nations, communist Chinese, and radical Terrorist Muslim Nations and make us their puppet
  • Stop socialist healthcare and fix the existing Medicare and Medicaid – if it is that good why is it necessary for 1200 companies (80% of them Democrat leaning) to get a waiver – you would have to admit that this socialist system is a failure
  • Deregulate Washington, downsize administration and so to stimulate the economy and make the way free for Private enterprises – It’s not in your socialist Agenda
  • Make “Bush Flat-tax” permanent and so putting Economical Stimulation on a second pillar – does not go well with your communist ideology of class warfare. You need to produce a gap and hatred between the middleclass and rich in order to appear as the representative of the little man. The truth is that your own biggest supporters such as GE don’t pay any tax at all. The main goal is to make the citizens depending on Governmental welfare and so through the backdoor assure automatic permanent re-election of Democrats.

You compared yourself once to Abraham Lincoln – Mr. Obama Lincoln “freed the Slaves” you want to make citizens slaves

  • Depowering Unions as job destroyers and making “Right to Work” a constitutional amendment – That would destroy your re-election support from the radical left, in turn destroying most of your financial contributions. 

Bottom Line:

It’s all about you not about America.

Doing the right and best thing for America would mean downsizing the chances of your re-election to Zero and would therefore not be in your personal best interest.

Just as I said in the beginning – you are not a Statesman – you are a politician

In my opinion, you are a disgrace to the office of the Presidency of the United States of America and a criminal individual.

In the good old days there used to be a term called: “A courtesy for a Gentlemen” choosing the honorable way out. Unfortunately, you do not have any honor and you are definitely not a Gentlemen.

I would be satisfied if you resigned, but I am afraid in your communist radical mind you don’t even see how much damage your ideology of existence does to our great country.

I hope and pray that people do not allow themselves to be blinded and do not end up believing that you are rescuing our Nation because that is most certainly UNTRUE.

Mr. Obama – get out of our house, the White House. And take your radical criminal thug Czars with you.

You have done enough damage; you have destroyed theUnited States.

At the beginning of your presidency you declared over and over that you “wanted to be a president of all Americans and unite the country” the truth is you are a racist criminal and our country is more divided today than it was during the Civil war.

Stop it – enough is enough, the only dream we law abiding, constitution-loving, Judeo-Christian Americans still have is this:

An American Dream

An American Dream

May God have Mercy and


The United States of America

Pledge of Allegiance

Pledge of Allegiance

This posted on Examiner.com and WordPress.com And
distributed over Twitter, Facebook and via Email


A Taxpaying,
law abiding, Constitution Loving, Christian

~~ Anno Domini 2011 ~~

Bowie County Clerk who faces Jail for defending the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ speaks out

***** Update ********** Update********** Update ********** Update *****

According to Chet Nichols, Husband of the Bowie County Clerk Natalie Nichols, Bowie County, TX District attorney’s office is wrapping the case up, but changing the modus operandi. Now they claim that Natalie Nichols was the one that left things out of theCommissioner Court meeting minutes.

Basically they have put the blame on her, which proves to me that the whole case is a set up to get Natalie out of office and replace her with an ACLU ducking democrat. See my column from yesterday on WordPress as well as on Amarillo Examiner.

***** Update ********** Update********** Update ********** Update *****

She is a loving mother and devoted wife, proud American, great patriot, and good Christian. And that is exactly the spirit Natalie Nichols, Bowie County, Texas clerk who faces not only loss of Job, but also Jail time and an insane amount of money in fines shows in an interview.

I sent her a few questions on her case, and once again she surprised me. Natalie is a true American. Instead of sadness, self-doubt, or fear of the uncertainty of her future she shows the typical fighting spirit of a true American, of a true Texan and still encourages others to stand up and fight and take a stand for everything dear to the American People and the American Character.

Natalie Nichols, Bowie County Clerk - Texas

Natalie Nichols, Bowie County Clerk - Texas

Natalie Nichols Interview is original.

Questionary to Natalie Nichols.

I first want to let you know that the Judge and the Court have changed their tune on the issue of the Prayer and Pledge.  They voted to remove both on June 13th, but since then, they have gotten pressure and they have changed their agenda to now include the Prayer, a devotional, and a Pledge.  I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of that.  You don’t have to print that word for word, but I just wanted to throw that in there.

You are facing up to 6 months of jail time, $2,000 Dollars in fines, and the loss of your job for taking a stand for the “Pledge of Allegiance” and the opening prayer.  Many brave men and women have given their life to defend those principles, how does that make you feel at the moment?

NN:   Many brave men and women have given their lives to stand up for God and country and to give us the freedoms that we hold so dear in this country.  It is for that reason that I had no choice but to stand up.  Their sacrifice was so much greater than anything that I could ever give.  To me, standing up on principle is part of being an American; I don’t know any different.

This entire case against you smells fishy, and the way it is being handled sounds to me more like a set-up. Let’s face it; you are the first fiscal conservative County clerk in Bowie County for 12 years. Do you believe this is revenge to get you out of office and re-install a Democrat as county clerk?

NN: Unfortunately the story playing out here is not unusual in local politics.  A group of powerful people gets entrenched and after they’ve held onto that power for a number of years, they will fight dirty if anyone dares to challenge them.  The intimidation and scare-tactics are meant to make average, every day citizens think twice about entering public office.  It is politics as
usual, but only because we’ve allowed it for so long.  The good ole boys will only behave that way until we stand up and demand better.  I’ve been told, “That’s just politics.”  Well not on my watch.

I looked at online posted County Commissioner Meeting documents and the Pledge as well as the invocation was always on it. Why do you think they waited until you were in Dallas on training to make this bold move to remove the Pledge and the invocation of the Commissioner Court meetings? 

NN: I honestly think that it never occurred to them that I would speak up.  The good ole boys are not used to someone calling them out on their actions and holding them accountable.  I think that they simply thought they would make a bit of a power play with the County Clerk to put her in her place.  They didn’t stop to think of the “unintended consequences” of messing with the
Prayer and the Pledge.  We take those things very seriously in this country.

Has the County Sheriff’s office ever explained to you why they never questioned you about the case before turning it over to the
District Attorney?

NN:  I talked to someone with the Sheriff’s office today.  They explained that they are making the recommendation to send it to the Grand Jury to remove the District Attorney and the Judge from the equation.  It depends who you talk to.  Some say that is true and some say it isn’t.  I just have to trust that God has a plan and that regardless of the outcome, it will be part of His plan for me.  The struggles we face in life seem like mountains at the time; but in the grand scheme of things they’re only speed bumps.  They build character and make us stronger.

Judge Lacey, a self declared Conservative, officially admits that he does not put “Items” such as the Pledge and/or invocations on the Agenda out of “fear for the ACLU”. By taking away this authority from County clerks those RINO’s can bow before the radical ACLU mafia and avoid being sued.

Texas Law clearly gives the authority to add Minutes exclusive to the County Clerk. Do you think they are using you and your career as a pawn sacrifice to produce a case of creative precedence to take this authority away from the county clerk?

That way they could kill two birds with one stone: Fighting this all the way through to the Texas Supreme Court would be hard on you and your family. Maybe they are hoping to break your spirit and get you to resign before putting your family at risk which would pave the way in giving your office back to a Democrat?

NN:  I have no doubt that the complaint filed against me is an attempt to intimidate me.  Intimidation is the name of the game.  If you’re worried that you will spend 6 months in jail and an insane amount of money trying to defend against that possibility, you will probably think twice about making your voice heard.  At least that’s what the goal is.  I’m not built that way.  If I see wrong; I say it.  If I hear wrong, I say it.  Right is right and wrong is wrong and it doesn’t take holding an elected office to understand that basic premise.  We teach it to our kids every day.

You are not the only fiscal conservative Patriot that is under attack these days. Governor Rick Perry faces a law suit for his call
for a national day of prayer for our battered nation. The Houston VA Cemetery is violating first amendment rights by prohibiting the use of God and Jesus in ceremonies. Just a few weeks ago Texans were trying to break the power of the TSA in Texas. Do you think that those partially open, and in your case, backdoor attacks are by design to break the conservative, patriotic Christian spirit of Texas?

NN: As Americans, our way of life is under attack.  Our very belief system is being struck at from all angles and we can either sit by and let it happen or we can stand up and say, “Not on my watch.”  I applaud Governor Perry for the prayer rallies he’s supporting.  I was disgusted when I heard of the assault on the religion of the families of grieving Veterans in Houston. Political correctness has taken us down a path of supporting anything but American ideals.  We don’t have to hide from who we are.  America is beautiful.  The people who have reached out to me just to offer a word of wisdom and encouragement and good old fashioned “We stand with you!” are examples to me of everything that is right in this world.  More than anything, the outpouring of support for God and Country here locally and seeing so many Patriots stand up for our beliefs and ideals on the nationwide landscape has been an inspiration to me.

Natalie – this will be posted on Word press as well as on Amarillo Examiner and distributed all over the Internet all over the
country. If you could tell all my readers anything you wanted please feel free to do so. What can we do to help you and support you? 

NN: When this issue first arose in my county, I saw it unfolding and I knew that there were risks involved in standing up.  We’re human.  It crosses our mind that when we take a stand, it might not be popular.  We wonder if we’ll be the only one.  We wonder, when we stand up, if it will really make a difference.  And in that thirty second time frame, we come to a realization that some things are bigger than we are.  The prayer and pledge are two of those things.  One man with courage is a majority.  I have not been alone.  There are people all over the nation who have contacted me to say “We’re with you.”  And it’s times like these when the words of our pledge ring so clear and so true.  We are one nation under God.  We are indivisible.  We are Americans.

If you would like to help support me, I would simply ask that you stand up yourself, wherever you are.  If you see an injustice taking place, understand that you are not alone, and be heard.

Thanks for your time in answering these questions and thank you for everything you do. God bless you, you are a great Patriot and role model. 

Natalie Nichols

Natalie Nichols

© Tom Lehner: Natalie Nichols contributed to this interview via email. Her answers copy/paste and passed on in original. I
have not held anything back and the original answers are saved as .pdf file.


Conservative Bowie County Clerk faces Jail for defending the Pledge of Allegiance

How does a Conservative County Clerk in Texarkana, Bowie County/East Texas end up facing jail, fines, and loss of job for defending respectively and adding the “Pledge of Allegiance” as minutes to the County meeting?

“I shall never surrender nor retreat.
Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism, & of everything
dear to the American character, to come to our aid with all dispatch.”

(Excerpt from the Alamo Letter, William B. Travis,
Commandancy of the Alamo/Bexar, Fby. 24th 1836)

What wonderful words to read. Every time I visit the Alamo and read those words I get Goosebumps.

For 235 years the principles of “patriotism”, “Liberty”, “Justice” and everything dear to the American Character have been the backbone and fundamental spirit of this nation.

Men and Women in the U.S. Armed forces have sacrificed everything from family life to their greatest sacrifice, their lives to defend those principles. 185 men died at the Alamo defending the same.

But those times are apparently over.

Texarkana, Bowie County, East Texas – For 12 years the world in East Texas was, according to Judge Sterling Lacy, who identifies himself on his facebook page, a good conservative.

Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy

Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy

The county clerk was always a Democrat, so Judge Lacy, a spineless RINO, who admits he never added the “Pledge of Allegiance” and invocation to the minutes out of fear he could be “sued by organizations such as the ACLU” had nothing to worry about.

What a wonderful thought to know that our Judges have to be scared to be patriots and honor our fallen Heros because a radical left wing organization financed by Tax Dollars could use OUR tax contribution and sue them.

Isn’t America a wonderful country? What do we need foreign enemies for? We have the social terrorist in our own country and we even finance them with tax Dollars.

But in 2010 times changed in Bowie County; Natalie Nichols, a wonderful mother, wife, and fiscal conservative fought a successful election exactly on those patriot, constitutional, fiscal conservative principles and conquered the County Clerk’s office.

Bowie County (TX) Clerk Natalie Nichols

Bowie County (TX) Clerk Natalie Nichols

With enthusiasm she started her new calling serving the people of Bowie County, never leaving her patriotic principles out of sight. And as records show she always added the Pledge as well as the invocation.

However, on June 13, 2011 Judge Lacy decided, together with Precinct 4 commissioner Pat McCoy (another spineless RINO Conservative) to remove the Pledge from the minutes. Interestingly, is that they waited for this exact day on purpose.

Precinct 4 Commissioner Pat McCoy

Precinct 4 Commissioner Pat McCoy

On June 13, 2011County Clerk Nichols was in Dallas, Texas for training and could not attend the meeting.

On June 23, 2011when returning from training Nichols faced the Judge in the next court meeting where she said: “Over the years, many brave men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their blood and their lives to protect this great nation that includes our most sacred flag. I will not dishonor their service or sacrifice. We shouldn’t be fighting to hide our allegiance to the flag; we should be fighting to proclaim it!”

On a County Commissioner Court meeting on July 11, 2011 things got out of hand when Lacy addressed the members of the court about the removal of the Pledge and Prayer from court documents claiming that the minutes were left out “the opening ceremony of devotional Prayer, and Pledge”.

Natalie Nichols immediately replied “that’s not true….the pledge and prayer are certainly there”. Judge Lacy immediately tried to silence here causing Nichols to exasperate “but you are lying.”

Nichols later on apologized for her outburst in court, but still stands to the principles. N.

Nichols also thanks the only lone member of the court who voted against the action saying “we all need to say a huge thank you to
Commissioner Addington for standing up for both God and Country and voting against it”.

Nevertheless, the county judge launched an investigation with Bowie County Sheriff James Prince against Nichols.

They never questioned her or gave her any chance to justify herself, 2 days after the investigation was launched sheriff Prince already turned the case over to the ADA.

Natalie Nichols became aware of the investigation against her through Texarkana Gazette. They did not even have the balls to tell her themselves.

Read the full story and watch the videos here.

Chet Nichols, Natalie’s husband told me on July 18, 2011that they are trying to wrap things up and address the Grand Jury onJuly 28, 2011.

Nichols, who by sec. 81.003 of Texas law, has the authority to record, amend, attest, and seal the minutes with the official county seal, says “they can sue me, remove me from office, but I will not remove the Pledge of Allegiance or the Prayer from the official recording of this court, when the action did in fact take place.”

And this is what you can do to help her and avoid injustice

Join my “Natalie Nichols Facebook Support and Action Page

Call the Bowie County DA’s office:

Jerry Rochelle,
601 Main Street

Phone: (903) 735 – 4800

Call the Judge Lacy’s office and let him know what you think of him

710 James Bowie Drive, New Boston,
Texas 75570;
Phone: (903) 628 – 6718

Call your congressman and woman and let them know.

Governor Rick Perry’s office

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Information and Referral and Opinion Hotline [for Austin, Texas and out-of-state callers] :
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Office of the Governor Main Switchboard :
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Citizen’s Assistance Telecommunications Device If you are using a telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD),
call 711 to reach Relay


Office of the Governor Fax:
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For email go to the Governors Website: http://governor.state.tx.us/contact/

Lt. Governor Dewhurst’s office

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District Attorney contacthttp://www.co.bowie.tx.us/ips/cms/districtcourt/districtAttorney.html


Natalie Nichols, County Clerk Bowie County (TX)

Natalie Nichols, County Clerk Bowie County (TX)

When Injustice Becomes Law – Resistance becomes Duty
(Thomas Jefferson)



Interview with Natalie is coming next




OSCE – Christians are the largest persecuted religion world wide

~~ Tolerance becomes Crime, when applied to Evil ~~
(From: “A Good Soldier” by Thomas Mann – German novelist 1875 – 1955)

At the beginning of June 2011, a new OSCE study was revealed, and widely ignored by the American Media, stating that worldwide 105,000 Christians (1 every 5 minutes) are murdered for their beliefs and their faith.

No, I am not giving a history lesson here from the medieval times; I am talking about the 21st Century and 2011.

What is the OSCE

Most Americans are familiar with the United Nations, and aware that this rather questionable organization is divided into many smaller sub-organizations operating independently from each other with one common goal – to undermine State independency of sovereign nations using UN funded NGO groups as their spearhead.

At the first view the UN appears to be red taped and absolutely chaotic where the left hand does not know what the right hand does. But that is a wrong assumption. Their independent funded NGO’s established in their respective countries work very well in their hands.

In the United States are those organizations such as the ACLU, ACORN, diverse UNIONS, self-declared “representatives of Minorities” such as the radical Terrorist tied CAIR and so forth.

The system is simple; the UN officially sponsors those groups together with the liberal Democrats. The NGO’s file Lawsuits to dismantle our constitution, our independency and destroy our social system and once this is accomplished the OSCE as the watchdog for Humans rights observes the enforcement of the new rules.

One of the organizations in the United States is rather unknown – the OSCE. And the name is here NOT program.

OSCE or in other words Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe is not limited to Europe as the name might indicate. 

OSCE is the largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization in the sense of Chapter VIII of the United Nations Charter. It mandates issues such as ARMS CONTROL, Human Rights, Freedom of Press and fair elections and many more.

The headquarters is in Vienna, Austria, but only 10% of its 3,500 plus staff are stationed there the rest is engaged in field operations. The current Unites States representative to the OSCE is Ian C. Kelly with the rank of Ambassador.

In the past few years the OSCE has made a name for itself as an Israel bashing organization considering the “poor and oppressed Muslims” the victims of prejudice thinking. They’re pushing for a Palestinian state regardless of the fact that Palestinians are lead by CAIR financed, Terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and regardless of the fact that this would put the safety of Israel at risk.

Also, for several years OSCE has ignored the fact that Christians worldwide become more and more a persecuted Religion.

But in June2011 areport from the same organization proves that this is exactly what is happening.

Christian persecution

Mario Mauro, an OSCE Representative against racism and a member of the European Union parliament published at the Catholic Rimini meeting that there is War going on against Christians.

Worldwide 75 of 100 people that are murdered for their faith are Christians.

Mauro quotes: “On top of the list is North Korea; an atheist country prohibiting every form of religion. However: 35 of the named 50 countries are Muslim countries. This produces serious questions about the dialog between us and the majoritarian Muslim Countries. The most important countries are Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Irak, where a bloodbath is going on and Christians are forced to try to escape which causes the expedition of the destabilization of the already agonized countries”.

International Bulleting of Missionary Research published in its annual report on block 4, line 28 Christians Martyr per year in mid 2011 – 100,000

Mauro also states that modern dayEurope is not free of “Christophobia”. He mentions Court rulings in countries concerning the removal of the Cross in School classes or termination of employment of Christians who had the picture of Jesus at their Workplace.   

But the past few years we have had the same problems in the United States. Besides the permanent attempt of Radical Muslim groups to install Sharia Law, and destroy Christianity in the United States we actually do not need the Muslims because we have the enemy within.

The Unites States is built by Judeo Christians on Judeo Christian values and our founding fathers had God in mind in every sentence they wrote in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of theUnited States.

But we have the UN and Liberal democrat funded Groups, such as ACORN, ACLU, and many other so called liberal groups that fight like lions, funded with tax Dollars to destroy Christianity piece by piece and take God out of our everyday life.


Muslims lobby for tolerance for their religion and buy a piece of property in Katy, Texas right next to a pig farm demanding that the pig farmer must move.

Atheists fly Airplanes on Independence Day 2011 with the words: “Godless America” for more tolerance for Atheists. (And if you think mainstream media has covered that insult on everything dear to the American people – think twice – this has been ignored all along).

NBC “drops” God in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tolerance for Muslims, Atheists, Transsexuals, Homosexuals, and God knows what other sick groups run around.

But the tolerance ends on those who refuse to submit to this so called alternative lifestyle or demand to respect their heritage – the Christians.

In order to get their way so called “Interest groups” have to destroy Christianity. And the easiest way is through Lawsuits and declaring Christian positions mentally ill.

Using the word “phobia” behind everything indicates an unnecessary fear and therefore a mental illness.

At the same time they use our court system to discriminate against our faith, beliefs, moral and ethical values, and try to prohibit their use in public.

While Muslim countries openly slaughter Christians on a daily basis their representatives in America and Europe roll out their PR machinery to cover it up. By playing the part of the victims of prejudice they are trying to distract us from their violence against our Christian brothers and sisters. 

~~ An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile – hoping it will eat him last ~~
(Winston Churchill)

Ann-Marie Murrell said it pretty clear in her 3 part column: Tolerance is a one way street in Liberal Land

Just as Chuck Norris in his 2 part 4th of July column in Townhall.com: “Our founders vs. NBC and New York Atheists”.

This is nothing but a legal version of Christian persecution. What really worries me is this:

Not one so called mainstream media outlet has taken on the story of the OSCE and the Christian persecution.

If 5 Muslims die or anybody dares to criticize Muslim beliefs or Sharia Law, the Media is full of defensive articles, if Christians protest against Abortion or demand their faith and beliefs need to be respected they are characterized by the media as “Radicals”.

But the fact that it is actually the Christians who are being discriminated against even in our own home country the United States is completely ignored.

And the churches are silent. The largest Christian Church the Catholics and the Pope as their leader do and say nothing about this. On the contrary they preach diversity and ally with those who try to destroy us.

We are at war: While our brothers and sisters in Christ die in Muslim countries, we fight our own battle against discrimination in our home countries. 


“He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me, scatters.
(Luke 11:23)

May the Lord have mercy on us and







Sources for Christian persecution English

TBN, FCC and Governmental enforced Muslimization

Lately Christians in this country more and more have become used to being subject to discrimination, oppression, and slandering.

Just this past week Texas Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) had to take the heat because he dared to impose a “National Day of prayer for our beaten Nation on August 6th 2011”.


Governor Perry praying

Governor Perry praying


Critics immediately opposed that his call for a prayer was “too evangelical” as New York Times reports.

I have never heard Muslims call for prayer for our Nation, have you?

Christianity has always been a thorn in the flesh of radical left wing organizations such as the ACLU. Mostly because Christians strongly believe in moral values, the indefeasibility of traditional family, family values, and the right to live.

The latter especially was always a pain in the rear end for the ACLU because it contradicts their Agenda of Abortion.

But things have become worse since that radical Muslim-lover Obama joined the White House. On his very first inaugural tour he traveled to Egyptand declared publically that “The United States of America is no longer a Christian nation” bowing his head before Muslims.

He and his Czars have done everything in their power to promote Muslimization and allow Sharia Law to be installed all at the expense of Christianity in order to destroy it.

Christianity is the foundation of which our Foundation is built. Our founding fathers always had God in their minds and each and every declaration starts by mentioning “God”.

President Obama knows that Christianity as well as the Constitution (and both belong to each other as the fish to the water) is the foundation of everything Conservative Americans believe in.

In order to break our strength he has to take away what we love most – The CONSTITUTION AND OUR FAITH.

Doing so Obama plays a dangerous game with one of the most dangerous religions – Islam.

Obama really believes – if he helps Islamist’s to undermine our society and dismantle Christianity, and in the long run the spirit of the conservatives, he can then control Islam and build a socialist regime in America.

But that is going to back fire on him – because Muslims play Obama like an old piano. They know that as soon as we – the Christians – are destroyed, they will take over our Country and build a Muslim theocracy.

However, Obama in all of his radicalism and blindfolded naivety believing he will be able to control Muslims is not stupid at all.

He knows that by too much open force against Christianity he could produce a potential civil armed conflict. So, he does what Democrats always do best he uses indoctrination as a weapon.

It is quite contradicting that a radical organization like the ACLU who claims to fight for the separation of Church and State supports a radical Muslim faith that will never submit to Democracy and freedom of religion. On the contrary, Muslims are bound to impose a theocracy.

Michael Youssef founder of the Evangelical Church of the Apostles says in an interview with Christian Post: “Islam is a political and social ideology that will never submit to a secular form of government”.

While radical idiotic ACLU joined Forces with terrorist tied CAIR and keeps filing lawsuits against Christianity Obama positioned his Czars in all the important places to provide the proper indoctrination based on regulations for his advantage.

In this particular Case the FCC – Federal Communication Commission.

The best way to indoctrinate Americans is – TELEVISION. It is a fact that almost every American owns a TV, and though most people keep complaining about TV and the programs they keep watching.

In today’s world, kids spend more time in front of the TV than anywhere else. And though many parents really try to control what their children watch they are helpless when the Government uses the FCC issued TV regulations to indoctrinate socialism, muslimization, and other radical agenda’s through Children’s programs, and lately even through Christian Networks such as TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network).

With all of the cable networks leaving moral values by the wayside or surrendering to governmental and ACLU enforced political correctness the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has always been the stronghold for Christians and Christian programs.

But apparently “compromise” and “political correctness” has now infected them too.

Rick Warren, who is the pastor of Saddleback church in southern California, author of “Purpose Driven Life” and well known for swearing in Obama, has now become known for his desperate and radical attempt to introduce an interfaith program called “Chrislam”, a mix of Christianity and Islam.  On June 8th 2011 TBN chose to impose “censorship” on a 23 year running program because the preacher was naming churches and leaders that have “lost their way” – Rick Warren was one of them.

When Jack Van Impe, of the weekly TV program, Jack Van Impe Presents, (a well known TV pastor) was explaining “Chrislam” and how un-Biblical and dangerous it is to our Christian faith and named 2 specific individuals, Robert Schuller and Rick Warren, TBN would not show the program.

In an open Letter written on June 11, 2011 by Jack Van Impe to all his partners and published on his website, he specifically states what happened and the reasons given by Matt Crouch of TBN on why they were not going to air his program or his DVD offer. Jack Van Impe’s letter can be read here on his website.

An official response from TBN remains unanswered. I requested a written Statement on the matter from TBN and received no reply at all.

A telephone inquiry was made by many of my friends and remains questionable – Telephone operators at TBN are saying the censorship issue is due to the FCC

Questionable because that is not was told to Jack Van Impe: “On Wednesday afternoon we received a call from Matt Crouch of TBN informing us that they would not run that program, despite having aired it Monday evening. The reason he gave was that we specifically mentioned Rick Warren and Robert Schuller and that it is TBN’s policy that broadcasters are not allowed to rebuke other ministries” (See www.jvim.com/update for full letter).

And here is my major concern:

1st Amendment of the United States Constitution clearly prohibits the making of any law “respecting establishments of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, infringing on the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of press, interfering  right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances”.

So when the FCC, a Governmental organization interferes with a private network of religious faith programs this is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment and unconstitutional.

And if this “censorship” is only based on FCC regulations, why hasn’t TBN opposed it and filed a lawsuit?  In my opinion TBN has hidden behind feeblish excuses in order to appease the elite, Rick Warren and Robert Schuller.

The ACLU, Barrack Obama and the Federal Government is so concerned about the separation of State and Religion that it does everything possible in their power to dismantle the Christian influence in our society.

Why would they on the other hand so desperate try to sneak the indoctrination of Islam through the backdoor and even completely violate the 1st Amendment enforcing the indoctrination of a religion through a Governmental regulatory organization? 

Texas– still one State under God – And not for Sale 

The question is how much longer?

Bottom line is that just like the Nazi’s, the Obama administration pushes its will on the American people using the current media options to their advantage.

And just like WE THE PEOPLE changed the mind of Lt. Governor Dewhurst on the TSA-Anti-Groping-Bill through constitutional force by calling and emailing them, we have to do the same with TV Stations and Networks.

It is up to us to make it clear to them that they live exclusively off of us the viewers and if they don’t start making programs for us we will stop watching them.

Pick up the phone and contact TBN toll free 1-888-731-1000 or TBN’s business office under 1-714-832-2950 or pick up their website and send them a message or simply send them a good old fashioned letter: TBN, P.O. Box, Santa Ana, CA 92711.

Go tell your pastor, make it a case in church, and lobby and gather WE THE PEOPLE to force TBN to give up on the betrayal of true Christianity and take a stand for us.

If you do nothing you can be sure that Texaswill not much longer be “One State under God” and “In God We Trust” will no longer be the American Quote.

If you do nothing our Christian heritage will be erased. WE NEED our Cable Networks to pass on the TRUE Word of God since we cannot count on regular churches anymore.  

May God BlessAmerica




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Royal Wedding, Liberals and traditional Marriage

Marriage should be honored by all,
and the marriage bed kept pure,
for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.
(Hebrews 13:4)

In the late 60’s black civil rights activists joined forces with radical feminist groups and formed a new-age teaching called “Diversity”, basically a grassroots idea of multiculturalism.

Under the false pretense of protecting the rights of alleged minorities, woman’s rights and alternative sexual orientation they faced a strong opposition: Conservative Christians who upheld their ideal of morality and strong family values.

They found their first highlight in the late 60’s and 70’s and the “Hippy era”. Free love was the call of that time. And free love, or better anarchic sexual lifestyle of course came with consequences and the consequence of abortion was among many of the downfalls.

These times were short lived and the call for more morals and values increased.

But instead of taking a step back to reconsider their ideology and finally taking responsibility for their anarchic behavior the left over’s from those Hippie times have now become activists in those organizations, supported by liberal left wing radical Politicians from the Democrat party.

Best example is the Kennedy family. JFK was THE personification of a womanizer who slept with every woman that was not by three on a tree.

Today we live in fast moving times, a so called “fast food generation” where moral traditional values are washed away with the famous phrase “We do not live in the medieval times but rather in the 21st century” (I still never figured out what a number has got to do with moral values – but then I never really figure out the thinking of liberals period).  

Since then the ACLU, ACORN, radical feminist rights activists groups, and other liberal Democratic Party affiliated organizations erode more and more the principals of traditional marriage as well as traditional moral values and principles.

Conservatives and their strong moral Judeo-Christian Values always stood and still stand in the way of their liberalism and alternative lifestyle and in their mind need to be pushed back.

And while we conservatives desperately defend our lifestyle we lose more and more ground because, other than us, liberal organizations pretty quickly found out that the best way to promote their lifestyle is using political lobbyism and the media.

Scandalous Democrat Politicians made their lifestyle political program using the Media as a platform. Instead of apologizing for their scandals and stepping down they appeared and still do on the media wallowing in self pity and blaming everything on the hard hearted conservatives.

And the media plays along. They found out that “Sex Sells” and where previously reluctant it’s now a promotion of alternative lifestyle.

When Lindsey Lohan, for example, goes for the tenth time to court, or is again and again caught being drunk and stoned the Media does not condemn hr, but rather makes her a role model and a victim.

Or let’s take a look at Paris Hilton. Who is Paris Hilton? She is a nothing with the short end of the brain, doing nothing but using drugs, getting drunk, flashing her privates, changing sexual partners on a daily base and partying. But according to the Media this individual is being considered a Role model for our youth.

The same counts for Hollywoodactors, stars, and starlets. The more scandals they produce – the more viewer levels/or sales volume on print media – the better, living by the rough-rule-of-thumb “Better bad news and scandals then no news at all”.

And so the Media became a willing partner and perfect platform for those radical organizations. Now they can use the numbers of the media as a justification for their radical immoral anti-family value teachings. 

The final straw is the Governmental indoctrination of the alternative lifestyle.

ACORN, ACLU, and all the others are perfectly networked with Democratic Party representatives, due to election contributions. The same Democrat politicians pay them back in three steps.

Step one is the production of so called “discrimination laws”. Those laws are designed to prohibit freedom of speech in a way that every time we conservatives take a stand for our moral values and principles we commit the crime of discrimination. 

Step two is the installation of liberal federal and Supreme Court judges to support Liberal ACLU and ACORN issues through the law producing precedential cases.

Step three is the most perfidies one. Now thanks to those “discrimination-laws” the government can indoctrinate our children on alternative lifestyle legally since the same politicians also provide the framework for school teachings in public schools and liberal judges justify the same through precedential cases.

Last but not least, those organizations use Poll numbers in order to convince the public that they are acting in the best interest of the majority. But those numbers are to be reviewed very carefully. A good friend of mine once said: “I never trust polls I haven’t forged myself”. The trick lies in the questionnaire and the people they ask.

So according to ACORN, ACLU, radical Feminist Rights activists, and other left wing radical groups the “Traditional marriage” and conservative lifestyle is outdated and dead.

But the opposite is true. Numbers show that, especially young people, more and more people long for traditional marriage, traditional families, and more moral values.

Dating Websites boom, dating shows in TV are fast sellers, MTV usually known for its liberal program launched religious adds on their Station; and even the ultra-liberal TV Station CNN was the strongest force with 500 representatives at the Royal Wedding in the UK this past Friday to assure they did not miss one moment of this amazing romantic wedding. 

YES onFriday April 29, 2011something strange happened.

More than 2 Billion People worldwide watched the fairytale marriage of Prince William Arthur Phillip Lois House of Windsor, second in line for the British crown and the civic Catherine Elisabeth Middleton – now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (2)

So, if traditional marriage is, in the public opinion dead, why would 2 Billion people bother to watch this marriage for more than 6 hours?

I have talked to people and a lot of them tried to explain to me that this is only because of the fairytale where a common woman marries a real life prince, the fairytale dream of every young girl.

But if that were true, people wouldn’t need to watch for 6 hours, CNN would not have to send over 500 people to that event, and hundreds of thousands of people would not need to go there to see it live – they would just need to wait for the executive summary.

The truth is that this particular wedding of Prince William and Duchess Catherine represents a lot more than just the fairy tale of prince and princess.

This marriage represents the lost dream of every woman and every man to live happily ever after with her personal prince charming or his personal princess.

In times where in some U.S. States it is more difficult to get a Marriage permit than it is to get a divorce.

In times where radical liberal groups teach us that marriage is not forever and this institution is outdated and if your marriage does not work just divorce and try the next one.

In times where people don’t know anymore how to fight for marriage because radical organizations teach us that the easy way out is always better than to fight for love ignoring the fact that people more and more long for stability and traditional values.

People watch those weddings because of their secret desire to find the same, a marriage that lasts forever. Thousands of entrepreneurs, wedding planers, and marriage outfitter’s make a living from personal fairy tales.

And the fact that so many people watched this Wedding makes me hopeful that traditional moral values are not dead and traditional marriage is not outdated as so many articles, blogs, and liberal radical grassroots try to tell us.

I am not willing to give up the fight on this issue and I will continue the fight for traditional marriage and values.

So let’s not take traditional values, family matters, and traditional family values away from us, fight for the traditional marriage and take a stand for what is right. 

What God has joined together let no man put asunder
(Matthew 19:6)




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My Endorsement for the Pres. Election 2012: Part 1/4


2010 has just ended and it was a marvelous year for America. WE THE PEOPLE finally showed the Blue Dogs and Rino’s in Washington that we are not silent; we will not take their self-righteous arrogance, but we will fight for our America.

And we showed Barrack Obama, that Socialist Anti-American, Muslim Loving, Traitor, and poster boy for the Teleprompter Industry his place.

Not that he really got the message, no, because as soon as the Midterm election was over, he and his radical punks Pelosi and Reid used the lame Duck session to push every anti-American law through as much as possible and Obama used the Christmas recess to bypass Congress in order to install new Czar’s previously rejected by the House and the congress. 

So much for Obama understanding Democracy.

But here is the first problem I see with the fighting spirit of the people.

The problem I see is the fatal mis-belief: “We have done it now the fight is over”. The fight is not over and it would be fatal to sit back and just enjoy our victory.


Since the day the Mid-Term election finished I was warning Americans not to be too arrogant and self assured because the fight was not over, and Obama and the DEMS were not to be underestimated. No matter what, one thing they have always been better at than us is: PUBLIC RELATIONS. They have the support of half of Hollywood and those people are specialists in Spin Doctoring, dealing with Scandals, and turning bad news into good news.

And another advantage they have over us is the so called “Mainstream Media” who officiate themselves as Propaganda machines for Obama, always ready to sweep Obama’s disregard of the people under the rug and indoctrinate socialist liberal policy in order to not have to explain their own bias behavior. Not to forget their own quotes and numbers. Scandalous immoral Hollywood people sell better than regular hard working honest Americans. Therefore, instead of promoting a good and moral lifestyle they’d rather promote liberalism and not go out business. Those people are the most experienced in transforming a loss into victory.

Sun Tzu says:
Never underestimate your enemy; never be too sure of yourself
(The art of War, ~ 6th Century BC)

Myra Adams wrote in her Column on PajamasMedia under the title: “How Obama gets 270 in 2012” (Source: Pajamasmedia: http://is.gd/k4Ckt), the collective Wisdom of the Republicans and the Tea party that Obama will be a one-termer is fatal.

If we want to prevail we have to pick the fight now, and not just in 2012. A lot can happen in one year and for Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and all the other radical Pundits, one year of silence from the Tea Party is one year they will be ahead in preparing the War over the presidency.

So if you think January 4th 2011 is way too soon to think about the next President, in my opinion it is already late. I have given it a lot of thought lately and a discussion a dear friend of mine, Suzanne Sharer, started on FB about the presidency and the upcoming Candidates inspired me to come up with introducing my own candidates.

One big mistake bloggers, columnists, and writers make is to talk about the presidential campaign issues foreseen in 2012.

A lot can happen in 730 days. And one thing the DEMS, and especially Obama are good at is to sell good politics made by the GOP congress as their victory. All the important issues right now can, and will be, change in 2012 and only a few will stay.

So here are the primary issues that will stay. Despite the official numbers and surveys of Rassmussen and other Survey companies, listening to the people on social networks and reading between the lines there are a lot more issues that bother people than the official numbers tell.

Domestic Politics/Domestic Social Politics

Domestic Politics and domestic social politics go hand in hand, due to the power of lobbyist groups, civil rights activists, and other socialist hate groups those are totally cross linked and the next president will have a hard job on his hands to break the power of them.

Domestic Politics can be apportioned in several partial issues that have not been really solved in the past 30 years and won’t be solved properly any time soon. The largest obstacles for the next president will be:


Reinstalling American Pride

American Pride is more important to people than ever. Obama’s ideology of betrayal of the American people and what is dear to us, such as the U.S. Constitution, the ideology and teachings of the founding fathers, and the fact that we are a Judeo-Christian Nation; ONE NATION UNDER GOD has brought anger among the people up to a point where the word “revolution” is more used than ever.

The next president needs to focus on American pride. We need a leader and not a diversity preacher. But that also means the next President needs to have the guts to go against the U.N. He needs to make a clear stand on the Constitution and assure that we have freedom of religion, but we are still a Nation built on Christian Values and every person is welcome to practice their beliefs as long as they respect the fact that we are A CHRISTAN NATION.

ONE NATION UNDER GOD – is not a popular slur – it is an ideology that unites us.

That means for the next president to finally take a stand against Islamization.

Islamization of America

People have had enough of Islamists coming into our country, undermining our society and legal system, and playing the NAACP game: Right away they play the poor victim, race, and discrimination card.

The next president needs to make a stand for America and the American people by putting national interests first, and by putting an end to Islamization, support of Terrorist groups (Hamas and Hezbollah), and make it clear what and who we are.  This will take a person of great courage.

People have had enough of Islam representation with the lawsuits to install Sharia law and other radical forms of their existence. And people have had enough of political correctness.

He/She needs to point out: not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every Terrorist is a Muslim and therefore Muslim groups that claim to be peaceful should cooperate with law enforcement. Profiling is not racism, but a proper tool of protection and enforcement. That also counts for the next issue, Immigration. Yes, on the Mexican border I look primarily for Hispanics and not for Eskimos. That is not racism that is logic.

Immigration Politics/Border security:

There are several Million Illegal Immigrants in this country. And while an American Citizen Faces up to several years in Federal or State Prison for not paying his Tax, refusing to pay his social deductable, forging state or federal documents (social security card, driver’s license etc.), refuses to pay and participate in Socialist Obama Death Care. Illegal’s do exactly those things, and more (Illegal border crossing etc., not to forget that at least 25% of the illegal’s are ensnared in criminal actions and gang related crimes), and think they are entitled to a promotion of American Citizenship.

And while Americans are fed up with that and get angrier every day, the ACLU, ACORN, CAIR, and other self declared Humanitarian Humans-rights activists lobby to call them upright citizens and declare them entitled to American Citizenship.

That even goes for Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, and if they get their will (and one way or another they usually do) freedom of speech will be stripped from Americans and replaced with fascist laws.  Laws that legally prohibit a person from calling things by their name and being forced to use political correct language. Illegal’s would not be criminals anymore (despite breaking Federal law), but rather undocumented aliens and disadvantaged people. All of that because of the U.N. (backed by Obama), and those already named radical groups.

Health and Insurance:

Americans cheer right now because the 112th Congress has announced that it will vote on repeal of Obamacare on January 12th. I would not cheer too much. 1) There is still the Senate and that is tight in the hands of Harry Reid, and 2) Obama has already announced that he will defend his socialist Healthcare with all of the power given to his office. So, in my opinion this will be a job for the next president.


No country in the world gives more or invests more in the education of children and yet in international comparison American education is now close a third world level.

Racial Issues

When Obama gained office he was hailed as the first Afro-American President and people actually hoped that now things would change for the better. But it was the opposite that happened. From the first day on Obama proved that he was, in fact, a racist president. Bottom line is that Al Shaprton is such a regular fixture at White House we could rename it the “New NAACP” Headquarters.

People in America are sick and tired of reversed Racism. This word did not even exist in the dictionary until it had to be invented because God forbid, an Afro-American is called a racist. They are tired of over 60 years of Special Treatment, special Educational funds, special this and special that, while all the other Americans have to work and make it on their own. They are sick and tired of 60 years of affirmative action which has not improved anything – It just perpetuates the “playing” of the race card.  

We are at a point in this country where we don’t pick the best qualified person for the job anymore, but pick exclusively on consideration of the NAACP (New Haven Fire Fighters etc.). And people are fed up with that. We need to reinstate the “Merit” system.

Should the next President be again an Afro-American he will have to make a stand, and the Obama legacy does not leave him with a lot of room.

If the next President is not Afro-American I bet Al Sharpton has the race speech already in his desk.

Tax Issues

The next president needs to focus on what made America strong, and that is primarily entrepreneurship and Small businesses. Inheritance tax and Estate tax is the death of the middle class and the hard working people, and only good for the Redistribution of wealth.


I am not even going to go there because like I said a lot can happen in 2 years and I’ll wait to see.


Federal Government spending was in 2009, 10 Trillion Dollars and in 2010 it was over 14 Trillion Dollars (Source: CBS-News: http://is.gd/k6BOw). This issue will not be solved in the next two years. So the next President will have a brutal job to fix the budget.

It takes one Presidential term to destroy the economy but it takes decades to repair it.

Foreign Politics

I don’t really want to go into that topic right now because this is an ongoing issue. The enemies of today will still be the enemies of tomorrow. What’s important here is that we finally get a president that is willing to stop the Obamastyle lovey dovey policy and make a strong stand for American interests.

Primary focus is Israel. The next President needs to show un-wavering support for Israel 100% and for all of our Allies in the world, and tell our foes: We are ready to talk, but only on our terms. He needs to be a strong leader in the world, ready and willing to stand tall against our opponents. He needs to bring America back to where we used to be before Obama – THE LEADING NATION OF THE WORLD.

In order to take on all these tasks, the next president will need strong support. It is inevitable for him to have a Congress and a Senate that supports him. In order to have that we need to get rid of the diversity preachers and Rino’s and elect physical conservatives running both chambers. And we need to elect a physical conservative President to lead this country. 

So stay tuned tomorrow… I present my first candidate for the next Presidency of the

United States of America

DADT – The Untold Agenda

This Column is not about gays. What is right or wrong for other people is not for me to decide. I am heterosexual and just like I do not share with anybody my sexual preferences in the bedroom (other than with my spouse) I am not interested in the sexual preferences of others.

  • Just like I reserve the right to say to a heterosexual man: I do not respect that you are going to prostitutes, or you cheat on your wife so please don’t bother me with your “hunting stories”,
  • I reserve the right to say to a gay: Your lifestyle contradicts my ethical, moral, and religious beliefs so please stick to professionalism and don’t bother me with your ideology.

I don’t dislike the man I dislike the lifestyle and that goes for both.

 Since Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pushed, in their very own charming way (with threats and blackmail), the DADT repeal through the House and the Senate and Obama signed off on that thing with a huge and big grin on his face, many blogs and articles have been written about this and the possible why and what for.

I read them all, from all the great minds; From Michelle Malkin to Ann Coulter, from Chuck Norris to Bill O’Rilley. All of their thoughts about DADT are right but for some reason, none of them have come up with what might be the real agenda behind this radical move.

DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell)

Yes DADT is all about gay rights, but more than that, DADT is also the proof that my upcoming book is going to hit the nail right on the head – if WE THE PEOPLE dare to reject an agenda of a minority it will be indoctrinated on us with fascist lethal force wrapped up as law, immediately making “opposition a punishable offense”.

And if that does not help, downsizing opposition as either radicals or insinuate a Mental Illness by the opposition calling them “Homophobe”.


Homo – the genus that includes modern humans. The word is originated from the Latin language, meaning “human being” or “man” (in the gender-neutral sense). (Source – Wikipedia:  http://is.gd/jH5Pc)

Phobia (φόβος,phóbos): This word comes from the Greek language and stands for “fear”, “morbid fear”. Generally used when an irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals or people. In psychology a phobia is considered an “Anxiety disorder” (Source – Wikipedia: http://is.gd/jH6N5).  

So bottom line: if you dare to disagree with something liberal radical Pundits like the Democrats, Gay-Rights-Activists, Abortion activists, or the ACLU promote such as Homosexuality or Muslims,

80% of the American people do NOT HAVE AN OPINION but a MENTAL DISORDER called Homophobe or Muslimphobe or any other liberal Agenda we might disagree with.

Back to DADT:

Gay rights are a huge agenda and the past years gay activists have lobbied and kept courts on their toes like no other activists group. Alone in the State of California, where over 52% of the Voters (WE THE PEOPLE) decided that Gay’s should not have been considered equal to traditional marriage the Agenda goes back and forth in courts I lost track.  

We the people have spoken and that is to be respected by everybody and should be the end of it.

But not in California; The U.S. District Court ruled on August 4, 2010 in “Perry v. Schwarzenegger” proposition 8 unconstitutional. This ruling hearing starts on December 6, 2010, and is expected to affect all same sex marriage bans in the United States (Source – Wikipedia: http://is.gd/jHelM).

As you can see on the map below, the vast majority of the 50 States rejects or ban same sex marriage.

Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and all the other radical pundits did not want to wait on an uncertain ruling. The plan is pretty simple, by repealing DADT without waiting on the Court Ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court they sent a message to the court and to the people and the message is Clear – WE GET WHAT WE WANT ONE WAY OR THE OHER EVEN IF IT IS THROUGH THE BACKDOOR.

Some blindfolded romantics are going to sit back and think ok, now they can say publically they are gay. But that is not where it’s going to stop. This was just the first step to macerate the antoganism of the public and force indoctrination on the people.


1) DADT repeal is not just about the rights of gay’s to out themselves without punishment. This was only the first step to gain all the rights and benefits of traditional married couples in the United States Armed Forces. Those are:

  • Medical Treatment – every active member and their legally married spouse as well as their children are entitled to full medical and dental coverage on the Military base and have prescription medicine at a lower cost in all drug stores.
  • Tax Free shopping – every military personnel (Uniformed and civilian) with an active ID card is entitled to shop in so called PX Stores, store similar to Wall Mart (you get everything from food to electric to gardening) tax free.
  • The use of Military gyms for military personnel and their family members
  • The use of military amenities for personnel and family members
  • Better travel deals on vacations for military personnel and family members
  • Any many more benefits.  

But those benefits are only available for Military personnel and their legally married spouses and children.

The next step for gay activists will therefore be to fight for equality rights on all of those benefits and the full acceptance on gay marriage.

2) In order to become eligible for those advantages, gays now have to push forward to gain Marriage permissions. What that basically means as of now is civil lawsuits are practically programmed.

FEDERAL INTEREST ABOVE STATE INTEREST. Ever head of this term? Well if you look at the map above the vast majority of the States deny or prohibit same sex marriage, but Military bases are not considered State property.

On military bases State Law does not apply only Federal Law.

That means that through the backdoor not only gay rights have been pushed on us, but also State sovereignty is now being questioned or respectively destroyed.

Should a base be in one of those States that prohibit gay marriage the soldier can always turn to the Military Pastorate. Those have the same authority to perform marriages under federal license. And a military cleric cannot refuse based on religious beliefs because a Military Cleric is not in the first place a priest; he is in the first place a COMMISSIONED OFFICER OF THE UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES under the chain of command. And their rules here are clear. The priest has only three choices when being ordered to uphold matrimony: 

  • Apply with the order against his personal beliefs – discrimination
  • Refuse to follow orders – Greetings from the Court-martial and Leavenworth
  • Or resign and give up all benefits, such as pension, VA rights, etc, etc.

And the resistance of the Independent States prohibiting Gay Marriage will probably be even worse now. No State legislation can accept to be double crossed and overrun by radical Washington Pundits. Not if State legislators want to be re-elected.

3) And finally the discrimination of heterosexual members of the Armed Forces. For instance:

  • Showering – if you are a woman knowing I am a heterosexual man, would you just comply when somebody tells you, now you have to shower with me in the same bathroom?

Absolutely not and of course you have every right to protest. You would claim privacy rights, and make it a point that you do not feel comfortable being in the same room with a man, all naked. You would make it a statement that you would constantly feel observed or stalked and your sense of privacy is violated – AGAIN, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ON THAT AND YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT.

But then please tell me: As a heterosexual man or woman, why should a soldier be forced to take a shower with a homosexual or a lesbian? What if it makes the hetero soldier uncomfortable wondering all the time if this person is checking him/her out?

Other than women the representatives of the male population don’t have the same rights. We are automatically downsized and insulted as mentally ill calling us homophobic. This is pure discrimination on our moral, ethical, and religious beliefs.

So how to deal with the situation

On the contrary the scream of Hetero groups to repeal the repeal (what a word wrap) would also be contra productive as well. Many good conservative Christians have gay family members. The damage is done and now we have to deal with it. So here is my suggestion as of what can be done now:

  • Permission for Heterosexual Soldiers to demand their own showers without slandering them or labeling them as mentally Ill (Homophobe) – they have an opinion and beliefs, and not a sickness
  • No gay marriages performed on Military bases unless the United States Supreme Court makes a constitutional amendment on it and declares that rightful under the constitution.
  • Marriages should only apply according to State Law of the Military Base Location.
  • No special Treatment and no access to Married Couple benefits unless Gay marriage is confirmed under the Constitution.

Take the right to outing and be happy with it.

What has DADT repeal done to the Gay movement?

Well, the entire performance was in my opinion the worse thing Obama, Reid, and Pelosi could have done for the Gay’s rights of acceptance.

The entire procedure performed by President B.H. “Adolf Hitler” Obama, Nancy “Eva Brown” Pelosi, and Harry “Joseph Goebbels” Reid in Corporation with the “Nazi Propaganda ministry” ACLU and other radical Left wing pundits has totally set back the efforts of the gays who are looking for final acceptance.

This country has been built by men and women who started a war against a totalitarian oppressing king because of his attempts to force his will on them.

Do civil rights activists really think now in the 21st Century they can do just the same and get away with it?

Do they really think that forcing laws on the people disrespecting and discriminating their free choice by putting them down and insulting them as radicals and mentally ill makes the very same people more accepting of minorities such as gays or Muslims?

If that’s what you think Obama than you ARE DUMBER THAN MUD.

It is the opposite that is true. The more force politicians put on the people, the more insults they start, and the more discrimination against the majority happens the more likely people will stand up, and start another civil war. The word revolution is now used more than ever and we are not far from it.

And the anger among the people is fermenting more and more and it increases on a daily basis because all those forceful lobbying, those provocative self display of alternative lifestyle (Rainbow parades), insults and putting down people of conservative opinions does not make supporters.

And to the gay people out there – before you cheer in victorious exuberance please take a moment and think if this was not more hurtful to your cause than you would like to admit.

Whatever I personally think about this “Alternative Lifestyle” this entire thing has nothing to do with me and my personal beliefs, this has to do with your rights to do in your own bedroom what you feel free to do as long as it is consensual.

But this radical dictatorial act was not the way to gain what you believe you are entitled too.


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