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Royal Wedding, Liberals and traditional Marriage

Marriage should be honored by all,
and the marriage bed kept pure,
for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.
(Hebrews 13:4)

In the late 60’s black civil rights activists joined forces with radical feminist groups and formed a new-age teaching called “Diversity”, basically a grassroots idea of multiculturalism.

Under the false pretense of protecting the rights of alleged minorities, woman’s rights and alternative sexual orientation they faced a strong opposition: Conservative Christians who upheld their ideal of morality and strong family values.

They found their first highlight in the late 60’s and 70’s and the “Hippy era”. Free love was the call of that time. And free love, or better anarchic sexual lifestyle of course came with consequences and the consequence of abortion was among many of the downfalls.

These times were short lived and the call for more morals and values increased.

But instead of taking a step back to reconsider their ideology and finally taking responsibility for their anarchic behavior the left over’s from those Hippie times have now become activists in those organizations, supported by liberal left wing radical Politicians from the Democrat party.

Best example is the Kennedy family. JFK was THE personification of a womanizer who slept with every woman that was not by three on a tree.

Today we live in fast moving times, a so called “fast food generation” where moral traditional values are washed away with the famous phrase “We do not live in the medieval times but rather in the 21st century” (I still never figured out what a number has got to do with moral values – but then I never really figure out the thinking of liberals period).  

Since then the ACLU, ACORN, radical feminist rights activists groups, and other liberal Democratic Party affiliated organizations erode more and more the principals of traditional marriage as well as traditional moral values and principles.

Conservatives and their strong moral Judeo-Christian Values always stood and still stand in the way of their liberalism and alternative lifestyle and in their mind need to be pushed back.

And while we conservatives desperately defend our lifestyle we lose more and more ground because, other than us, liberal organizations pretty quickly found out that the best way to promote their lifestyle is using political lobbyism and the media.

Scandalous Democrat Politicians made their lifestyle political program using the Media as a platform. Instead of apologizing for their scandals and stepping down they appeared and still do on the media wallowing in self pity and blaming everything on the hard hearted conservatives.

And the media plays along. They found out that “Sex Sells” and where previously reluctant it’s now a promotion of alternative lifestyle.

When Lindsey Lohan, for example, goes for the tenth time to court, or is again and again caught being drunk and stoned the Media does not condemn hr, but rather makes her a role model and a victim.

Or let’s take a look at Paris Hilton. Who is Paris Hilton? She is a nothing with the short end of the brain, doing nothing but using drugs, getting drunk, flashing her privates, changing sexual partners on a daily base and partying. But according to the Media this individual is being considered a Role model for our youth.

The same counts for Hollywoodactors, stars, and starlets. The more scandals they produce – the more viewer levels/or sales volume on print media – the better, living by the rough-rule-of-thumb “Better bad news and scandals then no news at all”.

And so the Media became a willing partner and perfect platform for those radical organizations. Now they can use the numbers of the media as a justification for their radical immoral anti-family value teachings. 

The final straw is the Governmental indoctrination of the alternative lifestyle.

ACORN, ACLU, and all the others are perfectly networked with Democratic Party representatives, due to election contributions. The same Democrat politicians pay them back in three steps.

Step one is the production of so called “discrimination laws”. Those laws are designed to prohibit freedom of speech in a way that every time we conservatives take a stand for our moral values and principles we commit the crime of discrimination. 

Step two is the installation of liberal federal and Supreme Court judges to support Liberal ACLU and ACORN issues through the law producing precedential cases.

Step three is the most perfidies one. Now thanks to those “discrimination-laws” the government can indoctrinate our children on alternative lifestyle legally since the same politicians also provide the framework for school teachings in public schools and liberal judges justify the same through precedential cases.

Last but not least, those organizations use Poll numbers in order to convince the public that they are acting in the best interest of the majority. But those numbers are to be reviewed very carefully. A good friend of mine once said: “I never trust polls I haven’t forged myself”. The trick lies in the questionnaire and the people they ask.

So according to ACORN, ACLU, radical Feminist Rights activists, and other left wing radical groups the “Traditional marriage” and conservative lifestyle is outdated and dead.

But the opposite is true. Numbers show that, especially young people, more and more people long for traditional marriage, traditional families, and more moral values.

Dating Websites boom, dating shows in TV are fast sellers, MTV usually known for its liberal program launched religious adds on their Station; and even the ultra-liberal TV Station CNN was the strongest force with 500 representatives at the Royal Wedding in the UK this past Friday to assure they did not miss one moment of this amazing romantic wedding. 

YES onFriday April 29, 2011something strange happened.

More than 2 Billion People worldwide watched the fairytale marriage of Prince William Arthur Phillip Lois House of Windsor, second in line for the British crown and the civic Catherine Elisabeth Middleton – now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (2)

So, if traditional marriage is, in the public opinion dead, why would 2 Billion people bother to watch this marriage for more than 6 hours?

I have talked to people and a lot of them tried to explain to me that this is only because of the fairytale where a common woman marries a real life prince, the fairytale dream of every young girl.

But if that were true, people wouldn’t need to watch for 6 hours, CNN would not have to send over 500 people to that event, and hundreds of thousands of people would not need to go there to see it live – they would just need to wait for the executive summary.

The truth is that this particular wedding of Prince William and Duchess Catherine represents a lot more than just the fairy tale of prince and princess.

This marriage represents the lost dream of every woman and every man to live happily ever after with her personal prince charming or his personal princess.

In times where in some U.S. States it is more difficult to get a Marriage permit than it is to get a divorce.

In times where radical liberal groups teach us that marriage is not forever and this institution is outdated and if your marriage does not work just divorce and try the next one.

In times where people don’t know anymore how to fight for marriage because radical organizations teach us that the easy way out is always better than to fight for love ignoring the fact that people more and more long for stability and traditional values.

People watch those weddings because of their secret desire to find the same, a marriage that lasts forever. Thousands of entrepreneurs, wedding planers, and marriage outfitter’s make a living from personal fairy tales.

And the fact that so many people watched this Wedding makes me hopeful that traditional moral values are not dead and traditional marriage is not outdated as so many articles, blogs, and liberal radical grassroots try to tell us.

I am not willing to give up the fight on this issue and I will continue the fight for traditional marriage and values.

So let’s not take traditional values, family matters, and traditional family values away from us, fight for the traditional marriage and take a stand for what is right. 

What God has joined together let no man put asunder
(Matthew 19:6)




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My Endorsement for the Pres. Election 2012: Part 1/4


2010 has just ended and it was a marvelous year for America. WE THE PEOPLE finally showed the Blue Dogs and Rino’s in Washington that we are not silent; we will not take their self-righteous arrogance, but we will fight for our America.

And we showed Barrack Obama, that Socialist Anti-American, Muslim Loving, Traitor, and poster boy for the Teleprompter Industry his place.

Not that he really got the message, no, because as soon as the Midterm election was over, he and his radical punks Pelosi and Reid used the lame Duck session to push every anti-American law through as much as possible and Obama used the Christmas recess to bypass Congress in order to install new Czar’s previously rejected by the House and the congress. 

So much for Obama understanding Democracy.

But here is the first problem I see with the fighting spirit of the people.

The problem I see is the fatal mis-belief: “We have done it now the fight is over”. The fight is not over and it would be fatal to sit back and just enjoy our victory.


Since the day the Mid-Term election finished I was warning Americans not to be too arrogant and self assured because the fight was not over, and Obama and the DEMS were not to be underestimated. No matter what, one thing they have always been better at than us is: PUBLIC RELATIONS. They have the support of half of Hollywood and those people are specialists in Spin Doctoring, dealing with Scandals, and turning bad news into good news.

And another advantage they have over us is the so called “Mainstream Media” who officiate themselves as Propaganda machines for Obama, always ready to sweep Obama’s disregard of the people under the rug and indoctrinate socialist liberal policy in order to not have to explain their own bias behavior. Not to forget their own quotes and numbers. Scandalous immoral Hollywood people sell better than regular hard working honest Americans. Therefore, instead of promoting a good and moral lifestyle they’d rather promote liberalism and not go out business. Those people are the most experienced in transforming a loss into victory.

Sun Tzu says:
Never underestimate your enemy; never be too sure of yourself
(The art of War, ~ 6th Century BC)

Myra Adams wrote in her Column on PajamasMedia under the title: “How Obama gets 270 in 2012” (Source: Pajamasmedia: http://is.gd/k4Ckt), the collective Wisdom of the Republicans and the Tea party that Obama will be a one-termer is fatal.

If we want to prevail we have to pick the fight now, and not just in 2012. A lot can happen in one year and for Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and all the other radical Pundits, one year of silence from the Tea Party is one year they will be ahead in preparing the War over the presidency.

So if you think January 4th 2011 is way too soon to think about the next President, in my opinion it is already late. I have given it a lot of thought lately and a discussion a dear friend of mine, Suzanne Sharer, started on FB about the presidency and the upcoming Candidates inspired me to come up with introducing my own candidates.

One big mistake bloggers, columnists, and writers make is to talk about the presidential campaign issues foreseen in 2012.

A lot can happen in 730 days. And one thing the DEMS, and especially Obama are good at is to sell good politics made by the GOP congress as their victory. All the important issues right now can, and will be, change in 2012 and only a few will stay.

So here are the primary issues that will stay. Despite the official numbers and surveys of Rassmussen and other Survey companies, listening to the people on social networks and reading between the lines there are a lot more issues that bother people than the official numbers tell.

Domestic Politics/Domestic Social Politics

Domestic Politics and domestic social politics go hand in hand, due to the power of lobbyist groups, civil rights activists, and other socialist hate groups those are totally cross linked and the next president will have a hard job on his hands to break the power of them.

Domestic Politics can be apportioned in several partial issues that have not been really solved in the past 30 years and won’t be solved properly any time soon. The largest obstacles for the next president will be:


Reinstalling American Pride

American Pride is more important to people than ever. Obama’s ideology of betrayal of the American people and what is dear to us, such as the U.S. Constitution, the ideology and teachings of the founding fathers, and the fact that we are a Judeo-Christian Nation; ONE NATION UNDER GOD has brought anger among the people up to a point where the word “revolution” is more used than ever.

The next president needs to focus on American pride. We need a leader and not a diversity preacher. But that also means the next President needs to have the guts to go against the U.N. He needs to make a clear stand on the Constitution and assure that we have freedom of religion, but we are still a Nation built on Christian Values and every person is welcome to practice their beliefs as long as they respect the fact that we are A CHRISTAN NATION.

ONE NATION UNDER GOD – is not a popular slur – it is an ideology that unites us.

That means for the next president to finally take a stand against Islamization.

Islamization of America

People have had enough of Islamists coming into our country, undermining our society and legal system, and playing the NAACP game: Right away they play the poor victim, race, and discrimination card.

The next president needs to make a stand for America and the American people by putting national interests first, and by putting an end to Islamization, support of Terrorist groups (Hamas and Hezbollah), and make it clear what and who we are.  This will take a person of great courage.

People have had enough of Islam representation with the lawsuits to install Sharia law and other radical forms of their existence. And people have had enough of political correctness.

He/She needs to point out: not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every Terrorist is a Muslim and therefore Muslim groups that claim to be peaceful should cooperate with law enforcement. Profiling is not racism, but a proper tool of protection and enforcement. That also counts for the next issue, Immigration. Yes, on the Mexican border I look primarily for Hispanics and not for Eskimos. That is not racism that is logic.

Immigration Politics/Border security:

There are several Million Illegal Immigrants in this country. And while an American Citizen Faces up to several years in Federal or State Prison for not paying his Tax, refusing to pay his social deductable, forging state or federal documents (social security card, driver’s license etc.), refuses to pay and participate in Socialist Obama Death Care. Illegal’s do exactly those things, and more (Illegal border crossing etc., not to forget that at least 25% of the illegal’s are ensnared in criminal actions and gang related crimes), and think they are entitled to a promotion of American Citizenship.

And while Americans are fed up with that and get angrier every day, the ACLU, ACORN, CAIR, and other self declared Humanitarian Humans-rights activists lobby to call them upright citizens and declare them entitled to American Citizenship.

That even goes for Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, and if they get their will (and one way or another they usually do) freedom of speech will be stripped from Americans and replaced with fascist laws.  Laws that legally prohibit a person from calling things by their name and being forced to use political correct language. Illegal’s would not be criminals anymore (despite breaking Federal law), but rather undocumented aliens and disadvantaged people. All of that because of the U.N. (backed by Obama), and those already named radical groups.

Health and Insurance:

Americans cheer right now because the 112th Congress has announced that it will vote on repeal of Obamacare on January 12th. I would not cheer too much. 1) There is still the Senate and that is tight in the hands of Harry Reid, and 2) Obama has already announced that he will defend his socialist Healthcare with all of the power given to his office. So, in my opinion this will be a job for the next president.


No country in the world gives more or invests more in the education of children and yet in international comparison American education is now close a third world level.

Racial Issues

When Obama gained office he was hailed as the first Afro-American President and people actually hoped that now things would change for the better. But it was the opposite that happened. From the first day on Obama proved that he was, in fact, a racist president. Bottom line is that Al Shaprton is such a regular fixture at White House we could rename it the “New NAACP” Headquarters.

People in America are sick and tired of reversed Racism. This word did not even exist in the dictionary until it had to be invented because God forbid, an Afro-American is called a racist. They are tired of over 60 years of Special Treatment, special Educational funds, special this and special that, while all the other Americans have to work and make it on their own. They are sick and tired of 60 years of affirmative action which has not improved anything – It just perpetuates the “playing” of the race card.  

We are at a point in this country where we don’t pick the best qualified person for the job anymore, but pick exclusively on consideration of the NAACP (New Haven Fire Fighters etc.). And people are fed up with that. We need to reinstate the “Merit” system.

Should the next President be again an Afro-American he will have to make a stand, and the Obama legacy does not leave him with a lot of room.

If the next President is not Afro-American I bet Al Sharpton has the race speech already in his desk.

Tax Issues

The next president needs to focus on what made America strong, and that is primarily entrepreneurship and Small businesses. Inheritance tax and Estate tax is the death of the middle class and the hard working people, and only good for the Redistribution of wealth.


I am not even going to go there because like I said a lot can happen in 2 years and I’ll wait to see.


Federal Government spending was in 2009, 10 Trillion Dollars and in 2010 it was over 14 Trillion Dollars (Source: CBS-News: http://is.gd/k6BOw). This issue will not be solved in the next two years. So the next President will have a brutal job to fix the budget.

It takes one Presidential term to destroy the economy but it takes decades to repair it.

Foreign Politics

I don’t really want to go into that topic right now because this is an ongoing issue. The enemies of today will still be the enemies of tomorrow. What’s important here is that we finally get a president that is willing to stop the Obamastyle lovey dovey policy and make a strong stand for American interests.

Primary focus is Israel. The next President needs to show un-wavering support for Israel 100% and for all of our Allies in the world, and tell our foes: We are ready to talk, but only on our terms. He needs to be a strong leader in the world, ready and willing to stand tall against our opponents. He needs to bring America back to where we used to be before Obama – THE LEADING NATION OF THE WORLD.

In order to take on all these tasks, the next president will need strong support. It is inevitable for him to have a Congress and a Senate that supports him. In order to have that we need to get rid of the diversity preachers and Rino’s and elect physical conservatives running both chambers. And we need to elect a physical conservative President to lead this country. 

So stay tuned tomorrow… I present my first candidate for the next Presidency of the

United States of America

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