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GOP Presidential Debate answer’s I hope for and never hear

Now that 2011 has passed and 2012 is here, the battle to take our country back continues.

The past year we had a marathon of GOP Presidential debates and different candidates taking the lead.

Throughout the entire debates the topics were always the same and then slightly adjusted to fit the current happenings in the world.

And so were the answers. All, and I really mean all, candidates were trying to give the right answers to appear “conservative”, but yet cautiously diplomatic to assure not to offend, insult, or really attack anybody, outside of each other. In other words a disappointing PR-show that leaves me to the point where after hours of debates I am still not convinced as of who to give my vote to.

None of them seems to be willing to grab the hot coals with their bare hands and give those answers, which many grassroots conservatives want to hear.

How to get America back to work

This is the one constant in every debate, and every candidate is determined to prove how “Reagan Conservative” they are in reciting, like a mantra, the “same ol’-same ol’” policy of lowering taxes, deregulating, and so on.

Only Newt Gingrich shortly mentioned one of the real issues, leaving that hot-coal-topic immediately and not going into details, and that is UNIONS.

One extremely important solution to get America back to work is to break the power-neck of the Unions.

The theory:

In theory Unions are a private-non-governmental-organization sponsored by the Federal Government and should provide “Legal Assistance to Workers who’s constitutional and Legal Rights as employees are violated”.

The reality:

However, Unions stopped “being” that a long time ago. Like most things, the initial idea is good, but then greed breeds corruption. They are a criminal Mafia style Organization and nobody seems to care or is too scared to do anything about it.

The fact that the sitting President, Obama, has an affiliation with criminals is evident; — Not without a reason he calls Second Generation Mafia boss “Jimmy Hoffa Jr.” his buddy (and he IS the son of a Mafia gangster) and plays golf during Christmas with a school friend who has been arrested in Prostitution charges.

Hoffa in Life Magazine

Hoffa in Life Magazine

In my opinion, this major entity that determines and influences politics has been misusing federal funds in order to funnel it back to the Democratic Party to keep control of their interests, without the average person the wiser. This is obscene and illegal, but unfortunately it has been going on for decades. In a nutshell, our government subsidizes criminal enterprise and there seems to be no politician willing to take them on.

In some states you cannot even acquire a contract as a contractor if you don’t pay your dues (in my book of law that is called: danegeld) to the Unions and submit to hire Union workers only. And if you refuse – well accidents happen all the time. This is clearly “criminal”, but normal since politicians and judges look the other way.

Unions are assured with their election contribution, their re-election.

And the very same Politicians and Judges grant the Unions the right to intervene in Companies decisions to either produce or preserve employment.

The fact is that in the past 6 months alone Unions have caused or endangered over 130,000 Jobs in the United States either by stopping to build a Boeing plant in South Carolina (a right to work State and mentioned by Newt Gingrich) or by stonewalling any negotiations with American Airlines which jeopardized over 130,000 Jobs and retirees.

Breaking the neck of the Unions and putting them back into their place is not only a small, but also a necessary key element to get America back to work. That is why I desperately want to hear the following statements from a candidate:

1)    I will make America a “Right to work nation” and make this a “Constitutional Amendment”

2)    I will audit the Unions and assure that funds given to this private institution are used proper to secure the constitutional and legal rights of American workers and workers under “legal Status”, otherwise Unions will be defunded

3)    I will make a clear commitment that Unions are a private representation and membership is voluntarily, and Unions are NOT to make policy or politics, but have only one duty – representation when asked for

But, I guess that is wishful thinking because everyone remembers what happened to Robert Kennedy.

National Security


None of the candidates are willing to call things by their name when it comes to National Security. I agree, of course, that the two main pillars of National Security are financial independence (bringing the budget in order) and America’s military strength and position in the world. But there is a third Pillar, which gets completely ignored and that is National Security at home.

We don’t need to look for Muslim Terrorists in foreign countries they are already here; and they do a marvelous job of infiltrating our nation through their so-called “Representations”.

Islam Infiltration of America

Islam Infiltration of America

Of course not every Muslim is a Terrorist but 99% of all terrorists are Muslims.

Instead of cooperating with Law-enforcement Muslims take the position of “Victims of Discrimination” using this policy to avoid any cooperation and play the “Victim Card”.

Financing Terrorists all over the world, dismantling our Constitution, and trying to sneak Sharia Law into our court rooms calling it cultural heritage is NOT assimilation nor the practice of freedom of religion it is clear infiltration to take over our country.

And to make things worse, Hillary Clinton and the State Department just held a summit with Arab Nations to strike down the 1st Amendment making critics of Islam a crime under the pretence of “Inflammatory Speech”.

The UN sponsored this summit and the role model is similar to European Laws, which already bow to the Muslims.

I was actually waiting for one candidate to condemn this meeting in the last debate – BUT NOTHING.

Fact is, in order to assure a strong National Security we first need to establish a strong National Identity and that is, or should be, a clear commitment by the Candidates to a Judeo-Christian Heritage.

But that one is missing as well.

United Nations

A fourth pillar to a strong National Security is a strong National Independency.

Again, what I am missing with every candidate is the clear commitment to defund financially and withdraw politically from this senseless organization and make a clear statement that any interference in domestic issues through Agenda 21 or other policies will only result in a final disembarkation of this criminal corrupt organization.

This would not only strengthen America’s position, but also save us billions of Dollars as Ann-Marie Murrell of PolitiChicks stated with utmost precision in her column “Some Simple Solutions to our National Debt” on Patriot Update.

Kicking the UN would therefore be a double monumental victory for America. Saving us tons of money as Ann-Marie says, and making us independent from the UN, which would strengthen our Sovereignty.


This is just an excerpt of what bothers me with those debates.

Nothing but a lot of blah-blah, repetition, and the very same diplomatic packed political correct standard message hoping to please the conservative voters, but yet making sure that the other side is not offended.

Many of the conservative and independent voters are still undecided. You might think since we’re so close to the primaries that the candidates have convinced us who would be the best equipped for the job and who would truly and truthfully represent us, but I hear in my network all the time that it’s quite the opposite.

As long as the candidates are not willing to hit the nail on the head and call things as they are and walk away from the standard answers (Lord have mercy they have preached them so many times to us – I can recite those answers in advance), and give us the “right” answers, this election will be just another fiasco with nothing but RINO’s.

So please all you candidates out there – TELL US THE TRUTH; GET TO THE POINT AND START REPRESENTING US AND NOT POLITICS – WE THE PEOPLE fight for America, we work our behinds off to save this Nation, and the last thing we want or need is another flip-flopping coward – what we need is a tough conservative candidate to beat Obama and return the government to the people.


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Fort Worth Star Telegram – Unions will learn the hard way

Newsbusters – Media Ignore Obama Hawaii Golfing Buddy Who Was Arrested in Prostitution Sting

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Ann-Marie Murrell @ Patriot Update – Some simple Solutions to our National debt


Happy New Year – Welcome 2012

As 2011 draws to a close with only 36 hours left, it is time to reflect on the good and the worst of the past year.

I am not sure if “it was an exciting” year is the right term to describe 2011, since so many awful things happened so let’s say it was “eventful”.

I was just going through my files and though I have not saved everything I did roughly save around 4200 articles.

4200 articles of Governmental, and especially Obama administration produced obstruction of: justice, failure, fraud, criminal behavior, Terrorist attacks on our soil, whitewashing news, Mainstream media ignorance, preliminary GOP candidacy with rising and falling candidates, downgrading of the U.S. by S&P, Muslim infiltration, step by step destruction of our Constitution, radical Judges, and the list just goes on.

Obama - epic failure

Obama - epic failure

Truth is, if I want to mention everything this column is going to become a 100-page book.

I guess it is time to close out the year.

But, I also want to reflect on the good sides and give thanks. I want to thank my God and savior Jesus Christ for all the blessings he has given me. Without his unimaginable love and support I would not have accomplished anything.

I want to take a moment and welcome the troops back home from Iraq, though I still believe we should not have left there I AM EXTREMLEY GREATFUL FOR YOUR SAFE RETURN – and to those who still fight all over the world for our freedom and liberty, and defend the same with their sacrifice of self.



Return from Iraq War No Parade as our Heros would have deserved

Return from Iraq War No Parade as our Heros would have deserved

Give Grace to a wounded Warrior

Give Grace to a wounded Warrior

I want to give grace to Annette, who continuously reads my blogs and columns, edits them and has saved my six a lot of times from getting out of line and/or a suit in a court of law. Thanks, I Love You.

I also want to say thank you to my facebook friends, twitter followers, and supporters for their patience with me as well as their continuing friendship and many times for their inspiration.

Mark Eberle, Ann-Marie Murrell, Jaqueline Lang, and Suzanne Sharer just to name a few, and so many others who fought with me side by side defending our great Nation and Constitution against the fascist imposter Obama and his radical goonies.

Thank you my friends, I love you all.

Without you this year would not have been as successful in sharing the truth as it was, and without you I would not have accomplished anything.

Thank you Ann-Marie for making me “Conservative Rockstar in July” I am still blushing and I have that article framed on my wall.

We also now have our own conservative Talk Show Called “PolitiChicks.tv” which appears twice a week and is published over Patriot Update and available on their own website starring: Ann-Marie Murrell, Jennie Jones, Jannique Stewart and the amazing funny Victoria Jackson.

You see, this year also had so many good things to offer and I am truly grateful for all my friends and all the blessings.

And last, but not least

Thank you to all my faithful readers for your continued support in reading my blogs and for your comments.

Your support showed me that I must be doing something right and for you I research, work hard, and write to bring you not only the truth from my perspective, but also my five cents worth of opinion. THANK YOU – LOVE YA’LL

I also won’t forget those who disagreed with me and took it upon themselves to insult me and call me names.

The latter just proved to me that when radical liberal goonies run out of arguments they fall into foul language and personal insults, and that proves to me that I must have hit the nail on the head many times.


We now look at a new year and this one will be as eventful as the departed.

Starting with the Iowa caucus, preliminary GOP elections, and then the Presidential Election, which is just around the corner. We are going to face one of the most brutal and dirty presidential elections in American History and it will take all of our energy to kick Obama out of Office.

And don’t be fooled, the mainstream media and the Obama Election machine will use every dirty little trick to shut us down so we better unite together, close the gaps, and stand shoulder to shoulder for God and Country.

In this spirit I want to wish all my readers, fans, and supporters




May God’s blessings be with you and with America and may we prevail in 2012 taking back our Country from the Muslims and fascist left wing radical traitors 



Obama, liberals and the Muslims using religion to divide a Nation

It will be exactly two years, on November 28, 2009, since I published my blog “Diversity and Misunderstood political Correctness” and the topic has not yet lost a bit of accuracy still today.

In two additional blogs throughout the years, “Sharia Law – the final Islamization of America” and the 3 part Blog “Radical Muslim University ‘UNISSA’ established in Amarillo, TX” I continued warning about the Muslim Infiltration of our Nation.

When the sitting President Barrack Obama announced during a June 2007 speech available on YouTube that America is no longer a Christian Nation he did more than give a speech – Obama also seemingly blasted the “Christian Right” for hijacking religion and using it to divide a Nation.


But by making those statements he basically gave Muslims in Americathe right and legal authority to do exactly that – USING RELIGION TO DIVIDE A NATION.

He opened what can be considered a Pandora’s Box.

This constant public support by Obama has given Muslims in America a platform to conquer our society from within.

It is not so much the Democrats in their irresponsible naivety and desperate dream of a diverse world trying to make this ideology of diversity, radicalism, and violence possible that surprises me.

It is more the fact that our so called conservative political leaders and Christian religious leaders seem to have given up on what this Country has been built on – built on Judeo-Christian principles and rather joined the path of “political correctness” instead of standing up together with their flock of Christians against muslimization.

Political and Christian Leaders, and Political Correctness in America

When on November 15, 2011 for the first time “PolitiChicks.tv”, starring “Jennie Jones”, “Ann-Marie Murrell”, “Jannique Stewart”, and “Victoria Jackson”, aired those amazing brave ladies sure chose a hot topic for their first episode – “Gays, Muslims & Gay Muslims”.

Unlike similar liberal ultra liberal formats like “Bill Mahar” or “The View” those Conservative Christian Ladies took a closer look at this very interesting and worrying topic without foul language, below the belt comments, or inflammatory speech. They chose a more intellectual and conservative point.

They had over 100,000 clicks within the first 24 hours and were not only immediately hammered by radical left wing diversity protectors insulting and calling them names on Youtube, but also received a very article on Christian Post.

Christian Post is an online Newspaper demanding to be the voice of American Christians.

And yet instead of cheering for the PolitiChicks.tv in satisfaction that we Christians finally have a format that stands up for what this country is all about they questioned publically if “Muslims and Gay Comments cross the line?”.

It seems to be that even Christian platforms would rather play Political Correctness in order not to offend anybody then defending what is rightfully our heritage.

The response to my UNISSA blogs, and the harsh, radical, and insulting comments on the Politichicks sure gives the column  from Frontpage Magazine’s Mark Tapson “Smear, Inc.: Silencing the Critics of Islamic Supremacism”, a whole new meaning”.

And the silencing of the Critics of Islamic Supremacism continues unrecognized inAmerica and all over the world.

Completely ignored by the Mainstream media, but reported by Judson Berger of Frontpage Magazine on November 12, 2011, the State department under Secretary Clinton just hosted “religious scholar and advocacy groups” with the goal to follow the European Example in creating new laws, pushed by some Islamic Nations, to stifle religious criticism and debate.

After the Norway killing almost every European country seized the moment and installed so called “Anti Radicalism” Laws allowing them to spy and track down every critics of Islamization; under the false pretense of Anti-Terrorism.

Germany even went so far to maintain Trojan software (so called Bundestrojaner – federal Trojan) that allows domestic secret service to monitor all bloggers, and internet activities of all citizens identifying Islam critics as “radicals” and silence them through fascist Laws.

Austria works currently on the same Laws,Britain has already installed them.

If injustice becomes Law – resistance becomes Duty
(~~Thomas Jefferson~~)

Adding those connections up a study published by the OSCE in the spring of 2011 (available on my blogs) makes a lot more sense.

This study makes it a point that part of the Christian persecution taking place in Muslim countries through slaughter and murder are also taking place in Christian home countries such as the United States and Europe through silencing every critic by law.

Even worse, our own lawmakers do everything to prove separation of church and state and dismantle every Christian heritage, insignia, or tradition.

We are not even allowed to say “In Jesus Name”, Christmas trees have to be removed, Christmas transforms to Holidays, crosses have to be removed not to offend Muslims (but Muslim foot washing on public Universities is accepted) and much more.

And at the same time allowing this on the principle of “Freedom of Religion” Muslims become more and more dominant.

Speaking of our Lawmakers

Have you noticed that during these Presidential Debates of Conservative contenders the Media desperately avoided these topics?

All the past debates revolved around the same topics over and over and over, up to the point where sometimes I thought I was watching a re-run.

On the last debate on security only one of the conservative contenders, “Newt Gingrich” was brave enough to talk publicly about the “absurdity of a Muslim filing a lawsuit against a Catholic University”.

Newt Gingrich

Every other contender avoids the topics of Illegal’s running up our social system and Muslim infiltration nor does anyone clearly specify that America is a Judeo-Christian Nation built on Judeo-Christian principles and other religions are welcome to worship whatever they believe in as long as they accept our Christian heritage.

Democrat naivety

I said in a previous paragraph that I am not surprised by the liberals and their promotion of Islam.

Since the race card is maxed out, overused, and outdated the liberals desperately need a lunatic fringe group they can support.

Their entire ideology of “Diversity”, established in the late 60’s is based on fringe groups. The only problem is that liberals don’t see in their blind radicalism that they are feeding a rattlesnake by supporting Muslims.

The fact is that they really think once they have established Muslims in our country and give them more access to power Muslims will be grateful to them.

But it is the opposite that will happen.

Once the biggest foe for Muslims, the Christians, is all enslaved and silenced the Muslims will immediately turn on their feeder for one simple reason.

Liberalism also stands for: woman’s rights, pro-gay’s, pro-lesbians, abortion, and all types of alternative sexual lifestyles – Basically, everything Islam and Sharia Law punishes by death.

The liberals are feeding a monster they cannot control and doing so with every radicalism, violent, and naivety possible – SUICIDE IN SLOW MOTION.

The evil of Islam Ideology (© Right Side News)


I’ll keep it with Eliana Benador of Right Side News when she says: “Stop Sharia Muslim Invasion despite Hussein Obama”.

We need to increase the pressure on our political and religious leaders and make them aware that we are not interested in their political correctness, we want them to make a clear statement and stand firm to Christianity, and we are not interested in Koran readings in Christian Churches otherwise we have lost the war against Islamization already.

Kick Islam out

A friend of mine fromAustriaonce said it pretty accurate when we discussed the 32 times Turks have tried to invade and muslimizeEurope:

Throughout History in 32 Wars we have defended what belongs to us – the 33. War we already lost thanks to your politicians.

Sources / Related Link:

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Eliana Benador @ Right Side News – Stop Sharia Muslim Invasion Despite Hussein Obama

Introducing ‚PolitiChicks‘ – The New Conservative Talk Show

The View – is a daily talk show on ABC since 1997 hosted by semi-intellectual liberals, such as “Barbara Walters,” “Whoopi Goldberg,” “Joy Behar,” “Sheri Shepherd,” andElisabeth Hasselbeck” (leans right).

They have the intellectual capacity of a 5th grader, but that does not keep them from picking a daily topic where they torture us by pushing their radical left wing ideology on us.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

After 14 years of Conservative Bashing and Liberal ranting on ABC’s the View we finally have a counterpart and our own show.

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome – PolitiChicks.tv

Coming Soon - PolitiChicks.Tv

Coming Soon - PolitiChicks.Tv

“Jennie Jones”, “Victoria Jackson”, “Jannique Stewart” and “Ann-Marie Murrell” – are going to discuss on a regular basis all kinds of topics and news. From TSA Gropping, to Conservative bashing, from OWS radicals to covering the Presidential election – they are going to be on top of things.

Highly educated, Smart, funny, witty, and beautiful, with conservative principles of honesty and integrity those four ladies don’t need to join the bashing game but rather embrace with Analytic expertise, sympathy and fun, and so make the View look like worse than the Muppet show and become a true competition to this liberal ranting.

PolitiChicks.TV launches for the first time On-Air on Tuesday November 15th 2011.

So dont forget to mark your calendar – on Tuesday 11-15-2011 we finally have our own show.

I am honored and privileged to introduce the ladies to you:


Ann-Marie Murrell


Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie is a devoted mother and wife, originally from East Texas she is our first line of defense in liberal La-La-Land West Hollywood. Like Ronald Reagan, a former Democrat, she is now surrounded by liberals and stands “Texas Proud” her ground and defends conservative principles of honesty and truth.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s she appeared in dozens of TV shows such as Sledge Hammer, Young and the Restless, and lots of others as well as commercials.

Ann-Marie is a beautiful, highly intelligent, smart, funny, and witty conservative Columnist and Video Blogger for “Patriot Update” and “Red/White and Blue News” as well as “Michael Reagan’s ReaganReport.com” and a true role model to others.

Jennie Jones:

Jennie Jones

Jennie Jones

Jennie Jones is also a Judeo-Christian born and raised Texas Native. Her political thinking has been shaped at a very young age because of her family’s interaction with a man who had been imprisoned in a Russian concentration camp. This first hand information on what it feels like to live in a communist country without individual freedom formed her political thinking.

Jennie actively worked for political campaigns in Florida and Georgia and on a broad spectrum of locals such as Law offices and the Air Force.

Jennie Jones is the editor of Patriot Update, one of the primary sources for Conservatives to get informed.

She also fights actively against Human Trafficking.

Jannique Stewart

Jannique Stewart

Jannique Stewart

Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, Jannicque is the third Lady in the reign of the Politichicks. She is a devoted “Pro-Life and Sexual Purity Speaker” with Life Training Institute and Hearts Matter Most.

She is a passionate speaker for “saving the preborn” and “teen sexuality” ever since she was a teenager herself.

Knowing that the general population in Germany has an ultra liberal ideology on this topic makes her double admirable to be an outstanding fighter for the right thing and to preserve the unborn life.

Jannique is not ashamed of her Christianity and is very passionate about it.

Shortly after moving to the United States with her parents Jannique started competing for the Title in a Teen National Pageant and chose those topics that were her passion: “Abortion” and “Sexualization of Teens”. She won her first title at the age of 15.

Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson


Miami, Florida native Victoria Jackson, a loving wife and mother of two is not unknown. This very talented woman has an amazing career as American Comedian, Actress, and singer and is best known as a cast member of the NBC television sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live” from 1986 to 1992 as well as a standup comedian on the “Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson .

Victoria also writes articles for World Net Daily and Patriot Update.

She is a true conservative and active participant in the Tea Party movement. She also makes some video blogs for Patriot Update.

Just recently she visited the OWS’s movement and exposed not only their real agenda, but also their (non-existing) brain power. Victoria is highly educated and very funny. I can’t wait to hear her taking apart the liberals with her special sense of sophisticated cynical humor.

For detailed information on those four amazing Ladies read the more detailed introduction on Patriot Update.

Welcome PolitiChicks - You are finally here

Welcome PolitiChicks - You are finally here


Patriot Update: http://patriotupdate.com/articles/introducing-the-politichicks

Where were you……9-11 Memory…..Have you forgotten?

My memories on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

September 11, 1697

Prince Eugene of Savoy defeats the Turkey Army under Kara Mustafa by Zenta, near Vojodina, and prevents the 19th attempt to conquer Christian Europe and make it part of the Muslim vast world empire.

Prince Eugen of Savoy

Prince Eugen of Savoy

Some people claim the Terrorists have chosen the date 9/11 on purpose in cross-reference to this defeat.

September 11, 2001 – My memory of that day

Saginaw, Texas: It was a few days before when my friend David called me up asking me if I could help him with his construction site on his house in Saginaw. He built on an extra room, the roofer was supposed to come and he needed it done before he arrived.

David, a religious man, married to Donna with 2 children, one son out of the house and one teenage daughter at home, is a former Air Force pilot now flying for American Airlines and theNew Yorkroute is his route. David is the calmest person, always a forgiving smile on his face, never swearing and never using bad or harsh words. He and I took the days off to get his house ready for the roofer.

The day started as usual, sunny and bright and we were full of energy to get that thing done. 99.5 Texas Country station is playing it songs, the radio full speed (I love country music), and I am singing the songs along with the radio in the, for me usual style: Loud, off-key, but with lots of joy in my heart and we are having a great time.

Next thing I know David (listening to a different station) yells: TOM SHUT UP. Wow, I have never heard him use this kind of language.

What did I do wrong? OK, I know my singing is closer to domestic insult than to singing, but it ain’t that bad. The very next second 99.5 the wolf stops its program. People screaming on the radio THE TOWER IS HIT;

Disbelief, confusion on the radio, and the host is asking for confirmation. David runs into the house and turns on the TV, me down the ladder in one jump from the first floor following him.

We watch TV, and my first response is: “What sick stupid TV show is this?” David looks at me: “NO Show, reality”. Still can’t believe it when we see the second plane crashing in the other twin tower.

Do you know the feeling when you are falling in a big hole with no end to come? That’s how I felt. My eyes saw it, but my brain couldn’t assimilate. We are the safest country in the world, never been attacked?

In minute’s the news continued: Pentagon hit, not confirmed, pentagon hit, now confirmed. A fourth Airplane was set for the White House but crashed in PA – not confirmed – Now confirmed.

Telephones are ringing, nobody answers; another plane down inPennsylvania. Donna comes home yelling at David because he did not pick up the phone just to, in the next second, holding him tight crying because he is alive and safe.

Phone rings in minutes – People want to know if David is at home. There is confusion everywhere.

I feel like I’m in the wrong movie here. On auto-pilot I walk out cleaning up the tools. Everybody deals differently with shock, and I was still in some sort of bubble, my brain refused to realize what just happened.

Back in the house Heather, the daughter was there, we all had tears in our eyes. I had to get out. I drove down the street to my church. The church was full, filled with people normally never attending church next to regular church visitors and members of the congregation.

I realized we are under attack. We’ve been hit. We sit there for hours praying, crying, and holding on to one another.

I drive home and turn on the TV, seeing Muslims all over the world cheering and burning American Flags. Anger crawls up in me.

I lived in Muslims countries during my time in the service, but those protesters were far away. They angered me, but didn’t really bother me.

All of a sudden I realized – the enemy is not far away, he is right here among us in Muslim community centers and mosques, and he is waiting to strike again.

Right here among us, constantly whining and complaining about how poorly they feel treated, having their soft-spoken representatives appearing on TV, not apologizing or condemning the action – No, blaming the American society, and puling the discrimination card. I am so sick of them.

Until that day I used my guns only for hunting, but since that day I never leave the house without a gun.

Jesus said: “And the one who has no sword must sell his cloak and buy one.” (Luke 22:36 NET), he also said: “When a strong man fully armed, guards his own homestead, his possessions are undisturbed” (Like 11:21 NAS) 


(If you wish for peace prepare for War)

I will never be the same. I know and remember that day for the rest of my life and will never forget. Where were you when the world stopped turning?

In Memory of 9 - 11 - 2001 -- I will never forget

In Memory of 9 - 11 - 2001 -- I will never forget

September 11, 2011 – Ten years after

What has changed? – Absolutely nothing. When Obama took office he traveled toEgyptand bowed before our enemies declaringAmericais no longer a Judeo-Christian Nation. 


I don’t know if he did that to publically prove he is a traitor or if he is really that naïve. If it is the latter and he really thought that with presenting the “Olive branch of peace” that would make Muslims stop attackingAmericahe was, is and, always will be a fool. They did what they always do: Seized the moment, infiltrated our country and slowly Muslimized our Nation. 

You do not offer Peace unless the enemy presents and surrenders the sword of honor

Empowered by Obama they continue to provoke our citizens, country, and our Christian society. No matter if it isKaty,Texas, or the Victory Mosque, a lawsuit inDetroitagainst the ban of foreign laws because it would stop installing Sharia law inAmerica. There are too many to be counted.

Muslim Intense US-FLAG (c) Right Side News

Muslim Intense US-FLAG (c) Right Side News

Up until today none of them has ever condemned the attacks and murder of over 3000 innocent people. They’d rather use their new support from the Obama administration to infiltrate and install their Sharia Law. They are dismantling our society little by little and using Obama’s Media presence to silence every critic. And the current administration gives them the power to do so.

Where are we today?

17, 536 Innocent People have been murdered by the “religion of peace” since 9/11 (Source Ann-Marie Murrell on Patriot Update).

No matter if it is the Underwear bomber or the “Allah et Akbar” screaming Fort hood Terrorist, the media still refuses to use the words “Muslim Terrorists”. In fact, the Muslim attacks on Christian’s world wide are being covered up and barely reported at all.

The so called media performs a white washing, and participates in the destruction of Christianity and the promotion of Islam.  

Obama’s inaugural preacher Rick Warran introduces “Chrislam”.

“Chrislam is not even a real religion it is a perversion of two complete contradicting religions, Christianity and Islam, based on “Diversity” a failure ideology from the 60’s based on Black and Feminist civil rights activism.

Freedom of Speech fascism has increased to the extent where Christian Conservative freelance columnists and bloggers who disagree with the Islamization, and dare to tell the truth of the infiltration system are at best insulted as Bible thumpers, terrorists, hobbits, or barbarians, and at worst put on investigation lists by the DOJ (and therefore by radical Muslim organizations).

Pamela Geller just revealed after a thorough investigation that ISNA and CAIR both indicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation jihad terror funding case together with the MSA, a Muslim brotherhood organization (the same Terrorist Organization that just announced inEgypt to take over the world) are well established in the Department of Justice.

Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs)

Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs)

I will never surrender nor retreat – VICTORY OR DEATH
(Lt. Col. William B. Travis, Alamo / Bejar February 24, 1836)

September 8, 2011

Department of Homeland security issues a Terror warning nationwide over unconfirmed Terror Threats on 9/11 anniversary.

Not that this would make any difference. A) every expert agrees that Terrorist success is the surprise attack so I believe they wait until the entire festivity is over and Americans feel way too safe again when they strike and B) even if our brave men and women in the New York Police department finds them, they won’t really be prosecuted with ISNA, CAIR and MSA established in the DOJ. 

September 8, 2011

Germany arrests 2 Muslim men under investigation for Terrorism who planned a massive attack. Of course covered up and not reported by our media. They bought an overwhelming amount of cool pads based on a Gel that is mixed with chemicals, extremely explosive. News media confirm that they had enough explosives to kill thousands of people. 

The explosives were found in – DRUMS PLEASE
A “Muslim Cultural and Community Center”.

The German government also confirmed that there are at least 1,000 known Jihadist sleepers inGermany; the estimated dark number of sleepers is unknown.

Why, because as soon as police start investigating, Muslim “Community and Cultural Centers,” instead of supporting the investigation, they’d rather file lawsuits for discrimination and start crying on national TV about racism.

And it is not a secret that there are thousands of Muslim terrorists as sleepers in the United States, sneaked in over the Mexican border, the same border Obama and Napolitano try so desperately to keep open for illegal crossing.

They are too busy anyway molesting 80 year old grandmothers in adult diapers or babies in the airport, or chasing Americans who dare to disagree with the current situation. 

Better molesting our own citizens than doing proper police work and profiling.

Ten years after nothing has really changed, we are still under attack. The only difference is that the Obama enslaved media whitewashes and covers up the truth, acts as PR machinery for Muslim organizations and fools the American public emulating that we are safe – which is absolutely a false and dangerous presumption.

Thanks to the Liberal biased dreamers, self declared humanitarians, and Diversity preachers we have been completely infiltrated by our enemies and are in more danger than ever before. Today Muslims do not have to rely on violence alone, this is just a side battle because… Muslims have already transferred the culture war into our own courts, government, and civilization. 





9-11 Memory (C) patriot Post

9-11 Memory (C) patriot Post



American Pride - United We Stand

American Pride - United We Stand


Wikipedia – Prince Eugene of Savoy

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Rick Perry – how to adumbrate a Debate absent

~~ In Americapeople are not subject to the Government, the Government is subject to the people ~~

 (Gov. Rick Perry, on his presidential announcement speech in S.C. August 13, 2011)

Governor Rick Perry

Governor Rick Perry

The 2nd Presidential Debate in Ames, Iowa for the Republican preliminaries is over. Winners, losers, and the first quitter are determined.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll slightly ahead of Ron Paul and then former Governor Tim Pawlenty who has now thrown in the towel, but one man managed to shuffle the entire debate without even being there – Governor Rick Perry (TX – R).

Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll (Photo AP)

Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll (Photo AP)

The Debate

Rick Perry made the smartest move possible by having his staff announce the “high possibility” of him running on Thursday, followed by watching and sitting out the debate, and then Rick Perry making the official announcement of his candidacy for president on Saturday in South Carolina.

Iowa Straw Poll (Getty Images)

Iowa Straw Poll (Getty Images)

With Chris Wallace on stage in Iowa as the igniter, the “advocate diabolic (the devil’s advocate)” the debate actually became interesting. Every good debate needs one like this.

People have different opinions on this debate, but I have to admit that I liked this one a lot better than the first debate in New Hampshire and though many of my friends (or better almost all of them) disagree with me, I liked it better because of Chris Wallace.

But let’s be honest here: What are the preliminaries and what are they good for?

As a fan of Formula 1 car racing I see the preliminaries as the qualifying, the “everybody against everybody selection” for the actual race.

And as a former soldier of the Armed Forces I know for a fact that you can’t train and prepare man/woman for the worst by playing nice.

The first debate in New Hampshire was more like a choir performance where all of the candidates showed their uttermost politeness, all had the same message and basically nothing really new was said.

For me as voter it was hard to determine which candidate would be best equipped to replace Barrack Obama in the White House.

“Minnesota Nice” is beautiful and “Texas Hospitality” is a marvelous thing, but we are preparing for the most brutal and below the
belt face off going into the 2012 election. Obama will be fighting desperately for re-election and believe me he will not play fair or nice.

Answer in Iowa (Nate Beeler)

Answer in Iowa (Nate Beeler)

Jon Stewart, an aggressive Obama supporter and radical left wing talk show host of the “Daily show” for example already started with sexual insults towards the Bachmann’s and since Obama never stepped in condemning this audacity he showed “Silent

The election is on and the Chris Wallace “head on head fight calls” was actually nothing but a warm up for what is yet to come.

Pitting Michelle Bachmann against Tim Pawlenty on their records was an excellent move. Democrats will do the same, and worse. And for the first time the usually very confident and competent Michelle Bachmann showed signs of being “off guard” and insecure for a moment.

Well Congresswoman Bachmann better get used to it, it won’t get any easier.

Pitting Tim Pawlenty against Mitt Romney on “Romney care” is of course nothing new and also happened in New Hampshire, but here Wallace proved that he is a professional “Journalist” trained on counter warfare and challenging the contestants;

Newt Gingrich actually showed what is to be expected from a Presidential Hopeful when Chris attacked him on his records Gingrich fired back accusing him of playing “Mickey Mouse games”. Gingrich put Wallace and the media in their place and showed great fighting spirit.

Mitt Romney did the same when he challenged Wallace about the Massachusetts Constitution.

I was amazed and quite disappointed at Ron Paul when Chris Wallace started the next hot topic: Terrorism and foreign wars.

Ron Paul, cornered by his opponents threw the question in the room “who determines a Terrorist” indicating that there is no
such lawful determination.

For your information Congressman Paul: The term “Terrorist” is determined in the ICRC – International Humanitarian Law (Geneva Convention) from 1949.

This document clearly defines an “Enemy Combatant”, “Civilian” and “Terrorist” and based on that international agreement is the “Code of Conduct” also known as “U.S. Military Rules of Engagement”.

The bold moves of Chris Wallace finally caused Byron York to step forward and attack Jon Huntsman on his position of being in favor of Civil Unions.

All of those things actually made the debate interesting and put some spice in it. Very interesting was the question about Rick Perry entering the race and while all candidates played nice only Ron Paul gave a few fiery comments on the issue. But I am
afraid Congressman Paul could say: Be careful what you wish for. I am sure Perry would have given him the right answer on the terrorist question.

As a voter I expect from my candidate two things:

1)    He/She has to represent my beliefs as a fiscal Judeo-Christian conservative

2)    He/She has to be able to defend those principals

But here is the thing.

Giving election speeches in front of a crowd is easy. Politicians are trained and used to do that. As a tea party member, and fiscal conservative I can step in front of 10,000 people anytime and give a speech. I can say things to make the audience cheer or say things to get their blood boiling ready for a fight.

It is like preaching to the choir. There are only likeminded people in the crowd who believe the same things and share the same opinions.

But defending the records and the principles in an open discussion with an opponent is something completely different. Anybody who has ever been in a debate knows that.

In a debate you have to expect attacks and counter attacks, you deal with limited speaking time where you have to a) get your
message out and at the same time b) defend your record and position.

And if you think that is easy – try; I am a well trained rhetorician and I’ve been told that I’m strongly opinionated, bullheaded, stubborn and pretty good at combat rhetoric.

You have to be faster, quicker, better informed, and well prepared and never lose or show any weakness.

And here is where Rick Perry comes into play and why he overshadowed the entire debate. If you have watched Rick Perry during the gubernatorial race he has been attacked a lot of times very hard by his opponents.

But Governor Perry is good in that game. Rick Perry is a highly experienced politician with the aura of a statesman.

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry

He always shows Texas coolness, never shows any weakness, has his records straight, is well informed, and understands the principles of “counterattack without direct attack”.

Making a “counterattack without attacking the opponent” is an Art not many master.

You have to be prepared to take an opponents comment and shove it back down his throat without being vicious or aggressive, simple by using logic and well founded information.

And that makes him a tough discussion partner; one that rules the stage.

Rick Perry does not need foul attacks or dirty games. He is a highly experienced rhetorician, he knows what he is doing and the big plus is he is humble.

The beauty of the American Republic and the U.S. Constitution is that we are all entitled to an opinion. Since Governor Perry announced his candidacy thousands of blogs and comments appeared on the internet.

Some in favor, some calling him a RINO and part of the system, some positive, some negative, and some neutral pointing out both sides.

It is not my place to tell you what to think or who to vote for that is for you to decide. The field of conservative contestants is now there and full and you can choose for yourself which candidate is your favorite one.

I already did for myself.

But one issue nobody can deny, and that was also sensed in the debate in Iowa – Governor Perry is a major factor and force in the preliminaries and all of the candidates knew that. In my opinion that is the main reason Chris Wallace had such an easy time bringing some tension into the debate.

I watched the debate twice and I am convinced because of Governor Perry the tension was there, candidates were forced to show corners and edges and Chris Wallace just picked up on it and used it.

One way or the other I am finally looking forward to the third and final debate on September
22, 2011 in Orlando Florida. This will be the debate that actually cleans the field.


This is my 100th Blog on WordPress, and I would like to take the opportunity to give grace.

First, I want to say thank you to my readers and followers, Facebook friends, and fellow patriots such as Ann-Marie
Murrell, Chet & Natalie Nichols, Suzanne Sharer, Heidi Kutney, Michaela Brandner, Antoniette Walker and many, many others without you I would not be here anymore. You keep me on my toes and make me want to be better with every single blog.

Thank you for your patience, your time and your compassion. You have added many comments and sometimes you have even disagreed with me, but I love, honor, and respect each and every comment.

Thank you to my son Jessy. You are the reason I fight for a better future, the light of my eye and star in my heaven.

Thanks to Annette for constantly cross reading and editing, you have done a marvelous job. I love you.

Thanks to my parents who brought me up well, showed me that a man is entitled to his opinion as long as he puts it on a foundation – This made me strong.

And last but not least – thank you my God almighty in heaven and my savior Jesus Christ for providing me with the rhetorical talent to be outspoken.

Thank you to the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces, who gave their ultimate sacrifice in order to provide and defend the blanket of freedom, that was thought of by the Founding Fathers, and established as the United States Constitution.

God Bless them all

God Bless them all

Your ultimate sacrifice allows me to share my opinion no matter if I am right or wrong.

God Bless ya’ll and





ICRC – International Humanitarian Law (Geneva Convention)

OSCE – Christians are the largest persecuted religion world wide

~~ Tolerance becomes Crime, when applied to Evil ~~
(From: “A Good Soldier” by Thomas Mann – German novelist 1875 – 1955)

At the beginning of June 2011, a new OSCE study was revealed, and widely ignored by the American Media, stating that worldwide 105,000 Christians (1 every 5 minutes) are murdered for their beliefs and their faith.

No, I am not giving a history lesson here from the medieval times; I am talking about the 21st Century and 2011.

What is the OSCE

Most Americans are familiar with the United Nations, and aware that this rather questionable organization is divided into many smaller sub-organizations operating independently from each other with one common goal – to undermine State independency of sovereign nations using UN funded NGO groups as their spearhead.

At the first view the UN appears to be red taped and absolutely chaotic where the left hand does not know what the right hand does. But that is a wrong assumption. Their independent funded NGO’s established in their respective countries work very well in their hands.

In the United States are those organizations such as the ACLU, ACORN, diverse UNIONS, self-declared “representatives of Minorities” such as the radical Terrorist tied CAIR and so forth.

The system is simple; the UN officially sponsors those groups together with the liberal Democrats. The NGO’s file Lawsuits to dismantle our constitution, our independency and destroy our social system and once this is accomplished the OSCE as the watchdog for Humans rights observes the enforcement of the new rules.

One of the organizations in the United States is rather unknown – the OSCE. And the name is here NOT program.

OSCE or in other words Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe is not limited to Europe as the name might indicate. 

OSCE is the largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization in the sense of Chapter VIII of the United Nations Charter. It mandates issues such as ARMS CONTROL, Human Rights, Freedom of Press and fair elections and many more.

The headquarters is in Vienna, Austria, but only 10% of its 3,500 plus staff are stationed there the rest is engaged in field operations. The current Unites States representative to the OSCE is Ian C. Kelly with the rank of Ambassador.

In the past few years the OSCE has made a name for itself as an Israel bashing organization considering the “poor and oppressed Muslims” the victims of prejudice thinking. They’re pushing for a Palestinian state regardless of the fact that Palestinians are lead by CAIR financed, Terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and regardless of the fact that this would put the safety of Israel at risk.

Also, for several years OSCE has ignored the fact that Christians worldwide become more and more a persecuted Religion.

But in June2011 areport from the same organization proves that this is exactly what is happening.

Christian persecution

Mario Mauro, an OSCE Representative against racism and a member of the European Union parliament published at the Catholic Rimini meeting that there is War going on against Christians.

Worldwide 75 of 100 people that are murdered for their faith are Christians.

Mauro quotes: “On top of the list is North Korea; an atheist country prohibiting every form of religion. However: 35 of the named 50 countries are Muslim countries. This produces serious questions about the dialog between us and the majoritarian Muslim Countries. The most important countries are Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Irak, where a bloodbath is going on and Christians are forced to try to escape which causes the expedition of the destabilization of the already agonized countries”.

International Bulleting of Missionary Research published in its annual report on block 4, line 28 Christians Martyr per year in mid 2011 – 100,000

Mauro also states that modern dayEurope is not free of “Christophobia”. He mentions Court rulings in countries concerning the removal of the Cross in School classes or termination of employment of Christians who had the picture of Jesus at their Workplace.   

But the past few years we have had the same problems in the United States. Besides the permanent attempt of Radical Muslim groups to install Sharia Law, and destroy Christianity in the United States we actually do not need the Muslims because we have the enemy within.

The Unites States is built by Judeo Christians on Judeo Christian values and our founding fathers had God in mind in every sentence they wrote in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of theUnited States.

But we have the UN and Liberal democrat funded Groups, such as ACORN, ACLU, and many other so called liberal groups that fight like lions, funded with tax Dollars to destroy Christianity piece by piece and take God out of our everyday life.


Muslims lobby for tolerance for their religion and buy a piece of property in Katy, Texas right next to a pig farm demanding that the pig farmer must move.

Atheists fly Airplanes on Independence Day 2011 with the words: “Godless America” for more tolerance for Atheists. (And if you think mainstream media has covered that insult on everything dear to the American people – think twice – this has been ignored all along).

NBC “drops” God in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tolerance for Muslims, Atheists, Transsexuals, Homosexuals, and God knows what other sick groups run around.

But the tolerance ends on those who refuse to submit to this so called alternative lifestyle or demand to respect their heritage – the Christians.

In order to get their way so called “Interest groups” have to destroy Christianity. And the easiest way is through Lawsuits and declaring Christian positions mentally ill.

Using the word “phobia” behind everything indicates an unnecessary fear and therefore a mental illness.

At the same time they use our court system to discriminate against our faith, beliefs, moral and ethical values, and try to prohibit their use in public.

While Muslim countries openly slaughter Christians on a daily basis their representatives in America and Europe roll out their PR machinery to cover it up. By playing the part of the victims of prejudice they are trying to distract us from their violence against our Christian brothers and sisters. 

~~ An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile – hoping it will eat him last ~~
(Winston Churchill)

Ann-Marie Murrell said it pretty clear in her 3 part column: Tolerance is a one way street in Liberal Land

Just as Chuck Norris in his 2 part 4th of July column in Townhall.com: “Our founders vs. NBC and New York Atheists”.

This is nothing but a legal version of Christian persecution. What really worries me is this:

Not one so called mainstream media outlet has taken on the story of the OSCE and the Christian persecution.

If 5 Muslims die or anybody dares to criticize Muslim beliefs or Sharia Law, the Media is full of defensive articles, if Christians protest against Abortion or demand their faith and beliefs need to be respected they are characterized by the media as “Radicals”.

But the fact that it is actually the Christians who are being discriminated against even in our own home country the United States is completely ignored.

And the churches are silent. The largest Christian Church the Catholics and the Pope as their leader do and say nothing about this. On the contrary they preach diversity and ally with those who try to destroy us.

We are at war: While our brothers and sisters in Christ die in Muslim countries, we fight our own battle against discrimination in our home countries. 


“He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me, scatters.
(Luke 11:23)

May the Lord have mercy on us and







Sources for Christian persecution English

Don’t mess with Texas – How TWO Texans shattered Osama

Week one of the post Osama bin Laden week and POTUS still travels through the country like a Rock star acting like he has been the Hero of the OBL execution, like it was all his personal victory.

No matter if it is the media friendly orchestral appearance at Ground Zero shouting “We Will Never Forget” (like he has ever been on the side of the American people) or his announcement to visit the Navy SEAL training camp in Coronado.

Constantly pointing out that this is “NOT” about his re-election – Yea right, is the Pope catholic?

But what Obama still refuses to admit, but what the Media more and more is recognizing is that Obama had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Just as I pointed out in my latest column (“WordPress” and “Amarillo Examiner”) Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum said it pretty accurate as well on Thursday May 5th 2011 first presidential debate: “if you look at what President Obama has done right in foreign policy, it was a continuation of the Bush policies,” Santorum said. The decision he made with Osama bin Laden – that was a tactical decision. It wasn’t a strategic decision. The strategic decision was made by President Bush, to go after him”.

Ann-Marie Murrell, columnist for many leading Online Magazine’s brought it right to the point when she said in her column on Patriot Update: “Thank you Mr. President (President Bush that is….)”.

Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell

Next to former President George W. Bush there is another Texan that had a major Role in the demise of Osama bin-Laden.

As the Washington Post reports, San Antonio, Texas born Vice Admiral William H. McRaven, was the commanding officer of the “Joint Special operations Command” for three years and the man that hunted Osama bin-Laden the past three years and lead the tactical groundwork for the successful execution of the world’s most wanted terrorist.

Vice Admiral W.H. McRaven

Vice Admiral W.H. McRaven

Vice Admiral W.H. McRaven, born in San Antonio, Texas graduated from Roosevelt High school and then from the University of Texas, Austin where he was a member of the “Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps”. He graduated in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and holds a master’s degree from the “NavalPostgraduateSchool” where he helped and was the first graduate from the Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict curriculum (from Wikipedia).

Vice Admiral McRaven is a highly awarded War Veteran who served in: Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and now Operation Geronimo that lead to the Osama bin-Laden closure.

He himself is a trained Navy SEAL, and in addition carries the Navy Parachutist badge (not worn), Presidential service Badge and the Joint Special Operations Command badge.

Among many other awarded medals Vice Admiral McRaven was awarded the Defense Superior Service medal (2), Legion of Merit Medal (2) and Bronze Star (2)

This man is a true Texas Hero and we Texan’s can be proud of him. So while POTUS travels through the country enjoying the success of others it was twoTexas heroes’s that actually and truly led the way to success.

So here is my message to all you Terrorists, criminals, drug and weapon smugglers out there: 

We come and get ya



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How Obama takes advantage of the bin-Laden Killing

~~ Si Vis Parcem Para Bellum (If you wish for peace prepare for war) ~~
(George Washington)

Osama bin-Laden the world’s most wanted Terrorist is dead. Ever since the news, Blog forums and the internet are full with new points of view and news. Before I get started and give my 5 cents worth of Comments on this incident I want to say thank you:

Thank you U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six (DEVGRU).

You are the bravest of the brave and the best of the best. You make me proud to be American andAmerica is proud of you. You mess with the best, the night is your friend and when the world goes down you are the one to be called. I don’t know you by name but each and every one of you is in my prayers, my heart, and my mind every single day.

Thank you to the Helicopter Pilots

Those brave Pilots who gave our Seals a lift into the compound and back. No message made me happier than to hear that the crew of the Black Hawk who went down is safe and secure back home. No man left behind. God bless you and God’s speed. 

Thank you President George W. Bush

It was your idea to establish the perfect installation GuantanamoBayand it was your order to give those Terrorists the right treatment to gather valuable information. It was your hard work, your persistence against those whining – left wing liberal – self declared humanitarian – Terrorist loving – self declared humans rights activists who permanently demanded to close Guantanamo Bay. For years they have tried to tell us we should give those creeps a better treatment and hard interrogation does not lead to valuable information. But you Mr. President proved them wrong.

It was exactly that treatment that made “Khalid Shaikh Mohammed” blows the whistle on the courier that finally led to Usama bin Laden.

Ok, enough thank you. Here are a few thoughts from me on this whole day of Victory forAmerica.

President-Imposter Obama

You might have wondered why I have not wasted a moment of thanks to him. Well the answer is a pretty simple one – HE DID NOTHING WORTH BEING THANKFUL FOR. President Obama did not lay the ground work on finding Usama bin-Laden that was G.W. Bush and the Bush administration. All Obama did was give the order to take him down and the online magazine Right side News said it very accurate: The Bin Laden ‘Get”: It’s called doing your Duty. The L.A. Times talks about Obama’s office “bravery”.

Not to mention that his poll numbers were down and this “action” came right on time for him to boost his re-election numbers.

But Obama would not be Obama if he would not show his real face to the American people.

While the American people cheered about bin-Laden’s death and did not pay attention Obama’s czar Geithner threatened, completely unnoted, that the U.S. treasury department will stop selling U.S. Bonds and cut off the states from finances until September unless they agree to raise the spending limit for Obama.

Excerpt from the Letter Geithner sent to Boehner:

If Congress does not increase the debt limit by May 16, the Treasury Department will be forced to employ further extraordinary measures on that date to provide headroom under the limit. Therefore, on May 16, I will (1) declare a “debt issuance suspension period” under the statute governing…………

Pakistan Government

What is really interesting is that Usama bin Laden was hiding the past 5 years in a city called “Abbottabad”; a city that is known also for its “MilitaryAcademy” and “Military Intelligence headquarters”. Which leads me to a few Questions here? 1) Is the Pakistani Government/Military/Military Intelligence the most incompetent idiotic organization in the world or 2) Are they, as suspected for a long time, connected and supportive to bin-Laden?

Even the primary Obama propaganda station MSNBC asks now if Pakistan is playing double games on bin-Laden, and Congressman Allen West says “We need to re-evaluate our relationship with Pakistan”.  

Either way thank you Pakistani Government by proving to us, the thinking suspicious American conservatives right that we cannot trust you, but I am sure Obama is very proud of you.


The world news has been full with what is going to happen now and is the Terror coming to an end. What a stupid question; Terror has always been there and always will be there.

As the successor of bin-Laden is Ayman Muhammed Rabaie al-Zawahiri named, a 59 year old Egyptian pediatrician and radical Muslim fanatic.

He is the second in command of Al Qaeda, considered even more ruffian than bin-Laden and highly intelligent.

Zawahiri has been like the “General Manager” of the Al Qaeda Network; the man in the background dealing with all the organizational issues. Of course he will try, and for a while lead Al Qaeda, but he does not have the military skills of bin-Laden. Under president Carter the CIA had trained Bin-Laden as Mujahedin fighter. The training started on orders of President Carter and was ended by President Reagan.

Also Zawahiri does not have the financial means to keep Al Qaeda alive nor does he have the charisma of bin-Laden to inspire suicide terrorists. It was bin-Laden that had been the millionaire and charismatic leader.

You might want to compare Al Qaeda and the relationship bin-Laden/Zawahiri with the Nazi regime. While Adolf Hitler was the gifted speaker and face of the Nazi regime Joseph Goebbels was the man for the rough job and the manager and master mind in the background. Let’s assume for a moment the assassination attempts on Hitler would have been successful, the third Reich would have still survived for maybe a year, but though Goebbels was the mastermind and strategist, without Hitler the Nazi regime would have fallen apart a lot sooner.

And it is the same with Al Qaeda. Sure Zawahiri will be able to run Al Qaeda for a little bit working with bin-Laden as the martyr fighting revenge attacks now in his name, but sooner or later Al Qaeda will face the same problem as Al Qaeda in Maghreb (a side arm of Al Qaeda) and that means fight for power, money, and leadership. Sooner or later Al Qaeda itself will dismember in many small groups easy to take down. 

What works for Zawahiri is his Egyptian heritage. This leaves a lot of room for speculation.

During the Egyptrevolt the radical “Muslim Brotherhood” emerged into power. Meanwhile they have extended their power and influence all over northern Africa. Like Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood has two arms 1) the civilian for public appearance and 2) the militant “Al Qaeda connection”

And the Muslim Brotherhood already positioned themselves through a public Statement condemning the Killing of bin-Laden and complaining about the worlds view on radical Islam.

What is worse is that Muslim Brotherhood is financially very well positioned too from the European Union, CAIR, and the Obama administration.

Zawahiri being fromEgyptcould call on Muslim Brotherhood to join forces.

A connection built in hell and made by Obama.

Of course, I cheer that bin-Laden will burn in hell, but I would cheer a lot more if Obama would not support Muslim Brotherhood.

Rest of the World

On Monday, no matter what news I covered, all governments cheered and hailed Obama. But on Tuesday the tone was already a different one. While Western governments still are in praise of the killing and at the same time call for caution that terror is not over, in many media’s they already question the action.

Now that the U.S. Government declared, in opposition to the first reports, that Usama was unarmed, the European left wing liberal thug media’s are really whining about human treatment. These are the same who already question the legitimacy of the U.S. to either arrest or liquidate a person outside the U.S. even without consent of the country of action; Claiming international Law (which does not exist – only agreements).

For all you liberal idiots and thugs I have a message



We get our man


Whenever We Want; Wherever We Want, However We Want;


Try to stop Us






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Ann-Marie Murrells column: “Thank You, Mister President! (President BUSH, that is….)” on Patriot Update.

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