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Social Networks, Teenagers & the Eminent Dangers

The story is true; names have been changed to protect the privacy of the participants.

Many Blogs, Newspaper articles, columns and similar Posts have been written about this topic, but yet I truly believe that there CAN NOT BE ENOUGH WARNING about this issue.

I have two minors on my Facebook Page.

Sandy P. – I know both parents (Barbara and Max P.) personally, talk to the mother almost on a daily basis, and before adding Sandy to my friends list I have asked the parents’ permission. And I do so every time I plan on posting something on the girl’s page, before or after talking to her on chat, or suggest fan pages of Hollywood stars and performers to the girl. Sandy, though only 11 years old, attends a very sophisticated Elite School in Austria and is highly interested in politics.

Laura F. – I know the father personally and he is a close friend of mine; and just like with Sandy, before doing anything I ask her dad’s permission.

The Story

In April 2010 I received a friends request on my FB page from a young girl from a foreign country. The picture was showing a girl between the age of 10 and 12. I was quit occupied with work, so when I discovered “2 mutual friends – Sandy and Barbara P.” I thought to myself ok I accept – it could be that that girl is interested in politics for school purposes, and moved on with my business.

Later on that day I finally found some time to check on my newly added friend on FB and found the following Stats on the girl: Birthday: April 3,1994 (which would make her 16); Status: Single; Interested in: Men; and a picture that did not fit a 12 year old; nor did I find any indication of school interests.

Immediately I deleted the Girl from my friends.

As soon as Barbara P. was online I confronted her with the stats on that young girl, asking her what she knew about the girl, does the mother know about the posting and so on. Barbara confirmed to me that this young girl is NOT 16 years of age, but 11, attends school with her daughter and even she has blocked certain access to the girl. And no, the mother of her, though herself on FB, obviously does not check on the activities of the girl.

This is creepy

Now, you might say – Ok nothing happened, get over it; But I can’t because just last week I was watching a movie called “Human Trafficking” starring Donald Sutherland and Mira Sorvino, and that was quit disturbing.

 Human Trafficking (the Movie)

The disturbing part of this movie is that the story is based on reality. A 12 year old American girl is forcefully abducted from her parent’s, right next to her mother on a vacation in Thailand and then forced into Thai Sex slavery. A 16 year old Russian girl entrapped during a Online Model contest, brought to the U.S. with false papers as a “Model” and sold into sex slavery; A Russian Mail order bride – the same. Watching this movie makes a parent want to lock up their kids until they turn 25, at least. An American Doctor cooperating with the Criminal mastermind is enjoying pedophile behavior – That movie came to my mind yesterday.

Scene from the Movie "Human Trafficking"

Scene from the Movie "Human Trafficking"

Human Trafficking (the reality)

First of all do not be mistaken: There is a difference between Human Smuggling and Human Trafficking. While Human smuggling serves only the illegal border crossing for Immigration Purposes, Human Trafficking is modern day slavery and the victims are exclusively trafficked for the purpose of sexual and labor exploitation. Mostly sold into sex slavery to pay off “the expenses such as papers, travel costs, etc”. (http://is.gd/bAph2).

The girls are threatened with pictures of their loved ones (parents, children, siblings) proving to them that their abductors know everything and if they try to flee, talk, or not comply their families will be hurt, if not killed.

–       The primary Targets are girls of poor countries, such as former Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia, they are between the ages of 10 and 18 (not older).

–       The average survival of a girl caught in this trap is approximately 4 years (maximum).

However, that does not mean a Girl in America or western Europe is safe. Another target for those criminals are so called

–       Runaways

According to ICE (U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement); U.S. Department of Justice and other officials, Human Trafficking has today exceeded illegal Drug and Weapon Trafficking as the most profitable Illegal Business.

–       Approximately between 600,000 and 900,000 young girls and women are trafficked across borders every year

–       Between 14,000 and 18,000 alone are trafficked across U.S. Border

–       Largest Market is the United States, Canada, and Western Europe

–       The economical number on profit – Human trafficking has an estimated Business volume of 45 Billion Dollars per year.

–       Every year thousands of Girls in the United States alone run away because their parents won’t allow them to do something or they dream of a career as model – just to end up as a drug addicted street prostitute exploited to the bone.


This is to all my friends, in FB, in real life, and everybody else who reads this. The girl in my story above was lucky because my friend promised me she would inform her mother and take proper actions about that Girls online activity, but

–       Hundreds of Girls in the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe – thinking they know everything – just like the girl in my story above, are not as lucky as this one and get caught by a pedophile bastard.

In 1865 the “Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution” officially prohibited Slavery

In 2010 human Slavery is more alive than ever – Sex Slavery IS Slavery.

–       At least once a month I read in the Newspapers from international operating Pedophile rings – busted by joint Taskforces of Law enforcement; And still it does not stop. 

The real predator is not the nasty criminal as shown in Hollywood Movies; the real predator is the Teacher, the Lawyer, the Uncle, the neighbor, the doctor. The majority of all sex offenders used to be found within the family or close friends, but today another one is emerging – the unknown Chat partners.

You might say, I know all of the mentioned above and below, and I don’t need you to tell me, but I think a little reminder won’t hurt, and as father of a 7 year old, I dare to cross the line here, overstep my boundaries and dare to give you all a little bit of advice:

–       Invade their privacy; read their diaries, check online activities, read their blogs, and demand their passwords.

Your kids might hate you for 5 minutes but trust me – BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY – and let’s face it, though some parents might think so, but we are not their best friends, we are the parents.

–       If you discover strange activities, strangers on their friends list, or chat rooms, or if adults perform activities on your kid’s websites – double check and confront that person, if you get suspicious turn them in.

If he is a friend he’ll understand and if he does not understand he is not a friend, but perhaps a sick SOB.

–       Talk to your kids,
–       Observe any change in their behavior
–       Listen to them

I know, you all are excellent parents and it is not my place to give you any advice, but like I said I am a father and I am an uncle myself, and so I am taking the liberty to inform you. Let us help eachother and protect our children, because they are Gods children and not only our future, but the most precious gift of God there is.

And remember the Devil does not knock on the door, he sneaks up from behind.

We don’t want our kids to end up like this.


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