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Obama, liberals and the Muslims using religion to divide a Nation

It will be exactly two years, on November 28, 2009, since I published my blog “Diversity and Misunderstood political Correctness” and the topic has not yet lost a bit of accuracy still today.

In two additional blogs throughout the years, “Sharia Law – the final Islamization of America” and the 3 part Blog “Radical Muslim University ‘UNISSA’ established in Amarillo, TX” I continued warning about the Muslim Infiltration of our Nation.

When the sitting President Barrack Obama announced during a June 2007 speech available on YouTube that America is no longer a Christian Nation he did more than give a speech – Obama also seemingly blasted the “Christian Right” for hijacking religion and using it to divide a Nation.


But by making those statements he basically gave Muslims in Americathe right and legal authority to do exactly that – USING RELIGION TO DIVIDE A NATION.

He opened what can be considered a Pandora’s Box.

This constant public support by Obama has given Muslims in America a platform to conquer our society from within.

It is not so much the Democrats in their irresponsible naivety and desperate dream of a diverse world trying to make this ideology of diversity, radicalism, and violence possible that surprises me.

It is more the fact that our so called conservative political leaders and Christian religious leaders seem to have given up on what this Country has been built on – built on Judeo-Christian principles and rather joined the path of “political correctness” instead of standing up together with their flock of Christians against muslimization.

Political and Christian Leaders, and Political Correctness in America

When on November 15, 2011 for the first time “PolitiChicks.tv”, starring “Jennie Jones”, “Ann-Marie Murrell”, “Jannique Stewart”, and “Victoria Jackson”, aired those amazing brave ladies sure chose a hot topic for their first episode – “Gays, Muslims & Gay Muslims”.

Unlike similar liberal ultra liberal formats like “Bill Mahar” or “The View” those Conservative Christian Ladies took a closer look at this very interesting and worrying topic without foul language, below the belt comments, or inflammatory speech. They chose a more intellectual and conservative point.

They had over 100,000 clicks within the first 24 hours and were not only immediately hammered by radical left wing diversity protectors insulting and calling them names on Youtube, but also received a very article on Christian Post.

Christian Post is an online Newspaper demanding to be the voice of American Christians.

And yet instead of cheering for the PolitiChicks.tv in satisfaction that we Christians finally have a format that stands up for what this country is all about they questioned publically if “Muslims and Gay Comments cross the line?”.

It seems to be that even Christian platforms would rather play Political Correctness in order not to offend anybody then defending what is rightfully our heritage.

The response to my UNISSA blogs, and the harsh, radical, and insulting comments on the Politichicks sure gives the column  from Frontpage Magazine’s Mark Tapson “Smear, Inc.: Silencing the Critics of Islamic Supremacism”, a whole new meaning”.

And the silencing of the Critics of Islamic Supremacism continues unrecognized inAmerica and all over the world.

Completely ignored by the Mainstream media, but reported by Judson Berger of Frontpage Magazine on November 12, 2011, the State department under Secretary Clinton just hosted “religious scholar and advocacy groups” with the goal to follow the European Example in creating new laws, pushed by some Islamic Nations, to stifle religious criticism and debate.

After the Norway killing almost every European country seized the moment and installed so called “Anti Radicalism” Laws allowing them to spy and track down every critics of Islamization; under the false pretense of Anti-Terrorism.

Germany even went so far to maintain Trojan software (so called Bundestrojaner – federal Trojan) that allows domestic secret service to monitor all bloggers, and internet activities of all citizens identifying Islam critics as “radicals” and silence them through fascist Laws.

Austria works currently on the same Laws,Britain has already installed them.

If injustice becomes Law – resistance becomes Duty
(~~Thomas Jefferson~~)

Adding those connections up a study published by the OSCE in the spring of 2011 (available on my blogs) makes a lot more sense.

This study makes it a point that part of the Christian persecution taking place in Muslim countries through slaughter and murder are also taking place in Christian home countries such as the United States and Europe through silencing every critic by law.

Even worse, our own lawmakers do everything to prove separation of church and state and dismantle every Christian heritage, insignia, or tradition.

We are not even allowed to say “In Jesus Name”, Christmas trees have to be removed, Christmas transforms to Holidays, crosses have to be removed not to offend Muslims (but Muslim foot washing on public Universities is accepted) and much more.

And at the same time allowing this on the principle of “Freedom of Religion” Muslims become more and more dominant.

Speaking of our Lawmakers

Have you noticed that during these Presidential Debates of Conservative contenders the Media desperately avoided these topics?

All the past debates revolved around the same topics over and over and over, up to the point where sometimes I thought I was watching a re-run.

On the last debate on security only one of the conservative contenders, “Newt Gingrich” was brave enough to talk publicly about the “absurdity of a Muslim filing a lawsuit against a Catholic University”.

Newt Gingrich

Every other contender avoids the topics of Illegal’s running up our social system and Muslim infiltration nor does anyone clearly specify that America is a Judeo-Christian Nation built on Judeo-Christian principles and other religions are welcome to worship whatever they believe in as long as they accept our Christian heritage.

Democrat naivety

I said in a previous paragraph that I am not surprised by the liberals and their promotion of Islam.

Since the race card is maxed out, overused, and outdated the liberals desperately need a lunatic fringe group they can support.

Their entire ideology of “Diversity”, established in the late 60’s is based on fringe groups. The only problem is that liberals don’t see in their blind radicalism that they are feeding a rattlesnake by supporting Muslims.

The fact is that they really think once they have established Muslims in our country and give them more access to power Muslims will be grateful to them.

But it is the opposite that will happen.

Once the biggest foe for Muslims, the Christians, is all enslaved and silenced the Muslims will immediately turn on their feeder for one simple reason.

Liberalism also stands for: woman’s rights, pro-gay’s, pro-lesbians, abortion, and all types of alternative sexual lifestyles – Basically, everything Islam and Sharia Law punishes by death.

The liberals are feeding a monster they cannot control and doing so with every radicalism, violent, and naivety possible – SUICIDE IN SLOW MOTION.

The evil of Islam Ideology (© Right Side News)


I’ll keep it with Eliana Benador of Right Side News when she says: “Stop Sharia Muslim Invasion despite Hussein Obama”.

We need to increase the pressure on our political and religious leaders and make them aware that we are not interested in their political correctness, we want them to make a clear statement and stand firm to Christianity, and we are not interested in Koran readings in Christian Churches otherwise we have lost the war against Islamization already.

Kick Islam out

A friend of mine fromAustriaonce said it pretty accurate when we discussed the 32 times Turks have tried to invade and muslimizeEurope:

Throughout History in 32 Wars we have defended what belongs to us – the 33. War we already lost thanks to your politicians.

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Introducing ‚PolitiChicks‘ – The New Conservative Talk Show

The View – is a daily talk show on ABC since 1997 hosted by semi-intellectual liberals, such as “Barbara Walters,” “Whoopi Goldberg,” “Joy Behar,” “Sheri Shepherd,” andElisabeth Hasselbeck” (leans right).

They have the intellectual capacity of a 5th grader, but that does not keep them from picking a daily topic where they torture us by pushing their radical left wing ideology on us.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

After 14 years of Conservative Bashing and Liberal ranting on ABC’s the View we finally have a counterpart and our own show.

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome – PolitiChicks.tv

Coming Soon - PolitiChicks.Tv

Coming Soon - PolitiChicks.Tv

“Jennie Jones”, “Victoria Jackson”, “Jannique Stewart” and “Ann-Marie Murrell” – are going to discuss on a regular basis all kinds of topics and news. From TSA Gropping, to Conservative bashing, from OWS radicals to covering the Presidential election – they are going to be on top of things.

Highly educated, Smart, funny, witty, and beautiful, with conservative principles of honesty and integrity those four ladies don’t need to join the bashing game but rather embrace with Analytic expertise, sympathy and fun, and so make the View look like worse than the Muppet show and become a true competition to this liberal ranting.

PolitiChicks.TV launches for the first time On-Air on Tuesday November 15th 2011.

So dont forget to mark your calendar – on Tuesday 11-15-2011 we finally have our own show.

I am honored and privileged to introduce the ladies to you:


Ann-Marie Murrell


Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie is a devoted mother and wife, originally from East Texas she is our first line of defense in liberal La-La-Land West Hollywood. Like Ronald Reagan, a former Democrat, she is now surrounded by liberals and stands “Texas Proud” her ground and defends conservative principles of honesty and truth.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s she appeared in dozens of TV shows such as Sledge Hammer, Young and the Restless, and lots of others as well as commercials.

Ann-Marie is a beautiful, highly intelligent, smart, funny, and witty conservative Columnist and Video Blogger for “Patriot Update” and “Red/White and Blue News” as well as “Michael Reagan’s ReaganReport.com” and a true role model to others.

Jennie Jones:

Jennie Jones

Jennie Jones

Jennie Jones is also a Judeo-Christian born and raised Texas Native. Her political thinking has been shaped at a very young age because of her family’s interaction with a man who had been imprisoned in a Russian concentration camp. This first hand information on what it feels like to live in a communist country without individual freedom formed her political thinking.

Jennie actively worked for political campaigns in Florida and Georgia and on a broad spectrum of locals such as Law offices and the Air Force.

Jennie Jones is the editor of Patriot Update, one of the primary sources for Conservatives to get informed.

She also fights actively against Human Trafficking.

Jannique Stewart

Jannique Stewart

Jannique Stewart

Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, Jannicque is the third Lady in the reign of the Politichicks. She is a devoted “Pro-Life and Sexual Purity Speaker” with Life Training Institute and Hearts Matter Most.

She is a passionate speaker for “saving the preborn” and “teen sexuality” ever since she was a teenager herself.

Knowing that the general population in Germany has an ultra liberal ideology on this topic makes her double admirable to be an outstanding fighter for the right thing and to preserve the unborn life.

Jannique is not ashamed of her Christianity and is very passionate about it.

Shortly after moving to the United States with her parents Jannique started competing for the Title in a Teen National Pageant and chose those topics that were her passion: “Abortion” and “Sexualization of Teens”. She won her first title at the age of 15.

Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson


Miami, Florida native Victoria Jackson, a loving wife and mother of two is not unknown. This very talented woman has an amazing career as American Comedian, Actress, and singer and is best known as a cast member of the NBC television sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live” from 1986 to 1992 as well as a standup comedian on the “Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson .

Victoria also writes articles for World Net Daily and Patriot Update.

She is a true conservative and active participant in the Tea Party movement. She also makes some video blogs for Patriot Update.

Just recently she visited the OWS’s movement and exposed not only their real agenda, but also their (non-existing) brain power. Victoria is highly educated and very funny. I can’t wait to hear her taking apart the liberals with her special sense of sophisticated cynical humor.

For detailed information on those four amazing Ladies read the more detailed introduction on Patriot Update.

Welcome PolitiChicks - You are finally here

Welcome PolitiChicks - You are finally here


Patriot Update: http://patriotupdate.com/articles/introducing-the-politichicks

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