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Cut the Crap – Take One For The Team

Today I watched the first Formula 1 car race in this year’s season. Many ask me why I like this so much. Well, the answer is pretty simple, It is a race, one-driver-against-another, but at the same time it is a team sport.

Every Team, let’s say Red Bull Racing who holds the current world championship, has two drivers in the field who compete against each other and both drivers also fight for the so called Team-Championship.

In every race the drivers collect points and also the team collects points for technical improvements based on placing’s of the drivers. So it is just normal that at a certain point, when it is obvious a certain driver can’t win the world championship anymore (based on the collected points) he takes one for the team, protects the leading racer, and keeps the competitors back no matter if he likes his team partner or not – for the team championship.

What does this have to do with politics you ask? Everything – A Presidential race is not much different. We are at a point in the race where some contenders can’t win and it is time to take one for the team.

We have 4 Racers in the challenge Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, and Paul and 1 Team the GOP, the problem right now is nobody wants to take one for the team.

Status Quo

And while GOP contenders are busy smearing one another, throwing dirt on one another, and fighting senseless trench warfare on one another Obama has an easy game.

For the sitting president this election is like a 90yard rush into the end zone, touchdown included, with no defensive line there to try and block him.

All he has needed to do is sit back and quietly plan his strategy, and thanks to the ridiculous amount of GOP Debates he knows perfectly well what their strategy is.

And not only that:

Obama also places laws prohibiting every citizen from protesting against him without GOP candidates even reacting.

Obama Mocks the GOP contenders on gasoline prices – with no backtalk whatsoever (Watch the YouTube Video here)

Sends his VP Joe Biden into election mode spreading the word that the GOP has no clue about the middle class (of course in front of a crowd where the dinner cost $ 10,000 a plate).

And the list just continues.

Nate Beeler © - Obama's state of the Bracket

Voters and activists

In the 2010 Midterm election we all stood together, tall and united, knowing what was at stake.

But just like the candidates, the Voters are back where they were in 2008; everybody against everybody and no shoulder-to-shoulder standing whatsoever.

When I look at my network and read the comments I actually want to cry.

I can’t vote for Santorum because………..

I can’t vote for Romney because……..

I can’t Vote for Gingrich or Paul because……………..

He is a RINO, he is big Government, no he is not a RINO, no he is not Big Government, bla, bla, bla – it makes me sick.

My favorite line is: I can’t vote for either and before I vote for the second best I would rather not vote at all. Now this one really makes me sick.


Here is a little lesson in political reality. My favorite candidate would be Lt. Col. Ret. Congressman Allen West of Florida, but he won’t run.

And since politics is not a “musical request program”, and unless anyone of the voters out there has the magic “Jeannie in the Bottle” that can bring the perfect candidate with a blink of her eye we all have to face reality, and pick one that is there.

And that brings me to the candidates

Who is left in the pool of candidates some like, some don’t. Nevertheless it is the best we’ve got right now and the true agenda in “The most important election in America’s history” is to kick Obama out, PERIOD.

Here is my question to the contenders (or some of them): Why do you run in the first place? 

a)    You run because you are truly interested in saving America

Then it is time to face political reality. Re-evaluate your chances by reality and not mathematical possibility and do the right thing.

Maybe you want to take from the example of Governor Rick Perry (R-TX), who was humble enough to know he is not going to win and took “one for the team”.

b)    You run because you are probably at an age where you think this is your last chance to gain the highest Office in the Country if not in the world

Then you better get out of the way. Your knuckle-biting does not serve anybody but Obama. This is not the time for personal conceitedness. We already have a self-absorbed narcissist in the office.

Where do we stand?

Whether you like it or not the fact is, based on delegate count, this has become a two-man-race between Mitt Romney (496) and Rick Santorum (236), with Newt Gingrich (141) and Ron Paul (66) pulling up the rear.

I was pretty much one of the first that brought up Newt Gingrich for President in 2011.

But I also was excited about Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, and not to mention that I was still praying for Lt. Col. Ret. Congressman West to reconsider and run. Reality speaks a different language and I have had have to face it too.

No matter where you stand on any candidate, the chances for Gingrich or Paul to still win the primaries are less than slim.

Ron Paul had his fun, and everybody agrees that some of his plans are absolutely the best choice for America. Bring our troops home, stop spending money on Wars we have no business being in, and keep our Money at home. But also some of his ideas are, well let’s say a good comedy. End the war on drugs by legalizing them? Give me a break.

He can’t win, that is also a fact. For a smart man like Congressman Paul it is time to endorse one of the front-runners and start supporting him.

Newt Gingrich had 2 resurrections already, but based on the recent numbers the chance of a third is dismal. He lost as a southerner in the Deep South against “Yankee” Santorum. That should be a message.

Another fact is that every political analyst from USA today to the Tea Party economist agrees that neither Newt Gingrich nor Rick Santorum can win if they both continue to stay in the race, BUT – together they can beat Obama.

Rick Santorum already mentioned that he would consider Newt Gingrich as Vice President. So – where is the problem Mr. Gingrich?

Be a sport, be humble like Perry and take one for the team, take one FOR AMERICA

This is a win-win situation for all of us. Gingrich gets his place in the white House, he can take on sleeping disorder VP Joe Biden, and battle him in debates, coach Rick Santorum to beat Obama in debates, while sharing with Santorum his profound knowledge and experience, and together fight for a renewed America.

That way we can make this what it already is – a two-man race between Santorum and Romney, and then the voters decide once and for all.

Meanwhile Newt Gingrich can start taking on Obama and his policies at every turn in order to prevent Obama from spreading his election message un-challenged.

And finally, (I’m almost begging here) close the frontline against our combined enemy Obama.

Candidates, Voters, Activist

This is a message to both, the candidates and the voters.

Stop smearing, whining, and nagging and acting like a spoiled 5 year old brat – or BOTH OF YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF OBAMA FASCISM WITH ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME

We can’t always have what we want, but we have one combined goal and that is SAVING AMERICA FROM OBAMA or see AMERICA GO ALL THE WAY DOWN

And I said it before and say it again to the Voters – you might not like the current choice, but the only other choice is 4 more years of Obama. So




© My name is Tom Lehner and I’ll be damned if I ever apologize to be proud American.
Copyright 2012 – All rights reserved


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GOP Presidential Debate answer’s I hope for and never hear

Now that 2011 has passed and 2012 is here, the battle to take our country back continues.

The past year we had a marathon of GOP Presidential debates and different candidates taking the lead.

Throughout the entire debates the topics were always the same and then slightly adjusted to fit the current happenings in the world.

And so were the answers. All, and I really mean all, candidates were trying to give the right answers to appear “conservative”, but yet cautiously diplomatic to assure not to offend, insult, or really attack anybody, outside of each other. In other words a disappointing PR-show that leaves me to the point where after hours of debates I am still not convinced as of who to give my vote to.

None of them seems to be willing to grab the hot coals with their bare hands and give those answers, which many grassroots conservatives want to hear.

How to get America back to work

This is the one constant in every debate, and every candidate is determined to prove how “Reagan Conservative” they are in reciting, like a mantra, the “same ol’-same ol’” policy of lowering taxes, deregulating, and so on.

Only Newt Gingrich shortly mentioned one of the real issues, leaving that hot-coal-topic immediately and not going into details, and that is UNIONS.

One extremely important solution to get America back to work is to break the power-neck of the Unions.

The theory:

In theory Unions are a private-non-governmental-organization sponsored by the Federal Government and should provide “Legal Assistance to Workers who’s constitutional and Legal Rights as employees are violated”.

The reality:

However, Unions stopped “being” that a long time ago. Like most things, the initial idea is good, but then greed breeds corruption. They are a criminal Mafia style Organization and nobody seems to care or is too scared to do anything about it.

The fact that the sitting President, Obama, has an affiliation with criminals is evident; — Not without a reason he calls Second Generation Mafia boss “Jimmy Hoffa Jr.” his buddy (and he IS the son of a Mafia gangster) and plays golf during Christmas with a school friend who has been arrested in Prostitution charges.

Hoffa in Life Magazine

Hoffa in Life Magazine

In my opinion, this major entity that determines and influences politics has been misusing federal funds in order to funnel it back to the Democratic Party to keep control of their interests, without the average person the wiser. This is obscene and illegal, but unfortunately it has been going on for decades. In a nutshell, our government subsidizes criminal enterprise and there seems to be no politician willing to take them on.

In some states you cannot even acquire a contract as a contractor if you don’t pay your dues (in my book of law that is called: danegeld) to the Unions and submit to hire Union workers only. And if you refuse – well accidents happen all the time. This is clearly “criminal”, but normal since politicians and judges look the other way.

Unions are assured with their election contribution, their re-election.

And the very same Politicians and Judges grant the Unions the right to intervene in Companies decisions to either produce or preserve employment.

The fact is that in the past 6 months alone Unions have caused or endangered over 130,000 Jobs in the United States either by stopping to build a Boeing plant in South Carolina (a right to work State and mentioned by Newt Gingrich) or by stonewalling any negotiations with American Airlines which jeopardized over 130,000 Jobs and retirees.

Breaking the neck of the Unions and putting them back into their place is not only a small, but also a necessary key element to get America back to work. That is why I desperately want to hear the following statements from a candidate:

1)    I will make America a “Right to work nation” and make this a “Constitutional Amendment”

2)    I will audit the Unions and assure that funds given to this private institution are used proper to secure the constitutional and legal rights of American workers and workers under “legal Status”, otherwise Unions will be defunded

3)    I will make a clear commitment that Unions are a private representation and membership is voluntarily, and Unions are NOT to make policy or politics, but have only one duty – representation when asked for

But, I guess that is wishful thinking because everyone remembers what happened to Robert Kennedy.

National Security


None of the candidates are willing to call things by their name when it comes to National Security. I agree, of course, that the two main pillars of National Security are financial independence (bringing the budget in order) and America’s military strength and position in the world. But there is a third Pillar, which gets completely ignored and that is National Security at home.

We don’t need to look for Muslim Terrorists in foreign countries they are already here; and they do a marvelous job of infiltrating our nation through their so-called “Representations”.

Islam Infiltration of America

Islam Infiltration of America

Of course not every Muslim is a Terrorist but 99% of all terrorists are Muslims.

Instead of cooperating with Law-enforcement Muslims take the position of “Victims of Discrimination” using this policy to avoid any cooperation and play the “Victim Card”.

Financing Terrorists all over the world, dismantling our Constitution, and trying to sneak Sharia Law into our court rooms calling it cultural heritage is NOT assimilation nor the practice of freedom of religion it is clear infiltration to take over our country.

And to make things worse, Hillary Clinton and the State Department just held a summit with Arab Nations to strike down the 1st Amendment making critics of Islam a crime under the pretence of “Inflammatory Speech”.

The UN sponsored this summit and the role model is similar to European Laws, which already bow to the Muslims.

I was actually waiting for one candidate to condemn this meeting in the last debate – BUT NOTHING.

Fact is, in order to assure a strong National Security we first need to establish a strong National Identity and that is, or should be, a clear commitment by the Candidates to a Judeo-Christian Heritage.

But that one is missing as well.

United Nations

A fourth pillar to a strong National Security is a strong National Independency.

Again, what I am missing with every candidate is the clear commitment to defund financially and withdraw politically from this senseless organization and make a clear statement that any interference in domestic issues through Agenda 21 or other policies will only result in a final disembarkation of this criminal corrupt organization.

This would not only strengthen America’s position, but also save us billions of Dollars as Ann-Marie Murrell of PolitiChicks stated with utmost precision in her column “Some Simple Solutions to our National Debt” on Patriot Update.

Kicking the UN would therefore be a double monumental victory for America. Saving us tons of money as Ann-Marie says, and making us independent from the UN, which would strengthen our Sovereignty.


This is just an excerpt of what bothers me with those debates.

Nothing but a lot of blah-blah, repetition, and the very same diplomatic packed political correct standard message hoping to please the conservative voters, but yet making sure that the other side is not offended.

Many of the conservative and independent voters are still undecided. You might think since we’re so close to the primaries that the candidates have convinced us who would be the best equipped for the job and who would truly and truthfully represent us, but I hear in my network all the time that it’s quite the opposite.

As long as the candidates are not willing to hit the nail on the head and call things as they are and walk away from the standard answers (Lord have mercy they have preached them so many times to us – I can recite those answers in advance), and give us the “right” answers, this election will be just another fiasco with nothing but RINO’s.

So please all you candidates out there – TELL US THE TRUTH; GET TO THE POINT AND START REPRESENTING US AND NOT POLITICS – WE THE PEOPLE fight for America, we work our behinds off to save this Nation, and the last thing we want or need is another flip-flopping coward – what we need is a tough conservative candidate to beat Obama and return the government to the people.


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Rick Perry – how to adumbrate a Debate absent

~~ In Americapeople are not subject to the Government, the Government is subject to the people ~~

 (Gov. Rick Perry, on his presidential announcement speech in S.C. August 13, 2011)

Governor Rick Perry

Governor Rick Perry

The 2nd Presidential Debate in Ames, Iowa for the Republican preliminaries is over. Winners, losers, and the first quitter are determined.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll slightly ahead of Ron Paul and then former Governor Tim Pawlenty who has now thrown in the towel, but one man managed to shuffle the entire debate without even being there – Governor Rick Perry (TX – R).

Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll (Photo AP)

Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll (Photo AP)

The Debate

Rick Perry made the smartest move possible by having his staff announce the “high possibility” of him running on Thursday, followed by watching and sitting out the debate, and then Rick Perry making the official announcement of his candidacy for president on Saturday in South Carolina.

Iowa Straw Poll (Getty Images)

Iowa Straw Poll (Getty Images)

With Chris Wallace on stage in Iowa as the igniter, the “advocate diabolic (the devil’s advocate)” the debate actually became interesting. Every good debate needs one like this.

People have different opinions on this debate, but I have to admit that I liked this one a lot better than the first debate in New Hampshire and though many of my friends (or better almost all of them) disagree with me, I liked it better because of Chris Wallace.

But let’s be honest here: What are the preliminaries and what are they good for?

As a fan of Formula 1 car racing I see the preliminaries as the qualifying, the “everybody against everybody selection” for the actual race.

And as a former soldier of the Armed Forces I know for a fact that you can’t train and prepare man/woman for the worst by playing nice.

The first debate in New Hampshire was more like a choir performance where all of the candidates showed their uttermost politeness, all had the same message and basically nothing really new was said.

For me as voter it was hard to determine which candidate would be best equipped to replace Barrack Obama in the White House.

“Minnesota Nice” is beautiful and “Texas Hospitality” is a marvelous thing, but we are preparing for the most brutal and below the
belt face off going into the 2012 election. Obama will be fighting desperately for re-election and believe me he will not play fair or nice.

Answer in Iowa (Nate Beeler)

Answer in Iowa (Nate Beeler)

Jon Stewart, an aggressive Obama supporter and radical left wing talk show host of the “Daily show” for example already started with sexual insults towards the Bachmann’s and since Obama never stepped in condemning this audacity he showed “Silent

The election is on and the Chris Wallace “head on head fight calls” was actually nothing but a warm up for what is yet to come.

Pitting Michelle Bachmann against Tim Pawlenty on their records was an excellent move. Democrats will do the same, and worse. And for the first time the usually very confident and competent Michelle Bachmann showed signs of being “off guard” and insecure for a moment.

Well Congresswoman Bachmann better get used to it, it won’t get any easier.

Pitting Tim Pawlenty against Mitt Romney on “Romney care” is of course nothing new and also happened in New Hampshire, but here Wallace proved that he is a professional “Journalist” trained on counter warfare and challenging the contestants;

Newt Gingrich actually showed what is to be expected from a Presidential Hopeful when Chris attacked him on his records Gingrich fired back accusing him of playing “Mickey Mouse games”. Gingrich put Wallace and the media in their place and showed great fighting spirit.

Mitt Romney did the same when he challenged Wallace about the Massachusetts Constitution.

I was amazed and quite disappointed at Ron Paul when Chris Wallace started the next hot topic: Terrorism and foreign wars.

Ron Paul, cornered by his opponents threw the question in the room “who determines a Terrorist” indicating that there is no
such lawful determination.

For your information Congressman Paul: The term “Terrorist” is determined in the ICRC – International Humanitarian Law (Geneva Convention) from 1949.

This document clearly defines an “Enemy Combatant”, “Civilian” and “Terrorist” and based on that international agreement is the “Code of Conduct” also known as “U.S. Military Rules of Engagement”.

The bold moves of Chris Wallace finally caused Byron York to step forward and attack Jon Huntsman on his position of being in favor of Civil Unions.

All of those things actually made the debate interesting and put some spice in it. Very interesting was the question about Rick Perry entering the race and while all candidates played nice only Ron Paul gave a few fiery comments on the issue. But I am
afraid Congressman Paul could say: Be careful what you wish for. I am sure Perry would have given him the right answer on the terrorist question.

As a voter I expect from my candidate two things:

1)    He/She has to represent my beliefs as a fiscal Judeo-Christian conservative

2)    He/She has to be able to defend those principals

But here is the thing.

Giving election speeches in front of a crowd is easy. Politicians are trained and used to do that. As a tea party member, and fiscal conservative I can step in front of 10,000 people anytime and give a speech. I can say things to make the audience cheer or say things to get their blood boiling ready for a fight.

It is like preaching to the choir. There are only likeminded people in the crowd who believe the same things and share the same opinions.

But defending the records and the principles in an open discussion with an opponent is something completely different. Anybody who has ever been in a debate knows that.

In a debate you have to expect attacks and counter attacks, you deal with limited speaking time where you have to a) get your
message out and at the same time b) defend your record and position.

And if you think that is easy – try; I am a well trained rhetorician and I’ve been told that I’m strongly opinionated, bullheaded, stubborn and pretty good at combat rhetoric.

You have to be faster, quicker, better informed, and well prepared and never lose or show any weakness.

And here is where Rick Perry comes into play and why he overshadowed the entire debate. If you have watched Rick Perry during the gubernatorial race he has been attacked a lot of times very hard by his opponents.

But Governor Perry is good in that game. Rick Perry is a highly experienced politician with the aura of a statesman.

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry

He always shows Texas coolness, never shows any weakness, has his records straight, is well informed, and understands the principles of “counterattack without direct attack”.

Making a “counterattack without attacking the opponent” is an Art not many master.

You have to be prepared to take an opponents comment and shove it back down his throat without being vicious or aggressive, simple by using logic and well founded information.

And that makes him a tough discussion partner; one that rules the stage.

Rick Perry does not need foul attacks or dirty games. He is a highly experienced rhetorician, he knows what he is doing and the big plus is he is humble.

The beauty of the American Republic and the U.S. Constitution is that we are all entitled to an opinion. Since Governor Perry announced his candidacy thousands of blogs and comments appeared on the internet.

Some in favor, some calling him a RINO and part of the system, some positive, some negative, and some neutral pointing out both sides.

It is not my place to tell you what to think or who to vote for that is for you to decide. The field of conservative contestants is now there and full and you can choose for yourself which candidate is your favorite one.

I already did for myself.

But one issue nobody can deny, and that was also sensed in the debate in Iowa – Governor Perry is a major factor and force in the preliminaries and all of the candidates knew that. In my opinion that is the main reason Chris Wallace had such an easy time bringing some tension into the debate.

I watched the debate twice and I am convinced because of Governor Perry the tension was there, candidates were forced to show corners and edges and Chris Wallace just picked up on it and used it.

One way or the other I am finally looking forward to the third and final debate on September
22, 2011 in Orlando Florida. This will be the debate that actually cleans the field.


This is my 100th Blog on WordPress, and I would like to take the opportunity to give grace.

First, I want to say thank you to my readers and followers, Facebook friends, and fellow patriots such as Ann-Marie
Murrell, Chet & Natalie Nichols, Suzanne Sharer, Heidi Kutney, Michaela Brandner, Antoniette Walker and many, many others without you I would not be here anymore. You keep me on my toes and make me want to be better with every single blog.

Thank you for your patience, your time and your compassion. You have added many comments and sometimes you have even disagreed with me, but I love, honor, and respect each and every comment.

Thank you to my son Jessy. You are the reason I fight for a better future, the light of my eye and star in my heaven.

Thanks to Annette for constantly cross reading and editing, you have done a marvelous job. I love you.

Thanks to my parents who brought me up well, showed me that a man is entitled to his opinion as long as he puts it on a foundation – This made me strong.

And last but not least – thank you my God almighty in heaven and my savior Jesus Christ for providing me with the rhetorical talent to be outspoken.

Thank you to the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces, who gave their ultimate sacrifice in order to provide and defend the blanket of freedom, that was thought of by the Founding Fathers, and established as the United States Constitution.

God Bless them all

God Bless them all

Your ultimate sacrifice allows me to share my opinion no matter if I am right or wrong.

God Bless ya’ll and





ICRC – International Humanitarian Law (Geneva Convention)

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