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Terror and Sex-attacks by Islamists – How the EU makes citizens even more defenseless

European Union – A gun free dream land for Terrorists and criminals


The European Union members have some of the strictest Gun Laws in the world. All over the EU, for Law abiding citizens is it almost impossible to own a gun and even worst to carry one.

Most countries in the EU, like Germany and Austria for example, differentiate between “the right to own a gun” “Gun owners permit” and “the right to carry a gun”, “Hunting and Sports Guns”, and “license free (Category “C”) guns”.

Gun Owners Permit

Citizens have to obtain a so called “Weapon Pass”. After severe background checks, citizens have to make weapons uses and handling classes, take a test and IF the qualify they are allowed to purchase a gun.

BUT – they are now only allowed to “own” a gun. The gun must be stored safely (Police control at any given time without probable cause) and the storage rules at home are basically: The gun and ammo has to be both locked up and stored on separate places.

For example: Just in case you are the victim of a burglar, or rapist, you have to go first in one closet to get the gun out of a locked safe or case, and then go to another closest to get the ammo out of a locked case or safe, and if you are not raped or dead by now you are allowed to use it BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE – if you kill the criminal you might go to jail for “using excessive Force”.

Got to love uber-liberal leftist countries [if you are a Terrorist, criminal, murderer, or rapist]

Gun carry Permit

Is almost impossible to obtain, and extremely limited. Not even most Police officers, or Security guards, have a private gun carry permit. After duty they have to keep their guns in storage at work.

Sports and Hunting weapons and Rifles

Citizens need to have a hunting license and are only allowed to carry their weapon to and from Hunting or Sport shooting, and during the transport, again, weapon and ammo has to be separated. For sports guns in so called gun clubs, citizens either store their weapons at the gun club, or follow the same rules as mentioned in both categories above.

License free (Category “C”) Guns

Are Bibi-Guns, gas-airsoft pistols or any other form of bobby (Alarm) pistols. They are license free, purchasable after the age of 18, with registration by showing a valid driver’s license or passport or any other form of government ID.

And those “Category C” guns are now also the target of the European Union Commission as Kurier online, one of the largest Austrian Newspapers, reports this morning.

After “Charlie Hebdo attacks”, “the Friday 13th November 2015 Paris attacks” committed by Islamic terrorists and now the Cologne Sex attacks by Refugees and other criminals mostly with refugee status the European Union now decides to “Protects” its law-abiding citizens better by taking away their ability to protect themselves.

Their claim is that Bibi-guns, gas-airsoft-pistols can be manufactured into hot deadly weapons and they have to take away those weapons to avoid more terrorist attacks.


According to Kurier, the new regulations are tougher then tough and affect also Hunters, Sports shooters, and gun collectors.

The European Union claims that this is a reaction to the Paris attacks. A tighter gun law should embank terrorism. In reference to the 13th November IS-Terror-attack the European Union Commission calls this move a “command of the hour”. Tightening up the purchase, ownership, and import of civilian guns must take place.

In addition the European Union commission wants to ban Semi-Automatic weapons period. In addition they want a mandatory registration of Air-soft Gas guns, Alarm (Bobby) Guns, Toy guns and deactivated guns. (© by Wilhelm Theuretsbacher, Kurier online)


Here are a few facts The European Union is missing

Both Terrorist attacks, Charlie Hebdo as wells as the attack in Paris in November 2015, have NOT been committed with altered Bibi-Guns but with illegal smuggled fully automatic firearms. Those fire arms that are NOT available to purchase in Europe. Neither fully nor semi-automatic.

One CAN NOT purchase a semi-automatic AK-47, AR-15 or any other weapon like this. Those guns fall under the “War-Gun-Laws” and are highly illegal.

All Terrorists had those guns smuggled illegally to Europe. And no sensible terrorist would use an altered “Gas-Pistol”, or has anybody ever heard of a Terrorist using a Gas-Pistol?



Gas-Pistols are only good as immediate Self-defense weapon. At best for short distance, if a woman is getting raped or robbed, only to incapacitate the attacker for a short period of time in order to get away. They are NOT DEADLY.

I am sure many women in Cologne, Hamburg, Salzburg, Vienna and many other European countries (latest news talk of over 300 reported incidents and still counting) would have loved to have one of those.

But now European Union, instead of giving women better access and training on those guns, and/or small caliber weapons, in order to defend themselves, the EU wants to make its law abiding citizens even more defenseless using Citizens protection as cover-up to justify their protection of criminals, Terrorists and other thugs.

Their [EU] solution to protect Citizens (NOT)

  • Stay away in arm’s length of refugees and other Islamic immigrants (Henriette Reker, Mayor of Cologne).
  • Oh and don’t forget you might also not wear any sexy or otherwise figure pleasing cloth you could offend the religious feelings of Islamists (Editors Interpretation of 1))
  • The chief of Police of Salzburg actually thinks woman should only go out in company.download


Let’s face it Police is more busy to protect the Governmental “Open-Border-Political-Correctness-La-La-Policy” then law-abiding citizens. Cologne is the living proof of this.

Some news report that reports have been held back and orders are given to “avoid” cultural clashes (whatever that means).

Like I said – European Union, a dreamland for Terrorists and Criminals.

If you wonder where Obama and his leftist gun grabbers get their ideas from, well here is the answer.

The European gun laws and the new proposed regulations are basically what the United Nations demands since years. Unlike most Americans, Europeans worship the UN like a religion.

A naughty little beggar having evil thoughts here.

The resentment against the invasion of millions of undocumented immigrants and refugees grows rapidly in Europe. Despite the politicians hearing this they don’t care at all.

European policy of elected politicians states “We hear the problems of our constituent and are aware that we have to perform a better elucidation”. Or translated: “We hear you don’t like it but will indoctrinate or shut you up anyway”.

Europeans are highly fed up with their government that seems to care more about the political correctness and feelings of Muslims then the angst and fear of their citizens. In addition the governmental propaganda of “Welcome culture” does not work anymore.

Why this move on guns. It CAN NOT BE to lower the risk of Terrorism since even the dumbest politicians should know that terrorists and criminals don’t obey gun laws.

Or is it to disarm citizens to avoid a long overdue revolution? You be the judge of this.

© Copyright by Tom Lehner 2016


9/11 Terrorists Triald in NY – the rape of a City

President Obama just has proven this week that I am not so far off with my Blog Post “Socialist and the Muslim Terror” and my following Post “Barack Obama and his connections to the Fort Hood shooter”. All the occurrences the past two weeks and the time line have now reached a new climax by Obama’s stubborn decision to trial the 9/11 Masterminds and Terrorists on American soil. Though the majority of the American People, the bereaved families as well as members of the American Heroes of the NYPD and NYFD are protesting, Obama won’t give in and is determined to put the City of New York in the greatest danger possible and through another devastating memory of what happened that day.

2009-11-16_Terrorists triald in New York_TowerExplodes_Note6

Despite the bipartisan decision to trial those responsible for this devastating act of Terror in a military trial Obama is determined to overturn this ruling and follow up on his promise to the ultra left liberals, the EU and the Arab world and all the other self proclaimed Humanitarians and provide a show stage for those Individuals. So they can spit their hatred once again against the American People and once again, with Obama’s help, they can put America and especially New York at risk of Terror attacks.

Everybody knows that the worst situation for a woman after being raped by a perpetrator is when she is being verbally re-raped in the court of Law facing the accused and his Attorneys. And this is what Obama has in mind, when he is giving those Terrorists their 15 minutes of fame and hatred, verbally re-raping the good citizens and the bereaved families who have suffered so much.

Another issue is the safety and security. Since when are terrorists reasonable and await peacefully a trial? As a matter of fact it is to be expected that those sub human individuals will do anything to put the entire City, yet the entire Country in panic and fear. They WILL commit Terror attacks for two reasons: a) to spread fear in order to blackmail their fellow Terrorists free and b) to assure the jury will think twice before convicting the suspects to the proper punishment. And the death penalty will be the proper punishment. All it takes is to threaten the family members. Not to forget the question: When has the Federal Government sentenced one to death the last time? Remember the D.C. Sniper?

2009-11-16_Terrorists triald in New York_CommanderInChief_Note4

Real Leaders of our Country: President George W. Bush & Mayor Rudi Giuliani

Why is Obama so eager to have this public trial? Fact is that those self-proclaimed humanitarians of attorneys, most likely paid by the democrats, will use any opportunity to put the American people, the American lifestyle and the good Citizens of the United States on trial and make the Terrorists the victims.

How much must Obama hate America to put this country through all this? And if you recall my two previous posts and add this occurrence than ask yourself: how much reality is in my theory? The scary number is 100% and Obama combined with the socialists and the Arab Terrorists is out to destabilize the entire United States of America and destroy the very same from within.

I am scared to look what the next week will bring and what Obama’s next step on the destruction of OUR America will be.

2009-11-16_Terrorists triald in America_Heros_Note1

Our Heros - You Will never be forgotten


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