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Copenhagen & United Nations – World Government, Money Laundry and Redistribution Fraud Part 3

The key players in the Money laundering and redistribution Fraud of the UN are as follows:

African Countries and representatives of the African Continent

You might ask, what do they have to do with all of that? From January to November those countries run from one putsch to the next, one dictator supersedes the next one.

In mid November when the countdown to Christmas is opened and the hearts of the Christians are filled with love and compassion, Right on time, the ongoing Genocide stops and we are swamped with pictures of poor suffering babies and women to seduce us to donate. And yet there are many, many real poor countries, Africa is the world champion in collecting donations.

Private donations – Private people in the rich countries collect per year an average of 5 Million Dollars – This makes about 30 Countries who are participating in the private collection – 150 Million Dollars every year. This has been going on since the 60’s which gives us a rough estimate of approximately 7.5 Billion Dollars in private donations. With this money help organizations claim to buy food, medics, and construction materials. The distribution is going through UN channels and 65% of the Cash disappears in unknown channels. Another 30% ends up officially stolen by the Warlords where the UN, I am sure takes it cut from the black-market profit of those goods, and the remaining 5% actually ends up at the victims door.

That makes a total of approximately 4.9 Billion Dollars in almost 50 years of Private Donations administered by the UN.  WHERE IS THE MONEY?

And this is only in the private sector. How about the official payments demanded in those summits.  

The G8 (G20) meet 4 times a year and the Climate Gate Summit is once a year that makes a total of 5 Meetings.

In every meeting you do not see Asians or any other poor countries, no, only the African Countries show up with their colorful traditional clothes and traditional dances permanently demanding money and credit cuts.

Why does a continent that performs Genocide become a credit anyway, if not to buy weapons to maintain the war?

In all five summits are agreements of debt reduction and direct donations to Africa.

The debt cuts allow African countries to apply for more credit, just to assure in the next summit that these very same credits are cut again. In addition to the credit cuts they demand direct donations in the Billions by the western civilized world.

Putting a number to it we are talking about an average of 30 Billion Dollars every year since 1975 this makes a total of 1Trillion 20 Billion Dollars through 2009. That number is not too high since the European Union just made an agreement of 15 Billion Dollars for the official third world countries (98% goes to Africa) alone at the Copenhagen summit.

Now add the 1 Trillion 20 Billion Dollars officially, plus an additional 7.5 Billion Dollars from Private donations which is a grand total of 1.27.5 Trillion Dollars. Now consider that 60% of the money disappears in unknown channels, only 5% actually goes to the people, and the rest ends up as food, Construction Materials, or prescription drugs purchased by UN affiliated company’s that ends up on the black market ( http://is.gd/5p1Uh ).

Germany and Austria received a 100 Million dollar credit after WW2, also known as the Marshal Plan. That would equal an amount of approximately 1.5 Billion Dollars today – both countries have paid off their debt in full, including interest as of 2 years ago, and yet both of them belong to the richest industrial countries in the world.

Africa, on the other hand has no economy or industry what so ever. After over a Trillion dollars in donations they have nothing to show for it except Genocide and state of the art weapons that some western countries would love to have. And yet Africa is never forced to pay back anything or show any progress.

Responsible for the distribution of the finances and the credit reduction is the World Bank and the United Nations. And the UN is not accountable to anyone. There is no controlling the United Nations. Every criticism is washed away.

A third of this money comes from the United States of America. Imagine how we could lower our deficit by using that money for ourselves.


 The World Bank

 The World Bank was established in 1945 to provide leverage loans to developing countries for a capital program. The World Bank is strongly affiliated with the United Nations and now participating in more than 31 worldwide activities that have nothing to do with the traditional banking areas. For example: Conflict development, Environment, Gender, Health – Nutrition and Population, Information/Computing and Telecommunication, Law and Justice, Mining, Labor and social protection, Private Sector and so forth (http://is.gd/5lePI ). All areas where I ask myself what does that have to do with banking.

 The European Union

The European Union was originally founded as an economical counterbalance to the free enterprise, U.S. Market, and trade organization system. Today, The European Union has 27 members, a combined currency, and their own defense force as a military counterpart to NATO. The European Union is strongly undercut in socialist principles where even the Christian conservatives are more or less having socialist agendas. The idea is the total control of every aspect of life, economy, and personal living. The European ideal is a centralized government that is in total control, including the media.

They control the media by undercutting them through credits. All banks are one way or the other in governmental control, and since every company lives off of bank loans and credits the governments use this opportunity to infiltrate the media so they can transport their indoctrination of socialism to the people. Another stronghold of the EU is the socialist Medicare that forces citizens to give away their private information.

The European Union has 2 headquarters and is strongly represented and connected in and with the UN.

 The United States of America

The United States was founded on the principles of freedom and prosperity through hard work, as opposed to the European Union who believes in redistribution and punishment of hard work. The U.S. has always played a major role in the UN. Every time the UN has produced troubles in another country, or was diplomatically unable to solve a problem, they ask the United States to become the World’s Police force, on demand. However, once we solve the problem the UN and the EU blame us for our alleged “Imperial Interests”.

But the truth is we have the right to benefit first, once we have solved the problem.

The UN claims that we (The Unites States) owe them years of membership fees (yes it is true; in addition to all the donations we still pay membership fees). But let us do a little more math here. Considering what we owe the UN and what the UN owes us, for all the military actions we have performed under the UN Flag, the United Nations would owe us so much money we could reduce our Federal Deficit by 15 to 20%.

Those are 4 of the 5 major Key players the UN needs in order to control the world as Shadow Government. The UN itself, how this organization operates and controls and maintains its power, will be shown in my final Blog. And I will show you interesting facts there.

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