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Net Network Neutrality

Blessing, Curse or just another form of Government Control

A few days ago I was provided an article telling me the U.S. FCC (United States Federal Communications Commission) is again proposing a concept called Net Network Neutrality.

This is not the first time FCC is proposing this concept. And though they already failed in 2000 as well as in 2005, the current administration under B.H. Obama now is determined and hopeful to succeed this time. The reason will be shown later on in this blog.

Truth of the matter is that this concept has been attempted to be installed in Canada in 200 and is also nothing really new in the United States.  The first official attempt to establish “Net Network Neutrality” through FCC has taken place in 2005. Another attempt was made in 2008. So this concept is nothing new to us and has been subject to fierce debate since.

The Internet

Originally developed by Robert Elliot “Bob” Kahn while working on Satellite Net protocols, modern day internet has become a lot more than a network or data highway for Governments, Companies and Private people. Throughout the past few years the Internet has become the primary source in exchange of Information and competition to well established newspapers, magazines and TV Stations. Larger and innovative thinking representatives of the established Media, who have recognized the signs on time have survived while others not. A lot of long existing, and well established media as well as smaller once have been overrun by the speed the internet has conquered the information sector due to the fact that more and more customers and reader gain their information on the Internet. One of the reasons is that citizens and customers like the fact that on the internet they can post their opinion as well as exchange discussions with others right at the moment. While print media and TV Stations tend to filter customer reaction before publishing to assure that only the opinion favoring the Corporate Policy and therefore the propagated mainstream is the internet free of that and people of many different points of few can state their opinion.  The internet makes it almost impossible to filter disliked comments. No TV Station, Magazine, Newspaper or any other information service can pass by the Internet these days. Exclusive online Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs and other online information services have more hits (so called clicks) per day than all the print media in the U.S. combined sells printed newspapers.

The result is that the modern day internet is definitely to be considered part of the Media.

What is network Neutrality?

Network Neutrality (also net neutrality, Internet neutrality) as a principal proposed early 2000 for residential broadband networks and potentially for all networks. A neutral broadband network is one that is free of restrictions on content, sites, or platforms, on the kind of equipment that may be attached, on the modes of communication allowed as well as one where communication is not unreasonable degraded by other communication streams.

The principle states that a given user pays for a certain level of internet access, and another user pays for a given level of access, that the two users should be able to connect to each other at that given rate of access. Though the term did not enter popular use until several years later, since the early 2000s advocates of net neutrality and associated rules have raised concerns about the ability of broadband providers to use their last mile infrastructure to block internet applications and content (e.g. websites, services, protocols), particularly those of competitors. In the U.S. particularly, but elsewhere as well the possibility of regulations designed to mandate the neutrality of the internet has been subject to fierce debate. And that has a reason, because like everything else the socialist propose the theory sounds great but the devil is in the detail.

One is that what Network neutrality advocates describe is simply called Private corporate competition and well needed to improve on a daily base because only the best makes the majority of business.

Different Provider offer different services based on price packages who determine the very same service. Different providers compete by offering tools they feel best and hope that customer accept this service, because they know a disappointed customer will change service if he is not satisfied. Also it is not acceptable that in a free world where the hard working earns rightfully more and therefore can afford better service while the one working less does not, all users have the same service. Why should people who pay less or nothing have the same service as customers who pay the full price. The scope of service is determined by the price package.

As far as communication within the providers goes, that is free anyway. Truth of the matter is that in the past few years major competitors fight for customers with more and freer and every day cheaper service such as Yahoo within Yahoo, MSN within MSN, ICQ within ICQ, Skype within Skype and so forth. Meanwhile there are websites that offer free of charge to connect online communication services and finance this service through web links and commercials. And major Online services such as Google, Yahoo etc. have agreements on combined communications. Blogs and other Websites can be shared easy and simply by using one of many free online services. So called “share” buttons offering a variety of connected services. I am using them on my blogs myself as well as on all my social networks worldwide. Worst case scenario is the web commercials I have to deal with but that is part of the free economy. And as far as email service, that is an open data highway anyway and I have never experienced any blocks or denials. Worst case was a file was too big or service overloaded. That happens from time to time.

So why change a good system? Why would or should the Federal Government get involved and take over the world’s largest media service other than to gain total control of that very same in order to observe, control and suppress the information exchange. To control its citizens and observe them to make sure they can track down opposition and take proper measures to shut them down.

Julius Genachowski – Chairman of the FCC explains in his Video Blog on the FCC Website that the Internet is the largest Platform because “it has always been free and open”. When it has always been free and open why does the federal Government feel the need to get involved in order to open the internet – does that not sound like a contradiction in itself? Another important question is why the rush, why now, why the hurry to push this proposal, gaining control over the internet, through?

He also talks about customer’s confusion if providers shut down or vanish or if there are problems in the internet. Since when is a federal commission involved in customer service complaints? For those complaints is either the customer service of the provider responsible or in case of bankruptcy and lack of contact the customer’s lawyer or consumer protection service and not a federal Government. I have called the FCC a few years back when I had troubles with my provider and all they gave me was local consumer protections numbers and the advice to call a lawyer – Thanks I knew that myself. And in case of an Internet crime, Identity theft or internet sex crime you can either call the FBI or any local Law enforcement. Almost all State law enforcements in the US run meanwhile an internet crime department.

What really impressed me is the spin doctor the FCC runs. They are using the system of directly addressing the fear of the opposition in order to talk it out of the way by blindfolding citizens.  In this case the fear of the citizen’s central authorities could restrict free speech and restrict consumer protection. That was a smart move. He is counting on that customers will stop listening to the opposition because the chairman has already mentioned authority misuse will not happen. Nice try Julius – but now try again. Because that is exactly the danger on a governmental controlled alleged neutral internet.

And I intend to proof to you here why. The entire jumpstart of the Network Neutrality under government control is exclusive on the background on a surveillance society, the control over the Media and elimination of opposition and Constitution.

Another question and main factor not to forget is the timing of this jumpstart and the speed and rush of Obama and his Czars to pass this law.

One more interesting aspect not to forget is that the founder and developer of the Internet Bob Kahn is a strong opposer of the principal of Internet neutrality. In Mr. Kahn’s mind a governmental involvement through Internet neutrality is interference in private corporate competition, the free market and diversity of offering companies.

Control and surveillance

Basically I welcome any governmental involvement due to protect the citizens and especially the children and youth, who are the majority of internet users.

Internet pornography, Child pornography and the distribution of those have to be stopped. Children and youth are the most endangered groups among all internet users. Social networks such as MySpace, face book and so on are often the basic source for pedophiles and rapists. And when the internet is on one side a blessing because of the possibility to identify and track down those perverts fast and uncomplicated and warn like minded endangered it also is a curse because it also is the prime source for those perverts to fish for victims.

It is a well known fact that everything good invented for mankind will be abused right away by the very same.

If FCC would propose any given law to assist law enforcement of all kind to prevent those crimes and protect citizens, of course under the strict preference of the constitution given to us by the founding fathers, controlled and observed by independent judges I would definitely and 100% support any of this proposals.  But that is unfortunately not the case here.

Free Media/Press – freedom of Speech

Throughout the past centuries the Media, inclusive the internet have become more and more one of the most powerful factors in the free world. Whoever controls the media controls the citizens and therefore the country.

It was the media discovering Watergate and who’s medial campaigning lead to the impeachment of Richard Nixon.

Nearby every political scandal, nearby every scandal period, throughout the past years all over the world has been discovered by the media first, spread with highest speed through the internet and after publishing been investigated by law enforcement. Cover ups are almost impossible.

Governments like the DDR or the former UDSSR have been brought to fall with assistance of the media.

Washington Post, NY Times and others provide me 4 to 5 times per day with news updates. There is not faster information service than the internet.

Thanks to the Internet for the first time in history a dictator like the Iranian President Achmedinejad was unable to cover up his election fraud.

Even throughout history it shows proof that all kinds of dictators and totalitarian systems knew very well that in order to control the people they have to control the media. The Nazis, the socialist republic of the Soviet Union, the Peoples Republic of China, north Korea – all those totalitarian systems control first and foremost the Media. Using NLP Propaganda (Neuron Linguistic Programming) they sell their propaganda and keep the citizens on one side uniformed by filtering news on the other side suggest to the citizens that the governmental doctrine to their own believe. – Modern Day Indoctrination.

European Governments, well known as Obama’s role models, work based on the same principals. Almost every European country runs a TV and radio Station under public law. And after every election the political party in power takes control over this station in order to propagandize their political doctrine. Another reason to maintain those stations is to be able to propose filtered news on laws and tell the people only what the politicians in power wants them to know.

The republic of Austria even goes so far that the Austrian Broadcast TV and Radio is in the committee issuing licenses and government aid for private TV Stations and can on that way boycott any private TV and radio as they feel fit.

Remaining Private Media (TV, Radio and Print) are controlled through the backdoor. Almost every private corporation is depending on Bank credits in order to run business. The private banks depend on the government and Federal Reserve banks to secure the given Credits and loans. Especially since the economic crisis 2008/2009 (Read my next Blog – the real reason about the financial crisis – so stay tuned). As a result, the bank granting a loan to a private corporate media demands a seat on the corporate board of directors, and the bank representative is a governmental lobbyist affiliated with the leading political party. In that way the party in power can control the mainstream media and their publications.

The European Union has also already gained control over the Internet. According to EU directory almost every European country and their law enforcement units have the right to plant so called Trojan Spy software in private computers to observe internet activities of the citizens. They are allowed to do that without court order or warrant, solemnly based on suspicion and without any control. Of course, officially, only to prevent crime – but who is controlling this? After a suspicion becomes proof they have to inform the court and prosecutor to get permission to officially investigate. As a matter of fact the republic of Austria has a major scandal right at this moment where Police officers spied on behalf of friendly political parties on the opposition and affiliated civilians without court order. This is at the moment subject to a committee hearing in the Austrian Parliament.

And again let’s not forget that exactly those European countries are under socialist control or socialist participation throughout the past 60 years. Since then the Socialist either reign there exclusive or at least sit in the government as junior partner. And those are Obama’s role models.

Obama himself used the internet through Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to spread his political agenda during election.

And now that the oposition is using the very same media (Internet) against him to show the wolrd the truth about Obama he is trying to shut the internet down by gaining control over it.

It is because of the Internet that Obama cannot rule over the heads of the citizens and continuously hide and deny proof of his place of birth.

Thanks to the internet Obama does not get away with his health reform lies because more and more citizens are informed. And though he does everything to orchestra properly his town hall meetings and cut out opposition thanks to the internet he is unable to conceal the protests and though his affiliated friendly stations avoid coverage the internet platforms do cover every protest.

Though the mainstream media and Obama friendly TV Stations has not covered the Tea Party meeting in Washington D.C. with 2 Million participants throughout the country,  citizens were informed because of the internet and there was no way for CNN, ABC and other Obama stations to cover up that great gathering and deny the existence.

Thanks to the internet people worldwide are informed about everything in no time.

And there we come exactly to the point: What do you think why in modern day military strategy shutting down the media is one of the prime targets and has top priority. In every revolution in near-, middle-and Far East as well as South America and Africa rebels attack next to military targets the media first. That’s because the media is the most powerful weapon to transmit propaganda.

Whoever controls the Media/Internet – Controls the Citizens

In the case of the government controlled Internet Neutrality is the basics not the direct control of the citizens but rather the surveillance, indoctrination of socialism, government propaganda and identification of opposition.

In my introduction I promised to clarify why Obama is so badly in need of a governmental controlled Internet Neutrality and why he needs the very same urgent. Well because of the reason stated in my previous paragraph.

Citizens call for his proof of American birth and Birth certificate is getting louder and louder. 

As soon as his so called Health reform Bill became public citizens started protesting and no matter what actions Obama set the protests kept on coming. His attempt to install an email address on the White house website where citizens can report other citizens opposing Obama’s health reform failed on pressure of the same. And he had to delete this email dress from his server.

Long story short – Obama’s star is falling and he is the first president who managed to have his approval rate dropping by 2 third in the first nine month. Time is essential for him and Obama must gain control over the Media before midterm election in 2010. If not the opposition will re-conquer the house and Senate and Obama’s power is broken. He also is determined to full fill the promises to those who paid for his election – his czars. So what is a better way to get all this done and stop opposition than gaining control over the most dangerous media?

By gaining control over the Internet Obama becomes access to all necessary data in order to eliminate opposition. Through IP addresses he becomes insight in all movements of his opponents as well as all necessary information’s he needs. And let’s be honest: no matter if it is bank business, transferring of personal information through Email, shopping or simply booking flights pretty much everything these days will be done through the internet. Your health insurance company is in urgent need of some paperwork – no problem, scan it, save it as pdf file and send it via email to the company. And Obama and his Czars keep reading. I make my tax return since 10 years over the internet. No matter what you do, under government controlled Network neutrality the government has access to all your data’s and surveying its citizens is as easy as ordering coffee in star bucks and they can do so as they feel fit.

The FCC is not an independent Agency but bound by instructions, bound by instructions to Obama and Nancy Pelosi. What would hinder the FCC, on order of the White house and the democrats, to spy on the citizens as they please and feel fit and collect data of the political thinking, shopping habits and other personal living conditions of the American Citizens as soon as they gain total control over the internet – Absolute nothing at all.


I support 100% every attempt of the any given Government no matter of the political side or party that is determined to protect the citizens. We are in desperate need of those laws because criminals have the tendency to be always one step ahead of law enforcement. And internet crime, identity theft, and sexual perversion are increasing on the internet. Most of those are originated in Europe where the political mainstream is a lot more liberal (something the democrats wish for the U.S. as well). We are in desperate need of Laws who determine the competencies of Law Enforcements in fighting those Internet crimes and how to prosecute those. But those are Laws and it is the duty of the FCC to assist Law enforcement by fighting those crimes. It is definitely not job of the FCC to be the information collecting pool for the government. I do not want to feel like the Germans under the Nazis – I do not want to be scared of what I say or not say on the internet.

No Government has the right to survey my private life. If they have questions they can ask or get a court search warrant other than that:





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The ObamaDrama

This following great Article I post in honor of James Lewis from off where I found the artice. I have taken the liberty to share this on here for all to read. It is a graet artice.



Don’t be deceived by the honeyed baritone voice and big smile. Bluffs, bully plays, and head fakes are the means by which President Obama tries to get his way. He learned the technique from Saul Alinsky.

The best answer is to use Alinsky against them. We know their rule book, and we can use their rules just as well as they can. The aggressor sets the rules. 

Obama constantly uses Alinsky’s principle of head-faking: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”  For Obama, “the enemy” is us, the American people. We have to understand — that’s the way they use the language. Read Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals if you don’t believe it. We are the enemy. 

Obama is head-faking us all the time. He is a big bully. He will use Styrofoam Greek columns, speeches in Berlin, ridiculous Nobel PC Prizes, whatever piece of political opera he thinks he can get away with. You have to remember that Obama always starts out acting a part. Any relationship he has to reality is purely coincidental.

But when he runs into real resistance, as with Putin, Ahmadinejad, or Israel, he backs off. He’s running constant bully plays. He’s like a third-rate basketball player who is just trying to fake out the other to cover up his lack of athletic talent.

Conservatives are firmly based in reality. Liberals start out from fantasy. This president has learned to play out a bully fantasy to sucker his liberal voters in Chicago — but then he runs into a brick wall and gets a bloody nose. Like a professional actor he can also drop the act. He’ll be very hurt and insulted if we believe him for what he is, but that for the next sucker play.

We have to make him drop all the head fakes. The only way is to do that is to firmly resist his head-fake, and to head-fake him back.

Obama is constantly pretending to have power that he doesn’t have.

It’s obvious:

Cut salaries 90%.

Does Obama have that power? No. It’s a head-fake.

The executives who are getting the supposed 90% salary cut should not resign. That’s what Obama wants. So if the threatened executives resign they are just giving in to a head-fake. The Gang from Chicago is like any thugocracy: They do most of their work by fear and intimidation. That way they don’t have to take any risks themselves.

So the executives and their firms should just sue the Feds immediately, and appeal any illegal demand they receive, oral or written, to the Supreme Court on an emergency basis. They should run commercials. They should go on the Glenn Beck Show. Conservative radio is there, eager to hear from them. And just go to the highest court in the land that will hear the case, and put all the thug behavior on the public record. If the liberal media don’t cover it, the conservative media will. It’ll get out there, and Obama will retreat as fast as he can run.

Take another example of the latest outrageous PR bluff. According to several Obama Faces, everybody has to stop watching Fox News and listening to Rush.

Can Obama enforce that? Not a chance in hell. He isn’t even fool enough to think he can. He’s just putting the bluff out there to see who is going to get intimidated.

The Soviets did exactly the same thing in the world power game. So does Putin today. So does Ahmadinejad. It’s what bullies do. Obama’s Alinsky Rules are Bully Rules.

A last example: Obama is pretending he can control all the medical care in this country.

Does he have that power? Not if we resist it. Sixty percent of the voters hate the whole idea of Mob-o-Care. Eighty or ninety percent of us are happy with our medical care. The whole thing is a fraud, a head-fake, a scam, a bully play.

Every sane person who is expecting to get old someday is going to hate Mob-o-Care. Every sick person will hate it, because they will no longer be able to trust their doctor to take decisions that are in their best medical interest. Death Panels are for real, even if they are called the NICE Committee, as the British National Health Service calls its rationing committee. In typical Orwellian fashion, the NICE committee is the extreme opposite of nice. They tell you how long the State will pay for you to live. Just read the daily horror stories about denial of medical treatment in the British press.

As soon as Obama’s taxes start to bite, as soon as the voters get scared and feel ignored by those maniacs in DC, the voters will have their revenge. That’s what happened after Jimmy Carter’s Leftward Lurch. It happened to Walter Mondale before he even got stated. It happened to Bill Clinton with the Gingrich Congress in 1994.

It will happen to Obama, which is why is in such a big panic right now to drive the scam through now, now, now.

Well, the answer is to call their bluff on it, now, now, now.

The Democrats in Congress are running scared, and we should use Alinsky’s head-fake against them.  We can legally tell them: They are out of a job. Now. We want them out. We will mobilize the vote against them in 2010, a midterm election when normal people tend to vote a lot more and Leftie victim groups vote a lot less. Let’s throw out Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Arlen Spector, and plenty of other Democrats in the House and Senate.

We will give them a another real Gingrich Congress with a vengeance. (A peaceful, legal, political vengeance, but a very painful one for the politicians who get crushed in the process. No more fat jobs for them. We can fire them, and discredit them.  Elections are opportunities to rebel against the abuse of power, and that’s what we are now seeing every day. Tell them this is going to hurt them just as much as it hurts us.)

And we will fire the Leftie media in the process. Turn off all those alphabet channels. You don’t need them. Turn on Fox News, and Rush and Beck. Put your money where your vote is. Stop using Google and start using Scroogle. (Really.)

And we will pass State laws to stop tenured radicals from politically indoctrinating innocent kids into Marxism. If they indoctrinate their tenure gets stopped.  Get all politics out of the classroom. And that includes LGBT propaganda.

Tell them we are going to elect Sarah Palin President — because she scares the pants off those people. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s that big moose gun she has. Maybe it’s her cheerleader personality. Maybe it’s her good looks. Maybe it’s her Reaganite sense of moral conviction. She just scares them silly. 

So tell them their worst nightmare is going to come true, and then make it so.

Use the Alinsky headfake on the enemy. (They started with that word “enemy,” and that’s what they have made themselves. We are only echoing them. The aggressor sets the rules.)

So our first rule is that our power is not only what we have, but what “the enemy” thinks we have. Use what “the enemy” thinks we have. It’s safe, legal, fun, and educational. It’s the best lesson in civics your kids are ever going to get.

There’s no rule in American politics that says voters have to be nice. That we can’t get tough on the Democrats. It’s been done. It will be done again. All it takes is guts and conviction and street smarts. You’ve got it. Use it.

Alinsky’s answer: Laugh at the SOBs!

Point out how silly they look. How nuts do you have to be to appoint a con artist like Van Jones to your White House? Or that guy Kevin Jennings? Or Sotomayor? Never, never let the Left tell you that you cannot laugh at them. They are fools, and deep down they know it.

These people are way, way out of the mainstream of sane America. You know it, I know it, and believe me, they know it, too. That’s why they are so desperate to seize all the power they can get right now, before the American people rise up against them in the next election.

What they are doing is a gigantic head trip, a gigantic bluff, but they don’t hold the aces. They’re a bunch of zeroes, and deep down they know that, too. They are the Wizard of Oz — which was originally written as a political satire, too. They will crumble to pressure, and pressure is what Americans can bring to bear under the United States Constitution.

Yes, peaceful, verbal pressure, demonstrations, Tea Parties, logic, reason, and real evidence. You can do it.

Convince the world that these scammers don’t have the superhuman powers they claim to have. Laugh at the Nobel BS Prize. Laugh at the hula-hoops at the White House. Laugh at the absurdities of their cocksure pretensions. It will drive them nuts. And laugh at the media while you’re at it. They have been running a gigantic scam, too, and deep down, they know it.

The Obamanoids look scary, but the way an Inuit shaman looks scary — by going around deliberately spooking the rest of the clan.  Shamans used to dress the part, and act it, too. If you can imagine the superstitious and credulous victims who were being spooked — just like ignorant people today — all you have to do is call their bluff.

These people will yield to firmness, as authoritarians always do. They will dodge and scream to scare us, but then they will yield. If they don’t, that’s why we have a Supreme Court, and that’s why we already have the Democrats running scared about next year’s elections. You tell your Democrats exactly how you’re going to vote, and the newspapers, and the TV stations, and anybody else.

It’s Tea Party Time for the Whole US of A.

So the Obamanoids are out to intimidate the American people, and they figure the way to do that is to claim superhuman and supra-Constitutional powers, that the Supremes will just have to slap down as soon as possible. That’s what happened when FDR tried to do the same thing in the Depression. There has been pushback  when liberals overreach. (That includes Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman in some ways, LBJ and Jimmy). Every liberal zig has been followed by a vigorous conservative zag. Plan for the zag to come.

The old trial lawyer rule was: If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you don’t have the law on your side, pound the table.

Obama is just pounding the table. It’s like a gorilla threat display, where the big guy just roars and tears off leaves and branches. If the threat works nobody has to fight, so it’s an easy win. Gorillas are lazy.

But we can pound the table, too.

Americans can be tough. Now go and show it. Pick up that phone, send that email, walk down to your Congress critter’s office. Be polite but firm. Let them know you care.

A lot.

The difference between conservatives and liberals

Amen – this sums up the difference between conservatives and liberals 

If a conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn`t buy one.
If a liberal doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn`t eat meat.
If a liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to defeat his enemy.
A liberal wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.

If a conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.
If a liberal is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.

If a black man or Hispanic are conservative, they see themselves as independently successful.
Their liberal counterparts see themselves as victims in need of government protection.

If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.
A liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.

If a conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.
Liberals demand that those they don’t like be shut down.

If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn’t go to church.
A liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced. (Unless it’s a foreign religion, of course!)

If a conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.
A liberal demands that the rest of us pay for his.

If a conservative slips and falls in a store, he gets up, laughs and is embarrassed.
If a liberal slips and falls, he grabs his neck, moans like he’s in labor and then sues.

If a Conservative is asked about abortion or euthanasia, he speaks up bravely to be pro life – from birth to the final journey.

If a conservative reads this, he’ll forward it so his friends can have a good laugh.
A liberal will delete it because he’s “offended” by the truth.

Obama and the Nobel Prize of Peace -Why

On Friday the October 9 of 2009 the Nobel Prize Committee in Oslo has announced to award this year’s Nobel Price of Peace to the alleged President of the United States of America – Barack Hussein Obama. European Media is overwhelmed about this. Well guess what who wonders. But there are a lot of thoughts to put into this decisions and a lot of question to be raised before we all get, just like the European press, way too excited. 

Ok the decisions of the Nobel Prize Committee the past few years have always given us, at best, subject to shake our head and ask why. Let’s face it they issued a few years back the Nobel price of Literature to a woman in Austria by the name of Elfride Jelinek who’s greatest success it is to produce on-stage theater pieces and books where the whole time naked people run around performing orgiastic sexual acts live on stage and call this nonsense art. 

Why did this man, BHO, who claims to be our President and still fails to fulfill the Law by presenting a legal Birth certificate, become one of the most prestigious prices in the World only 9 month after actually entering office and without any success whatsoever? What did he deserve this title with? Oslo claims that it is because of his will to make a change, to show a new and friendly face of America to the world. But so did Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton, JFK, or Peanut butter Jimmy Carter and all of them had nothing better to do than weakening our Country one way or the other. All of them were liberals, all of them were heartbreakers and showman rather than Presidents and all of them seemed to have had nothing to do with making our country strong.

What has the alleged president done so far in reality? 

He has apologized to our Enemies, and I am not talking about enemies we have chosen to have. I am talking about enemies who are determined to destroy us no matter how often we gave them the Olive branch and invited them to talk. Why – simply out of hatred against Christians, Jews and all the other people living in a free world. 

He is weakening our Country by selling out our Gold reserves, bail outs, and in that way  financially ruin our economy to make people believe the only way to survive is the communistic socialism.

He has shown that he is the worst racist there is by obviously supporting blacks only. No matter what they do or not, no matter if they are right or wrong as long as it is black it is good. And discriminates white people as much as he can and by appointing Sonya Sotomayer, who is a declared man hater, feminist and socialist a federal judge against the will of the people he has shown what he thinks of the people voting for him. 

He has showing disrespect to 86% of the American People by doing everything his minority lobbyist want, such as legalizing abortion, homosexuality and more through law knowing the majority of the country denies it. 

No other President has divided the country as much as he did in only nine month. 

He is going to destroy the best healthcare system in the world by forcing a Federal controlled healthcare system on us knowing that 90% of the American people oppose.  

He is determined to “indoctrinate” (a word used by socialistic and totalitarian communistic and fascistic systems) our children in school in socialism

And there I could go on and on and on but I am not here to write a book just now, that might come later.

Bottom Line:

He rules like a Communistic dictator according to his own free will no matter if “We the people” like it or not, blaming all his inabilities to his predecessor George W. Bush. So just like the European Governments rule over the citizens rather than for the citizens.

In order to understand what is going on you have to understand the political landscape in Europe. To keep it short it works like this: In Europe citizens do not vote direct representatives.

  • Citizens vote for Political parties. In every country exists more than two different parties with different agendas If one gains more than 51% of the votes this parties gets to stand the chancellor and the Ministers. Qualification is not required they are all Partisan soldiers. As of now this party rules and makes their party affiliated program law. Should people oppose a law – so bad so sad. Promises are going to be broken or the parameters changed all to the willpower of the party. Opposition is shut down and citizens have no more influence other than wait for the next election.
  •  If the winning Party does not make more than 50% of the Votes, meaning the people are not satisfied with their performance, the strongest Parties gets to build a government and they handpick an allied party out of several competitive parties who gives them the majority of the house and supports all their interests and the program for the next 4 years. And the minister seats will be determined before the government starts working. Again no matter if the citizens agree or not or not. No matter of the qualification of the minister. Austria for example has a defense minister who refused to be drafted and make his 6 month of military duty because he can not comply with his conscious to bear arms. Now that guy is not the boss over 50 000 active and 350,000 militia Soldiers.  And the rest is just like before. 

And in both cases: If people start protesting on the streets the Politicians will state: “Well we have to perform more education towards the citizens” What is the diplomatic version of: “We don’t give a dam what you people say we will indoctrinate you on our program one way or the other”. – Does that sound familiar – YES Obama’s famous words. 

Dream land of Obama, or better said that’s what Obama is performing since the first day he conquered Office. But what has that to do with Obama and the Noble Price of peace. Like I said this short description of the European Political Landscape was necessary to know why they chose him to be the next peace price carrier. 

I have two words for you – Blackmail and bribery.  

Oslo is the capitol of Norway who is one of the founding countries of the EFTA (European free Trade Association). Norway is not part of the European Union but it has its eye on them and is economically tied to the EU. Norway also always held close relations to the Russians and though it is a kingdom the socialist party is extremely strong in that country and just like any other institution the Nobel Prize committee is connected with the Government of Norway. And there is the connection to the rest of the European Socialist. 

Let us take a look at the facts: Europe is very well aware of the fact that HBO’s Healthcare Bill is a failure and most likely will not be accepted by the American People. Europe however is more than interested in the United States becoming such a healthcare plan. Most likely in preparation for two reasons a) a World healthcare system to repair their own broke down system and b) to avoid explanation to their own European citizens why their Public healthcare plan, who was the role model for Obama’s nonsense, is such a failure. Citizens in Europe know that the Public healthcare system is a broken card house but also know that they are so deep involved in that Healthcare system that, there is no way getting out again without destroying the entire economy. 

Another reason and that goes hand in hand with the previous one is Obama’s citizenship and presidency. This fact is also very well known in Europe, and trust me would President Bush or Presidential Candidate Senator McCain as conservatives have denied their Birth certificate the European Press would be all over them calling them liars and cheaters at best. But Obama is a socialist so the European press is silent BUT – and that is the clue.

Though I truly and with all my power assist and support the effort to either see Obama’s certificate or have him impeached I doubt that this will happen. He is already way to deep into the government and has his czars are all over the government placed. And the longer it will takes to get the court appointment for a lawsuit the more it will be impossible to impeach BHO. Another factor is, and that is the reason why BHO is determined to push as many laws through as possible, that all laws he already pushed through and passed legislation would be worthless, because BHO’s signature would be worthless. Removing him would therefore be devastating for our country. And the Europeans know that as well. Do not underestimate the European military and civilian Intelligence services. By giving him the Nobel Price of Peace it will be absolutely and 100% impossible for us to have BHO removed from Office.

Just consider we would be the first country in World’s history that removes by impeachment a President who is a carrier of the Nobel Price of Peace. The damage for our reputation will be destroyed for the next 100 years.

That is why I called the prize for Obama earlier Blackmail and Bribery.

Blackmail as diplomatic backdoor blackmail to strengthen Obama’s back against the willpower of the American people and keep him in Socialistic line.

And bribery to assure that he stands in line and will not give in to freedom loving American citizens. Though BHO announced he will donate the money (or that is what he says – I bet my bottom Dollar that either an African social project supporting his Birth country, or any Black institution in America will become the money), the whole payment is a down payment for Obama to keep him on the European leash of Socialism. 

And that brings me to the final Question I would like to ask my readers. I am not a lawyer but I always was under the impression it is 100% Illegal for an elected official in the United States of America to gain, win or earn any other income than the provided Salary of the Government? May one please answer – Is BHO allowed to receive the price money of 1.4 Million Dollars from a foreign Country during his ongoing presidency?


Thank you for reading and I am open for discussions now.

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